And the winner is...

You may remember a few earlier posts where we reported on IGN’s Greatest Zelda Game tournament, a tournament run by IGN to have users vote on which Zelda game deserves to be titled the best of all time.

The tournament has finally finished, but are the results as expected? I’m sure since the title of the tournament was ‘Greatest Zelda Tournament’ everyone thinks they know which game has come out on top. The tournament was split into four rounds, with two Zelda games pitted against each other and the winners proceeding to the next round, as voted for by IGN users.

If you’re interested in how each of the four rounds panned out, then hit the jump!

The first round went as follows:

  • Ocarina of Time vs. Zelda’s Adventure
  • Phantom Hourglass vs. Spirit Tracks
  • Oracle of Seasons vs. Oracle of Ages
  • The Legend of Zelda vs. The Wind Waker
  • A Link to the Past vs. Wand of Gamelon
  • Majora’s Mask vs. Four Swords Adventures
  • Link’s Awakening vs. The Minish Cap
  • Twilight Princess vs. The Adventure of Link

Personally I’m shocked, The Minish Cap went out straight away! Will it never get the recognition it deserves? Also, Spirit Tracks lost to Phantom Hourglass? I honestly have no idea what voters were thinking with that one. Anyway, onto round 2!

  • Ocarina of Time vs. Phantom Hourglass
  • Oracle of Seasons vs. The Wind Waker
  • A Link to the Past vs. Majora’s Mask
  • Link’s Awakening vs. Twilight Princess


No big shockers there, as to which four are into the semi-finals! At this point, I’m rooting for The Wind Waker. Round 3!

  • Ocarina of Time vs. The Wind Waker
  • Majora’s Mask vs. Twilight Princess


Well, I’m disappointed. I’m sure now we all know who the winner is. So without further ado, the winner is decided in round 4:

  • Ocarina of Time vs. Majora’s Mask


We all knew from the beginning, that the crowning glory would go to Ocarina of Time. Although, I am shocked that Majora’s Mask made it the finals. Maybe its diversity in the Zelda series helped Majora’s Mask this time!

Forever king, it seems.

If it were up to you, who would have been put through to the semi-finals? List your four favourite Zelda games in the comments below!

Source: IGN
  • TectonicImprov

    Good. Majora's Mask does not deserve it.

    • Acostat62

      what are you talking about MM was a great game

      • Craig

        It's just because the game is so complicated to complete, without having to look it up. I tried for months to get anywhere in the game properly until finally I caved and looked it up. Unlike Ocarina of Time, which can be done and flows like an actual adventure. I don't discredit MM as the general game is good – I personally don't believe in games just being hard on purpose just to be a challenge – a game is for fun and entertainment, not stress and fear.

        • Raptor

          You're kidding me?

          MM = hard?

          Shit man, I know that game of the top off my head.
          I could probably do it blind (with sound)

          • D.A.

            "**** man, I know that game of the top off my head.
            I could probably do it blind (with sound)"

            I could say the same about every other Zelda game. However, assuming you've never played any of them before, MM is certainly one of the hardest.

    • Mr. Wrong

      Says one incompetent moron

      Majora's mask was one of the very best games ever created. While I personally disagree with the results, Ocarina of Time truly is an exceptional game, I'm happy with the poll

    • aaa

      Fuck you stupid bitch.

      • Astarael

        Whoa there cowboy – vitriol much? There's no call for calling them an incompetent moron either, to the above. It's worth noting they didn't actually say the game was bad – just that they felt it didn't deserve to beat Ocarina of Time.

        And even if they *did* happen to think that Majora's Mask is a terrible game, why does it matter? It's just an opinion on a video game. Blimey, folks!

    • MM is Awesome

      It does deserve it Oot is really really really good but MM was Oot 5X better but we can't do anything about this but I hope they make a 3D remake of MM

    • batursi

      I agree.
      I actually hated Majora's Mask.

      • na sodium

        you hated it now i hate you

  • Dom

    I'm personally a fan of TP, although I can understand why OoT did win eventually. The pairings were absolutely horrible though. IGN paired gameboy games with each other, ensuring they went further than they deserved, while a classic like LttP was eliminated in Round 2 because it went against MM. In my mind, there's no question that OoT, TP, and LttP are the top 3. MM and WW have more mixed fan responses but are still probably 4 or 5. The other games are basically repeats of the console versions.

  • TheMaverickk

    Still a gimped competition…. they should’ve put more similar games against each other.

    I personally would’ve had all the 3D Zelda titles on one side of the match, and the 2D titles on the other side.

    I really think it was an unfair vote since lets be honest the majority of the younger Zelda players sees Ocarina of Time as the first and original Zelda (especially in regards to the 3D era Zeldas).

    I know a lot of people who have never played any of the Zelda titles before Ocarina of Time. I had a friend once say it was the first Zelda game ever and I had to correct and show them that there had been 4 games before it (excluding CDi).

    Basically it wasn’t a well thought out “greatest Zelda of all time” vote. In fact I think they just didn’t care about it cause lets face it… they… like us…. new that it wouldn’t matter and that Ocarina of Time would end up grand master again.

  • Siaarn

    Majora's Mask deserved second place, OoT and MM are both amazing <3

  • James

    Why wasn't Link: The Faces of Evil in it? It was just as much a Zelda game as The Wand of Gamelon and Zelda's Adventure.

  • Ugh. Too much credit for OoT, once again. My favorite four are:

    1. Twilight Princess
    2. The Wind Waker
    3. A Link to the Past
    4. Spirit Tracks

    OoT is a pretty good game, but it only gets this much credit because it was a pioneer for the series and the genre. The story was virtually the same as it had been (with some more backstory added), the two-world hook in which two worlds mirror each other is pretty much the same (although less creepy) as in ALttP, and overall, I found OoT to be unfulfilling (then again, I beat it this past summer, so I'd played many newer Zelda games before it). TP (and TWW) was much more engaging because of the genius story, amazing atmosphere, great dungeon design, great characters (albeit very strange characters), and great overworld (though a bit empty in places). TP is way too underrated and OoT is way too overrated. People say that TP is "too much like OoT." But if you look at it on its own, it's an absolutely beautifully-designed game. Just because something happens to be similar to a predecessor does not automatically "detract points" from it. Heck, the entire Zelda series (minus AoL) is pretty much just like the first one (or at least like ALttP).

    P.S. lol @ "without any further adieu" (it's "ado!")

    • YodaZeltchy

      I don't know what you're on about, it was totally always like that … *shifty eyes*

    • TheMaverickk

      I'm pretty sure that TP is overrated by most peoples standard. Ask most average gamers which one is their fave Zelda and they will say Twilight Princess cause it had the best graphics, lol.

      I just can't justify how empty the over world is. There's nothing to explore on the overworld… surprisingly the ocean in Wind Waker has more to find. More mini dungeons and caverns and puzzling islands.

      The story in TP is good, but it's really only good because of Midna…. she's just got an engaging role. Mind you I think the King of the Red Lions to me was overall a better character… finding out he's really the King of Hyrule… and understanding his plea and sadness just to me tops Midna's own situation hands down.

      You also criticize OoT's two-world hook for being like Link to the Past… but TP had the same "Two Worlds" hook as well…. except almost a direct rip from Link to the Past. Where the Twilight Realm transforms it's inhabitants and enemies. Except that the Twilight was uninteresting… I actually hated the Twilight portions of Twilight Princess cause they were dull.

      Anyways just had to make some argumentative points.

      • GorCoronSumo

        However, TP does have some very innovative items such as bomb arrows, the bow and hawkeye, and the spinner.

        • Darkwing

          bomb arrows actually made they're first appearance in Link's Awakening. 13 years before TP

        • Raptor

          Hawkeye = useless in TP

      • You definitely bring up some good points there. I, too, am bothered by people saying any video game is superior to another simply because of superior graphics. That's just silly. The overworld is definitely pretty empty. However, I think this makes it more realistic. Video games are sort of at fault for being unrealistic in the sense that traveling on foot or on horse between places does not take very long and/or there is a lot of stuff everywhere, even on an open field. Whether or not this is the case, I still do lots of warping in TP.

        I found the story to be very original. I mean with the whole Twilight Realm thing. That sold the game for me. You still never know what exactly Twilight itself is: is it simply an alternate world and the power of the alternate world? or is Twilight an energy or power on its own? I think it's the latter. Which makes the story and the whole concept of the game itself awesome. The whole Midna thing, while I accept it to be vital to the story, was not very well-done or interesting at all, in my opinion.

        TP actually did not have a two-world hook. At all. Yes, there are two worlds, but that's part of the story, not part of the gameplay itself. You cannot switch between them at will (well you can go between the Palace of Twilight and the Arbiter's Grounds at will, but that's just like adding on another separate area rather than a different version of an existing one), and they don't mirror each other because they aren't naturally mirrors of each other. The three times you have to find the Tears of Light actually take place in Hyrule, just a Hyrule flooded with this Twilight energy. It's not even close to ALttP. People just think it is because there are two parallel worlds in the game's concept and story.

        Still, you made some great points. Thanks for the response!

        • TheMaverickk

          By your standard of a "two world" hook though, then Ocarina of Time didn't have two worlds. They were the same world you simply have to traverse one under a condition where time has passed. Same with Link to the Past…. by that standard I could just as easily say that the Dark World isn't a separate world, just the same world flooded by the power of Ganon's wish.

          Also I'm pretty sure that traveling into the future of Hyrule in Ocarina of Time, and going to the Dark World in Link to the Past were both integral parts of the story in those games. In fact the story of each game would be much weaker without them. At the end of the day though Gameplay includes every aspect of the game… which includes story. So as far as I'm concerned the Twilight by comparison to the other games aspects (Dark World/Future) is the weaker story element. This is further supported by the fact that half way through Twilight Princess you stop experiencing the Twilight until the very end of the game when you travel to the Twili's World.

          In reality though any time a game forces player to go through the same portion of the game, but under different circumstances really fall under the same category.

          In terms of realism and the over world being empty, I would argue that the real world has a lot more going on in it then you give it credit. Our world is full of multiple pathways, and cool places to explore. Caves, trails, towns, forests. Everything in Twilight Princess is very flat… in reality something they did to accommodate traveling by horse in the game.

          Basically everything I've seen people praise Twilight Princess for, is nothing that hasn't been presented before in a Zelda title, and for the most part was done more successfully.

          Don't get me wrong Twilight Princess was a solid game… but it was more a love letter to every gamer who felt cheated for some reason by the Wind Waker, and wanted more of Ocarina of Time.

    • Robert

      dude your top four list is your own personal favorite i understand, but the fact that you have spirit trcks and and the wind waker there explains that you didnt play the games the times they came out. i played alttp and la when i was younger but they didnt have a big impact on me until i played ocarina of time in 98, let along mm in 2000. those 2 games made me eat breath and s*** Zelda. i liked them so much that i grew to love loz, aol, alttp and la a lot more. with that said mm is my personal favorite by a hairline. i love every zelda game for what they bring to each game. i beat oot like 7 times thru out the years. tp for both systems like twice, i own all zelda games. but those last 2 games (ph and st) in my opinion were pieces of crap compared to every other game in the series. i dont think those games will draw in a fan base like any of the other zelda games did. you have something against oot cuz u didnt enjoy it at its time. but if u did you'll know why it's number one.

      • GorCoronSumo

        The fact you don't like them doesn't prove that they didn't play the games the times they came out. Sorry if I misinterpreted your comment if I did.

        • Robert

          no you're right, it doesn't mean that. but im saying that it is most likely that he didnt like the game because he didnt play it at it's time. just about everyone that i spoke to that said oot was overrated didn't play it til after they played tww or tp. just abt everyone that played oot at it's time said it was one of the best games of all time. i had a friend that played tww (first zelda game ever played) and liked it a lot. told him to play oot cuz it was so good. and he didnt enjoy bcuz the graphics and such weren't so good.

    • Icy

      Now there is a wonderful comment. =]

    • dude u took the words right out of my mouth. My very first zelda game was twilight princess. but the wind waker is the first zelda game i beat. that's when i started to love the zelda series. the i heard from my brother the OoT was the best game ever cuz u could travel throught time and (me when i was like eleven) was amazed by that. then i later convinced my friend to let me keep his zelda collectors disc that had OoT and MM. and i was slightly disappointed by OoT.
      i guess it was cuz everyone kept saying it was the best zelda game ever and compared to TP and TWW graphics and size, hyrule field in OoT felt dull and tiny.
      i mean, replaying it now (getting ready for the 3ds remake! :P) at the age of 15 instead of 12 i can appreciate it more, but while it's still an amazing game, i think it's a bit overrated.

      • GorCoronSumo

        Incidentally, to The Maverikk, I specifically said the bow and hawkeye, not just the hawkeye. The sniper bow was not just the telescope in a different shape.

        By the way Robert, now I understand your comment and it is a good point.

        • TheMaverickk

          What I also specifically said is adding zoom to the bow isn't really an innovation, but more of an evolution since being able to zoom in on the surrounding areas isn't a new feature to be developed specifically for Twilight Princess.

  • ryoni93

    majoras mask should have won… just because it was different, had a creepy feeling, was hard and had the best characters

  • KingOfHeart

    Minish Cap could of ranked 4th if it was organized just the right way.

  • TrustMe101

    Aww. I was hoping Wind Waker or Majora's Mask would win.

    • Mr. Linkypoo

      It was the first 3D game with bomb arrows…okay, I'm just trying to add credibility to my argument, BUT STILL.

  • Rose De Nose

    This tournament did nothing but help Majora's Mask. Perhaps coming in second place will allow people to see it's value and give it a better look-see rather than giving up when they see that 'big scary' clock in the bottom of the screen.

    • Justin

      I hope for the same, I also hope people realize that the time limit is nearly 3 hours long with the inverted song of time, how a time limit that long (that you can reset with the song of time) stresses people out is beyond me. though I have no issues with the contests results, since Ocarina is a fantastic game, I think it'd be cool to see a different Zelda game win these contests once in a while.

  • kaepora21

    Majora's Mask is in many ways the "cult film" of the Zelda series. It will never achieve mainstream status of the other titles, but those that dive into it truly do appreciate its incredible beauty as a stand alone title.

    While I prefer Majora's Mask to Ocarina of Time, if the tournament was designed to crown the "greatest" Zelda title– whatever that means– then I can appreciate Ocarina of Time winning, because it in so many ways has defined the Zelda series as a whole.

    Setting the tone for how the franchise is defined; I can consider that "great" for now.

  • Google Says

    OoT is overrated, MM was a true master piece.

    • D.A.

      They are both masterpieces.

  • MoronOfTime

    I wouldn't say OOT is over rated because come on, it is without a doubt the best Zelda game statisticly, let alone the best game EVER made, though my personal favorite is Majora's Mask.

  • ganonking

    Im not surprised with the final winner as it is statistically considered the best game ever made, My personal favourite is twilight princess because it improves on the gameplay and graphics of ocarina of time whilst still maintaining a very similar feel.

  • Ezluke

    I'm so glad you mentioned it: The Minish Cap is tied with OoT and TP as my favorite Zelda game but nobody else seems to enjoy it as much as I do! I knew Link's Awakening had a stronger fan base, but I was hoping Minish Cap would still go on.
    And I also can't believe Spirit Tracks lost to Phantom Hourglass. Neither of them are AMAZING, but Spirit Tracks was so much better than PH in my opinion. Stupid Temple of the Ocean King…
    I knew it was either going to be OoT vs. TP (in which case, OoT would win) or OoT vs. MM in the end, though.

    • Keimori

      I Agree, Spirit Tracks is the supirior of the two, not only for the better gameplay, but for the more memorable story, characters, and soundtrack.

      I think that, dispite being mainly on land, it actualy feels closer to the feel of Wind Waker, with its humor, character moments, and locales.

      Also, I feel that there was an overall greater challenge to it, and it all came together to feel more fun.

      I even enjoyed the dang panflute.

      and then theres the train, driveing it was honestly a guilty pleasure of mine. ;P

  • McClayne

    I'm not saying that Ocarina of Time is a bad game but, it seems like at least half of the people who say Ocarina of Time is the best Zelda game, only say that because most of the other half really does think that.

    • Robert

      i dont think so, everyone has their favorite game, but i think everyone knows that what oot did was revolutionize the zelda series and gaming it self. the game was amazing. tp is a great game with better graphics than oot, but it didnt have the impact oot did, also without oot there's no tp. without oot there woulda prob been other zelda games but i dont think great games like mm, tp, tww and such woulda been made.

  • ThatOneGuy

    Why did Phantom hourglass beat Spirit Tracks? Spirit Tracks took everything good about Phantom Hourglass and made it better, and took out everything that was wrong with it. Oh, well I doubt Spirit Tracks would've won anyway, even though I loved it.

  • Lach Menel

    ^Hear hear!

    Though compotions are great and all, voteing dosen`t really work for Zelda. Each game is so alike, yet so individual! Really, this shows prefrance or popularity, not "greatness". The pareings wheren`t fair either. But honestly, we all knew which game was going to win in the end ;).

    I was really hopeing agaist the probable that MM would win. Though it is a fan favorite, it really isn`t thought of in general. OoT is an amazing game and I love it, but it would have been awesome for the underdog to win for a change.

    WW would have also been a interesting winning. I was happy to see it go as far as it did. And people where complaining of the graphics…. 😀 Never judge a game by its cover!

    Anyhow, I`m fine with the results, but not really suprized. What will make me ohh and ahh is if SS is BETTER than OoT. We can always wish!

    • avert_from_the_norm

      But see, when you say it shows preference or popularity, why do you think it's popular, or people prefer it? answer, because of it's greatness!!!

      great game=lots of fans=popularity=preference=greatness

  • Darkwing

    i agree except for the part about OoT deserving it. i still think it gets too much hype

  • ToonLimk

    I personaly think it should have ended OOT vs windwaker nut either way OOT is the best.

    • avert_from_the_norm

      Dude, no way, i mean, c'mon, wind waker is a great game, but it by no means is better than twilight princess, or majora's mask. If it weren't for the fact that majora's mask were a direct sequel to OoT then i would definately say that majora's mask is the crowning jewel, but honestly, OoT was the forebearer of all the post-OoT games that set the tone and pace for the ones we have, and the ones we've yet to receive.

  • ?????

    I understand that OOT is a great game, but it always get's all the attention! That's why I voted to MM! OOT almost always wins this kind of stuff. 😛

    • Lach Menel

      Saddly, it most likely always will. :'(

      Inless SS is fantastically awesome!

  • I feel the same. LTTP is my all time fav. But not by much. Every other Zelda follows VERY close behind lol

  • Karadom

    I hated OoT, am I a bad person?
    And Minish Cap was my favorite Zelda game.


      Yes, you are.

      • Mucrush

        No he's not. OoT is overated. IMO MM was better.

        • avert_from_the_norm

          look, i agree ?????, you are not a bad person, just being a zelda fan doesn't mean you hafta love or even like ocarina of time since there are so many others you can play. However, Mucrush, i don't think it's overrated, i think that it's just a lot of game developers and gamers, specifically nintendo heavy ones, just think that it opened the way for some of the rpgs of today.

          • ?????

            That is a good possible reason why OOT get's all the attention.

    • ?????

      No, you're not a bad person. Just stick to your opinions and be proud of it! 🙂

  • Mudora

    I say let OOT have it's fame. Frankly it deserves it. All Zelda game have been given good recognition – having Majora's Mask come in second place proves this. Both were fabulous entries to the series. OOT gave us Hyrule in 3D, and then Majora took Hyrule's characters into a deeper storyline. Both are magical in their own right, and that isn't going to change.

    *crosses fingers for remake of Majora*

    A Link to the Past deserves thumbs up as well. That game was my childhood. The younger generation needs to play this game – it's a classic.

    I'm also surprised phantom hourglass won over spirit tracks… I loved spirit tracks ten times more then phantom. Oh well, that's opinion for ya.

    Wind Waker… oh Wind Waker you deserve more credit anywhere. There are so many reasons why I put it up next to OOT and Majora's Mask… but what can ya do?

    Either way, IGN's voting process WAS rather lame… their killing time for E3.


    Honestly I think Twilight princess should have beat MM's. I do completely agree with OoT Winning I recently beat that game, I'm a kid. yus i cn splz olol. I was astonished with it.

  • celestad

    I honestly think that Link's Awakening should have gone farther. There's no doubt that Twilight Princess is a big one, and is essential to the main timeline, but Link's awakening had a certain sparkle (and better writing) that I just can't shake.

    • TheMaverickk

      Twilight Princess is "essential" to the main timeline????

      I'm sorry that statement just sits so wrong…..
      Put this into consideration… the Zelda series was well on it's way to having a consistent timeline, and then Twilight Princess came along.

      It was pretty clear that Ocarina of Time was the prequel to all Zelda's, then you got Majora's Mask… then Wind Waker came after because for whatever reason Link was still off adventuring in other lands…. then bam… Twilight Princess.

      All of a sudden it's a split timeline and Majora's Mask is pushed into that timeline.

      Then we get Phantom Hourglass and it's after Wind Waker, and Spirit Tracks after PH…

      Of all the games to cause more havoc to the Timeline of Zelda being formed, it was Twilight Princess. Which we will all now debate until the day the official lock and key master copy written by Miyamoto is let out to the public.

      Yay for TP and it's essential role in the Timeline…..

  • Icy

    How come this comment has so many thumbs up, and Wind Waker didn't beat OoT? 🙁
    Wind Waker is amazingly brilliant. Ocarina of Time was when it came out. Still is, but come on. I guess it's mostly the nostalgia whoever voted had for either game. I have a lot more nostalgic value for TWW, while a lot more have it for OoT, because back in the day it was the "king" of games.

  • KidGoku13

    …is anyone else insulted by how stupid IGN is? I mean…they should *KNOW* better…! The CDi games don't count!

  • Aura

    Of course it would come down to OoT and MM.

  • nupidkid1530

    it's a tie for me i couldn't chose

  • IcePhantom

    I just gotta say… how in the heck did Spirit Tracks lose to Phantom Hourglass?!?! ST is a way better game 🙁

  • nope. everyone has their own opinion. now if u were to say u hated the zelda series in general, then u would be a bad person. lol 😛

  • mario_master

    the first zelda i’ve ever played is the original LOZ. i hated it because i could not even find the first dungeon. i then played MM and got nightmares for a week. (damn u moon). then i got PH and i got hooked on zelda. i then played TP and instant zelda fan. i then got MM (after growing up). and OOT on the virtual console. then came spirit tracks. i in all truth loved playing OOT the first time better than the others. MM is close second. but after that the games sucked. i have rerented TP 7 times and am now starting to lose intrist even PH and ST seem better than OOT and MM the second time. but in truth i have OOT and twilight princess tied. OOT was fun first time but not 2nd or 3rd. TP was fun for much longer though. no i’m not saying TP is better for story or graphics but i still find new ways to have fun. OOT is a little too cut and dry so has little replay value but is the best first time around. u people know i am not lying either. what is going for OOT is nostalgia but there is reason for that. now let’s hope SS will be just as good but will be enjoyed longer. 🙂

  • dark_link121

    hhahahahahahhaah YES!!!

  • djoftime

    if it wasn't ocarina of time I would have crapped my pants out of shock. And just saying, I kind of wish the remake of oot would have been on a home console rather than a handheld…….oot + insane graphics would have = awesome

    • TheMaverickk

      Your the exact person that Twilight Princess was created for.

  • xxx

    Wind Waker is so underrated it makes me a little mad. It's my personal favourite but it lost probably because there are so many people who have played only Oot of those two games and they just blindly voted for it

  • supergiraloz

    round 3 had OoT, WW, MM, and TP
    round 4 had OoT and MM
    the winner was OoT

    honestly, who DIDN'T see this happening from the very start

  • DarkOwl

    Interesting how the four semi-finalists were the four proper 3D-graphics games, by which I mean the player was able to view the world like a bystander behind Link. (PH and ST don't count because of their isometric / birds eye view).

    Does this mean in general that we prefer these types of games? Maybe we find them more emmersive? Maybe they just sell themselves better, and so when players that had only played one of the contenders in each match voted, more votes would go to the 3D games?

    I know I prefer the 3D perspective. What do others think?

    • TheMaverickk

      I think it's more an age thing, not a perspective things.

      Ocarina of Time for a lot of Zelda fans apparently was their first Zelda title ever. They never played the amazing Link to the Past game before it (considering it was released 7 years before basically).

      Basically because it was a lot of peoples first Zelda title, it will always be their favorite, and in some cases players never tried or played any of the Zelda titles before it even after becoming a Zelda fan.

      Not to mention that a lot of people put graphics high in their list of wants in a game… for whatever reason 3D trumps sprites all the time. The same way that console titles trump hand held titles. People take console releases as bigger. Simple as that. These are the reasons I believe the 3D games trumped any of the others in this vote.

      • DarkOwl

        I would have to agree with you. Ocarina of Time was my first Zelda game, and although I *did* go back and play the others, OoT will always (for me) 'define' what I look for in a Zelda game. Others in the series may well be amazing games in their own right, but they won't ever match up with my initial expectations from the name Legend of Zelda. I can fully understand how these thoughts may be shared by other players.

        Although where you say "for whatever reason 3D trumps sprites all the time", I would pin this down to perspective. As highlighted earlier, PH and ST are 3D games, but they lose to others that have a less birds-eye perspective. I think it's less about the graphics as such and more about emmersing the player in the game's surroundings.

        Indeed, this again would justify why many people regard console releases, playable on larger screens, as 'bigger'. People like to feel a part of the game world.

  • TheLoZtprocks

    twilight princess is the best game ever!! not just of zelda games

  • Devoid

    MM should have won it truly took everything good about OOT and focused it into a game………nobody liked the happy mask salesman trading sidequest in OOT but MM found the brilliance in the masks and focused it into a fantastic game!! I've played both…….I have both of them on my Wii and Majora's Mask will forever stand out to me……..My dad is one of those people that looks at the bottom of the screen in Majora's mask and says"this game is stupid"……he loves OOT but he hate MM………He won't even give it a chance… patience in that man……

  • avert_from_the_norm

    Majora's mask, twilight princess, minish cap, and ocarina of time. I think that people underestimate MM too often, because it really is one of the top zelda games ever made, since it was on console, and didn't feature the all too familiar format or get these 3 things, trouble, get these other things. For this reason, i think that MM should have been the winner, not to mention you get to play with the abilities of other races (although electric shield seems odd for a water bound race XP). Minish cap, because while i haven't played every single zelda, it's one of my absolute handheld favorites.

  • margar

    the tournament-style elimination is a HORRIBLY inaccurate way of getting un-biased results. DUMB!

  • MegaLinkX

    Minish Cap and Spirit Tracks were my two least favorite. Spirit Tracks completely destroyed all exploration aspect of the over world, and Minish cap just seemed so dry and hollow. like a different adventure game with zelda sprites thrown in. I love to see Links Awakening at least win ONE of the rounds… I Still think its one of the best Zelda Handheld titles.

    • TheMaverickk

      I'd kind of argue the opposite… Spirit Tracks was the better of the two DS Zelda titles. Phantom Hourglass is a rehash of elements from Wind Waker… it felt like a gimped Wind Waker for the most part. You had a slow moving boat, small ocean to explore… which felt stiff. There was this boring dungeon you had to keep returning to just to progress through the game.

      In contrast Spirit Tracks was at least brought the mechanic into a setting where it fit, and that felt fresh. The setting a lot better in Spirit Tracks… not to mention the soundtrack is one of the best in a Zelda title. Phantom Hourglass was the blandest Zelda OST ever. Oh did I mention that Spirit Tracks also had the better dungeons and puzzles? It was actually challenging and enjoyable.

      As for Minish Cap, I feel like people didn't get a chance to appreciate it. It came out on the cusp of the Nintendo DS's release… I feel like it became lost in it's release. Minish Cap had a lot of lore put into it was great… Vaati… the Minish. It was a well made game, and had lots of dungeon crawling which I loved.

  • Zachattack8888

    They paired the games horribly… I'm upset with the outcome… :/
    OoT does deserve it but at the same time I was hoping one of the underdogs would win.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Well, I do like OOT, but I just found MM so much better, so I'm dissapointed by the results but glad that it at least came in second, plus MM has the title of best game of the decade so at least it's getting the recognition it deserves, though I must say OOT is only my 3rd favorite Zelda game

  • DigificWriter

    I personally would've liked to see MM beat OoT, if only so that it would be recognized that, even though OoT is justifiably a classic, MM is actually better (which it legitimately is) given that it took everything that worked in and was great about OoT and expanded and improved on it.

  • Once again, there is no hope for humanity. Fanboyism has crushed it once more.

  • coolgirlluvsupre

    Why the FUCK was wand of gamelon in there? The zelda game and watch would have got more votes than that!

  • coolgirlluvsupre

    and Zelda's adventure? SERIOUSLY! Those two aren't even in the real series!

  • Alexandros

    Look i personaly believe MM didnt deserve second place. Not because its a bad game (better graphics than OoT, quicker menu etc.) but because it doesnt FEEL like a Zelda game. Just Link all alone, no Zelda (no a simple reference doesnt count) not the epic story that had us droolling back in 98. Anyhhow a good game but it actually deserved a place 5-8.

    4: ALttP. The game that made Zelda series what is today..
    3: WW. Epic, truly a sequel of OoT and the best soundtrack of the series.
    2: TP. Excellent, a great story, the best graphics we ever saw in the series and really the next best thing after OoT
    1: CD-i games. :p OoT of course. The game that set the bar too high not just for the series but for EVERY friggin game i personally played. Amanizing graphics for the late 90s, great soundtrack and a scenario that was made out of pure awesomeness. It had everything plus a ton of references from all the past games. Trully one of the best 3 games ever made.

  • NA Sodium

    zelda 1 sould have one it started it all, no one gives it recpect to zelda 1, OOT was fun the first time but other tgan that it was kinda boring also also call of duty is better than any zelda game ever created thats right boys get your shotguns ready

  • Jei

    I totally agree that OoT should be the winner, and as far as the results are concerned, I was pretty happy with each outcome. I do think Majora's Mask shouldn't have made it as far as it did and that Link to the Past should have been in the Finals with OoT. Link's Awakening should have went out Round 1. Either way, it's all personal opinion.