What happens when ZU gets too big for its server? We go down a lot and disappear into the bowels of the internet, of course.

Nah, what actually happens is we upgrade to a better server. You guys have been hitting us pretty hard this E3 season, and it’s been nearly two years since our last server upgrade. Though ol’ faithful has been, well, pretty faithful, we think it’s time to give ZU a speed boost. So we’re upgrading to a new server tonight that’s roughly twice as fast as the one we’re on now, which should keep things running smoothly through E3 and beyond.

Please keep in mind that the transition is happening late tonight (EST), and that means there will be a few hours of downtime once the server move begins. But once we’re back, we’ll be faster than ever!

And thanks for making ZU huge enough that we have to do this! You guys rule, and I can’t wait to show you what we’ve got cooking behind the scenes for E3.