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Canadian Legend of Zelda fans who are yet to pre-order Ocarina of Time 3D might want to think about doing so. GameStop and EB Games stores in Canada are offering an Ocarina of Time 3D poster with pre-orders of the game, as seen in the image to the left.

The poster features Ocarina of Time artwork, originally released in 1998, with a graphical update to celebrate the release of the game’s 3DS remake.

If you’re going to pick up Ocarina of Time 3D, it might be a good idea to head over to your local GameStop or EB Games and put a pre-order down, so you can grab yourself one of these cool posters.

Source: 3DS Buzz (via Zelda Dungeon)
  • mcdude910

    Well, this is… kind of cool. I can't wait for US pre-order bonuses, though.

  • Thank God! We finally get some appreciation šŸ™‚

  • 9727

    ummmm…. Zelda looks a little… deformed?

    • Beka

      Which one? the younger or older version? I don't see it. anyways, WHERE ARE YOU ON THIS NINTENDO OF AMERICA, THE U.S. WANTS SOME PRE-ORDER BONUSES!!!!

      • 9727

        … Both? *shudder*

        • There's nothing wrong with her, the only thing what the artist did drew out of proportion is he adults forehead that's pretty huge.

  • Silver Scale

    I have that already. I got it with the Versus Books guide I bought for the ORIGINAL version…

    • LinkmasterYoda

      This one is graphically updated……. or atleast the OP says it is

  • MoronOfTime

    If I lived in America I would be pretty pissed off right now : I hope you guys get something, maybe they're saving best till last?

    • 9727

      lets hope.

    • Oracle Of Minish

      Yeah, that'd be cool… But then I'd feel bad for everyone else D:

      • coolgirlluvsupre

        Australia gets a poster to, it's pretty cool šŸ˜€

  • Hombre_de_Mundo

    I hope the actual posters don't have the ratings on them… I mean for God's sake you already bought the fucking game.

  • michael12268

    the game is out in less then a month and I already have it ordered so just tell me when and if and what the U.S. preorder will be so I can order it again!

  • TheMaverickk

    Why do we get all the lamest pre-order bundles…. blegh.

    Also why hasn't there been a "Gold Cart" or "Gold Disc" promotion for Zelda in ages.

    I hope we will get special limited edition versions of Skyward Sword. Cause it would be awesome!

  • CaptainDangerous

    U.S had better get some awesome preorder bonus or I’m going to be ticked.

  • Craig

    I'd trust Nintendo3DSBlog much more for getting Zelda stuff from, when it comes to 3DS – 3DS Buzz are continually negative.

  • Hime

    I wanna know how big this poster is supposed to be… any one know?

  • Harvey

    OH! Seriously! What about the U.S Pre- Orders!?

  • Thorsten


    right now i am sellig the german preorder bonus on ebay šŸ™‚…

    Thank you!!!

  • coolgirlluvsupre

    They have a free pre-order poster here in Australia to. I have one on my door and it looks WAY cooler than that one.
    NOTE: Look where little Link's head is… big Link is humping his head! D:

  • Simon

    Zelda poster available when you preorder or when you pickup the game?

  • Boeo

    Australia gets an "Ocarina Edition" Bonus, comes with an Ocarina and sheet music for Zelda's Lullaby and Epona's song. Such crap, I want an Ocarina too dammit, screw the poster.