That’s right, folks!ย  Nintendo has confirmed that Twilight Princess for the Wii will be back on shelves of many video game stores on May 15th (mark your calendars!) for just $19.99 as part of the new “Nintendo Selects” that has been established. Plus, the Nintendo Wii has had a price drop from $169 to $149.99. “Nintendo Selects” is a lot like the “Player’s Choice” that we saw on the cases of Gamecube games; it essentially works the same way. Only Nintendo developed games have been selected for the “Nintendo Selects,” Twilight Princess being one of them. But hopefully we will see the best third-party games on the list. So what do YOU think of the new “Nintendo Selects” that Nintendo has implemented? Like it? Hate it? Love it? Just feel neutral about it? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: ZeldaDungeon
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  • Callin

    Wow, $20 is cheap. I forgot that Twilight Princess is almost 5 years old now.

  • Keith

    Unless there's something new about it, which I doubt, then I don't see how a purchase of this is justified.

    • SECRET

      The point isn't to get people who already own the game to buy it.

  • Okami

    They look a lot better than PS3's platinum boxes

  • Astarael

    Just to clarify, this appears to be for North America – in Europe, the starting line-up will consist of Wii Sports, WarioWare Smooth Moves, Mario Strikers Charged and Animal Crossing: City Folk; no Twilight Princess.

    Please try to remember that people from all around the world read these news articles, not just Americans!

  • starwebs1

    I already have Twilight Princess, but WOW I want that case.

  • Wait… Twilight Princess left store shelves? This is news to me.

    • Blizzeta93

      I don't think it did. I still see them at Walmart and GameStop, I think that they will get a new cover and a price drop.

  • Hmmm… I feel like it's kinda unnecessary to re-release the game, but I'm still gonna get it, so maybe it IS a good idea.

  • Rurouni Rinku

    Wow, $19.99, that's cheap, considering that where i live the gamecube version of TP is still $45. Of course, when the cheapest price in town for an original Nintendo is $60, while a gamecube is $15, I'm not sure what to expect anymore.

    • Shaelyn

      The Wii is backwards compatible, so if you have a Wii, there's no need for a GameCube…whereas nothing is backwards-compatible for the NES unless you go knock-off brand. The NES should be in higher demand, and therefore likely cost more. It's also probably harder to find parts for the NES than the GC to get them working/sellable, too.

      The Wii version of TP is $35 here…good to see that price come down.

  • mini link

    does this include gamestop or is it only some stores?

  • Zombeh

    Why did it take Nintendo so long to lower the price tag? Games on other systems sometimes lower their prices to $30 after 6 months or so.

    • Muskiok

      Apparently, people were still buying it at the higher price. Why lower it if they're continuing to profit?

      • veeronic

        because customers get annoyed when something doesn't drop in price for 4 years?

      • Zombeh

        Why keep a game at $50 if you gain more profit when people purchase your $20 game?

  • While this is definitely great for anyone who hasn't played Twilight Princess yet, I'm kind of sad that I spent $45 dollars on it and it's now $20. Like cars, some video games go down in monetary value over time, even if they are classics. It was a great game though, so I really can't complain. I'd rather pay extra to play it when it came out initially than wait five years for it to become cheaper.

  • Anomynous

    I have been left alone without Zelda for about a year it was torture. I have Oot but i wanna play the remake instead (I wanted to make the remake feel better by not playing the original). I had Twilight Princess once but with just a few scratches it couldn't work anymore and so i went to a deep depression, But this is pretty good news to me ๐Ÿ™‚ I can play it again yes!!!!!!!!!

    • mini link

      ….y dident u just buy a cheap used one….?

      • Anomynous

        I think this one is cheaper then the used one. Plus I wanted to get a new one to relive the day i first got it.

    • Zeruda Chi

      Did you finish TP before the game got scratches?

      you:(no) me: "then i wish you luck on your quest!"

      you:(yes) me: "did you like the ending…it made me cry! =(

      • Anomynous

        Ha ha :). I actually did finish the game completely except finding all those evil poes. The ending it was too sad Midna!!!!!!! why did you have to break the Mirror!!!!

  • Punnutty

    TP, got it, loved it, completed it, still playing it, get it.

    • Zeruda Chi

      i've played TP SEVEN TIMES!!! (not including The Cave of Ordeals…i'm still working on that…) This game ROCK'S!!! I would suggest this game to anyone (even none Zelda players) i think its good that they re-released this game so the younger Zelda fans that where to young to by TP at its release date can experience the awesome graphics, beautiful story line, wonderful dialogue and one of my most favorites…the new characters and the music! BUY THIS GAME!!! it will be worth your money!

  • ganonking

    As I already own the game It's pointless for me to buy it unless they add anything new. I do however think the re release of the game is a great Idea to entice new fans to the series so more people can experience the delights of the Legend of Zelda.

  • Can't see the pic, anyone have a different link?

  • Ricochetmatt

    Why would someone buy this shotty game a second time?

    • Mina

      No one. It's for people who don't already have it and want to buy it brand new. Do you have any common sense?

  • Ashmic

    I agree with Keith, why resell it its just a marketing scam, money money money is nintendos drive

    • Mina

      They don't money from people who already own the fucking game. It's for people who don't already have the game and want to buy it new; they're making it available again. Simple as that! Jesus.

  • Shaelyn

    ~shrug~ they do this with every console. the NES had Classic Series (which is the difference between gold cart and grey cart Zelda), and from the SNES on, there was Player's Choice.
    good to know that TP and the Wii are both cheaper now, though.

  • Kargaroc

    I assume that this will be the version 1.3 that we've been waiting for 4 years.

    Also, now is a good time to port Wind Waker to the Wii, along with it. Do it Nintendo!

    • masons

      Nah, I rather they ported Wind Waker to the 3DS instead to be honest. That would be way better imo. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Eternal Legend

    I would not spend my money again on a game I already have just for the box.

  • DrFeelGood666

    I'll get it. I only own the Gamecube version, and 20 dollars is really cheap for a great game like this.

    • Zeruda Chi

      i own only the Gamecube version to (though i do have a Wii) but you just got to remember…anything that was on the right side in the Gamecube will be on the left side on the Wii…just so you don't get mixed up (unless you already knew that…) ; )

  • Linkx109

    Man, I REALLY need to get a Wii… GameCube is making me want to scratch my eyes out.

  • LINK tp

    $20 is worth it i paid $74 and im addicted to it

  • matt17

    The wii version was not as good as the gamecube version, due to the bad controls. This re-release should definitely have gamecube controller compatibility (I doubt they'd add that)

    • RurouniRinku

      I couldn't agree more. I've beaten both the GC and wii versions, and I enjoyed the GC version more simply because of the controls. with this rerelease they should add GC controller support, and even better, flip the map back to its original and just have the characters images and actions mirrored so that hyrule's orientation lines up with previous games.

  • Mike

    20 bucks is cheap, considering Twilight Princess is still 50 bucks at our walmart.

  • dersei007

    I have not played TP yet…only 20 bucks yay for me

  • Yuumei

    Does anyone know if there are differences between this new version an the older one?