How many can you name?

Have you ever thought how video game characters would look as little rectangles with only the most important identifying colors and details? In this lovely print by Lishoffs, many video game characters are featured in the most minimal colors and identifying features. How many can you name? Click the thumbnail to try and figure it out!

Other minimalist works by Lishoffs include robots, super villains, and super heroes. These and other works of his are available as art prints, canvases, t-shirts, and hoodies in his store.

Source: Lishoffs’ Photostream, Store


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  • Punnutty

    Mario, Pacman, Link, Sonic, Bomberman, Peter Griffin :), Toad, Red karate dude :), normal karate dude :), man from Halo, Luigi, Megaman, Me on a monday morning :), that dude from splinter cell, a square of scrapple, the letter J :), space invader, space invader, slightly cooler version of professor Layton :), DK, Diddy Kong, looks like a space invader to me, two men from… I think they're from street fighter, Indy, I haven't got a clue, Yoshi egg, Samus, the letter X or the number 10, lego yada yada yada Kirby yada yada yada pikachu yada yada yada yada Popo the rest I don't know. 🙂 = joke.

  • lol where'd all the comments go?

    • Punnutty

      Click on the picture.