Triforce as seen in ALttP

2011 is set to be an iconic year for the Legend of Zelda series. This year marks not only the 25th anniversary of the series, but also the release of two highly anticipated titles – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Wii, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for the 3DS, a remake of one of the most popular games of the series.

To celebrate such a huge year for the Legend of Zelda, IGN has created the Greatest Legend of Zelda Game Tournament, which pits the Legend of Zelda games against one another to see which game comes out on top. Each week the winners from the brackets are announced and the next round of voting commences, so don’t forget to head over to IGN and have your say!

Let’s see… the SNES classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past or the CD-i’s Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon? Talk about a hard choice.

Let us know who you’ll be voting for in the comments!

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  • veeronic

    …….. what kind of a joke is this?

    wand of gamelon is disqualified for being wand of gamelon

    • Josiahinnc

      Yeah it's not even a real Zelda game it was made by Phillips not Nintendo

  • Keith

    I'm calling it now. Final will be: Ocarina of Time vs. A Link to the Past.

    • Aivatrix

      Totally agree with you im happy that im not seeing Majora's mask vs OoT I could never choose between the two.

    • starwebs1

      I agree. That is what it will probably be. However, I would LOVE my favorite game (either The Wind Waker of Twilight Princess, I've been unable to decide recently) to be in the final. But OoT/ALttP is more likely. We'll see. =D

  • Anomynous

    Lets Get it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously I wanna see my Zelda Win.

    Oot FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ocarina of Time vs. Majora's Mask in the final.
    I think OoT will get most of it's votes because of the remake coming. But imo Majora's Mask was better than the original Ocarina of Time but certainly not the remake. My vote is for Majora's Mask to win!

    • asjhskdfhsukdf

      So… the graphics make THAT BIG of a difference?

      • No it's not the graphics or the 3D, it's the fact that it's a handheld so unlike the original, I can play it while on a bus or something. Plus the other features.

  • Harvey

    Great idea on putting on a tournament! I'd never decide if it was between Twilight Princess, Ocarina Of Time,and Majora's Mask those are three of my favorite Zelda games!

  • AXBHikaru

    You know Ocarina of Time is gonna come out on top, so why even bother?

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Aw man, I hope Majora's Mask wins, it's my favorite

    So far I voted:
    Link's Awakening

    Can't vote on the others really because I haven't played either one of the choices

  • josiahinnc

    I think it is Zelda so I only will be mad if the CD-i games win

  • Hmmmm….

    I'm going to say A Link to the Past.

  • I played all of the Legend of Zelda games. I really love Twilight Princess, Minish Cap, and Majora's Mask. THE CDI GAMES SUCK THOUGH BECAUSE THERE ARE A MILLION UTUBE POOPS ON IT!

  • BellaKazza

    It offends me as a Zelda fan to see the CDi crud on the tournament list.
    I will not be voteing on round two.
    But I know one thing, OoT is better then ALTTP.

  • Peter

    Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask
    They are both so amazing!

  • cornell

    um if i would say who would reach the finals i would OoT and Twilight Princess but hell I'll just have to see



    Seriously that game deserves more love

    • shadow zant


  • Taha_Soysal

    Link to the Past v.s. Wand of Gamelon….. kinda one sided, ain't it?

    Anyway, we all know that Ocarina of Time is coming out on top, hands down.

  • Ulises

    It'l be a complete surprise if other game than Ocarina of Time gets the first place. You just can´t beat the so-called "Best videogame ever"

  • shadow zant

    ages or seasons?????????????????????
    hard choice

    • veeronic

      went with ages since it was the first one I played, and control over time is certainly more interesting than over seasons.

      • shadow zant

        i picked seasons because i liked the temple of seasons and the last boss better

  • Wand of Gamelon is going to win, not kidding and not even close to sarcasm, mark my words.

    • Punnutty

      Nope knocked out first round.

  • Punnutty

    Which would win ?
    OOT Vs MM
    OOA Vs OOS
    AOL Vs SSBB Story mode most of the time playing as Link.
    PH Vs ST
    FS Vs FSA
    WW Vs TP
    MC Vs SS (based on the knowledge we have)
    LCT Vs SC2
    This is going to be very tricky.

    • Punnutty

      If you had to choose from my list.
      P.S. SC2 has Link thats why it was added and SSBB well had the big 3 and Toon Link so I thought why not.

  • HylianPwnage

    Do I REALLY have to choose between A Link to the Past and Majora's Mask once we get to round 2!? Fuck my life. 🙁

  • Wartortle Triforce

    I think it would be absolutely hilarious if Wand of Gamelon won.

    • veeronic

      which would therefore tear a hole in space time


    Thumbs up if you are gonna vote for wind waker or Majoras mask or twilight princesse

  • supergiraloz

    wow, they missed Zelda: four sword and put in Wand of gamelon and Zelda's adventure in instead,
    FS-lovers are gonna be PISSED,

    but seriously, we can all pretty much predict most of the winners in round 2 and ALL of them in round 3 already,

    Round 2: Round 3:
    OoT alttp OoT MM
    ? MM WW TP
    ? ?
    WW TP

    there's no question that these won't win

    • supergiraloz

      round 2:
      oot/ ?/ ?/ WW
      alttp/ mm/ ?/ tp

      round 3:
      OoT/ MM
      WW/ TP


  • Lucas

    Go Ocarina, Waker, and Twilight.
    But we all know Ocarina will win the question is who will place second?

  • mini link

    to me the cd-i games are not zelda games they are JOKES!

  • retroliv

    I don't think its a coincidence that OOT can not meet ALttP until the finale.

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  • Dan

    …Wand of Gamelon? /THE HELL, MAN/?
    That's a insult to people like us or me! The CD-i games. All they're good for is making really funny and really bad puns for Youtube.

    My rankings for the rounds? /may have some ties and more picks then some, etc.
    Round 1: OoT, TW, MM, TWW, ALttP, and then LoZ/AoL. /Come on, dont forget the legendary starters of this game series.

    Round 2: OoT, TW, TWW, and ALttP

    Round 3/Final Round: (All Honesty.) OoT, TP, then TWW. (Why third? Because I very slightly, SLIGHTLY, dislike the doomsday that was in TWW, at some points, and how they could have made it more beautiful and much more greater.)