For those who played Ocarina of Time back nearly 13 years ago, can you still remember what it was like seeing a boy in green riding on his horse across a vast field?

Ocarina of Time 3D is less than two months away, and Nintendo of Japan has released footage of the title screen! If you would rather wait to see the footage when you first get your hands on the game, then good. But if you’re hyped and can’t wait to see it, then what are you waiting for? Click the play button above!

If you would also like to see a comparison between both Ocarina of Time opening scenes, then hit the jump button below to view the graphical differences.



  • Lucas

    Hey wheres the spirit Temple?

    Cant wait for the game.

  • Beka

    I definitely like the 3DS one better, it is a lot more bright and the song sounds much better. I will miss the sunset though.

    • Shadowknight1

      Sunset? It was always moon setting, sun rising. And the music is the same.

      • Yeah the music sounds exactly the same as the midis used in the original game. That might hurt the scores on the game review.

  • This is so nostalgic, it's like seeing an old friend for the first time in 13 years. Sure, he looks older and dresses differently, but underneath, he's still the same person you used to go on adventures with as a kid.

    • GimmeTheLink

      So True.

  • Gahh….so beautiful. Both versions are beautiful, actually. Can't wait to see all of the additions musically, graphically, and hopefully area and scenario-wise in the new version.

  • Grówli

    Call me nostalgic, but I still like the feel of the old one better. The color of the sky and the title card appearing over the grass… And at first Link's silhouette riding against the clear horizon… the music seems slower too.

    That doesn't mean I don't love the new one though. It looks amazing.

    • Shadowknight1

      The title card WILL appear over the grass. Nintendo released a title card-less version for us to enjoy. Watch some of the demos from conventions, they show the title card in the opening.

  • I read this on,, and back three days ago. I love ZeldaUniverse, but why are you guys so late on news posts?

  • Ashmic

    aww they cut out kotake and koume and nabooru in the intro, i wanted to see them graphic st up

    • UltimaHedgie

      They didn't cut it… remember, in OoT there were several variants that appeared after the intro. One was of Koume and Kotake with Nabooru, another was with Link meeting Sheik in the Fire Temple. I think there may have been one more, too, but the point is that there's several of them, so for this they only showed the direct intro.

  • yusuf

    i like both just because of the graphics!

  • Zelda Original

    Wow, I think the 3DS version makes me want to kill myself… They changed the graphics way too much… And adding the moon? Come on! It doesn't fit…

    • Hyrule Hero

      Even the water looks like a gas or something instead of water… D:

    • Shadowknight1

      The moon was already THERE. Maybe you should've played the original. Baka.

  • BeccaH

    Will we be able to play this on the dsi?

  • mini link

    it brings a tear to my eye! XD

  • Harvey

    Everything looks way better than OOT N64. The water flows faster and Death Mountain looks very good in the background! Everything looks well made!

  • Keimori

    Man, I Just LOVE all the extra little details they've put in! it makes Hyrue feel more, Full and lively.

  • Danimus

    I also like the original better in this case. It was so peaceful, the new version is sort of just there.

  • Legender


  • jonathan

    I think in terms of rendering the new one is very nice. But they completely botched up the color palette for the sunrise. The original is much more realistic in regards to what a rising sun at dawn looks like. Kind of disappointing. What made the original so magical was how realistic the atmosphere was. Ah well. Still looking forward to playing it at some point.

    • Anon

      Yeah, my thoughts exactly. The 3DS' sunrise is kinda off… It kinda reminds me of the 2nd Day in Majora's Mask where it's raining and everything has, like, a yellow-ish hue. Oh well, it doesn't really bother me at all. I think they were just trying to go for a more symbolic-look by making the entire land look "golden"-ish.

  • cukeman

    Triforce constellation 🙂

  • goronbot

    awesome I so wish I could get it

  • Josh

    Strong art direction with limited resources is what makes OOT look less dated than it is, especially compared to other N64 adventure games of the time. Attention to detail in atmospheric lighting, etc.

    The colors in the original intro look way better.

  • Shadowknight1

    Yeahhhh…your link doesn't work.

  • Susan

    I can hardly wait!Something that I think is funny is that at the moment when I clicked on the video I was listening to smash mouth and just then "I'm A Believer" started up on my Ipod and it went too well with my feelings of finally seeing a Ocarina of time remake.yay nostalgia!

  • Primus

    I love how Nintendo has released the OoT title screen, but they have yet still to release the GDC Skyward Sword trailer. The live recorded version we have seen has washed out colors and washed out music.

  • LozFan

    i dont like the 3DS version cuz iu need to move ur console around to shot an arrow and stuff AND i like using the styler or wateve it's called

  • prada

    what did they do to the pink sunrise!!!!? nooooo…in the sky is where I like my pink

  • UltimaHedgie

    It honestly looks just like the original. I think the logo may have appeared earlier, but otherwise…

    I do find it find, though, how it shows Link as an adult but Hyrule Castle's bridge is still intact (Death Mountain doesn't have the freaky red cloud, either, but that reverts back to normal after clearing the Fire Temple, anyway). It looks like it essentially is Adult Link riding through Young Link's time period. ^^

    • UltimaHedgie

      Bahh…….. typo…………

      At the beginning of the second paragraph I meant "find it funny." -_-

  • fantasysign

    So epic!