For you Zelda fans that also love metal, you’re in for a special treat today! Of course, you can just replay the vid as many times as you want. YouTuber “jam2995” with his talented guitar, bass, and piano skills, as well as musical editing with computers, has put together this video remaking the Hyrule Castle theme from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. And at the end of the video he whips out the piano and plays the melody from Wind Waker after you beat Ganondorf. Like what you hear? Let us know what you think in the comments below, visit jam2995’s YouTube channel and subscribe to him to see what new he has to offer!

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  • Sarianae

    This….is superb. I'm not even usually a fan of metal and I love it.

    Awesome job!

  • As a musician I am not impressed.

    He won't be either when he looks back at himself in 10 years.

    • Azurik

      Yeah, a song like this would need a killer show to go with it to even be liked by most metal fans.

    • futureisanasshole

      this kids 15 give him a break asshole

    • Zeruda Chi

      Some people have a talent for music (like me who can listen to a song and after a few tries play it perfectly) and if you think the kid in the video is TALENTLESS..
      then I say shame on you!!!

    • futureisana$$cl0wn

      asshole bitch dick fucker bitch future you are an asshole bitch fuck

    • futureisbitchpudding


  • I don't listen to metal really, but this is great! I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  • phantom

    Not to hate or anything, but i play that piano piece at the end better and he didn't play the whole thing (and by the way, it's called ferewell hyrule king). if you want i can make a video…

    • When you say something good about yourself, people are more bound to believe it if you don't misspell 2 words and don't capitalize things.

      Just sayin'.

      • Wow, I tried to be funny and commented wrong. I meant to say:

        When you say something good about yourself, people are more bound to believe it if you don't misspell 2 words and capitalize things.

        Just sayin'.


      • phantom

        Hey! i'm from Norway and is 15 years old. i'm not th e best at english

    • Zeruda Chi

      You may play the song at the end better then the kid in the video does…but, can
      you play the guitar too?

  • zeldafanbro

    this is just like the outset island cover that was posted around late march!! You two should collaborate!!! =D

  • This is probably the best theme on electric guitar yet!!! It matches the original perfectly just except a rock beat. This would be perfect for a steam punk Zelda (even though I'm not all for that idea) and for that reason I am guessing that Jason loves this post a lot 🙂

  • Zeruda Chi

    I have just one thing to say…WOW!!! I never really liked metal but what you did was AMAZING!!! I've always loved Zelda music and my latest favorite was "Midna in Distress" theme from Twilight Princess…but I like this one BETTER! I NEED too download this song NOW!!

  • Antonio

    Wow, some people posting here are taking things way too seriously…

    The guy layered at least 2 guitar tracks, played bass, put together the drum loops, then layered piano parts and string patches at the end. The editing was smooth, and he put it all in a good-quality video as well! That's a lot of work for anyone, and this kid looks fairly young.

    All you other musicians that are talking down on this video, why don't you post a better one? Sure, the playing isn't spectacular, but it's decent for what it is, and it's definitely a good start. With time, I wouldn't be surprised if this guy became a great all-around musician.

    Kudos to you, jam2995, and keep up the great work! As a fellow musician, I AM impressed with the amount of work you put into this, and you clearly have talent.

    • I'm glad you appreciate it. 🙂

  • deku_link530

    It was pretty good. Especially for his age and playing two guitars a bass drum loop, etc. I just have one constructive criticism. When you layered it I think you kept the bass a bit too low. Maybe my ears are going bad because of the amount of metal I listen to but I could barely hear the bass at all. You want it to be more heavy aka a little more bass. Just my opinion tho.