Nintendo of Japan has just released an updated video showcasing the current software lineup for the 3DS, including some new, clear footage of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D! Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of it, but we now get to see Link riding Epona across Hyrule Field and fighting a pair of Stalfos in the Forest Temple, Phantom Ganon’s entrance, King Dodongo roaring at Young Link, Princess Zelda being surprised, and Link and Sheik outside the entrance of the Forest Temple – all in a higher quality than we’ve ever seen before!

With this new footage, we can really see how much the graphics have improved in this remake. The shot outside the Forest Temple in particular looks absolutely amazing. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D features a higher FPS rate than the original Nintendo 64 game, and you can really tell the difference.

Skip to 2:50 to see the new footage yourself, or enjoy the entire lineup!

Source: GoNintendo
  • Link

    Very nice!
    Link looked so great when he did that jump attack!
    Finally some gameplay for Adult Link!

  • SilverSkulltula

    THat was Awesome… Totally Awesome And the King Dodongo or whats his name was Epic and Gannydorf looked pretty awesome

  • Keimori

    *drool* OoT3D, ToA, 3D and Star Fox, all together in one nearly perfect 30 seconds! (now if only Pac-Man didn't ruin it.)

  • starwebs1

    That looks absolutely amazing! Look at the Hylian Shield! It's not… paper!

  • Keith

    Oh god. I think I just saw heaven! Or what would be the perfect heaven! Haha. Wow, Star Fox and OoT are looking really, REALLY good. 8D

  • Amazing! Link didn't look too different in the Dodongo part though. I can't wait!!!!! My main wish to see in that game is how they remade The Lost Woods (the one thing in Zelda I need to look detailed are the forests) and Kakariko Village.

  • Guys check out my video I put on youtube ! It's HD, and orchestrated!!!! Subscribe if you can because it took a lot of work to make that video 🙂

  • Guest

    Wow this seriously is amazing. Not only is everything smoother with better texture, the colors are much MUCH richer, which will add a whole new dynamic of the gameplay experience in my opinion.

  • 555443

    holy shit, 3D Layton looks crazy.

    • Pani

      It looks awesome!

  • Ben

    I wonder if one of my favorite glitches will still be in the game which is the one where you can look through walls by rolling, and pressing C-up before the rolling animation is complete.

  • Ben


  • Harvey

    WOW! These remakes are going to be amazing now that they are portable and 3D!

  • Ashmic

    -_- Why did they use the same zelda sound effects

  • Really hoping for some new content, but here's hoping they at least clear out/fix up some of the… questionable… design choices. I'd say there's a reason none of the later games never felt the need to revisit any of those timed puzzles or silver rupees crap…

  • Chicken

    It seems to only be games that are coming out soon.

  • SilverClock

    I was completely uninterested for about 95% of that video. *sigh* Sill not worth the money to buy a 3DS yet..I'm not going to get suckered into this one like Twilight Princess suckered me into buying a Wii that has been collecting dust for years…
    But Tales of the Abyss?! That better be coming to the US! But knowing Namco…probably not…

  • Punnutty

    Zelda OOT3D hell yes but hang on where is Mario and Metriod.
    P.S. Cubic Ninja is awesome.

  • ogichiichigo

    Was anyone else but me excited about Tales of the Abyss?