Ever wondered what the Song of Healing would sound like if it had lyrics?

The Song of Healing, most prominently featured in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, has always been famous among Legend of Zelda fans for its sweet yet melancholy melody. YouTube user adrisaurus has created a video featuring lyrics to the Song of Healing, with vocals written by deviantArt user ColdFlameZero and accompanied by YouTube user BobfromNorway‘s beautiful piano rendition of the song. There are a number of other vocalised video game songs on adrisaurus’ channel, including Zelda’s Lullaby and the Great Fairy Fountain.

  • Wow, that was extremely well-written. It fits perfectly with the song and what it represents.

  • Song of.. unhealing??

    • Well sounds to me like you've never healed someone in Majora's Mask.

  • Punnutty

    System of a Down-Zelda theme is freaking awesome type it in on YouTube and thank me later.

    • Punnutty

      Ok who is the loser thats rating me down? I like the lyrics on this and the other one.

  • pat

    Sounds like Beauty and the Beast.I think that its a good try but to many people are adding to what shouldnt be added to.

  • Ldawg

    Yeah that's where I heard it too.

  • David

    She is FABULOUS i actually cried when I heard Iris… :')

  • Vampz

    Wow! Amazing! That's rememb me how beautiful her songs are <3

  • Arkamidis

    First time I heard her voice I was like, "She almost sounds like Belle when she sings in Beauty and the Beast" Although it's been YEARS since I've seen that movie lol. The idea of adding voice to these melodies is pretty awesome.

  • TrustMe101

    Same! I like Luka's version better though, to be honest…

  • BunzMcAllister

    Since they won't do voice acting, i think that the next best thing to do would be to have songs like this, with actual singers…

  • Rakshael

    I've had this poem saved on my computer, and I'm glad to finally hear someone put it to the music in lyrical form. Great job adrisaurus!

  • NIce Lyrics I could totally find the meaning behind them! I have a question to ask, is this real?

    • The Other Side

      Yepp, Sure is 🙂

      • Punnutty


      • Then how come it hasn't been on the news?

  • spirittracksmaster

    I like that a lot! I think thos lyrics fit nicly there!

  • …I'm glad you did that. 😉

  • vick

    oh my god that was the gayest shit i ever seen, zelda always has gay songs in it its insulting to call it music

    • Your insulting to the world.

    • SilverSkulltula

      You're like insulting yourself you're on Zelda Universe!!!!

  • supergiraloz

    i understand that this is supposed to be beautiful,
    but that voice sent a chill through my very soul. O_O

  • MusicMonkey17

    Aren't the written lyrics actually quite old? I remember coming across them sometime ago. Although, this version was uploaded just a few days ago, and is very good. Definitely gonna check out the rest of the stuff.

  • cbarnett2386

    This sounded really good! I haven't checked out the other melodies but after hearing this I will! Thanks for posting this!

  • katyerin

    The Great Fairy Fountain song is my favorite! So gorgeous.

  • zeta

    The whole thing is kind of David Lynchesque, ne? Like, the music sung by ladies in rather weird stages both in Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive. YAH.

  • I like that a lot! I think thos lyrics fit nicly there!!

  • i m like that lot.. thank you admin..