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About 20 new screen shots for the upcoming Ocarina of Time 3D have emerged on the gaming fan site Nintendo Everything and Nintendo Magazine UK. From these screen shots, I find some new details that were not in the original N64 version due to the change of technology. To see a few of them and the details I am talking about, see after the jump!

For one, the character models have been updated. For example, child Link now sports his sword belt that was not present on his original game sprite, belt loops can be seen, the Goron Bracelet doesn’t look embedded in Link’s arm, and shorts under his tunic are present instead of legs popping out under a solid tunic piece. The fishing hole looks more open to the outside instead of an inclosed area just to name a few. What other new improvements do you see?















Everything seems to be enhanced in detail which in my opinion is wonderful. I am one of the many wanting a new, improved, portable version of Ocarina of Time and it looks like Nintendo will deliver. Be sure to give us your opinions in the comments below!

Sources: Nintendo Everything, Official Nintendo Magazine

111 thoughts on “Nintendo Releases New Ocarina of Time 3D Screenshots

  1. mathiaso1 says:

    It looks amazing! Can't wait for June 17th! (Yeah, i live in Europe;D)

    1. Tsubasa_zero says:

      Yeah me too for the 17th. It looks like we Europeans are lucky for a change.

      1. KingdomHearts says:

        I totally agree, i live in Europe aswell ! And i just cant wait until the june 17th. And im sure that E3 going to be a blast aswell !

        1. Punnutty says:

          I live in England and it's soooooooooooooooooo boring. But I have two weeks off school and I'm going to beat Twilight Princess, again, watch Stardust, Sherlock Holmes and doctor who, again.

          1. James says:

            What! It come sout in Europe 2 days earlier then in the States? I never knew that. Looks like I'll be getting it on the 17th then, with me living in England πŸ˜€

          2. Punnutty says:

            And be rated down, again.

          3. RustyKoi says:

            Doctor Who ftw. Sounds like a great plan!

  2. Arcvalons says:

    Wow, very awesome!

  3. Rakshael says:

    Wow, I lost interest in Oot because I tried playing the Master Quest first, which soured the game for me. But I would definitely try it again if it was the 3DS version!

    1. Josiahinnc says:

      it also comes with master quest!

  4. RustyKoi says:

    "Everything seems to be enhanced in detail which in my opinion is wonderful."

    Well, not quite. A lot of things have actually been simplified, while others have been beautifully enhanced. The Stalfos' shields and clothes are more simplistic, the Master Sword chamber is more simplistic, inside Jabu Jabu's mouth, etcetera.

    It seems like a trade-off to me, some things get upgraded while others get downgraded, which makes no sense.

    But either way, the overall package is still gorgeous!

    1. Craig says:

      This isn't true, pixel drawings were placed over low polygonal walls etc… and the shadows – say in between the bricks in the temple of time – were just made by putting black lines across it. Now, the 3D has built in hardware that creates shadows and lighting in games, so its not just drawn on – that's why it looks like a trade-off. JabuJabu's insides actually look more realistic according to journalists and everything is better when its played. Don't just judge from images that are still much bigger than the actual screen anyway – which i calculated is 300×180 in pixels when resized on a PC.

      1. RustyKoi says:

        While it's not going to make me popular to point it out, I prefer to be honest and realistic. Allow me to show you direct examples of this simplification, which has nothing to do with the 3D effect enhancing the shading, but rather, deliberate art design choices that take detail away from the previously more elaborate elements of these scenarios.

        Jabu Jabu's mouth is now just shades of pink rather than having a roof structure: http://i51.tinypic.com/xo42n7.png

        ^Of course, mind that the rest of the scene is a -gorgeous- upgrade.

        Complete lack of texture on the pedestal compared to the cool, aged look of the 64 one: http://i55.tinypic.com/2s7xlia.png

        Shield and boots of the Stalfos have lost a lot of nice artsy features: http://i51.tinypic.com/207nyfn.png

        These all seem to be art decisions. The textures simply aren't as detailed or ornate in these cases. Which isn't to say that's true of the entire remake, naturally. I just noticed that some things were enhanced in detail, while others had detail removed. Not a difficult concept, and I'm surprised at the irrational 'cover your ears and shun the non-believer' reaction I get when I say it. As if I'm bashing the whole game by saying they removed some decor here and there, which they clearly have.

        1. RustyKoi says:

          Also, I should say that the new skulls (for the Skulltulas as well as the Stalfos) are AWESOME. Very spooky and effective. That's probably my favorite enhancement so far.

          I wanna see a Redead and the Dead Hand now… 😑

          1. Kitakee says:

            And Gerudos! πŸ˜€

  5. RustyKoi says:

    Oh, and, PS: There have been a few more screens!

    Here you go, ZU: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=271263

    Now THOSE are impressive! <3

    1. Ryoni93 says:

      WOW I'm checking the biggest sites around for info of OoT 3D but I havn't seen those pics ANYWHERE! they look gorgeous! πŸ˜€ especcially the lighting of the first one <3

    2. BGSchoolcraft says:


    3. starwebs1 says:

      Wow. That is AMAZING!

  6. Marcus says:

    So much color going on:) It really feels nice to see Ocarina of Time come to life this way! It will be awesome:D

    1. cukeman says:

      I can't wait to see Hyrule Castle change as the day turns to night

  7. Malon <3 she looks so cute XD

  8. cloverplayer says:

    ganondorf looks awesome! a lot more like his other appearences. Imagine opening the door of time in 3-D, that would be EPIC!

    1. cloverplayer says:

      as a side note, that troll is back and probably will be around for a while so as a future reference I'll just keep voting everyone back up (unless they deserve to be voted down).

  9. coop says:

    cant wait for the remake for majoras mask!!

    1. Brock says:

      YESSSS!!! Fav game of all time… no offense to Ocarina of Time, But Majora's Mask really was the game that was the coolest for me. It's deeper, potentially harder, and the puzzles are more innovative. I truly hope that the Big N will make a remake.

      1. starwebs1 says:

        Personally, I like OoT better, but all of your reasons are completely valid. And um, yeah, Majora's Mask 3D? THAT WOULD BE AWEEEESSOOOMEEE!!!

  10. lol says:

    My question is…. if Nintendo bothered to go through all this trouble to remake OoT, why not make something new? As much as I like OoT, I would have prefered an entirely new Zelda adventure in 3D.

    1. Sakume says:

      As would I and several other fans of the series, I'm sure. However, they aren't really remaking the game itself. (At least I don't believe so). Just graphically updating and adding in a little extra content (that we don't know yet). Making an entirely new game when they're already doing SS might haven taken quite longer. Originally you have to remember that the demo was only that. A demo. To show people what the original would have looked like in 3D, mostly to promote the 3DS.

      Then, when the fans saw it, however, Ideas begin to arise and the big N saw they could make a good deal of fans happy and make a good amount of money as well as promotion of the new 3DS all at the same time. So that's why they decided to take on the project. However, it's a second party name in charge of the project, not Nintendo itself. So they really aren't the ones doing much of the work.

      1. Craig says:

        They did actually remake OOT from the ground up for the 3DS version… It's not a straight port – same game just from scratch using the same audio input.

    2. Lames says:

      In due time, my friend. You know it's coming. I think they just wanted a project they could finish relatively quickly so they could release it as a marketing tool for the 3DS. You know, rather than going through the trouble of making a whole new game from the ground up. Plus, we already know this game is good. People would be skeptical of a new release.

    3. Link-182 says:

      Nintendo isn't even making this. It's made by an outside studio, and I bet they are making a NEW 3DS Zelda right now. They are just keeping it under wraps, so lucky us, we get a reimaginging of an amazing Zelda classic AND a new 3DS game, plus Skyward Sword if you've forgotten πŸ˜€

      1. dark_link121 says:


      2. Anti-Microsoftist says:

        I'm not sure. I reckon Nintendo are working on Majora's Mask 3D, while the outside studio works on Ocarina of Time 3D; I don't think we'll see a new Zelda adventure on 3DS for a while. But don't get me wrong, your point is just as valid as mine.

    4. veeronic says:

      actually someone called grezzo or something like that is behind it, they had to deal with secret of mana and etc.

    5. Corey says:

      actually, it has been confirmed that new content will be added to oot 3d. it will be amazing. mr. miyamoto himself said that they released the game too many times to not add something new.

  11. fogi says:

    some shots look really nice, but there seems to be a real lack of detail in the sword chamber. and sarias tree stump looks exactly the same as it did in OoT n64.

  12. death_by_Cucco says:

    man I am so looking forward to it
    nintendo power had an exalant example of the change showing one of the game's shops as it looks in the organal and what it looks like in the new one
    even my non-game savy family can see how much more awesome it looks

  13. Guest says:

    I am kind of disappointed by the graphics. They could and should have gone so much further with it. Link's hands in the Master Sword shot look horrible, the characters look kind of weird, Zelda barely looks graphically updated at all, Jabu Jabu's teeth are 2-dimensional, Saria's stump looks straight imported from the game…

    On the other hand, at least Saria herself looks good.

    1. cukeman says:

      maybe someday we'll get a remake, rather than an update

  14. Megan says:

    Link looks chubby and childish. D'aw.

    1. LinkmasterYoda says:

      because he is a child

  15. Dewi says:

    I want to play this so bad!! But there's no way I can afford it :'(

  16. aeolus says:

    that ocarina is HUGE!!!

  17. baffz says:

    There are a few adult link screen shots you're missing as well as a screen of the water temple!
    check out my websites flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/61792327@N06/

    1. gward says:

      These adult shots had been posted in a much earlier post.

      1. baffz says:

        oh sorry i saw them on another website along with the artwork

    2. Dejiblob says:

      lol, link is totally HOT!! in the adult version #u#

  18. Keith says:

    I need to avoid this site for a while, I think. XD Its making me way too anxious for the game for my good. >_>; But seriously, will be fun to beat OoT. I admittingly never beat it before. Heh.

    1. dark_link121 says:

      i agree 100%

  19. falconfetus8 says:

    Am I the only one who doesn't like the way Link's face looks?

    1. Subrosian says:

      Eh, it looks just like the concept artwork for the original OoT… Which is amazing… So…………..

    2. RustyKoi says:

      I love how when I post a realistic criticism of actual removal of details here and there in the remake, I get a million thumbs downs, but when someone provides no reasoning for disliking Link's face, they get a thumbs -up-. :/

  20. KingDodongo1 says:

    Wow. Hyrule Field looks amazing in the first picture that "RustyKoi" posted!

    1. RustyKoi says:

      Yeah! That one stole my breath – the courtyard and castle are wonderful as well. πŸ™‚

  21. Subrosian says:

    Oh gosh. These look amazing. They MUST REMAKE MAJORA'S MASK now!!!!!!

    1. Dejiblob says:

      OMG!!! I HOPE THEY DOOO!!!!!!

  22. Ashmic says:

    Yay ganon, still doesn't rlly excite me, I want SS more, all they did was update graphics, graphics don't impress me, Look at the original OoT, its graphics weren't as good as todays (although they were good for back then) and that game is deemed the best game ever, graphics don't impress me,

    1. Punnutty says:

      Thank you, I agree I've beat OOT 3 times and no graphic update is going to make the game any better. Skyward Sword is new. NEW a game none of us have completed.
      PS. If anybody has any problems about what I said… Deal with it.

  23. Craig says:

    For one, that troll is tons of words that I won't say on here, due to respecting the actual decent people who visit here. Second, wait until the game on 3DS, screens on here don't always fully equate to what it will look like on-screen and its best to research how graphics then were created compared to now, to know why things look different and to remember that some textures have been traded for completely different looks on purpose. I already pre-ordered this, to have this game as a handheld, not a top-down Toon Link game and at least knowing it's a great game too helps.

    1. Chad says:

      It's probly some Zelda fan who thinks it's cool to leave annoying comments. Believe me theres plenty of people out there like that. Just ignore him and let him make an idiot out of himself he'll realize he won't get what he wants and leave.=)

  24. veeronic says:

    Ganon now looks even more like a pimp orangutan.

  25. 1Gannon1 says:

    The deku nuts are WAY more detailed. But I don't like the new link model. The sword pedestal is a bit less detailed now. The heart container and saria are both much beter now, and so are the chests, but zelda and ganon are about the same. The fairies seem a bit off now. Their wings are more realistic, but without a very modified body this creates a far uglier model. The lighting is much better now, and adult link actually looks GOOD (unlike the new young link). The interiors are AMAZING. Have you SEEN the screens of the general store that were released a while back? Even Oblivion doesn't look that good (on my crappy computer)!

    1. starwebs1 says:

      It's not finished yet. They'll update.

  26. The Other Side says:

    Wow, pic 17 of ganondorf looks amazing, i am very impressed and really wish i could get a 3ds and this game in june πŸ™

  27. Rakshael says:

    lol Nah, if I ever get a 3DS I'll play it. Or just wait for an emulator like I did for the DS.

    1. Eddy says:

      Actually, Nintendo probably used your reasoning for the 3DS version because they're making the Master Quest only playable after you beat the game through normally. Makes sense to me. Won't frustrate new players that way

  28. Ammy says:

    The shot where Ganondorf is looking at you through the window gave me chills, his evil glare looks even more menacing! πŸ™‚

    1. robotortoise says:

      Opp. Sorry. One of those thumbs down was supposed to be a thumbs up. My mistake. I'm assuming the other was a troll…

  29. 10n3r says:

    "child Link now sports his sword belt that was not present on his original game sprite" Jwalraven, I hate to nitpick, and this was a great article, but "sprite" only applies to 2d games, for this, they're called "models", great article though!

  30. Ulises says:

    Malon and Saria actually looks like chibi drawings, you know, the ones with small bodies and big heads.

    I also think Zelda doesn't look THAT good, they could do it better with her, just my opinion. Now don't get me wrong, maybe I need to see more pictures or even the game itseft. Let's just wait and hope for the best…

  31. Eddy says:

    Strangely, I miss the stoic face of N64 Link. Ganondorf, on the other hand, looks much more imposing in the 3DS

    1. Eddy says:

      Actually, on second glance Ganondorf is rather lifeless with his vacant stare. πŸ™

      1. Eddy says:

        But less sharp edges is good, nonetheless. Now will the breasts still poke eyes out, I wonder

        1. RustyKoi says:

          According to the footage of the Great Fairy we've been shown, I'd say no. ;3

          They're much more rounded now and seem to sort of float about a bit.

  32. cuju says:

    At first I was like "Nintendo! Stop wasting time making a remake!" but Nintendo isn't making this game, Nintendo is making Skyward Sword!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Insidious says:

    Hey does anyone know what ever happened to Thareous? Rumor has it some troll drove him insane in the zelda dungeon article comments and he killed himself by letting a rabid pastor have his way with him repeatedly after choir practice.. Rumors, eh>?

    1. Punnutty says:

      I hope not, he was a fantastic person the best commentor on ZU.

    2. starwebs1 says:

      Rumors. He's probably on vacation. Or busy.

  34. Dejiblob says:

    their hair-doos are a lot more rounded and less blocky, along with most of the other edges adn curves πŸ™‚

  35. Angelo Mota says:

    Awesome *.*

  36. BlaisingDawn says:

    Ganondorf is still as ugly as ever. The rest of the game look snazzy.

  37. kjhlkjh says:

    I wanna see adult link!!!!!!!!!!

  38. mrnjlw1090 says:

    The Master Sword definitely looks much better this time around. I see large areas of improved detail in little areas compared to the N64 version. Plus this time around, at least I think, correct me if I am wrong, these are actual 3D models, not what N64 used–I can't remember.

    1. RustyKoi says:

      A lot of them have been enhanced into proper models, but some things are still 2-dimensional. They're sort of trivial things though (Jabu Jabu's teeth, the fence at Lon Lon Ranch), and the upgrade is much appreciated – I'm particularly happy that the bushes are 3D now!

  39. PhantomLinebeck says:

    #6: his hands locks fat

    1. RustyKoi says:

      Yeah, compare his arms and hands to Zelda's in the courtyard screenshot. Pretty comical.

  40. Siaarn says:

    The more I see, the more I want ;o; It's beautiful, I can't wait to playyy~

  41. Majora says:

    I LOVE THESE GRAPHICS! 4 things I noticed, 1. Gannondorf looks super upgraded almost as if it were Gannondorf in Twilight Princess except skinier. 2. The picture where he is holding the fish, the background looks amazing!!! 3. I noticed a lot of difference in the Jabu-Jabu picture and it looked so awesome! 4. NINTENDO RULES CAUSE THEY MADE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!

  42. Sticktogether says:

    im saving up 4 it!

    1. starwebs1 says:

      Me too!

  43. Majora says:

    Hey Jason I already entered your friend code on my 3DS. Mine is 4983-4969-0716 if you want to enter it. I currently am lonely on my 3DS πŸ™

    1. Walweegee says:

      Uh wouldn't it be easier to PM him or ask him on his video about the 3ds? I don't think Jason reads the comments here much ever since he fell in love with making youtube videos

  44. Primus says:

    Graphics look crystal clear, what people don't understand is that this game doesn't have a realistic art style.

    1. Majora says:

      Well obviously you didn't look at the background of the fish picture or Jabu-Jabu's picture. They almost have a Twilight Princess look to them if you don't think Twilight Princess then..

  45. Bobby Emerald says:

    If you two had paid more attention to the news, you'd know that there will be more than just updated graphics and 3D. (They haven't specified the new content yet though)

    1. RustyKoi says:

      Some things that we have been told about or seen beyond those two things are the uncluttering of the screen in favor of using the touch screen (brilliant in my opinion, makes me excited about the rumored touch screen in the controller of the Wii successor), and the streamlining or overhauling of things that were more tedious to do before, like removing and equipping different boots.

      Oh, and the gyroscope feature that lets you aim the bow or slingshot by physically moving the 3DS rather than shifting the control stick. πŸ™‚ Very cool.

  46. Cody Gee says:

    Oh I wish I could get it but the 3DS is just to much money.

  47. robotortoise says:

    Good idea.

    …Opps. Too late….

  48. Shawn says:


  49. LoveTheLegend says:

    I was showing my friend these pictures and showing my excitement for the game, when she said the graphics on it sucked. Needless to say, we're not friends anymore.

  50. aw9000 says:

    I like that theres alot of color but dont like that somethings still look blocky and other are still like 2 dimensional cutouts. I hope this gets improved in the end project. I almost kinda hoped for twilight princess like graphics, but I know thats just asking far too much. I understand the 3DS graphical engine can only take so much let alone in 3 Dimensions. I like this game I pre ordered it, Im getting it because I love Ocarina of time bottom line.

  51. darklink99 says:

    *Sigh* Do I really have to say it? If this is ANOTHER port of this game changing close to nothing then I think this will be a GIANT waste of time and money. Why can't they just use this man power on things that will turn out good? I mean sure. This is probably going to be good because. Well. It's Zelda. But this better not just be another port of this game. They have almost sucked OOT completely dry.

  52. Meralia says:

    Finally, Ganondorf! He looks cool, more like his official art, which is what I was hoping for. Yay!

  53. Zeldafan says:

    His ears are hella long.

  54. T Dave says:

    Zelda's eyebrows are blond now not lime green. this is the defining factor of the remake!

  55. matt17 says:

    Link's boots have a fold on the top, not present in the original.

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