Best Buy has a release date for the upcoming game, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: September 25, 2011.

In case you somehow don’t know what Skyward Sword is, it is the next installment in the Zelda franchise taking place before the events of Ocarina of Time that was announced at E3 2010.  It plans to feature 1:1 sword control with the help of WiiMotionPlus, which adds a little bit of interactivity to what seems to be an already amazing game.  As seen in the most recent trailer, the swordplay seems to be a key element to defeating enemies, as you can only hurt them by swinging left, right, down, etc.

Now, we all know that when a place like GameStop says that they know the release date of a product, especially a Nintendo product, they might not always be right.  And if it hasn’t been stated by Nintendo, it pretty much eliminates the chance of the store being correct.

But, this time, it seems to be quite realistic.  Sundays and Tuesdays are the main days that Nintendo releases new games, and the 25th happens to be a Sunday.  Also, this is very soon after E3, so they’ll probably show off the finished product there, and release it soon after.  Overall, a very realistic date for release.

What do you guys think?  Is Best Buy reliable when it comes to these type of things?  Is this date realistic for a game release?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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  • JiPrime

    Nope, these retailers hardly know about anything when it comes to release dates.

    I call placeholder date.

    • wiiman445

      but this does seem pretty realistic given that the 25 is a sunday and thats sometime after e3 and the release of oot 3d

      • Icy

        AND it's the 25th anniversary of Zelda… Coincidence? xD

        • scott

          hopefully that is the date it comes out…gamestop told me november

  • Oh, it's realistic alright. Realistic that Nintendo will make us wait that much longer.

    • Zanzibar

      Exactly. Nintendo likes to do this to us.

      • Icy

        But the games are better because of it. Be thankful. 😀

        • Sarianae

          A delayed game is eventually good; A bad game is bad forever. 😀

  • starwebs1

    It could happen. I wish it would, because then people get SS sooner than like, Christmas.

  • Ferisan

    Bestbuy seems like a more reliable source than Gamestpo definitely, but I'm still not raising my hopes up just yet, it may just be a placeholder but who knows. Hopefully?

  • mistertc

    i'm afraid it will not launch before november, so yes i think it's not true although i hope i'm wrong

  • ShadowofLight

    What can I say, it's finished when it's finished. 🙂
    Time will tell the truth.

  • Prescott

    It’s on my birthday! This would be a great gift to get.

  • KingDodongo1

    YES! I sure hope it's the 25th, that's a day before my birthday!

    • Punnutty

      And oddly enough a few days before mine.

      • alpha

        and mine

        • lol me too

          • KingDodongo1

            Then we shall all party together!

          • Ezluke

            And three days before mine! What the heck! LET'S HAVE A MEGA SKYWARD SWORD BIRTHDAY PARTY!

    • qwertyuiop

      me too!

  • gAmer_Matt

    That seems like a likely date, after the launch of OoT 3D. Although I would prefer July at the earliest, or even August, September would still be a lot better than freakin' Christmas.

    • Primus

      No way September, thats the beginning of school. At least in America.

  • SkywardLink

    i hope it comes out in july or august september is too far for me

  • I hope so. I'll hopefully get my Wii over the summer and then have my parents ship me the game when they pick it up from GameStop.

  • Peter

    The 25th also correlates to the 25th year of Zelda!!!

  • twistedindigo

    September is a good month for it to come out. Well for me at least, because I'm out of school.

  • Link-182

    I'd surprised if anyone on this website didn't know what Skyward Sword is… lol
    Not to be rude, it's just funny how you had to explain what it was. But hey, I guess some random person could pop up on this site and go, what a new Zelda game? cool!

  • i hope that's the release date! It's just 5 days before my birthday! say hello free skyward sword! lol I've gotten every zelda game i own (1, 2, ocarina, majora, windwaker, twilight princess, phantom hour glass all for gamecube, wii, or ds) for free because they were either for my birthday or my friends just let me keep them. lol I can be rly cheap. :3

    • Tasha

      Oooh, 5 days before my bday as well! We must share a birthday 🙂 hehe

  • Punnutty

    This is the best day EVER, this and Deathly Hallows Part 1 on DVD.YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!

  • ThrowdownN64

    Yes i think that best buy is a reliable source
    at the 3ds launch event Reggie kept saying it was great to partner with best buy so i think this is probably the release date

  • bob

    As long as it doesn't get delayed like Twilight Princess, I'm good/

    • Blizzeta

      They haven't told us an official release date, so there isn't a delay so far..

    • GoingBonkz

      Technically, it IS delayed. Does September sound like "Early 2011" to you?

  • Gregory

    How is 25 september even close to e3, in any way? That is like over 4 months between the two things.

    I hope it gets delayed til nintendo releases a new console that would even look the slightest good (no 480p)

    • starwebs1

      E3 is early June, this is late September. 3 months, and have you even seen Super Mario Galaxy 2? It looks even better than PS3! Keep that to yourself or go post it on a Wii-haters site.

    • Scrivs

      even if they delay it till a new console is released, it's not like the game will change because they made it from scratch to work with the wii

  • As much as I want this to be a true release date, I don't think it will be. I'm guessing it'll be more like November or December. But you know, the game is going to be good so I can't complain about how long it's taking. I don't mind waiting a while for something that I know is going to be worth it. Patience is virtue after all.

    • zelda fan

      yeah, but you gotta remember, nintendo has been working on skyward sword scence 2006, that's an insane amount of time to devolope a game. So although i'm not getting my hopes up, it's the closest thing to an official release date we've got. And if you remember back like 2-3 years ago, when we first heard about it back when we called it "zelda wii" everyone said it was coming out in October 2010 (untill E3 and we found out the sad truth it was coming out this year). So i'm kind of thinkin that mabey best buy got something right for once. But who knows, only time will tell.

  • PhantomVII

    They have a synopsis written below the info that seems describe a scene that may take place at the beginning of the game.

    "As you step through the brush, you sense something is off. You creep slowly toward the river that meanders through this small clearing. You peer into the water and only see your reflection staring back at you. Taking a few deep breaths to calm yourself, you turn around to look up and see a massive monster towering over you. Pulling your sword from its sheath and raising your shield — you look skyward and get ready for an epic battle."

    How would they have obtained this information? Could they have obtained the release date info in the same way?

    • Josiahinnc

      I was thinking the same thing when I read that on there website

  • Oni Lunk

    I call a November 20th release…Just saying..

  • giiiiu

    we’re really that desperate huh? lol

  • Shadowknight1

    But, but, but….that's TOO long! I'll be finished with OoT3D way before then!

    • starwebs1

      Do all the sidequests, that'll take a while.

    • RinkuKishoke

      Play it again!
      DO IT!!!

  • Shadowknight1

    So, you'd rather sit on your butt and press B all day. Yeah…feel the immersiveness. Pressing that button.

  • My guess would have to be June 26th. Only because it's been confirmed that it'll be released after June & I would love it to be released E3 Month, like OoT.

    • Aethelbert

      Oot3D is supposed to be released after E3, but there's no way Nintendo would release two games the same month! specially two Zewlda games

  • heiligeharmonie

    If it's not the 25th, it so needs to be sometime around there. My birthday is the 18th. Convenient? I think so. Hopefully fate decides to smile upon me and and actually let me have this convenience.

  • veeronic

    this is purely best buy's theory, it has nothing to deal with nintendo, if it did than I'm fairly certain more than best buy would know about it…

    besides… I know that it will be out July 12th…. a little bird told me….

  • Bill

    These retailer dates mean nothing.

    I have predicted for over a year that the release date will be on the third week of November 2011. Bet on it.

  • rich

    i highly doubt they'll hold it out that much longer. i can guarentee nintendo will lose a whopping 1000 fans at least if they hold off another 3/4ths of a year

    • Chad

      If you were a true fan you'd wait till it is ready Not insulting you or anything that's just what I think

  • Bre

    Best Buy may be jumping the gun, and this isn't the official release date, but it's certainly realistic. It's after E3,and OoT 3DS will have had the summer to reign. Though I could see Nintendo pushing it close to Christmas, with a November release. I guess it really just depends on SS coming out in a different quarter than OoT

  • James

    the game stop near me has the release date as November 16th. I have already put a hold on it back in Feb. Any way I am hoping it comes out soon.

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  • guest


  • rosvel92

    If it isnt finished I hope its get delayed, Twilight felt rushed and underdeveloped..

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  • shyguy

    Just get us the game already! That (alleged) release day is a week after my bday but we’ve all been waiting 4ever

  • Oracle of Minish

    Hm… I'm not sure if it'll actually be released then. I honestly think they'll take more time between OOT3D and the release date of skyward sword….
    But that's just my opinion

  • dark_link121


  • Yeah. The ESRB rating would be E. Look at every other cel-shade game. They were also rated E.

    I mean the Zelda cel-shaded games. Obviously the Dragon Ball games would be T.

    • Shrub

      Except for Spirit Tracks, which was E10+

      Just sayin'.

    • ganonlord

      I doubt it. From what I've seen of SS so far, I think it'll be a T.

  • m ds ask

    Don't I remember you guys saying it would be released in late 2009…

  • thezeldachick

    Heres to hoping!

    – thezeldachick out!

  • guy

    i think they should take as much time as they need to make a perfect zelda game

  • Tsubasa_zero

    Nope they have got it wrong, We got retyailers who posted dates like februari 24th 2011, and look…its not here yet. So I won't believe any of hem.

  • MDH

    These supposed release dates before an official announcement have NEVER EVER been correct before. Just ignore it.

  • zeldasexy6669

    well they can release it first before oot it would be best since it is a sequel it be more iconic that way

  • ganonlord

    I think that this is more accurate than the GameStop release date. When I saw a November release date from them, I was thinking to myself, "there is no way Nintendo would hold out for that long". This one seems likely, even though I'm aiming for a release in either June or July.

  • That's OK with me because I also want a 3ds, and am not going to get $300 of birthday money.

  • Brandon

    -Skyward sword comes out christmas day-
    Me: OKAY!!!!
    Fans: -run to gamestop-
    Me: -stays home-
    Me: pfft, gamestop isnt open on Christmas mofos.

  • Marcus

    Wow, dyou get your games on Sundays. Release dates are never during weekends here in Sweden, especially not Sundays. Because there is no delivering of mail (inlc. games) on the weekends and many stores are closed on Sundays.

  • LoveTheLegend

    ~cries~ That's my birthday :'O If they release it then, I won't GET it for my birthday!! Dangit, the same thing happened not to long ago, it go released ON my birthday, and I had to wait til' Christmas >:(

    • cloverplayer

      save up birthday money at lest you'll get it before Christmas

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  • TrustMe101

    I was hoping it would come out sooner, but if they need more time, I'll wait. Nintendo knows what to do to make a good game, so I'll happily wait for it – even until the end of summer! 😀

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  • Dan

    I wouldn't hold my breath on Sept 25th. I imagine they're going to try to get it out before Christmas, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we didn't get it until Q1 or ever Q2 of 2012.

    • ganonlord

      If Nintendo does that, I will personally go to their headquarters and destroy everything in sight after stealing the official timeline document. Just kidding. They've had SS planned for a 2011 release for a while, though. It's almost done with development, so I doubt Nintendo will hold off on it till 2012.

  • EpicDC

    Meh… I wasn't aware windmills even had mental capacity…

  • Link will never die

    WOW! I wanna get black ops but im not sure if i shuld cause zelda might come out and i can only get 1 game every 2 months:c

  • AzTno

    I've preordered it in January… I have been waiting so LOOOOOOOOOOOoOOOONG >.<

  • sss

    best buy predicted the release date for Guns n roses Chinese Democracy so they might be right here

  • MYKe1217

    I would say it sounds realistic. That doesn't mean I'm going to mark it down on my calendar, but it makes sense to me. I've always been thinking November so it'd be a bit closer to the holidays but not too close. November always seems to me to be the month where the big games ideal for the holiday season come out.

  • camron

    omg, wtf!, they said early 2011 not almost done 2011!

  • KirstenK

    I don't understand why you wouldn't be interested in having "real" action incorporated into the Zelda games… Rather than sitting on your rear-end eating chips and pressing a trigger all day you may actually be able to (figuratively) "become Link" and get more involved with the game.

    Also it may help a bit with this CrAzY thing called EXERCISE… Obesity isn't that cool regardless of what the "Golden Arches" tell ya. =)

  • Vampz

    nope. I don't think so. It's to soon. I guess Nintendo will make us wait much more…

  • DrLunchbox

    Not everyone that plays video games has a lack-of-exercise problem 😛 I am open to trying new things, but I’d still prefer a to play the game without the awkward swinging movements.

  • Zoe

    In all fairness they did say 'Early 2011' And it's mid 2011 now! So fingers crossed that it IS in September! I'm dying with excitement already!!!!

  • people

    it may not because they would probably release it during a break in school like spring summer ect breaks so people would have time to play it so they would want it more like it would be hard to play it when you have eight hours of school then home work and if you have sports sports plus meals if in that situation some one would wait to buy it during a break so i think maybe some were towards the end of summer break or thanksgiving

  • RandomGamer

    I wish it would come out sooner… but the 25th IS right before my birthday… I was really looking forward to playing it on summer break.

  • impatientforthisgame

    those mac lovin' xbox playing trolls told me it comes out shortly after OOT 3ds release. dammit >.>

  • Tom

    It has been confirmed November 2011 20 is release us. i have been to 13 websites games stop and best buy P.S sorry if you all ready know this

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