In this week’s mailbag, the spirit of the Skyward Sword could actually be the Fairy Queen, and Link totally only has one gender. Even though he wears a skirt.

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chapuunka: What would you think of an Assassin’s Creed-style LOZ game, possibly centered around Sheik/Zelda? Of course it wouldn’t be as “mature” as AC, but lots of platforming and fighting, and much less emphasis on mystical themes/items.

Jason: I think that would be pretty neat! Loads of Quicktime events, haha. One of my favorite games is Prince of Persia 2008, which uses the AC engine. It’s a remarkable game, very literary, a little bit Zelda-like in certain aspects. I recommend checking it out if you haven’t; it’s only about eight hours long. As for the AC-style game you’re imagining, it doesn’t have to be Shiek/Zelda and I think that’s setting itself up for failure. Notice that Nintendo has NEVER reused Shiek. Ever. And I doubt they’re ever going to for any reason. A game starring Shiek/Zelda? That’s gonna have some weird perceptions attached to it that might not line up with how the game actually plays out.

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PuppetMasterIX: According to Twilight Princess lore, the Dominion Rod is only possessed by a “messenger of the heavens.” Later in the game, Link takes on this role, using the Dominion Rod to gain entry to the City in the Sky. So my question is this: Would it be plausible that there was another messenger earlier in the timeline? Or more specifically, since Skyloft is an airborne civilization similar to the City, would it be possible if the Link from Skyward Sword was one of them?

Jason: Sure, why not? Though it seems like City in the Sky is mechanical and Skyloft is a natural floating piece of the earth, it makes sense that there’s a bit of TP’s backstory hidden inside of this game. The console games are the most continuous of the series – it’s very obvious where Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, and The Wind Waker all line up. I suspect Skyward Sword will contain plot elements like this that line it up with Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time. Oddly enough, though, since it’s before the timeline split… what’s going to line it up with The Wind Waker? It has to line up with both future timelines to work properly!

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DarknessReincarnated: You say the Skyloftians could have created Hyrule, but what if the Golden Goddesses are from Skyloft?

Jason: Yeah, I’ve thought about that – but that again goes back to the whole myth over truth bit. Even if the Golden Goddesses are from Skyloft, that’s gotta mean they’re normal people, or at most sages or something. Just really, really awesome people. I don’t think this is how it’s going to be, though; making them from Skyloft puts a gigantic gaping hole in the backstory Nintendo has used since, well, forever. Likely Skyward Sword doesn’t take place THAT far back. Plus, Nintendo loves making prequels in the world of Zelda, so they can never go back to the beginning.

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Sanguiluna: Given the face that no prior reference has ever been given about the Sword’s spirit, do you think that as part of the Skyward Sword’s transformation into the Master Sword, the spirit of the Sword will have to die or be sacrificed as part of the ritual? And with that in mind, can one theorize from there that there is something “impure” (maybe even “dark”) about the Spirit, that the Skyward Sword cannot become the Blade of Evil’s Bane as long as she inhabits/taints it?

Jason: Nah, I don’t think the spirit is “tainting” anything. As I said in the mailbag, I think lots of people are thinking of it backwards – from what Nintendo has said, I’ve gathered that the sword and the spirit are the same entity; it’s not like the spirit is just inhabiting the sword. The spirit IS the sword; they are synonymous, the same being. The sword is simply choosing to take a human form. Think of it like Link and Wolf Link – it’s not like when Link is in Wolf form there’s a human Link inhabiting the wolf and controlling it. They’re the same. Likewise with this sword spirit. Something else is gonna cause it to go away – probably death.