You like Zelda music, yes? And you’ve probably got about three minutes to spare sometime today, right? If so, then do yourself a favor and use those three minutes to watch this video from TheDelRay, a YouTube user who specializes in doing video game music covers with his various guitars and synth sets. He’s got even more Zelda covers, which we’ve stuck after the jump – and a YouTube channel with a few more covers, all worth a watch. That is, if you don’t mind sacrificing even more than three minutes.

  • Punnutty

    Sweet, awesome, magnificent, great, nice, wicked, narley, I'm running out of words, exelent, ect.

  • MegaLinkX

    Deku Palace is the best!!!!

  • Selon

    I loved the horse race one and deku palace theme… brilliant. didnt like the outset island one at all though. so if you like me doesnt like the outset island interprentation, dont just leave the site… give the other two a chance… especially the deku palace theme, its awesome!

    • Andy

      I totally agree with you on that. The Deku Palace was the best by far. I didn't care for the Outset Isalnd one either. I couldn't hear any similarites to the orginal at all. I didn't even think that was Outset Island.

    • margar

      I agree. I thought the Outset Island theme was the worst one. I mena, it wasn't BAD, but the other two were way better.

  • Oh man, I'd love that red Gibson he has! Also, just want to take a moment to thank ZU for giving exposure to these artists. You know, I never would have found CSGuitar09 or listened to the Song of Healing played on wine glasses if it wasn't for you guys, so thanks again, keep them coming!

  • baloany

    Well well well.. If it isn't an Elementary School Superstar! It's easy to be considered "great" when your audience just doesn't know any better, LOL!
    Oh, I mean "exelent" work.. Ganna git a B+ on dat spilling tast 4 shur!

    • deku scrub1

      like you can do better πŸ˜›

    • Caleb

      Who is this supposed to be directed to?

      • Casual Vader

        Looks like it's directed at "Punnutty" since his comment contains the misspelled "excellent".

        • Punnutty

          Sorry about that I was rushed.

    • deku scrub1

      wait woah misunderstanding, are you talking about the video or one of the comments?

  • mini link

    best 3 min of my day. πŸ˜›

  • Beer and Zelda

    He has some skills to be sure.

    While Wind Waker might not be my favorite Zelda game (I'd put it in my top 5 though), I have to admit it has the best music out of any Zelda game by a MILE.

  • MysteriousHat

    I really loved the end on the horse race, it was epic!

    And the Deku Palace is one of my favourite Zelda songs, so I really like that one too!

    • cloverplayer

      you're such a deku king

      • cloverplayer

        oops wrong person

  • vick

    faggit, your guitar cover sucks

    • Jake

      go somewhere else if you dont like it. if you're saying those suck, your saying i suck, because i do the same stuff. deal with it.

    • goronbot

      you suck all of the music he played was


    • Ashmic

      don't feed the trolls they love when ppl comment, they fap to it

      • Jake

        true. but we can always correct their spelling.

        • vick

          fuck you im an american ill spell the way i want bitch

          • Jake

            no way! im american too! teehee.

    • Punnutty

      Hey I think you missplelt your name is says VICK.

  • Chief

    Yep. That was pretty much the best thing ever.

  • dark_link121

    he's freakin' diamonds, lol, that was very awesome

  • dark_link121

    the deku palace is my favorite

  • bradm81

    Props to this guy, awesome job.

    If you like this then I have a feeling you'll love this 8 bit remix of Outset Island, it's like listening to a rainbow:

  • TheWeatherMan

    I feel like this belongs in the next F-Zero game.

    • Punnutty

      Yeah, there should be a new F-Zero game, the music is perfect for it.

  • protorpop

    Zelda rocks!

    • cloverplayer

      to he who has voted this down: you just declared that you don't like zelda/arent a zelda fan, therefore leave a "Zelda Fan Site for Zelda Fans"

  • thats so awesome. thank you!
    keep bumped, sticky!

  • MDH

    That's more bitching than I ever expected any Zelda music to be.

  • Vacuum Spotter

    What? There still isn't any new articles here? Both ZI and ZD add some each day. You guys suck so hard compared to them.

    • Punnutty

      Ah thats why you're here Vacuum Spotter but no vacuums here just an awesome Zelda fansite.

  • TnzSki

    Wow, I think I just had an eargasm. Is there any way to get these on mp3?

  • I love it,very good

  • NintendoMasterG

    Sounds like an Outset Island in a Sonic game! XD

    • Punnutty

      Oh have you heared the dude do Pyramid cave from Sonic adventure 2 yet.

  • DoctorYou

    Hate to post on an older article, but I just gotta say: I just stumbled across these amazing covers on youtube a few minutes agi, and I was like, "Wait, didn't I see these on ZU a while back?" Hence my digging up this article and writing this comment. Anyway, thanks again for posting these!!