Have some burning questions about the 3DS? Curious about its appearance, build quality, or battery life? Jason’s here to give you a quick rundown of all things good and bad about the 3DS after spending a day with Nintendo’s newest console.

We’ll have a full review and video review of the 3DS up in about week after spending some more time with the device – so check back for that!

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    Dude. It sounded like all you did was bash it.

    • Jason Rappaport

      Nah. It's a great console! And we're gonna be stuck with it for a while whether I love it or not. I love the console but there are some issues, like with all things, at first glance that Nintendo will end up resolving in the next 3DS revision (like the DS Phat to the DS Lite).

      But anyways, this isn't a review nor my final opinion on anything – it's just my opinions after a few hours. πŸ˜›

      • strongfan

        I really *love* how they put the stylus in the back of the consol…like they did with the original DS, which they fixed with the DS Lite…but then they just had to ruin it again. Why did they do this? So the 3DS Lite will look better by comparison.

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  • That sucks about the battery life and the eye strain, but the graphics will still be amazing, plus I'm excited for all the new amazing games that are going to be coming out soon. Awesome.

  • "Peace and Triforce Pieces!"


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      Awesome line…

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        very awesome

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  • TheMaverickk

    I haven't personally had any eye strain issues yet, but then again I won't know until I've played it for an hour straight in a really involving game. Still I've had no issues after a half hour of use.

    I used it for at least 2-3 hours today straight out of the box before I was in the red zone… and I didn't run it till it went dry. So I have no idea what he was doing to burn it out in under 2 hours.

    I feel like from everything I've seen that there are really varied experiences from people. Although I think there is a lot of exaggerations as well. I'm sure we will see revisions in the upcoming months.

    Not to the tech really though… I truly don't believe we will see Nintendo slim this system much. They've gone on record of saying that this was as small as they could get it with everything in there. As for the stylus that was placed where is is due to the tech as well and where it's placed within the system.

    If there's a revision I think it will be that they'll have a future standard with a longer battery as batteries improve and get cheaper. Much like how they revised the GBA SP… so basically later in life released SP's had brighter screens.

    Anyways who knows though wait and see!

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  • triforceguy1

    I haven't had any eye strain at all and I was expecting the battery life to be bad. I think Nyko has a new battery pack that allows you to play twice as much more time without charging, haven't tried it out yet though


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  • Heavenly Spoon

    I've been playing Lego Star Wars for 1.5 hours on average at a time (according to the activity log) and I have no eye strain of headaches at all, like, at all. Which is odd, because a 3D movie makes me cross-eyed for a week, this doesn't…
    I guess it differs from person to person, but I'm pretty sure you'll get used to it after a while.

    The power saving function doesn't seem to be on when you first use the console, it might help, haven't run out of battery after turning it on.
    But yeah, without it, barely 4 hours of battery life, and plugging it in forces you to unplug your cradle (and the cradle's too awesome to be unplugged), glad I still have my DSi charger.

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    I found this on a tech site that I usually go to, has anyone experienced this on their Nintendo3DS?:

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    In a matter of time, we'll be seeing people go blind from using too much 3D… I don't want a 3DS.

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    People who have eye strain are WEAK; WEAK I tell you they should be ashamed of their weakness.

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  • Siaarn

    I hate the new charging dock thing, I always play my DS lite with the charger plugged into it, it'll be too hard to play it on a dock : But hey, it's brand new, there's plenty of room for improvement.

    • TheMaverickk

      Uhhh…. you can take the wire out of the charging dock and plug that wire straight into your 3DS you know that right.

      You don't have to use the dock to charge it, it's just an added convenience which looks nice.

      Not to mention the AC adapter is the same as the one used for the DSi. So if you got the DSi it means you got a spare 3DS AC adapter πŸ˜›

  • Punnutty

    The battery life of the 3Ds is better than the batttery life of my Ipod (it's very old)

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    Your complaints about the original DS games screen resolution are easily fixed. Before you play an original DS game just hold down start and select at the same time for a second. It will put the screen in the proper resolution and will look fine.

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