In this week’s mailbag, Hyrule and Skyloft join together, and Link is missing all of his vital organs. It makes him invincible!

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Zeldaholictimeliner: What are your opinions on the possibilities of a Four Swords game for the DS utilizing its online capabilities? Do you think its a good idea? Do you think it should be a fill game like FSA or an add on like FS? Do you think Vaati should be the villain? What changes would you make to the Four Swords formula?

Jason: I get asked this a lot. First of all I really doubt Nintendo has a game like this in mind – Four Swords never worked that well to begin with and they’ve tried various “online” minigames since in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks which, while fun, have little replay value. However, if we’re really talking what ifs here, it’s going to be a fill game like FSA and most likely it’ll have something to do with Vaati. I’d love to see it *not* be a fill game and be a main game like The Minish Cap, which was a joy – but with an all-online game, that’s unlikely.

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Acostar62: in the new SS trailer, link never used the sword beam, do you think this is because only the master sword can? Why or why not?

Jason: Not sure, actually. My guess is no. They loved showing off the sword beam trick at E3 2010, so I’m going to assume that even if it’s exclusive to the Master Sword, there may be a way to do it with the Skyward Sword or whatever Link starts out with. Nintendo stated that it’s Link harnessing the power of the sun to do the beam, which is why he holds it up to the sky – so I do believe the ability has a connection to the Skyward Sword.

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Certifiable Frivolity: Do you think the Link in Skyward Sword will create another timeline or be part of another timeline since he is not talked about in any other Zelda game? (Example being how the Ocarina of Time Link is referred to several times in other games such as Wind Waker and Twilight Princess). Or do you think this Link is just an unsung hero of some sort and forgotten by the winds of time?

Jason: Hoo boy. Well, it’s understandable that the Hero of Time is referred to in The Wind Waker considering that its events directly follow it (a hundred years, was it?). We don’t exactly hear about the Hero of Time in Spirit Tracks – heck, we barely hear about the Hero of Winds. And in the interest of not making my brain explode, I’m going to say that Skyward Sword is not taking place in any alternate timeline (those presumably begin with Ocarina of Time).

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SonicBlueSky: In response to the question asked about Skyloft being destroyed instead of falling to Hyrule at the end of Skyward Sword: It’d actually make more sense if Skyloft crashed down on Hyrule at the end of the game. The Ooccoo were supposed to have created the Hylians and Hyrule, correct? Well, couldn’t this legend have derived from when the Ooccoo’s kingdom came crashing down on Hyrule, thus causing their descendants who survived the crash to become the Hylians of today? What do you think?

Jason: I agree that it makes more sense for the lands to merge somehow at the end of the game (or even in the middle for the “plot twist”). I think your idea makes sense but doesn’t explain how they became mutant freaky chicken people. Unless we find out that they were always mutant freaky chicken people.

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William Luker: Do you think the bird crest on the hyrule shield would have any significance in skyward sword? i mean as a form of transportation.

Jason: I swear somebody in a comment once said that the symbol on the shield is a bird because you use a giant eagle to travel between Hyrule and Skyloft. I’m more curious as to where the heck the symbol came from in the first place. There’s no Hyrule as a kingdom I’m guessing, so there’s no way that shield can bear the Hylian crest. I have a strange feeling we’re gonna find out it used to be the Skyloftian crest or something. But, traveling on the back a giant bird? That’s either badass or something Link already did in Twilight Princess!

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lugeasilver: After watching all the current footage I’ve been wondering, will Hyrule even have an actual field? I’m beginning to think that there won’t be a staple “Hyrule field” in this game at all, but instead Skyloft will act as the hub leading to closed in “sectors” of Hyrule, acting more like “levels” than new areas. With that I don’t see the presence of towns or NPC’s in Hyrule but instead that all strictly occurring in this Skyloft hub. Eh, I guess my question is your take on this theory.

Jason: Ah, the good ol’ Metroid setup. I saw enough influence from Metroid Prime 3 in the latest trailer to really hope this one is true. Skyloft would definitely make a really great hub and jumping off different edges of the floating island to get to different parts of Hyrule would be so freaking awesome.

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GorCoronSumo: What do you think the bar under the health meter is? I was assuming it was magic until I saw the little shield icon by it.

Jason: It’s probably shield stamina. I’ve noticed a lot of little stamina bars added to Skyward Sword (like the circular one when climbing vines), and this is probably a measure to reduce shield abuse by players now that they can control the shield freely. Using the shield with MotionPlus could be a really cheap way to always block enemy attacks and, in a real world situation, you wouldn’t be able to hold it up forever. Nintendo talks a lot about making the weapons in Skyward Sword realistic with MotionPlus and more accessible to new users, so this is an expected change.

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agentsimone: Do you think possibly that Skyward Sword could be a (strangely fit) Origin story for Gannondorf (or his bloodline) since Nintendo refused to comment on whether or not he would appear in it?

Jason: Maybe at the very end or something. Like I’ve said… I’m really hoping this one has nothing to do with Ganondorf!

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Sanguiluna: With the introduction in recent games of new, advanced races and locales (the Minish, the Oocca, and now, Skyloft), do you feel that Nintendo has inadvertently diminished the importance of the goddesses, as well as the Hylians as the “chosen people”, especially now that there are at least 2-3 races that are apparently even higher than them? And if this is the case, do you think that this might have a notable impact on the overall mythos of the Zelda series?

Jason: I’m wondering if we’ll find out that these races may have used the Triforce at some point to become what they were. They’re pretty incredible – the Oocca could have used the Triforce to keep their city up. Skyloft people may have used the Triforce to split Hyrule and Skyloft in the first place. So it’s not that these races are higher than the goddesses, but that they may have derived their power from the goddesses. I have a feeling a lot will be explained about this in Skyward Sword.

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HylianPwnageWho’sSecretlyJonathanSpencerInAMask: Jason, are/were you in any professional choir groups? Your singing is OUTSTANDING. You should definitely consider doing a playlist of your Zeldapella. (DO U C WAT I DID THAR?)

Your beard is awesome.

Jason: Yeah! I’m no professional singer, but I am a member of my university’s choir (I’m a choir geek, I’ll admit it), and I do private vocal lessons as well. I’ve been singing my whole life, and it’s one of my deepest passions. I’ve already got plans to make separate videos featuring full a cappella covers of some of my favorite Zelda songs (especially Dragon Roost!). These outros have been good practice for some of the songs I wanna do! Also, totally calling them Zeldapella now. Sweetness.

And yes, I too am a fan of my beardness.

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Plzlistntomahquestions: Which is the most useless item in a Zelda game in your oppinion?

Jason: Tingle Tuner. Someone’s gonna beat me up for saying that since you could do some neat things with it, but if you didn’t own a GBA and the special link cable it was totally useless.

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protorpop: Why do all people have pots in their houses? I myself, have two pots in my house, but those are for plants. In Zelda, people keep money in pots. Some people even arrows or bombs!

Jason: Hey man, don’t judge other peoples’ cultures. Gotta keep an open mind.