In the wake of the recent earthquake and tsunamis in Japan, many may be wondering how our favorite game creators held up during the disaster. Nintendo of America let us know through their Twitter:

Thanks for your concern! During the earthquake no one at Nintendo in Japan was injured and there was no apparent structural damage.

Our thoughts and prayers are out to those affected by the recent disaster.

Source: Nintendo of America Twitter
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76 thoughts on “Nintendo of Japan is OK

  1. Art1st4786 says:

    I'm relieved to hear that they are okay. I had a feeling they would be, though, since they're stationed in Kyoto, which wasn't affected by the disaster.

    My heart goes out to the victims and survivors of this terrible disaster.

    1. Alessandra says:

      I agree with you all the way. I'm relieved to hear to hear that they're okay. My heart goes out to all that got caught in this terrible disaster.

    2. OPAblo says:

      My heart goes to all people of Japan too.

  2. xosgni says:

    IT's not over yet- there is still a long and difficult road ahead for Japan and the world.

  3. Ezlo says:

    That's a relief. My prayers are with you, Japan. May you stay strong despite your hardships.

  4. Ashmic says:

    I feel bad, When this first happened all i thought was "oh crap SS is gonna be delayed" but then my conscious kicked in and was like "I can't believe THATS your first response, god knows how many ppl are dying and thats your first response" I'm usually wicked caring person but it sucks that THAT was my first thought, but I have been praying for them, and I straightened myself out, Im ashamed thats what I thought, but My mind shifted to "omg apocalypse, i hope everyone is okay" quickly, I still hope everyone is okay!

    Are they still in danger from the power plant BTW? I haven't caught the news

    1. Shaelyn says:

      yes. three of the reactors have blown and a fourth caught fire. the first two only blew the outer shell of the containment structures – no concern, there's still an inner shell. the other two – both of which happened today – ARE a concern, and they're struggling to keep the reactors cooled still.

      and there's still tons of aftershocks. most are off the east coast, a handful are 6.0 on the ritcher scale or higher. Nagano had a direct hit from a 6.2 and a 5.5 a few days ago, and a 6.1 hit west of Tokyo today.

      1. Shaelyn says:

        you guys might would like sources for the quake info.
        -on friday that map had 100+ earthquakes on it. now it has 400+ spanning from last week.

        for the nuclear info, just google japan nuclear meltdown.

        they're telling my friend over there to stay indoors, seal the doors and windows with tape, and don't run the A/C.
        …and they're having blackouts to conserve power.

  5. cloverplayer says:

    I live in alaska and I was kinda freaked out because we had a tsunami warning from the same tsunami… luckily the highest it got was five feet… if that was freaky I cant imagine how scared for their lives everyone in japan is.

    I'm praying for you, japan!

  6. BlackOwlDog says:

    I'm happy that they're ok, but I'm really worried about the radioactivity right now, people say it's even worse than a second Chernobyl… My teacher is in Tokyo and my friend is forced by her father to go there, now I really can't think of anything but Japan! :O

    1. Shaelyn says:

      it is not worse than Chernobyl yet. Chernobyl did not have containment structures at all. Fukushima does.
      the first two reactors that blew did not emit any radiation at all, thanks to the inner shell of the containment structures. the other two have had radiation escape, but certainly not on that scale.

      1. Shaelyn says:

        …and here's hoping it doesn't get worse.

      2. Banooru says:

        Radioactive graphite fireballs aren't fun… glad plants similar to chernobyl can't be built again. Still, this disaster should have an effect on relicensing of older nuclear plants in the U.S., since the Fukushima plant is pretty old tech.

  7. Sagen says:

    This article is unbelievably offensive. Is your game companies being ok all you people care about? I bet you'd all donate to Nintendo before you ever would the aid for other Japanese. Oh wait, you did, in the form of the game you just bought while all this was going on. If there's god, you people will be NEXT.

    1. Shaelyn says:

      I agree, it is insensitive to the point of being somewhat offensive in their delivery. I started to make a post similar to yours (without so much bite), because it sounds like they're saying "thousands of people have died, lost their homes, the rice fields – one of their main food supplies – are wiped out, and we may have a second Chernobyl on our hands when all is said and done. but that's okay guys, you're still going to get your OoT 3DS and SS."
      though it sounds insensitive, I also realized that wasn't the message they were trying to send at all. I'm worried about my one friend and his family that live near enough to the Fukushima plant that they have to stay indoors, and my other friend that has not checked in AT ALL since the earthquake initially hit. I'm on high emotion. I twisted what was said. I had to check myself.

      ZU, this is something to note, though. this has potential to come across very poorly.

    2. SkallaML says:

      It's difficult to toe the line with this subject. ZU wanted to report what most of us were wondering, even if it was a tiny, fleeting thought: Is Nintendo okay? And it's okay for them to do so. I didn't see the report as insensitive at all. They're reporting what's relevant to us, the video game community. The post doesn't, in any way, demean or belittle what happened to Japan. Call it… focusing on the details for a moment, rather than the big picture?

      By the way, the comment about a God coming to get us is pretty darn insensitive in more than one way. =/ Jussayin'.

    3. Leon says:

      You shouldn't really wish death for others

    4. joleenenaylor says:

      It is an article on a site devoted to… um… gee… i dunno.. a gaming community? so, yeah, it's pretty relevant to the site, while a long, soppy article about the terrors of the tsunami wouldn't really be in line with the rest of the content. It's called branding. Look into it.

  8. CEObrainz says:

    It,s times like this when I feel relieved to live in the UK. I mean honestly, the UK are not prepared for a Tsunami. Quake comes, we panic. Hurricane comes, we panic. Snow comes we panic?!? But the UK is situated where it would not be affected by two of the three weather (is that right?) conditions that Japan has gone through.

    Therefore I sympathize with the whole of Japan (not just Nintendo) to do well and stay strong,

    1. Twilit_Dragon says:

      No one's safe anywhere in the world, when it comes to a natural disaster, can hit anywhere, you saying that it's like saying the U.K is untouchable, lots of types of volcanic action in Europe.

      1. CEObrainz says:

        Sorry If I came across that way, but what I was trying to say was that there is a lack of planning that the UK has for Snow Days, I wouldn't know how they would cope with what Japan has had to deal with. I'm well aware that natural disasters can hit anywhere, but I guess sometimes it's best not to think about it. All the worrying can ruin someone…

  9. Ashmic says:

    lol i feel bad for you

  10. Ash Burgess says:

    I scared because of those reactors. I hope all of Japan gets better and stays safe from any radiation clouds and from anything else that comes their way. Japan is strong enough to pull through. I wish I could go and help them, honestly. 🙁

  11. Majora says:

    I'm so glad they're all right. All of that praying really paid off. I don't know what I would've done with out Miyamoto and all of those new games either. I hope everyone in Hawaii is alright too.

  12. Majora says:

    You are a disgrace to the humans if you would rather watch people die than go surfing. If you are really that stupid than go risk your life to go and surf on a tsunami than you will know why you are disgracing everyone.

  13. Chad says:

    I'm sorry but that really isn't funny do you know how many people have died from those disasters in japan and your joking about power plants blowing up sorry but thats morbid and cruel

  14. QueenxLink says:

    Well with all the things happening, they can't give us this news right away! And of course we're going to be concerned for Nintendo, we can't do anything about the other thousands of people who have already died.

  15. QueenxLink says:

    Oooh I'm so relieved to hear that….

  16. Chad says:

    There's nothing wrong with posting this news I wondered about this a bit too but overwhelmingly more my heart and prayers go to Japan theres nothing wrong about reporting about what we all want to know!

  17. Paffe says:

    How can that even come from a human mouth?

    1. Chad says:

      Simple, he's not!

  18. zeldafan4040 says:

    May the 3 golden goddesses look after our beloved Japan…

    1. Punnutty says:

      I hopes things get better for Japan.

  19. LadyIntomoe says:

    How dare you?

  20. Coleman says:

    Amen Marianne! People have strayed too far from the Bible, anyways drinks and crime rate went up when the Bible left schools!

    I'm praying for all you guys in Japan, when I thought about NOP being hurt I was so worried Kiji Kondo, Miyamoto, or Anouma might have been hurt, I was so worried that gaming would be changed. Thank the Lord!

    Oh and to the guy who thumbed down Marianne, what's up with that? Freedom of speech man!

    1. Zombeh says:

      Freedom of Speech means I get to "thumb down" any comments that I dislike.

    2. cloverplayer says:

      freedom of thumbs

    3. cloverplayer says:

      its obvious that you were the one thumbing us down Coleman

    4. The snowman says:

      And with the thumbing down of marianne, She is basically saying that We should be Happy with all these people dying? Thats something that should never be said, especially to a people who are the innovators of tommorrow.

    5. Shaelyn says:

      this is a news article thread on the internet, which is privately-owned, even if publically-used. this is not a free country. there is no such thing as freedom of speech here. rather, there is Terms of Service.

      the owners may choose to uphold this idea of "freedom of speech", and I think many website owners out there are fair or lean towards being "too nice", but they have the right to pull that privilege from you on the internet.

  21. Coleman says:

    Sorry, NOJ (Nintendo of Japan)

  22. MrFlox888 says:

    Thank you Triforce for giving Japan hope and health.

  23. Zombeh says:

    Freedom of Speech means that I get to "thumb down" any comments that I find offensive or that I dislike.

    Also, I just posted this comment in a reply, and noticed it was deleted.

    Troll, Silencing opinions/messages ≠ Freedom of Speech.

    1. Shaelyn says:

      it's still there, it wasn't deleted.

      hey how'd you do the =/= sign?

      1. Zombeh says:

        Oh, I see it now. It took forever to appear, I suppose.

        I copy and pasted the sign from somewhere on the internet XD.

        1. Shaelyn says:

          lol, fair enough.

  24. Austin says:

    im glad to hear this. this is really good news, now I hope that everybody else in Japan is alright. dont worry Japan you will all be ok

  25. Chief says:

    Our prayers are with you Japan…

  26. Ian says:

    i don't like jokes about 10,000 dieing

  27. Shaelyn says:

    or rather, they just received word from Nintendo of American that Nintendo of Japan is okay. that's quite a string; no wonder it took four days. they're having black outs to conserve power; communications are not going to be instantaneous.

    1. The snowman says:

      WHat I mean by this post being late is that I saw the same news on sites such as Game informer and Kotaku 2 days ago.

      1. Shaelyn says:

        well, maybe I assumed too much. *checks twitter*
        okay, yeah I did assume too much.


        1. Adam says:

          Well, Shaelyn, like you said, communication is not instantaneous. Plus we are not affiliated with Nintendo so news is a little more difficult to find.

          And snowman, sites such as gameinformer and Kotaku are bigger than we are and probably have news teams that are comprised of 2 to 5 times the amount of people of our own news team.

  28. X x7 says:

    Thank God, but if Nintendo was destroyed isn't an important deal compared to what happened over there. I feel so sorry for those people over there.


  29. Soeroah says:

    God dammit, people on Twitter are still tweeting that the creator of Pokemon died. I thought by now they'd have learned to check their sources.

    I'm not really a praying person, but I do send my best wishes to the people of Japan. They have been very responsive and it impresses me how well they are handling this disaster.

  30. Somerandomguy says:

    Clearly you should be at the county circus because only an inhuman monster could say something like that.

  31. Yes, my heart goes out to Japan, considering I have Japanese Friends who Families were effected by the Tsunami, but at the same time safely evacuated. But also I'm glad Nintendo Of Japan was not located where the Tsunami hit because that would delay quite a few games ….. and by few games I mean A LOT!!!!

  32. veeronic says:

    Marianne… do you know what torii gate is? its a spiritual symbol of japan and you know what; not only have there been a few that have withstood the devastation of the tsunami wracked with wreckage, but there was also one that withstood the bomb blast of hiroshima, if that isn’t a symbol of hope, I don’t what is.

    furthermore, even if what you say were the case, you would be a coward for accepting it, no act, not even creating the universe can grant the right of tyranny.

    and Sagen… its barely 3 paragraphs that clearly shows concern for everyone affected, calm the **** down, like you aren’t going about your own business right now but that doesn’t mean someone doesn’t care, I’m sure we all shudder in horror when we see those pictures…

  33. Sam Brereton says:

    Thank God. Nintendo of Japan has several repositories containing Skyward Sword including NoA, NoE and NoAU. So we could not possibly lose any data relating to Skyward Sword or other developments.

    My wishes go out to Japan.

  34. Shaelyn says:!5781566/this-is-the-scariest

    if I or others call this post insensitive or shallow, I just wanted everyone to know why. to say I'm worried sick is the understatement of the year.

    I wanted to put links to my friend's journals in here too, but I didn't want the trollers to get it. so here's what he said.

    Sun, Mar 13, 7:32AM
    There will be an outage to save power/energy starting tomorrow so ,
    if you lost connection with someone you love over here don't go crazy .

    Tue, Mar 15, 2:07AM
    they are asking not to use air conditioner/heater ,
    because of the suck/blow system .
    as well as close all the windows and doors and seal them with any kind of isolating tape.
    wet towels and masks to skin and air.
    if you are a foreign and live in Japan ,
    HNK is using bilingual ( jp/eng) 24hrs.
    reading nuclear level are getting very high to human health .
    although government says it's under a tolerant level .
    people are feeling sick and skin burn in some cases .

    this is my update in 4:05pm (Tokyo time) of march 15th,2011.

    1. Erimjyoujo says:

      Let me get this straight- you don't want trolls to get to it, yet you provide exact text pieces of it for us to search with?

      Poor jyoujo, for his friends are dumb..

  35. Linktomyass says:

    How bout posting the red cross donation number up on the main page.

    Thus far only $25 million has been raised to help Japan. More than 6 times that was raised for Hati.

  36. prettyawesome says:

    I'm just glad Miyamoto is safe.

    … and same goes for everyone in Japan. God bless.

  37. Twilit_Dragon says:

    I'm curious, what would happen to the games already being developed or almost finished if Nintendo was in Tokyo and was destroyed, are they backed up and sent somewhere else in case something happens? Also why are you guys getting mad at Zelda Universe, this is a GAMING website for Nintendo, of course they're gonna have an article about Nintendo Corporation being safe. If you want regular news about people and disaster, go to CNN.

  38. It's not bothering me, in fact, it's kind of funny. I can't help reading their posts in his voice. xD

  39. Punnutty says:

    Mondo Surf people died and you're making fun of them. How would you like it if you died and people made fun of you, it's disrespectful.

  40. Punnutty says:

    Japan may luck be on your side.

  41. Skookum says:

    You are a sick person. You do know about the reactors right? Japans got a big problem… plus they had a major drop in markets…. Lots of people over there are scared right now.

  42. Ari says:

    Youre clearly some asshole attempting to do some jackass joke that will get you some attention. Youre clearly a troll and despite knowing I shouldnt say anything that will do what you intended the comment to do, I think you should decide that maybe its not worth laughing at a crippled area thats still in a state that could cause even more havoc, in order to troll. Youre an ass and you clearly intend to be one.

  43. Linktomyass says:

    Thats what I've been saying

    These dumbasses who run ZeldaUniverse banned me for trying to post the Red Cross numbers for aid donations in Japan. They STILL haven't posted the help numbers up.

    Escapist, Penny Arcade and Gametrailers all have donation icons but for some reason the only thing these ZeldaUniverse will do is put up a little blurb about how the Nintendo building is ok.

    Pull your heads out of your asses.

    By the way, I realize that my swearing in this post is good enough for a Trolling ban… and so be it. Might as well make the shoe fit.

    I'm not going to hide my name. Ive sent Cody an Email 4 Days ago suggesting that they remove my ban and post up the help numbers. Well captain gay voice and his band of prepubescent retards hasn't gotten back to me so I'll post up a place where you can donate if you choose to.

    On the top left is the donation tab. Also, if you do a simple search on google you can find the mobile cell phone donation numbers for Red Cross or Salvation Army.

  44. Linktomyass says:

    I’m not saying that the blurb they put up isn’t relevant you ass.

    I’m saying DO MORE.

  45. zelda freak says:

    tank you lord

  46. KingDodongo1 says:

    I hate how people are saying that this article is offensive. I mean, I guess if you don't care about anything other than not getting any game delays, that's inconsiderate. But what kind of fan would you be if you weren't concerned for everyone at Nintendo?

  47. some dude says:

    you're the reason terrorists attack us.

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