Miss video cassette tapes, cereals based off of your favorite game characters, and the amazing and stylish fashion sense of the 1980’s? Well then, all your dreams are about to come true.

The fine folks over at GamerVision have created a trailer that combines Zelda and several 80’s movies, including The Breakfast Club. If you want to catch all of the movie references, the creators made a second video showing where each scene is from. So take a watch. We await the comments from all you people keen enough to notice the devilish and horrible misspelling of “Ganondorf.”

Source: YouTube (via Reddit and Joystiq)
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  • Connor

    What just happened…

  • Even in high school Link can't escape wearing his floppy green hat. 8D

    I'd also love to see this. I don't think it would have been a cheap shot at the franchise; more like a tribute to its 80's release. So long as it's put in that context, I love the idea.

    Guys, come on! It's spelled "Ganondorf." XD

    • And your point being? Look at 0:29 and pause it for a second

      • If you read the last part of the description, Jason tells us to look for "the devilish and horrible misspelling of 'Ganondorf'." That time is exactly what I was referencing, too.

        • mcdude910

          Wait! They made two stands?! One for the first shot where it says: Ganondorf, and one for the second where it says: Ganonndorf. Why would they make two?!

  • Ganondorf will expel Link because of Zelda.

  • Hombre_de_Mundo

    Tingle FTW!

    • lifesavers2

      Hombre commented on a video!
      That means it's good, guys!

  • lifesavers2

    It took me an hour to figure out the other girls were Midna and Navi…

  • supergiraloz

    this is what happened when the breakfast club played too much zelda

  • Lach Menel

    Farris ….

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this trailer. It is full of win.

  • Shaelyn

    had to repost this on my facebook…

  • Lach Menel

    Bewler… Bewler… any body? Bewler…

  • ChainofTermina

    why are Zelda and Link brunettes? why is Ganon the principle? who the hell is Ganon talking to? why are Midna and Navi hanging out with Tingle? why is Tingle blond? why are Midna, Navi, and Tingle in an 80S Zelda movie!? what kind of trailer is 5 minutes long!? I'M SO CONFUSED!

    *the above is satire and not to be taken seriously. thank you.*

    • ZeldaGurl_

      Uhum…. Cute and all, but I'm serious when I ask why Link and Zelda are brunettes.

      C'mon, they're the Blonde Duo. Blonde Power. Don't take that away from the series. It's just not cool, maaaaan.

      Other than that, it was pretty cute. Love the Breakfast Club right up their with Footloose, so they did a good job on portraying what it looked like. But yeah, good job overall.^^

  • Moriquendi

    Now I want to see "16 Candles" :p

    Excellent video^^

  • Icy

    What is this, I don't even…..


    That was great.

  • Lizzy

    Make it a show now!!!!

  • mcdude910

    Bravo! i Loved it!

  • UpDownBackwards

    Ferris Bueller, Say Anything, Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, … Anything else I missed?
    I don't get the girl as Navi, other than the line 'a guide' I don't see it… at all.

  • starwebs1

    On the zoomed out one, it said Gannondolf. Like Gandalf.