When talking about the pricing of games in the most recent edition of GameTrailers TV, Reggie Fils-Aime, the President of Nintendo of America, mentioned that games will cost “between $35 and $45,” or roughly on par with the current DS game pricing scheme. At this point in time all the games on Amazon.com appear to be selling at $39.99.

Will Nintendo sell their games at that $45 mark once Kid Icarus: Uprising and other AAA titles roll around? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo 3DS Blog
  • Lach Menel

    This system is going to be spendy. Well, as long as we`re getting quality, I guess it`s okay. It certainly looks like we`re going to get our money`s worth!

    • Lacks MoneySense

      Yeah, because I just can't *wait* to blow $44.99+tax on the 4th redention of Ocarina of Time..

      CHUMPS, the lot of you, XD!!

      • vick

        agree with you on that one. the price of video games are rip off. its like paying $45 dollars for a movie.

        • Mina

          WTF do you EXPECT to pay for games, $10? And it is not like paying for a movie because most movies only last an hours worth of entertainment; whereas games last much longer. Video games have almost always been around $40-$50, so I don't see why you're complaining now.

          • WTF INDEED!

            I think you're confusing Console game prices with Portable game prices, which were traditionally considered as a more economical gaming solution in addition to being a portable one, usually costing a good $20-$15 LESS than console games, in the $30-$35 range, not right up there next to console games at a friggin' $45 a POP. It's creeped up to the point there's almost no difference, and the portable console itself now costs more than the Wii curently does! So much for the economical alternative! I see you've decided to EMBRACE this awful change of pricing policy. GOOD JOB!

          • vick

            dude you just went all dorky on me, what happening are you ok?

  • Ben

    The price sounds fair enough. At least my money's going to a wonderful company 🙂

  • Well that's good to know. I thought they would be $50 like Wii games. But in a year it will cost $30 max.

    • mcdude910

      Yeah I was expecting $44.99. $35.00-$45.00 sounds pretty nice.

  • Not too bad, I typically don't buy games when they're first released except for my favorite series (Zelda, layton). I'll probably wait until they are in the $20-25 range.

  • Shrub

    Completely reasonable prices, considering the probable development prices. It's only $5-10 more than most DS games currently.

  • Hombre_de_Mundo

    Yep, I'm buying an American 3DS

  • Kokiri Sword

    I see 3 versions of Nintendogs!! A Toy Poodle, I don't know the second, and a Shitzhu!
    I love the Black Shitzhus, i'm definitely getting that one!

    • kokiri sword

      Sorry about the stars, I didn't mean it to look like that X3

      • Hyruliant

        Their names are peculiar.

      • kokiri sword

        Oh, Shiba Inu, my mistake!

  • PuppyKicker

    ::Launch titles revealed:: ::First three are different "Nintendogs" games::

    Well, I guess it's just a Doggy-Dog world for Nintendo fans..

    • mcdude910

      You do realize the expression is "It's a dog eat dog world", right?

  • Phantom7

    That's definitely a reasonable price range, but it's a little lower than I expected. 🙂

  • mario_master

    yay! happy days the 3ds won’t have us selling our sisters for games!

  • Anomynous

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! I am finally proud that I was wrong!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Chozodian Bagel

    wow, that's a great price for the games!

    I could get about 2 or 3 along with the 3DS when it comes. 🙂

  • Hm. That seems decent enough. I was expecting it to be a little higher, but I think $45 max is a good price for this. ^^

  • Thareous

    I hope the most-anticipated titles come out at a $40 high, at least. Though I believe the quality of them should outshine the price.

  • The prices seem to be fair to me also.

  • X x7

    Thank goodness, I was saving up and assuming that the games were gonna cost $50, so I'm all good!

  • Soeroah

    So, about $59-$79 for Australians. Cool.

    • UnitedSupremacy(US)


      • lulooo

        The AUS dollar is actually pretty comparable right now. =)

  • Walweegee

    The price is worth it, games like Paper mario 3ds, OoT 3ds and KH 3ds were very fun back in their original consoles so I understand why it is $35-$45

    • vick

      yea those games are fun…. if your 5 years old

      • Subrosian

        If my 5 years old what? Oh… I see what you did there. So you think those games are fun, right?

        • Walweegee

          so ocarina of time is for 5 year olds? i don't see a childhood rating on the N64 cover

  • That price is realy great… i can surely tell that on Brazil 3DS games will cost R$250 or more… 300% more expensive than the original price… ¬¬
    U$ 1 = R$ 1,669 what means the real price is U$ 50 = R$ 83,45…
    Damn importation tax XP

  • Soeroah

    So, about $59-$79 for Australians.


    • UnitedSupremacy(US)

      *More Snickering*

      • Soeroah

        Oops, didn't realise my first one went through. Accursed Internet problems.

  • I hope the highest price will be $40 so that I can set aside $120 for the three titles I want (OoT 3D, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and the new Metal Gear Solid), or more in case I set my mind on other games.

    At any rate, will Erimgraybeard come forth?

    • Erimgraybeard


      • Spectacular. Now, I have a few more questions for you again. I've seen you show knowledge of Zelda-based facts, like Ingo running Lon-Lon Ranch and Majora's Mask have a "save file problem" at the beginning. So, I ask you: what do you find repulsive about Zelda and its fans? Why are harassing us if you yourself have played Zelda titles? Are you doing this for some persistent joke, or are you a sadist, meaning do you enjoy watching us have to put up with you? And which game is your favorite!?

        • Erimterview

          My fave is OOT, my first Zelda, however I believe I am not merely under that "your 1st bias" syndrome that seems so common with FF games and the like.

          The only thing I don't like about you is how you all can't take a JOKE. You just can't see the humor in trolling. There's nothing that can be done about this, we simply have to agree to disagree, unless you want to debate it somewhere, though I'm opposed to debate with anyone following a religion, as that's sheer logical folly to me, and hence I'd not think too well of their reasoning skills. The universe needs a God to exist, they'd say, then I'd simply say, then what did God need? Nothing? Why does the universe need something, then? It's just.. awful.

          • OoT is a good game, well-earned in its top spot. Mine is TP, but not because it *seems* like an improved version of OoT; I love it since it has the most believable character development and poignant story elements. If you looked past the dull animations, you'd find a really powerful game.

            I will say this simply, without bringing in any religious argument: I can see where you might find your trolling as humor, but almost all your comments are designed to either insult someone or make them seem as a fool. I can't take the joke in this manner because, from what I see, you want to make them the butts of it. The laugh goes to you, but irritation goes to them once they realize what just happened. The solution would be to either stop altogether, or not do it as often, and as to as many people possible. Or not make the points against them so facetious.

          • vick

            Umm dude your faggot, of course we wre going to insult you because its funny

          • 1 Corinthians 6;9.

            I thinks it's funny that you're the faggot and you keep calling others that because you just want to avert the suspicion onto others. 8P

  • LinksAwakening

    Wow like a game of Wii, but it's ok I think we gonna save too much this year! SS, then the nintendo 3Ds,then Kid Icarus, remake of Zelda OoT and Mariokart. I think for now focus on SS 😀

  • I shouldn't have to pay more than $20 for a PORTABLE game.

    • lulooo


  • Jani

    Amazon places OoT at £30. I'm good with that. I got my DS games for that price.

  • Picherity

    You know, in Australia, you can expect to pay $60 -$70 for regular DS games, and anywhere from $80 – $100 for Wii. It makes me wonder if anyone's noticed that the American Dollar and AU Dollar are exchanging practically equally now… D:

    • coolgirlluvsupre

      i know its horrible! i live in aus to and gaming is so f'ing expensive. every mario game for wii is $100 each and twilight princess: 2 yrs old, is still $100!!!!! we have no option but to get preowned, still $70

      • lulooo

        Aussie dollar is stronger than u.s.a. Buy games from Big W or Target…a lot cheaper.

  • coolgirlluvsupre

    im sure everyone noticed professor layton and the mask of miracle, right? OMG OOT FOR $30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! na, itll probably be like $80 D:

    • Keith

      Idiot alert.