You asked for it, so here it is! Hombre de Mundo, our resident Zelda Theorizing moderator, is here to explain the basics of the Zelda Timeline.

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  • ChainofTermina

    oh my God! the Back the the Future comparison is exactly what I though of when I heard about the Zelda Time line. I thought no one was ever going to make that comparison. I'm glad someone finally did.

    hey Hombre, you ever seen the AVGN's take on the Zelda timeline? it's not serious and just meant for laughs, but it's pretty funny.

  • QueenxLink

    Ooooh I get it! Thanks for clearing up that mess, Hombre!

  • Finally! I was wondering about this for a long time. So kudos to Hombre for his amazing unraveling of this bewildering dictonomy.

  • mcdude910

    Hombre, you said that no one has made a successful timeline, yet. But both Beemnorv's Predestined Timeline Theory, and GoldKnight's timeline theory have yet to be disproven… I choose to believe Beemnorv's theory, though, because GoldKnight's only works if you count the Gameboy Advance port of ALttP as the canon one.

    • Hombre_de_Mundo

      There are some theories that make a lot of sense and could very well wind up to be correct, I mean… one timeline HAS to be correct, right? 😉

      What I said was that nobody has ever made a PERFECT timeline and that I stand by.

      • cresent soul

        yeah, I think every timeline will have some contradictions, including really small ones. That's because the timeline hasn't really had its whole structure planed out since the start, so the developers have trouble keep the first few games in the timeline without any contradiction. Also, the developers don't think about every detail of every game. Some things appear for the sake of gameplay, so the timeline doesn't take the highest precedence in a lot of games, but it's still considered for most of the main stuff. That's why I look at the main stuff in zelda games for theorizing cause that's what the develoers would have focused on. Minor things will just be a waste IMO.

        • mcdude910

          I agree. Things like geography shouldn't be taken into account when it comes to the timeline

  • Scrivs

    not to be persnickety, but shouldn't it be "Hombre DEL Mundo?

    • Hombre_de_Mundo

      Nope, Hombre de Mundo is an actual term that translates to adventurer. For the record, a Mujer de Mundo (woman of world or female adventurer) means prostitute.

  • Lach Menel

    Now I am slightly less confused about the time line. My confusion meter has been lowered to “???”. I don`t really care a good deal about the timeline, but it is pretty interesting! Anyhow, great video. Apparently Cody has gotten to Hombre.

  • vick

    so what the point of the timeline?

    • cresent soul

      fans just have fun doing it. There is some sort of timeline and its a mystery, that's all you need to get fans go crazy.

  • cresent soul

    I don't think geography is a good thing to use for theorizing. It may work, but I don't think developers think about the structure of a game's overworld under the rules of the timeline before making each game. It's too much to consider and I don't think the developers would let the timeline dictate things like that. Timeline for them has to come after and applies to things like ganon and the triforce and the flood. Actually, you should only look at story mostly for timeline arguements.

  • The National Geographic Society should do a video for the Zelda timeline. XD

  • Shrub

    I wish I had a Walugi doll…


    • Shrub

      Er, Waluigi. You know.

  • SpiritZelda

    tingle shoud not be in the timeline! HE IS JUST THERE TO BE ANNOYING!!!!

  • Geørge

    Don't hate me or anything, but does this mean there's still hope for a TP sequel? (AVGN=1337 btw)

  • axle4222

    guys if you havnt noticed on youtube ocarinahero10’s timeline (closest to real timeline to me) got a note from nintendo it practically says: We of nintendo have been making legend of zelda for decades and have not produced timeline and probably never will… I have to say i feel sorta sad 🙁

  • Guest

    Why is the only zelda sequel The Legend of Zelda 2. Is nintendo incapable of making more then one sequel

  • Guest

    If you want my opinion on the timeline then here it is. First is Skyward Sword then Ocarnia of Time then the split. The rest is not official