Have you ever left your DS in the car overnight, only to find it freezing cold the next morning during the winter months?  Well, vidhagan, a member of DeviantArt.com, has a solution for that.

Vidhagan has made many of these Nintendo DS cases in the Zelda form that you see above; she has some Earthbound and Patapon covers as well. Hit the jump button to see more pictures of these cases and information on how to obtain one!

If that’s not enough to make you drop your controller, this next piece of info will: This case is reversible! There is the light world on one side and the dark world on the other, so you can switch worlds whenever you like.  If you’re planning on parting with some cash, then you can visit vidhagan’s Etsy page to have your very own A Link to the Past DS case that cradles your DS in beautiful, durable cloth. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Source: Kotaku

  • Wowser…I should get one for my 3DS!

    • DOom_23

      defenitly. but I don,t see anyone on her website except the one of bubble.

      • Steph

        yeah. but usually if yu really want it you cna email the maker and ask them to make/customize it for you

  • Erimgay

    Yowser…I bet that person had a needle or two stuck in their thumb!

    • No U! XP
      • No U! XD
      • Walweegee

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  • tenacioustwitch

    This is too cool! =]

  • WOW. That looks amazing. Imma hafta to get me one a those!

  • X x7

    That is too cool, I just hope that it'll fit a 3DS when it comes out! I really want one of these!

  • kokiri sword

    Wow! I love the A Link to the Past one, it's reversible too, to show my mood! I want it now!!

  • Tadashi

    this is rather inspiring…and I can see that they sell well! I might just have to make some of these and sell them. *v*

  • Erimgottajob

    Lucky for all of you Zelturrrds I'll only be able to troll in the evening. I start my work tomorrow and will be making money while the rest of you [email protected] sit on your tushes playing a Final Fantasy offset!

    – don't miss me too much!

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    • Erimgardevoir

      Well, I'm just gonna change my name then, and you'll NEVER guess which it is if I don't troll!(probably hopeless then)

      BTW- I prefer calling them "Zeldorks", myself.. HEHehehehEHEHEEee..

      PS- What's your job, a professional "Mom's Homemaker Assistant", LMFAO!!!!!!

      • Shutup, otherErimgay
  • Alessandra

    This looks too cute 🙂

  • QueenxLink

    She should make some cases of Twilight Princess! 😀

    • QueenxLink

      Oh and when I first saw the pic, I thought it was cake 😛

      • QueerxErimgay

        ….I bet it's just one asking of your mom away from becoming one!

        ..**?!*WHeN's YOur NExT BIrtHDAy?!?!* XP

  • I'm sorry, but those look just terrible.

    • vick

      I agree, the person who made those really sucks at sewing. The job was so poor it looks as crappy as a SNES game.

      • vickissick

        Get a real opinion and come back when you have boasting rights to something that normal people can *at least* call "good." XP

    • Querulous

      Which is why a troll like you doesn't belong here.

    • TheRealErimShady

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  • Lizzy

    I want one now! But there is nothing in her shop.

  • skilar

    wow you made these?? it bad(meaning awsome) i wander if it would work for the 3dsi or the dsi XL. anyways awsome

  • goodcomment lol

    too much bad comments