Many people were unhappy about the prospect of the 3DS not launching with its eStore available, which Nintendo will be using for DSiWare, 3DSWare, Game Demos, Virtual Console and all other such downloadable content. However, it look like that was just a phrasing issue – while they won’t be available  instantly on the initial 3DS itself, they will be available as firmware updates on day one.

So why is the eStore relevant to Zelda gamers? Firstly, its Virtual Console is confirmed to contain Link’s Awakening (presumably as one of the earlier releases since it was one of the two VC games already available for demo), and secondly it means that those playing it will be able to tab out mid-game, launch a web browser, start up Zelda Universe, and head over to our Link’s Awakening Guides, all on the 3DS itself.

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