“As for this 3DS version, it was a timed demo, so one can only get so far in a Zelda game with such constraints. I poked around the overworld for a bit, and the only real discrepancy I noticed was somewhat softer visuals. The sprites definitely had a slight haze to them, though in a “cleaning it up” kind of way, rather than a “why is this all blurry?” foul up.”

GamesRadar recently got a change to try out the 3DS Virtual Console, which has Link’s Awakening and Super Mario Land already available, and it looks like they’ve made minor updates to smooth out the graphics, but have kept the game otherwise intact. While a bit disappointing for those who wanted an actual 3DS remake, you can’t go wrong with a downloadable and portable re-release of such a classic Zelda game.

The article also suggests that the Oracles games are also likely candidates for the 3DS Virtual Console, which would mean at least 4 Zelda Games available for the 3DS, even without including the inevitable new 3DS Zelda game (they’ve had at least one for every handheld iteration since the original Game Boy in 1989).

  • skysamfreeman

    Looks like I'm buying LA for the 3rd time. XD! I love this game!

  • Hm, I hope there is a way to change how it appears. I prefer my sprites crisp, thank you. If not, I will just stick to the original release.

    Who am I kidding, I'll probably buy it again needlessly!

  • maybe there's gonna be a VC version and a proper 3D version?

  • STUFF2o

    Wait, so it's not 3D? Aww… Oh well, I'll be getting this some time anyways, being that I've never gotten to play any version of Link's Awakening.

  • _GRN_

    Well logically at a business standpoint it's doubtful that Nintendo would release both a VC and 3D version.

    • ChainofTermina

      you do know you can reply to people, right? like this, like what I'm doing right now? just pointing it out.

  • Forrest

    man i was hoping this would be a 3D version 3D as in like how oot is not over the top view wish they would change that but hey looks great (now i gotta wait for is MM)

  • robbies7897

    Gah, the 27th can't come any faster!!!

  • KingOfHeart

    well this game is pointless to buy.

    • Then it also should be pointless to comment about it.

    • Portallink

      Its for people like me who have never played it before.

  • Z-MAN7

    I wonder if the game boy printer pictures you could unlock in the game can be sent to the 3DS main menu.

  • Wow! I cant wait to see this in 3D and did anyone notice the change in the dungeon music?

    • Z-MAN7

      Sounds more crisp and clear with a deep bass.

  • Faroerdin

    Will NOT be buying! Mindless consumers!

  • cuccoqueen

    sigh just watching that footage takes me back
    LA was my very first zelda game <3
    so is it a colored version of the GB game? or does the 3DS one have the extra stuff in it from the DX version made for the GB color?

    cus I had the old GB one and never got to do the extra dungeon that was in DX

    • HylianGlaceon

      Pretty sure that it's the DX version, I saw an Owl statue there that wasn't in the original. If it was the original, it'd have the Stone Slab I think.

  • Cool. I can't wait to get this! Hehehe.

  • Soeroah

    Damn, must be a while since I've played it. I could have sworn that was Oracle of Ages or Seasons.

  • Subrosian

    That'd be cool if I didn't still have all 3 of those games and a GBA SP…

  • Lunatic_san

    Sweet, can't wait to get it. It's an especially big improvement to me because I only have the first version not DX.

  • The fourth Zelda game I intend on trying and buying this year. Looks awesome.

  • Goddesses' pearls

    Now way! This is blatant money grabbing. Will not be buying this!

    • ZeldaI

      So true. pitty the fool.

    • Xosgni

      yeah, I've got 2 copies already- I don't need one for the 3DS. And as for those who are talking about the music sounding better, I think they are hearing what they want to hear.

  • former fro

    you spelled pity wrong.

    • ZeldaI

      Thanks for that. You still knew what I was writing though didn't you… =)

  • former fro

    and just because weve played this game before doesnt mean that it is not a great game still and i will definitely be buying this.

    • ZeldaI

      No one said it wasnt a great game. i think its an awesome game, i'm a huge Zelda fan. I'm just not going to spend money on something I already own two copies of. Go ahead buy it, if that's what you want to do. I'm not the one who is going aroudg marking everyone down because they have a different opinion to what I do though am I?

  • mcdude910

    Not planing on getting. It looks exactly the same as DX. I was planning on it looking more like this:

    I already have DX, so I don't see the need to buy the exact same game again.

  • Sam

    The old-school top view chamera, with the walls on the sides, trees, buildings, etc, would look very sweet in 3D. C'mon Big N 😉

    • Sam

      LOL someone here is negetive trigger happy here.

  • ZeldaI

    OMG who keeps marking down everyone who doesnt want to buy it? Lame! If you want to spend your money on the same game you do it, but let everyone else have an opinion too. DANG!