I’m finally back after a couple of weeks with a new video! Expect ZUTV to return to regular updates over the next few days.

If you haven’t voted in the ZU Awards yet the board is located here.

  • Congrats on winning all those time, Cody! It stinks that you were disqualified. I think we should be seeing you soon on PAX, though.

    And I'm surprised Jason didn't go through the video again, exclaiming his excitement for this massive number of views. I guess he learned when he hit his head after tripping to not do that again. 😉

    • Oh, and Happy Birthday, Cody!

  • Asterish


    • ChainofTermina


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  • Lizzy

    Wait…. Cody… I thought you moved back to Australia… were you just visiting?

  • former fro

    hey cody hows it goin

  • QueenxLink

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CODY!! Whenever it was… >_>

  • Icy

    Happy Birthday, Cody! Didn't know it was your birthday. =P
    How old……??