New higher resolution screenshots of Ocarina of Time 3DS have finally surfaced!

You can view them after the jump:

Fighting Gohma

Feeding a hungry Dodongo

Push Link, push!

Slashing a spider

Go and claim your prize!

The game is looking great up until now What are your thoughts so far?

Source: andriasang

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  • keiferm

    (Not Gonna say first) Awesome! Amazing! Beautiful!

  • Sweetness! The textures are so much clearer and refined than the original, but that was there first stab at a 3D game. Now just imagine how MM would be in 3D!

    Can't wait to see Ganon in this, also.

  • Silver-Hero

    Awesome screens! Gotta say, this game looks amazing so far. I only hope that it'll feature extra content, like new dungeons, side-quests, or other great elements without changing the storyline or the main structure of the game itself.

  • I dunno I mean I said this before, the character models look improved but everything else is still flat and blocky, they just added somewhat more detailed textures to give an illusion of improved enviroments… I mean the dungeons there to me I could still mistaken for n64 there.

    I mean those walls and all that needed some jutted out areas as to show it is not this smooth flat cave or mountain wall. But oh well that is not important, what is important to me is if we get to see all those extras that were going to be in the original.

    For me a remake is not enough if all they do is improve graphics, they have to update some things and add some things in to make it worth a remake otherwise they shouldn't have bothered because it is just like the original just prettier looking… even if they do fix glitches and bugs in the remake, still, not worth spending time over if that is all that is done and should of been better spent on a new game.

    I enjoy remakes, I don't think they are a waste when done right. I can end up enjoying a remake more than a new game because of the memories I have to the original.

    Though I must say the skullatas look as scary as ever… if they still make a creepy sound… *shiver*. I think it is mostly those long legs on them and the sound that just add to the overall scary factor. Even if I remember where they are they can still be scary when they come creeping down.

  • Gamma

    Looking good. Hoping that the waterfall in Kokiri Forest is just a placeholder, however.

  • Oh man… *drools* MUST… HAAAAVE… 0.0

  • Fostythesnowman

    well… when i saw the thing in which you compared n64 graphics to 3ds graphics… meh. no big deal. looking at these screens shows me how wrong i was. with these types of graphics its not impossible for them to remake other console games like Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, or Twilight princess into portable 3ds versions.

  • lost minish timson

    so vibrant looks really good, cnt wait to get stuck on the more beautiful looking water temple -_- lol

  • blizzfool

    OH YEAH! looks fricking awesome. can not wait for this. i always hoped they would do it for ds, and now on 3ds with the analogue slider, it'll be frigging awesome! i just really really hope they don't completely change stuff like the super mario 64 remake they did for ds.

  • Lol, I see what you did there, you clever, clever guy…or girl…. XD

    • R i n g o

      Yeppp XDD

  • itwontaccept

    the webs…look awesome

  • Jin

    Tbh, it looks good, but it's not mindblowing either, I think the 3DS is capable of more, but it doesn't really bother me, it does the job for me. I do wish they'd make link's tunic a bit less bright, and the water feels out of place as well.

  • Oh glorious Romani milk bottles! Nintendo, please refurbish Majora's Mask too! *o* ……(just don't make it quite this much brighter ^^;)

  • Bob

    It looks great. Some people are complaining that it doesn't look as good as they thought it would, but who cares. Graphics are the least important aspect of a video game. I can appreciate good graphics, but they aren't important. It still looks nice though.

    • cukeman

      it's important in a remake, otherwise they could just port it

  • FilipeJMonteiro

    Oh. My. GAAH!
    That looks so damn good, I love the textures, and I'm digging Link's running animation… this will be one sexy game.
    The forest looks cool, but it's a shame it has no sky… I wanted blue. I'm pretty sure they could make faux-draw-distance so that they would maintain the green-ish fade, but with a sky, this time around… I'm also digging the damn fine HUD and menu… the waterfall on the forest looks friggin' weird, though.

    • da SP

      I think that waterfall looks better while it moves.

  • MDH

    The color schemes are amazingly beautiful! Although it is obviously a bit jarring to see detailed versions of the environments you could previously "decorate" with your imagination. Nonetheless it looks awesome!

    Personally, I'm not into handhelds much so I'll likely pass on the remake. Maybe Nintendo will release a Wii version some time…

  • koipen

    Looks very blocky and outdated: more like DS. I excepted alot more from 3DS. The rupee in the last picture looks bad, but the environment in that picture looks very good.

    DIssapointed, hope it looks better in action.

    • Bob

      How does it look like original DS?

      • R i n g o

        Ikr, the original DS graphics, are no where close as how good these ones are.

  • koipen

    Looks very blocky and outdated: more like DS. I excepted alot more from 3DS. The rupee in the last picture looks bad, but the environment in that picture looks very good. Same for the third photo.

    (The second one looks good though)

  • manga ninja


  • Ulises

    I wish SS looked like this…

  • These screenshots look excellent, but I have a feeling the graphics will be polished up more before the final version of the game is released. Plus, for all the naysayers out there, remember these are only screenshots. Personally, I want to see a full-motion gameplay video before I make a judgment on the graphics.

    Also two more things. First off, I agree with @AkiraEve, I hope Nintendo adds more to the remake other than improving the graphics. Give us a new weapon/item or two, or a new area or dungeon to explore. New side quests, anyone? I guarantee OoT 3DS would sell even better if new goodies were included, especially for the older gamers like myself that experienced the original when it first came out.

    Second of all, why are they only showing footage of the Child arc of the game? I'm guessing it's to build hype for the remake. Yes I like what Nintendo's done to Kokiri Forest, the Great Deku Tree and Dodongo's Cavern, but I still want to see more Adult Link shots other than the stuff from E3! Let's hope there's more to see January 19th when the other press event happens.

    • Bob

      Not everyone has played Ocarina of Time, and if they showed Adult screenshots the ones who haven't played it will get a spoiler.

  • bball089

    This looks so awesome but when is the 3DS's release date?? Because I really want one…So bad!

  • Lach Menel

    The King Dodogo is the best in my eyes! Didn`t think the graphics where to revamped until I saw these, but I really think that OoT remake is just the begaining. Give us some Skyward Sword Nintendo!

    A Wind Waker remake on the 3DS would be epic though. Two awsome things (cell shade and 3D) combined to make one beautiful game!

  • LoZyMugglegater

    Gohma looks amazing!Also the spiders look alot better and Kokiri forest feels way nicer.I take back everything I said about it not looking much better than the original a while ago!

  • Your name

    Scary Spiders D:

  • majorasmaslfan

    i hope it includes ura zelda

  • Phantom7

    Oh wow, the game looks absolutely stunning! I can't wait to get my hands on this. Notice the bombs are actually 3D models now rather than 2D sprites.

  • Jessica

    AHHHH NO OCARINA OF TIME DONT YOU DARE TAKE ME TO TEMPTATION!!!! I….oh well fine so be it i wont resist you whom robbs me of my money but what can i say your kind to me so ill buy 3ds just for you sweet zelda

  • Decon

    The screenshot where Link is running across the bridge in Kokiri forest to get the rupee, his hat looks like it has some sort of physics. Perhaps a new physics engine? Game definitely looks a lot better, can't wait for this.

  • LuX

    I have to say visually it kicks the crap out of the original, but at the same time it seems like theres something missing…….it still looks like an 'old' game for some reason. Also I think that third-party developers are creating much better visuals than Nintendo which surprises me ALOT!

    I hope the graphics are improved somewhat before launch the lighting isn't impressive the colour scheme is a little too vibrant, and there are alot of flat walls, when there really is no need. But of course I know graphics aren't everything but they are still a big deal. I'm a games designer myself (Ok I'm at UNI studying games design but come on close enough 😛 ) and I understand the processes involved and even now OoT is still a pretty big game and with hopefully the extra stuff it's the reason that the poly count is low and lower res textures. (Think of Dead Ridings graphics not the best the 360 has to offer but the amount of stuff in the game takes up so much memory.)

    Anyway this will be a defo launch day buy for me, OoT is my favourite game and Nintendo have a chance to show the new younger gamers why us old ones (I'm 19 but hey.) still say it's the best game ever or one of at least. Just relaise the opportunity you have here Nintendo and do this right.

  • Nakun~

    The only thing I can think is "god i wonder what the fishing will be like!"

  • goronbot

    if you look at the king Dodongo pic and
    compare it to the gamecube or nintendo 64
    it has so much depth
    (I know that sounds geeky)

  • I loved OoT, don't get me wrong, but I would've preferred to have seen MM remade for the 3DS rather than OoT.

    I hooooope it happens!
    *crosses fingers*
    ; w ;

  • Goddesses' pearls

    I think everyone needs to stop worrying and second guessing Nintendo. I'm sure they know what they're doing in regards to this game. Can't wait to play it again, havent since it was first released. I will always remember the first time I left the Kokiri forest and saw the field and hyrule Castle, I was in awe, and I know it will happen again!

  • FierceDietyLink

    I have played through OoT almost every year since launch and this is everything I imagined a perfect remake of Oot to look like cept a little too bright…..hopefully nintendo doesnt make it any easier then the original and maybe add some new areas = WOULD BE AWESOME

  • aGuest

    Guys, i don´t mean to play the troll, really, but to me it looks like the old N64 Zelda OoT just with a bit better textures and an a bit more detailed character model. Well, for the sake of fairness, the framerate improved greatly. But come on. Does it look great? Stunning? Awesome? Lol. Not really. Even Battle of Giants:Dinosaurs Strike looks better. If u look at the release list u´ll see that Nintendo doesn´t have a proper first party title in the pipe, so i think they´ll focus on the remakes at first. But if u take in account that Zelda is one of Nintendo´s biggest franchises and that Nintendo has always set the bar high with their main franchises, both in terms of gameplay AND visuals, i´m really disappointed how the remake looks like.

  • master link 23

    this game looks awesome,i am totaly getting it for the 3ds, no matter what 🙂

  • master link 23

    the legend of zelda ocarina of time was the first zelda game i ever played. so there is no way ill miss my chance to get it for probably the best handheld ever. nintendo i give you my thanks,for the 3ds & the remake of the best video game of all time.

  • Linkkid185

    SO EXCITED!!!!

  • TrustMe101

    Oh man…I am extremely tempted to buy this even if I wasn't planning on it. King Dodongo looks AMAZING!! 😀

  • Chewy

    This game looks hella good and for everyone who is hating the graphics get ur n64 out and look at some of the things like the surroundings and links face now in these screenshots those look so much better just remember ur playing a ds ur not on ur hd tv playin ps3 ok

  • Kenneth

    One word…


  • Hey-Listen!!!

    I CANT WAIT!!! Maybe now my brother will play this… Yes Im a HUGE zelda fan but my Brother is not… he likes it but hasnt even played OoT or beat one b-4 almost beat WW but…

  • awsomeness

  • Sean

    I like the basic rules for these comments –

    Yes! He is admiring the screenshot! Thumbs up!

    WHAT? He doesn't agree with me?! THUMBS DOWN! MRAAAHHH

  • Mikaela

    I want it so badly!!! I can't wait to get it! 😀

  • Jarkes

    Minor mistake: The Dodongo in the screenshot is KING Dodongo, but it's only a minor mistake.
    …Wow, I haven't been here in a while…

    • Jarkes

      And I have to agree, the game looks AWESOME! I'm actually replaying the original via Virtual Console in order to prepare myself for the awesomeness.

  • Wind direction change option no longer auto-points based on the direction of the thumbstick, but has to be pushed left and right manually like a clock.