It’s been a while since we’ve done something with our friends at STLOcarina, makers of fine Zelda ocarinas and more. So when they approached us and said they had some new Zelda ocarinas, our first reaction was to ask how we could get those things you guys, our dear readers. And those generous folks sent over a bunch of ocarinas for us to give away.

What kinds of ocarinas are these? Well, they’re certainly not your standard Ocarina of Time replicas – STLOcarina has created a Hylian Shield replica ocarina, as well as a 12-hole tenor ocarina that looks similar to the Ocarina of Time. Both are featured in the banner above if you want a look, or you can find more information about these ocarinas after the jump. We’ll also be doing a video review of both ocarinas in the near future.

There’s a catch to this contest, though – we’re only going to be running this contest for four days. So enter fast by hitting the jump for the rules and prize info!

What’s Being Given Away

We’re giving away six ocarinas in total to six randomly chosen winners – three 6-Hole Shield Ocarinas (winner chooses their color preference between blue and black) and three 12-Hole Plastic Tenor Ocarinas.

In addition, each winner will receive a copy of STLOcarina’s Final Fantasy: An Ocarina Odyssey CD, which contains a bunch of awesome Final Fantasy tracks played entirely with ocarinas!

Bank of Hyrule Contest Rules & Entry

As with some of our other, less formal contests, this one will have entry via our comment system.

  • Leave a comment between today and midnight, December 26th that lists your top fifteen favorite songs from the Zelda series. (Make sure you use your real email so we can contact you if you win!)
  • Only one comment per person. Yes, we can tell if you enter twice – so don’t even try.
  • Contest is open to the whole world, and there’s no age limit to enter.
  • Winners must respond to us with their details within five days of winning, otherwise we’ll pick a new winner from the masses.

If you can’t think of fifteen of your favorite songs, that’s okay – but give it your best shot! Take a look at our soundtracks section if you need some help deciding.

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  • linkdude101

    1. Song of Storms OoT
    2. Gerudo Valley OoT
    3. Saria's Song OoT
    4. The Great Sea WW
    5. Dragon Roost Island WW
    6. The Train ST
    7. Outset Island WW
    8. Grandma's House WW
    9. The Main Theme
    10. Hyrule Field OoT
    11. Hyrule Field TP
    12. Termina Field MM
    13. Song of Healing MM
    14. Chasing Epona MM
    15. Boss Battle OoT

  • Scott

    Song of Healing
    Clock Tower
    Title Theme
    Wind Waker Title
    Dark World Theme
    Gerudo Valley
    Epona’s Song
    Death Mountain
    Temple of Time
    Sonata of Awakening
    Bolero of Fire
    Deku Nut Palace
    Master Sword
    Dragon Roost Island
    Medli’s Prayer

  • ShadNIC

    1. Gerudo Valley
    2. Opening to Wind Waker
    3. Song of Storms
    4. Zelda's Lullaby
    5. Midna's Lament
    6. Lake Hylia
    7. Fishing Pond
    8. Dark World
    9. Zelda Main Theme
    10. Serenade of Water
    11. Dragon Roost Island
    12. Kakario Village
    13. Ordan Ranch
    14. Hyrule Field (OoT)
    15. Hyrule Field (TP)

  • Matthew Rowlen

    [OOT] 1.Serenade of Water 2. Nocturne of Shadow 3. Requiem of Spirit.
    [TP] 4. Midna's intro 5. Ilia 6. Princess Zelda 7. Horse Battle 8. Snowpeak Ruins (fireplace)
    [MM] 9. Goron Village 10. The Indigo- Gos
    [WW] 11. Title screen 12. The Legendary Hero 13. Ocean 14 [
    MM]. Kamaro's Dance
    [ALttP] 15. Time of Falling Rain


    1. Dragon Roost Island from WW
    2. Hyrule Castle Mezzanine from TP
    3. The Overworld Theme from ST
    4. Outset Island from WW
    5. Chasing Epona from MM
    6. TERMINA FIELD! from MM
    7. The Great Sea from WW
    8. Grandma's House from WW
    9. Requiem of Spirit from OoT
    10. Nocturne of Shadow from OoT
    11. Minuet of Forest from OoT
    12. Temple Theme from AoL
    13. Darkworld Theme from ALTTP
    14. Overworld Theme from ALTTP
    15. Boss Battle MM

  • Steven N

    1) The zelda theme
    2)Navi flying tune from oot
    3)Hyrule field
    4)Termina field
    5)Zelda's theme
    6)Lon lon ranch
    7)Lost woods
    8)Requim of spirt
    9)Noctune of shadow
    10)Clock town(i'm treating all 3 as one)
    11)Majora's boss battle theme
    12)Midna's lament
    13)Ilia's theme
    14)Tittle theme to ages/seasons

    not the order id put them in but i can't seem to be able to say which song is better then another when it comes to zelda πŸ˜›

  • clovervidia

    1. Dark World LttP

    2. Hyrule Field TP

    3. The Great Sea WW

    4. Miniboss WW

    • starwebs1

      You need fifteen.

  • Too many great songs! But here we go (In no particular order):

    1. Overworld Theme (LoZ)
    2. Zelda's Lullaby (OoT)
    3. Ilia's Theme (TP)
    4. Song of Healing (MM)
    5. Hyrule Field (TP)
    6. Termina Field (MM)
    7. Hyrule Field (OoT)
    8. Surrounded by Flames (TP)
    9. Great Sea (WW)
    10. Song of Storms (OoT/MM)
    11. Tatl & Tael (MM)
    12. Chase Theme (MM)
    13. Bremen March (MM)
    14. Tal Tal Heights (ALttP)
    15. Light Spirit (TP)

  • Psywing

    1. Zelda's Theme (OoT)
    2. Gerudo Valley
    3. Lost Woods (OoT)
    4. Song of Healing
    5. The Great Sea (Wind Waker)
    6. Termina Field
    7. Oracle of Ages/Seasons Overworld
    8. Dark Overworld (ALttP)
    9. Lost Woods (AlttP)
    10. Dragon Roost Island
    11. Oracle of Ages/Seaons Title Screen
    12. Ballad of the Windfish
    13. Milk Bar theme (Majora's Mas)
    14. Deku Palace
    15. Shop theme (OoT)

  • Lemon

    1) Ocarina of Time Title
    2) Wind Waker Title
    3) Saria's Song
    4) Goron City
    5) Kaepora Gaebora's Theme
    6) Wind Waker Prologue (Legendary Hero)
    7) Koume & Kotake's Theme
    8) Shiek's Theme
    9) Windmill Hut
    10) Gerudo Valley
    11) Dragon Roost Island
    12) Majora's Mask Title
    13) Calling the Four Giants
    14) Inside Ganon's Castle
    15) Meet Zelda Again

  • TrustMe101

    1. Spirit Tracks Overworld theme
    2. Saria's Song
    3. Dragon Roost Island
    4. Zelda's Lullaby
    5. Ocarina of Time: Hyrule Field
    6. Epona's Song
    7. Main Theme of the series
    8. Song of Storms
    9. Twilight Princess: Hyrule Field
    10. Ballad of the Windfish
    11. Stone Tower Temple
    12. The Great Sea
    13. Kepora Gebora's Theme
    14. Sheik's Theme
    15. Midna's Lament
    Hope I win! πŸ˜€

  • Ben

    how o i sign up?

    • Margar

      You read the post completely because it tells you how.

  • SuzetteRGreinwich

    1. Ocarina of Time Opening
    2. Wind Waker Opening
    3. Song of Healing
    4. Zelda's Lullaby
    5. Zelda Main Theme
    6. Ballad of the Windfish (LA)
    7. Deku Palace
    8. Farewell Hyrule King
    9. Shiek's Theme
    10. Aryll's Theme
    11. Dragon Roost Island
    12. Twilight Princess Opening
    13. Majora's Mask Ending Credits
    14. Ocarina of Time Ending Credits
    15. Guru-Guru's Song

  • roman

    song of storms Hyrule castle kokiri forest song of time midna’s theme prelude of light minute of the forest Grerudo valles sheik’s theme

  • Humorsome

    I'll play these tunes on my new Ocarina!
    1. Road to Koopa
    2. Bob-Bomb Battlefield
    3. Delfino Square
    4. Underwater Theme
    5. Metallic Mario
    6. Pinna Park
    7. Airship Fortress
    8. Title & Ending
    9. Starman
    10. Super Mario Hyadain Theme
    11. Overworld Theme (original music)
    12. Underground Theme
    13. Mario Circuit
    14. The Short-Lived Kidnapping
    15. Gritzy Desert

    • Mario has some pretty good tunes, but wouldn't you rather play Zelda on an ocarina? After all, it is the most famous instrument from the series.

  • WiskersH

    1. Song of Healing (MM)
    2. Bolero of Fire (OoT)
    3. Hyrule Castle Theme (LttP)
    4. Dragonroost Island (WW)
    5. Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    6. Hyrule Market Theme (OoT)
    7. Dark World Theme (LttP)
    8. Ballad of the Wind Fish (LA)
    9. Kotake and Koume's Theme (OoT)
    10. Inverted Song of Time (MM)
    11. Popular Subrosian Dance (OoS)
    12. Overworld Theme (LoZ)
    13. Kakariko Village (TP)
    14.Maple's Mad Dash (OoS)
    15. Malo Mart Castle Branch Theme (TP)

    Ocarina, lend me your strength! :3

  • jhamil71

    1. Dragon Roost Island (really epitomizes the whole game for me)
    2. Song of Healing (again, pretty much defines Majora's Mask)
    3. Termina Field Orchestrated (BEAUTIFUL piece of music)
    4. Clock Tower (nice remix of the Song of Healing)
    5. Deku Palace Orchestrated (pretty good orchestration of the Deku Palace)
    6. The Spirit Flute (Spirit Tracks' game track for the most part)
    7. Medli's Awakening (brilliant piece of music that ties the opening of Wind Waker together musically)
    8. Oath to Order Orchestrated (one of the most intense tracks in Zelda. Period.)
    9. Wind Waker Game Demo (LOVE the opening)
    10. Requiem of Spirit (great dark tune that was emulated in TP by Wolf Link)
    11. Serenade of Water (beautiful piece that really should've been the Lake Hylia theme…)
    12. Windfall Island (captures the mood of the island perfectly)
    13. Final Day (the final day in Majora's Mask, very melancholy and sad piece)
    14. Dark World (GREAT to listen to as a metallized version, check out Artificial Fear's)
    15. Overworld Theme (ahh, the iconic Zelda theme. What bad can be said concerning it??)

    Overall, there are a LOT of great pieces of Zelda music. Majora's Mask, as you can see, is my favorite music-wise due to the pure emotion drawn straight from the music. Thanks for this contest!

  • Guest

    I already have two ocarinas (ceramic, and I get them from songbirdocarinas anyway) so I shall refrain from entering.

    I'm taking up comment space to wish everyone good luck, though!

  • 1.Song of Healing(MM)
    2.Midna's Theme(TP)
    3.OoT: Hyrule Field(OoT)
    4.Ballad of the Windfish(LA)
    5.Stone Tower Theme(MM)
    6.The Original Zelda's Credits theme(LOZ)
    7.Zelda's Song(OoT)
    8. Farewell Hyrule King(WW)
    9. Oath to Order(MM)
    10.Hyrule Castle(TP)
    11.Dark World(LttP)
    12.Midna's Lament(TP)
    13.Dragon Roost Island(WW)
    14.Overworld theme(ST)
    15.Menu Theme(OoT)

  • twilightinthedark

    1- Don't Want You No More (Twilight Princess Trailer Song, don't know if that counts)
    2- Song of Storms/Windmill Hut
    3- Gerudo Valley
    4- Molgera
    5- Outset Island
    6- Dragon Roost Island
    7- Bolero of Fire
    8- Faron Woods
    9- Kokiri Forest
    10- Minuet of Woods
    11- Ordon Village
    12- Shiek's Theme
    13- Windwaker Title Theme
    14- Clock Town Day 1
    15- Goron City

    Here's hoping i can play these on my new ocarina. well, maybe not the first one.

  • Ferre

    1. The legend of Zelda main theme
    2. Song of time (Ocarina of time)
    3. Ballad of the windfish (Majora's mask)
    4. Ending theme 1 (Twilight princess)
    5. Hyrule field main theme (Twilight princess)
    6. Calm and hope (Twilight princess)
    7. Zelda's lullaby (Ocarina of time)
    8. Dark mountain and skull forest (A Link to the past)
    9. Hidden village (Twilight princess)
    10. Termina field (Majora's mask)
    11. Stone tower temple (Majora's mask)
    12. Lost woods (Ocarina of time)
    13. Ganondorf sword fight (Twilight princess)
    14. Midna's lament (Twilight princess)
    15. Deku palace (Majora's mask)

    May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce. β–²

  • MoronOfTime

    Ooh awesome!!

    1) Song of storms
    2) Song of healing
    3) Termina field (or over world theme)
    4) Day 2 – clock town
    5) Lost woods
    6) oath to order
    7) goron race
    8) Shiek's theme
    9) Kakariko village
    10) Requiem of spirit
    11) Manager's house council room
    12) Deku Nut's palace
    13) Midna's desperation
    14) Death mountain (TP)
    15) The Legend of Zelda theme (obviously :D)

    I can't believe we can only put 15 D; I'd put every single piece of soundtrack if I could πŸ˜€

  • FourSwords

    Here goes nothing…

    15. Dungeon Theme (LoZ)
    14. Saria's Song (OoT)
    13. Wind's Requiem (WW)
    12. Song of Time (OoT)
    11. Title Theme (ST)
    There's the first five.

    10.Title Theme (OoT)
    9. Item Get Theme (All games!)
    8.Overworld Theme (LoZ)
    7. Outset Island (WW)
    6. Sun's Song (OoT)
    Now for my top 5.

    5. Song of Storms (OoT)
    4. Zora's Domain (OoT)
    3. Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    2. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    And my favorite song is…

    1. Title Theme (WW)

    Tah-Dah! I love the Wind Waker Title Theme because not only was Wind Waker my first Zelda game, that one song was my first impression of the whole series. I sat in front of a small TV captivated by the Title Theme, not the game or the graphics (which I love, sorry haters). That first impression has stuck with me and every game goes right along with it. I don't care if it's the original Zelda or Twilight Princess, every time I fire up a new Zelda game, that theme resounds in my head. It's even on my iPod!
    Let's hope I can win a Christmas present for myself…


  • Dennisdunaway

    1.Spirt tracks- town theme (ST)
    2. Termina field (MM)
    3. Gerudo valley (OOT)
    4. Clock town theme (MM)
    5. Laboratory theme (OOT)
    6. Great fairy's fountain song
    7.Dragon roost island (WW)
    8. Bolero of fire (OOT)
    9. Links awakening forest theme (LA)
    10. Outset Island theme (WW)
    11. Dungeon theme (AOL)
    12. Guitar jam (MM)
    13. Windmill theme/Song of storms (OOT)
    14. Fight with Ganon (OOT)
    15. Overworld theme (ST)

  • Gamelover

    1. OOT Title Theme
    2. MM Astral Observatory
    3. MM Stone Tower Temple
    4. WW Outset Island
    5. OOA Nayru's theme
    6. ST Aboda Village
    7. PH Linebeck's Theme
    8. FSA Frozen Hyrule
    9. WW The Great Sea
    10.OOT Kakariko Village
    11. WW Hyrule Castle
    12. PH Ciela's Theme
    13. ST Byrne's Theme
    14. WW Windfall Island
    15. OOT Song of Storms

  • medoramorris

    1. Lost Woods (OOT)
    2. Zelda's Lullaby (OOT)
    3. Song of Healing (MM)
    4. Song of Storms (OOT)
    5. Spirit Tracks Main Theme (ST)
    6. Title Theme (WW)
    7. Ganon's Theme (WW)
    8. Zelda Theme (LoZ)
    9. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    10. Termina Field Theme (MM)
    11. Ballad of the Wind Fish (LA)
    12. Great Fairy Theme (OOT)
    13. Overworld Theme (TP)
    14. Oath to Order (MM)
    15. Gerudo Valley (OOT)

  • eliot

    1 end credits ALTTP
    2 hyrule field OOT
    3 dark world ALTTP
    4 dragon roost island WW
    5 stone tower MM
    6 temple AOL
    7 forest temple OOT
    8 title theme ZELDA 1
    9 catfish meow LA
    10 kakariko village OOT
    11 the final hour MM
    12 hidden village TP
    13 windfall island WW
    14 molgera battle WW
    15 astral observatory MM

  • Jason

    1. Lake Hylia – TP
    2. Twilight Realm – TP
    3. Midna's Desperate Hour – TP
    4. Malo Mart (The one in Hyrule Castle) – TP
    5. Third Official Trailer Theme ( – TP
    6.Serenade of Water – OOT
    7.Temple of Time – OOT
    8.Gerudo Valley – OOT
    9.Hyrule Field – OOT
    10.Kokiri Forest – OOT
    11.Kokariko Village – OOT
    12.Song of Healing – MM
    13.Majora's Theme – MM
    14.Oath to Order – MM
    15. House – MM

    • Jason

      By the Way the link is:

      • I have this version on my iPod! It's promotional name is "Don't Want You No More," and it can be found in ZU's music section, under the Twilight Princess album, as Track 46…if anyone's interested, that is.

  • Soldier of Link

    These are only in the order I thought of them, not in the order of my favorites!

    1) Zelda's Lullaby
    2)Serenade of Water (OoT)
    3)Midna's Desperate Hour (TP)
    4)Oath to Order (MM)
    5)Requiem of Spirit (OoT)
    6)Prelude of Light (OoT)
    7)Nightime overworld theme (TP)
    8)Jabu-Jabu's Belly (OoA)
    9)Mermaid's Cave (OoA)
    10)Hidden Village (TP)
    11)Stone Tower Temple Theme (MM)
    12)TP Ending Theme
    13)Final Battle, Ganondorf (TP)
    14)Bolero of Fire (OoT)
    15)Faron Woods (TP)
    XD XD XD Hope I win!!

  • Solaira

    Hey, something I can enter in! πŸ˜€

    1. Midna's Desperate Hour TP
    2. Song of Storms OoT
    3. Dragon Roost Island WW
    4. Hyrule Field Theme TP
    5. The Dark World ALTTP
    6. The Great Sea WW
    7. Twilight Princess Trailer TP
    8. Forest Temple OoT
    9. Molgera Battle WW
    10. Ballad of the Wind Fish LA
    11. The Tail Cave LA
    12. Tal Tal Heights LA
    13. Outset Island WW
    14. Inside the Pirate Ship WW
    15. Legendary Hero WW

  • Taylor

    1. Lost Woods (OoT)
    2. Zelda's Lullaby
    3. Hyrule Field Main Theme (OoT)
    4. Title (WW)
    5. Outset Island (WW)
    6. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    7. Ordon Village (TP)
    8. Wind God's Aria (WW)
    9. Windfall Island (WW)
    10. The Legendary Hero (WW)
    11. Overworld Theme (ST)
    12. Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    13. The Great Sea (WW)
    14. Tower of the Gods (WW)
    15. Song of Healing (MM)

    So yeah… now that I see it I realize that Wind Waker seemed to have the overlasting effect on me, music wise. Who am I kidding? Game wise too, despite all the critics. I think everyone treasures their first Zelda game more than any other. If I win an Ocarina, these fifteen songs will be the first I play.

  • jennifer

    1 earth gods lyric (medlis prayer) WW
    2 sheiks theme OOT
    3 fairy queen WW
    4 wind gods aria (makars prayer) WW
    5 midnas desperation TP
    6 zora's domain OOT
    7 prelude of light OOT
    8 kamaro's dance MM
    9 wind waker title theme WW
    10 serenade of water OOT
    11 requiem of spirit OOT
    12 forest temple OOT
    13 shadow temple OOT
    14 malo mart castle branch TP
    15 spirit tracks open theme ST

  • Kholdstare

    1. Song of Healing. MM
    2. Oath to Order. MM
    3. End Credits. ALttP
    4. Ballad of the Wind Fish. LA
    5. Song of Time. OoT
    6. Karkiriko Village. OoT
    7. Overworld Theme. LoZ
    8. Title Theme. OoT
    9. Hero of Wimds. WW
    10. Lost Woods. OoT
    11. Title Theme. ST
    12. Epona's Song. OoT
    13. Ilia's Theme. TP
    14. Zelda's Lullaby. OoT
    15. Day 1 Clock Town. MM

  • Kevin

    1. Saria’s Song
    2. Dragon Roost Island
    3. WW Title Theme
    4. Song of Storms
    5. Zelda's Lullaby
    6. Song of Healing
    7. Windfall Island
    8. Grandma's Theme (WW)
    9. Aryll's Theme
    10. Hyrule Castle (WW)
    11. Hyrule Field (OoT)
    12. OoT Title Theme
    13. MM Title Theme
    14. Overworld Theme (LTTP)
    15. Oath to Order

  • boo453

    In particular order

    1) Gerudo Valley- OoT
    2) Lost Woods/Saria's Song -OoT
    3) Clock Town (day2) -MM
    4) Overworld theme – LoZ
    5) Dark World theme – AlttP
    6) Sacred Grove – TP
    7) Overworld – ST
    8) The Legendary Hero – WW
    9) End Credits Music – WW
    10) End Credits Music – OoT
    11) End Credits Music – MM
    12) Termina Field – MM
    13) Windfall Island – WW
    14) Clock Town Final Hours – MM
    15) Dungeon Theme – AlttP

  • WhitePanther

    1. Midna's Lament
    2. Stone Tower Temple
    3. Lost Woods
    4. Tarm Ruins
    5. Ballad of the Wind Fish
    6. Song of Healing
    7. Molgera
    8. Song of Storms
    9. Dragon Roost Island
    10. Calling the Four Giants
    11. Face Shrine
    12. Sacred Grove
    13. Linebeck's Theme
    14.Title Theme (TP)
    15. Dancing with Din

  • diddy6806

    1. Original Legend of Zelda Theme (All Games)
    2. Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    3. Sarias's Song (OoT)
    4. Minish Cap Intro (Picori Festival) (MC)
    5. Minish Cap intro ( The Legend of the Minish) (MC)
    6. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    7. Vaati's Wrath (MC)
    8. Title Theme (OoT)
    9. Zelda's Lullaby (OoT)
    10. Song of Time (OoT)
    11. Epona's song (OoT)
    12. Palace of Winds (MC)
    13. Vaati Transfigured (MC)
    14. Song of Healing (MM)
    15. Serenade of Water (OoT)

  • Rene Gonzalez

    1.Song of Storms(OoT)
    2.Song of Time(OoT)
    3.Saria's Song(OoT)
    4.Forest Temple(OoT)
    5.Gerudo Valley(OoT)
    6.Serenade of Water(OoT)
    7.Boss Battle(OoT)
    8.Lakebed Temple(Twilight Princess)
    9.Song of Healing(MM)
    10. Shadow Temple (OoT)
    11.Spirit Temple(OoT)
    12.Water Temple(OoT)
    13.Final Battle(OoT)
    14.Great Sea (WW)
    15.Nocturne of Shadow (OoT)

  • Azerik

    1) Gerudo Valley (OOT)
    2) Kokiri Forest (OOT)
    3) Hyrule Field (OOT)
    4)Lost Woods (OOT)
    5) The Great Sea (WW)
    6) Hyrule Field (TP)
    7) Astral Observatory (MM)
    8) Molgera Battle (WW)
    9) Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    10) Song of Storms/Windmill Theme (OOT)
    11) Song of Healing (MM)
    12) Inverted Song of Time (MM)
    13) Clock Town Theme (MM)
    14) Goron City Theme (OOT)
    15) Zelda II Dungeon Theme (Z2LA)

  • 1. Minuet of Woods
    2. Bolero of Fire
    3. Sheiks Theme
    4. Gerudo Valley
    5. Requiem of Spirit
    6. Serenade of Water
    7. Prelude of Light
    8. Temple of Time
    9. Death Mountain (OO)
    10. Hyrule Castle (OO)
    11. Tears are restored (TP)
    12. Spirit's Sadness (TP)
    13. Lake Hylia (TP)
    14. Midna's Lament (TP)
    15.Spirit's Peace (TP)

  • Newman

    1. Midna's Lament
    2. Gerudo Valley
    3. Kokiri Forest
    4. Hyrule Field
    5. Clock Town Day
    6. Wind Waker Opening
    7. OoT Opening
    8. The Great Sea
    9. Kakariko Village
    10. Zoras Domain
    11. Zelda's Theme / Lullaby
    12. Fighting Theme
    13. Morning Theme/ Sun's Song
    14. Lon Lon Ranch/ Epona's Song
    15. Goron City

    a Hylian Shield ocarina? totally!

  • Manga ninja

    1.Song of Healing (MM)
    2.Serenade of Water (OOT)
    3.Song of Time (OOT)
    4.Termina Field (MM)
    5.Nocturne of Shadow (OOT)
    6.Molerga Battle (WW)
    7.Zelda 2 Temple (AOL)
    8.Ballad of the Wind fish (LA)
    9.ALLTP opening theme (ALTTP)
    10.Midna’s Lament (TP)
    11.Sheiks Theme (OOT)
    12.Oath to Order (MM)
    13.Final Battle Ganon (OOT)
    14.Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    15.Zelda Theme (TLOZ)

  • Transient Link

    Oh this should be good!

    1. Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    2. Song of Healing (MM)
    3. Clock Town Theme
    4. Nayru's Song (OoA)
    5. Bolero of Fire (OoT)
    6. Koname/Kotake Theme (OoT)
    7. Wind Waker Theme (WW)
    8. Saria's Song (OoT)
    9. Dragon Roost Island Theme (WW)
    10. Molgera Battle (WW)
    11. Ganondorf Battle (WW)
    12. Great Palace Theme (AoL)
    13. Great Sea Theme (WW)
    14. Forest Temple Theme (OoT)
    15. Ballad of the Windfish (LA)

  • Jimone

    1. Palace Theme (TAoL)
    2. Battle Theme (TAoL)
    3. Song Of Storms (OoT)
    4. Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    5. Town Theme (TAoL)
    6. End Credits (TP)
    7. Song Of Time (OoT/TP)
    8. Fado and Makar's Theme (TWW)
    9. Stone Tower (MM)
    10. Main Theme (TP)
    11. Title Theme (TLoZ)
    12. Great Temple (TAoL)
    13. Title Theme (TAoL)
    14. Molgera Battle (TWW)
    15. Village Of The Blue Maiden (FSA)

  • Fuss-Budget

    1. Song of Healing/ Clock Tower (Majora's Mask)

    2. Hyrule Field on Horseback (Twilight Princess)

    3. Saria's Song/Lost Woods Theme (Ocarina of Time)

    4. Stone Tower Temple (Majora's Mask)

    5. The Great Sea (Wind Waker)

    6. Cloud Tops (Minish Cap)

    7. Dark Mountain Forest (A Link to The Past)

    8. Boss Room Calm (Twilight Princess)

    9. Molgera (Wind Waker)

    10. Mini-Boss (Majora's Mask)

    11. Byrne Helps Out (Spirit Tracks)

    12. Forest Temple (Ocarina of Time)

    13. Hyrule Castle (A Link to The Past)

    14. Dungeon Theme (Adventure of Link)

    15. Elegy of Emptiness (Majora's Mask)

  • manga ninja

    1.Oath to Order (MM)
    2.Song of healing (MM)
    3.Serenade of water (OOT)
    4.ALTTP Opening (ALTTP)
    5.Zelda's Lullaby (OOT)
    6.Song of Time (OOT)
    7.TP Opening (TP)
    8.Molgera Battle(WW)
    9.Last battle (OOT)
    10.Ballad of the wind fish(LA)
    11.Epona's Song (OOT)
    12.Great Bay (MM)
    13.Saria;s Song (OOT)
    14.Kokiri Forest (OOT)
    15.great Sea (WW)
    it was so hard to choose these songs!

  • Shrub

    Very hard decision right here! So many great songs, I'm afraid I'll leave some out. Still, here goes.

    1. Song of Healing (MM)
    2. Saria's Song (OoT)
    3. Train Training (ST)
    4. Stone Tower (MM)
    5. Midna's Lament (TP)

    6. Linebeck's Theme (PH)
    7. Song of Storms (OoT)
    8. Hyrule Castle (WW)
    9. Title Theme (WW)
    10. The Dark World (ALttP)

    11. Ilia's Theme (TP)
    12. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    13. Spirit Temple (OoT)
    14. Minish Village (MC)
    15. Picori Festival (MC)

    Man, 'twas difficult to decide. There are many, many great songs to choose from. Some of my favorites are of course the big name songs like Saria's Song or Midna's Lament, but I also chose some more obscure songs that I really enjoy, like Train Training and Minish Village Hopefully SS will earn many places on my list with its orchestrated music!

    Thanks for the fun contest!

  • Nicholas

    1. Gerudo Valley (OOT)
    2. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    3. Death Mountain (TP)
    4. Song of Storms (OOT)
    5. Hyrule Field (OOT)
    6. Hyrule Field (TP)
    7. Twilight Princess Theme (TP)
    8. Kokiri Forest (OOT)
    9. Windfall Island (WW)
    10. Zora's Domain (OOT)
    11. LOZ Theme (LOZ)
    12. The Final Hour (MM)
    13. The Great Sea (WW)
    14. Midna's Lament (TP)
    15. Outset Island (WW)

    (I'm a huge fan of the 3D Zelda music :P)

  • Ben K.

    1. Song of Healing
    2. Gerudo Valley
    3. Original title theme
    4. LoZ Overworld theme
    5. Song of Storms
    6. Stone Tower Temple
    7. Wind Waker Ocean theme
    8. Midna's Lament
    9. Twilight princess Final Ganondorf battle
    10. Serenade of water
    11. Dark World ALttP
    12. Hidden Village
    13. Deku Palace
    14. Majora's theme
    15. Ilia's theme
    13.Spirit Tracks Overworld

  • ChainofTermina

    does the "Ocarina Melody" from Super Smash Bros. Brawl count?

    • Let's make this rule: If any of the music comes from any games that Zelda Universe covers (on the horizontal-slider bar near the top), then you can put that music as your faves list.

      • ChainofTermina

        sounds good. Because I really like that song. It was the first time I ever heard the Song of Time in a fast paced actiony, epic sort of way.

  • Matthew

    1. Song of Storms OoT
    2.Gerudo Valley OoT
    3. Lost Woods OoT
    4. Overworld Theme LOZ
    5. Dragon Roost Island WW
    6. Overworld ST
    7. Outset Island WW
    8. Juban WW
    9. Midna's Desprate Hour TP
    10. Hyrule Field OoT
    11. Byrne ST
    12. Termina Field MM
    13. Song of Time OoT
    14. Mini Boss WW
    15. Cragma Lavalord, Boss Battle ST

  • Petridish27

    1)Song of Storms-OOT
    2)Clock Town Day 1-MM
    3)Requiem of Spirit-OOT
    4)Title Theme-Zelda 2
    5)Zora's Domain-OOT
    6)Farewell Hyrule King-WW
    7)Title Theme-LOZ
    8)Don't want you no more-TP
    9)Kakariko Village-ALTTP/OOT
    10)Dark World-ALTTP
    11)Council Room-MM
    12)Stone Tower-MM
    13)Ballad of the Windfish-LA
    14)Windfall Island-MM

  • Jeffrey Vicente

    1. Prelude of Light (OOT)
    2. Termina Field (MM)
    3. Bolero of Fire (OOT)
    4. Hyrule Field (TP)
    5. Epona's song (OOT)
    6. Wind Waker theme
    7. Kakariko Village theme (TP)
    8. Overworld theme
    9. Makar's Prayer (WW)
    10. Medli's Prayer (WW)
    11. Sage Fodo theme (WW)
    12. Ceremony in the Woods (WW)
    13. Hero of the Wind (WW)
    14. Grandmaa (WW)
    15. History of the Goddesses (TP)

  • I want an ocarina! ;_;
    1) Gerudo Valley (OOT)
    2) Windmill Hut (OOT)
    3) Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    4) Hyrule Castle (ALTTP)
    5) Midna’s Lament (TP)
    6) Hyrule Field (TP/ OOT)
    7) Fairy Fountain (Any version)
    8) Temple of Droplets (TMC)
    9) Overworld Theme (ST)
    10) Gerudo Desert (TP)
    11) Credits (ALTTP)
    12) Termina Field (MM)
    13) Hyrule Castle (FSA)
    14) Town Theme (AOL)
    15) Deku Palace (MM)

  • *8 )

  • Will

    1. song of healing (MM)
    2.saria's song (OoT) of storms (OoT)
    4. molgera battle(WW)
    5. song of time (OoT)
    6. zelda's lullaby(OoT)
    7. sonata of awakening (MM)
    8. ballad of the wind fish (MM)
    9. goron's lullaby (MM)
    10. midna's theme (TP)
    11. epona's song (OoT)
    12. great sea (WW)
    13. elegy of emptiness (MM)
    14. new wave bossa nova (MM)
    15 gerudo valley theme (OoT)

    I hope i win!! πŸ˜€

  • mr.Tii

    1. Ballad of the Wind Fish
    2. Gerudo Valley
    3. Dragon Roost Island
    4. Don't Want You No More (The bonus track-thingy)
    5. Windfall Island
    6. Sheiks Theme
    7. Zelda's Lullaby
    8. Lost Woods
    9. Cremia's Wagon
    10. Goron Race
    11. Temple from Zelda II
    12. Kakarioko Village
    13. Dark World
    14. Kaepora Gaebora's Theme
    15. Song Of Healing

  • Caeda

    1. Staff Credits (WW)
    2. Main Theme (series)
    3. Hyrule Field Theme (TP)
    4. The Legendary Hero
    5. Title (WW)
    6. Song of Time
    7. Medli's Prayer/ Earth Gods Lyric
    8. Zelda's Lullaby
    9. Molgera Battle
    10. Title (OoT)
    11. Credits (TP)
    12. Rutela's Theme
    13. Link and Zelda duet (ST)
    14. Great Sea
    15. Overworld (ST)

  • Rohan

    1. Wind Waker End Credits (WW)
    2. Stone Tower Temple (MM)
    3. Molgera's Theme (WW)
    4. Palace Theme (AoL)
    5. Majora's Wrath (MM)
    6. Dark World (ALttP)
    7. Tal Tal Heights (LA)
    8. Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    9. Goron City (OoT)
    10. Hyrule Castle (ALttP)
    11. Malo Mart Hyrule Castle Courtyard (TP)
    12. Bolero of Fire (OoT)
    13. Kakariko Village (ALttP)
    14. Opening Theme (LoZ)
    15. Song of Time (OoT)

    In Other news, Miyamoto admits to only have completed 50% of Skyward Sword…sigh. (This is different from the earlier post on this website).

  • Conman21100

    1. Market (OoT)
    2. Clocktown Slow/Title Screen Song (MM)
    3. Forest Temple (OoT)
    4. Lon Lon Ranch (OoT)
    5. Windfall Island (WW)
    6. Song of Healing (MM)
    7. Kakariko Village (OoT)
    8. Deku Palace (MM)
    9. Goron City (OoT)
    10. Mayor's Council Room (MM)
    11. Music Box House (MM)
    12. Castle Town South (TP)
    13. Milk Bar (MM)
    14. Serenade of Water (OoT)
    15. Ice Cave (OoT)

  • Spoon

    1) Dark World Woods AlttP
    2) Deku Palace MM
    3) Song of Storms/Windmill Hut OOT
    4) Song of Time OOT
    5) Saria's Song/Lost Woods/Sacred Grove OOT/TP
    6) Mayor Council Room MM
    7) Clock Town MM
    8) Hyrule Field TP
    9) Tal Tal Heights LA
    10) Mabe Village LA
    11) Nayru's Song OoS
    12) Molgera tWW
    13) Hidden Village TP
    14) Market OoT
    15) Bremen Mask MM

    So many options i had to leave out, couldn't this have been top 50?

    • WeeGee

      50 would have been too much

  • Peter

    1. Staff Credit WW
    2. Credits ST
    3. Windmill Hut OOT
    4. Fukurowa MM
    5. Magic Hags House MM
    6. Clock Town Day 2 MM
    7. Deku Nut's Palace
    8. Song of Storms OOT
    9. Overworld Adventure ST
    10. Morudo Geira WW
    11. Byrne Comes to The Rescue ST
    12. Woods of Mystery MM
    13. Makore's Prayer WW
    14. Lokomo Song Embrose ST
    15. End Credits MM

  • Nicole W.

    1) Dragon Roost Island (TWW)
    2) Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    3) Song of Storms/ Windmill Hut (OoT)
    4) Minuet of Woods (OoT)
    5) Serenade of Water (OoT)
    6) Ballad of Twilight (TP)
    7) Medli's Prayer (TWW)
    8) Zelda Overworld/ Theme Song (LoZ)
    9) Blizzeta Battle Part 2 (TP)
    10) Lon Lon Ranch (OoT)
    11) Cremia's Carriage (MM)
    12) Goron Lullaby (MM)
    13) Kakariko Village (OoT)
    14) The Fairy Queen (TWW)
    15) Song of Healing (MM)

    So hard… Ooooo… I hope I get an Ocarina…

  • Nate

    1.opening theme WW
    2.zelda's lullaby OOT
    3.clock town day 1 MM
    4.Link and Zelda's duet ST
    5.serenade of water (TP version)
    6.kotake and koume MM
    7.Lon Lon ranch OOT
    8.sheik's theme OOT
    9.Lokomo song: Embrose ST
    10.Great Fairy song WW
    11.New Wave Bossa Nova MM
    12.Dragon Roost Island WW
    13.lost woods OOT
    14.Nocturne of shadow OOT
    15.Song of storms OOT

  • Link's sandwich

    1 Death Mountain [TP]
    2 Fight against Zant(5) [TP]
    3 Ganondorf (swordfight) [TP]
    4 Kokiri forest [OOT]
    5 Malo mart castle branch [TP]
    6 Clock town day 3 [MM]
    7 Majora's wrath battle [MM]
    8 Hidden village [TP]
    9 Dragon roost island [WW]
    10 Lost woods [OoT]
    11 Termina field [MM]
    12 Song of Storms[OoT/MM]
    13 Woodfall temple [MM]
    14 Astral observatory [MM]
    15 Shop [OoT/MM]

    ~Marry Christmas and a happy new year!
    β–² β–²

  • Benjamin

    Saria's Song / Lost Woods Theme (OOT)
    Song of Storms (OOT)
    Sun's Song (OOT)
    Kokiri Village (OOT)
    Gerudo Valley (OOT)
    Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    Song of Healing (MM)
    New Wave Bossa Nova (MM)
    Ballad of the Wind Fish (LA)
    Over World Theme (LOZ)
    Title Theme (WW)
    Title Theme (OOT)
    Stone Tower (MM)
    The Final Hour (MM)
    Nayru's Theme (OOA)
    End Credits (OOT)
    Epona's Song (OOT)

  • EpicGamer

    1. Dragonroost Island
    2. Great sea (Phantom hourglass
    3. Linebeck
    4. Great sea (Wind Waker
    5. Song of Storms
    6. Spirit Tracks overworld
    7. Game trailer (Wind Waker)
    8. Credits (Wind Waker)
    9. Dark woods
    10. Dark world
    11. Molgera
    12. Fairy Queen
    13. Lon Lon ranch
    14. Song of healing
    15. Termina Field

  • PhantomLinebeck

    1 Song of storms OOT
    2 Hyrule field OOT
    3 Opening ST
    4 Ocean theme WW
    5 Miniboss WW
    6 Dragon roost iland WW
    7 kakariko village OOT
    8 hidden village TP
    9 dungeon theme Z1
    10 molgara battle WW
    11 Boss battle ALTTP
    12 end credits ALTTP
    13 termina field MM
    14 Zelda theme LOZ
    15 Linebeck theme PH/ST

  • emmie

    1. Song of Time: OoT/MM
    2. Princess Zelda’s Theme: WW
    3. Zelda’s Lullaby: OoT
    4. Lost Woods: OoT
    5. Midna: TP
    6. Dragon Roost Island: WW
    7. In Forest Haven: WW
    8. Title Theme: OoT
    9. Bolero of Fire: OoT
    10. Requiem of Spirit: OoT
    11. Midna’s Desperation: TP
    12. Nocturne of Shadow: OoT
    13. Sage Fado: WW
    14. Market: OoT
    15. Ocean: WW

  • SMiiiTY

    1. Song of Storms
    2. Epona's song
    3. Zelda's lullaby
    4. Lost woods
    5. Zelda theme
    6. Termina field
    7. Geurdo valley
    8. Outset island
    9. Midna's depression
    10. Song of time
    11. Hyrule Castle
    12. Ganon's theme
    13. Title theme – Wind waker
    14. windfall island
    15. Laboratory theme – occ

  • SkywardKevin

    1 Title Screen (OOT)
    2 Zelda's Lullaby (OOT)
    3 Midna's Lament (TP)
    4 Hyrule Castle (ALTTP)
    5 Lost Woods (OOT)
    6 Dark World (ALTTP)
    7 Song of Storms (OOT)
    8 Song of Healing (MM)
    9 Hyrule Field (OOT)
    10 Hyrule Field (TP)
    11 Gerudo Valley (OOT)
    12 Molgera Battle (WW)
    13 Overworld (ST)
    14 Big Sea (WW)
    15 Zelda's lullaby (OOT)

    • Silver-Lynx4

      u repeated Zelda'sLullaby twice πŸ˜›

  • Darkwargreymon

    1 Saria's Song OoT
    2 Main Theme LoZ
    3 Noctourne of Shadow OoT
    4 Gerudo Valley OoT
    5 Song of Healing MM
    6 Minuet of Forest OoT
    7 Hyrule Field Main Theme TP
    8 Open Treasure Box OoT
    9 Astral Observatory MM
    10 Mini Game OoT
    11 Ballad of Gales WW
    12 Ordon Village TP
    13 Hyrule Castle Courtyard OoT
    14 Song of Discovery ST
    15 Song of Double Time MM

  • MasterLink

    1.Ocean theme (WW)
    2.Deserted Village (TP)
    3.Serenade of Water (Oot)
    4.Temple of Time (Oot)
    5.Bolaro of Fire (Oot)
    6.Stone Tower (MM)
    7.Deku Palace Theme (MM)
    8.Forest Temple (Oot)
    9.Sarias Song (Oot)
    10.Darkworld Theme (Oot)
    11.Postman’s Theme (TP)
    12.Temple Theme (Aol)
    13.Dungeon Theme (LoZ)
    14.Dragon Roost (WW)
    15.Ballad of the Windfish (MM)

  • Emilie

    1.Kotake and Koume theme
    2.Zelda 1 start screen song
    3. Song of Storm
    4.Dark Beast Ganon fight (TP)
    5.Hyrule town (MM)
    6. Majora's mask final boss
    7. Song of Time
    8.Epona's song
    9.Lost Woods (TP)
    10.Minuet of Forest

  • Coriserai

    1. Sacred Grove TP
    2. Palace of Winds MC
    3.Song of Storms OOT
    4. The Legendary Hero WW
    5. The Final Hour MM
    6. Dark World ALTTP
    7. Stone Tower MM
    8. Temple of Time OOT
    9. Pirate's Fortress MM
    10. Dragon Roost Island WW
    11. Deku Nut's Palace MM
    13. Earth Shrine WW
    14. Nayru's Song OoA
    15. Dancing Dragon Dungeon OoS

  • csm107

    1. Midna's desperation-TP
    2. Saria's song-OoT
    3. Here comes maple!-OoA/OoS
    4. Song of storms-OoT
    5. Zelda's lullaby-OoT
    6. Dragon roost island-WW
    7. Earth god's lyric-WW
    8. Wind god's aria-WW
    9. Song of healing-MM
    10. Molgera battle-WW
    11. Hyrule field-TP
    12. Legend of zelda main theme
    13. Moon's destruction-MM
    14. Dark world-ALTTP
    15. Overworld theme-OoA

  • elbucky

    1. Spirit Tracks : Overworld Adventure
    2. Majoras Mask: Clock Town Day 3
    3. TLoZ: Overworld Theme
    4. OOT: Title Theme
    5. OOT: Hyrule Field
    6. WW: Dragon Roost Tower
    7. OOT: Gerudo Valley
    8. OOT: Song of Storms
    9. OOT: Song of Time
    10. TP: Ending Theme
    11. WW: Overworld Theme
    12. MM: Clock Town Day 1
    13. LTTP: Ending Credits
    14. PH: Ciela's Theme
    15. LoZ: Dungeon Theme

  • Cristian

    1. Song of Healing (MM)
    2. Milk Bar Theme (MM)
    3. Windfall Island Theme (WW)
    4. Kakariko Village (OOT)
    5. Great Fairy's Theme (TP)
    6. Cremia's Carriage (MM)
    7. Final Hour (MM)
    8. Great Bay Coast (MM)
    9. Ending Credits (WW)
    10. Kaepora Gaebora's Theme (OOT)
    11. Shiek's Theme (OOT)
    12. Zelda's Lullaby (TP)
    13. Spirit Tracks Overworld Theme/ Train Theme (ST)
    14. Spirit Track Title Theme (ST)
    15. Wind Waker Opening Theme (WW)

  • OniLink99999

    1. Title Theme (OOT)
    2. Windmill Hut
    3. Ganon Battle (OOT)
    4. Song of Time
    5. Lost Woods (OOT)
    6. Gerudo Desert
    7. Gannondorf Battle (ALTTP/OOT)
    8. Stone Tower Temple
    9. Main Theme (Zelda 1 Field Theme)
    10. Molgera Battle
    11. Linebeck's Theme
    12. Hyrule Castle (ALTTP)
    13. Ballad of the Windfish
    14. Byrne's Theme
    15. The Final Hour

  • Erik Elias

    1. Ending/Credits theme (WW)
    3.Dark World(ALTTP)
    4.Legendary Hero(WW)
    5.Hyrule Theme(MC)
    6.Termina Field(MM)
    7.Overworld Theme(ST)
    8.Multiplayer Battle(PH)
    10.Ending theme(ALTTP)
    11.Opening demo(ALTTP)
    12.Title Theme(FSA)
    13.Oshus Story(PH)
    14.Song of Healing(MM)
    15.Molgera Battle(WW)

  • donald kent

    1 zelda classic song
    2 intro oot
    3 nocturne of shadows
    4 bolero of fire
    5 serenade of water
    6 minuet of forest
    7 zelda memories from end of oot
    8 every outher oot song

  • phantommajora

    Well, here's mine. Y'all are nuts for reading all of these O.o

    1. "The Song of Healing" (Majora's Mask) – This is such a great melody. It's both haunting and hopeful at the same time, and when played on the piano it sounds gorgeous.
    2. "Hyrule Field Main Theme" (Twilight Princess) – This theme really sets a wondrous and adventurous tone when traveling the great lengths of Hyrule.
    3. "Title Theme" (Wind Waker) – Very light and bouncy and sets a melodic course for the entire game which can be heard when awakening the sages.
    4. "Overworld Theme" (Spirit Tracks) – Also such a wonderfully adventurous melody. It's something that can easily get stuck in your head for days (but I don't mind).
    5. "Ballad of the Wind Fish" (Link's Awakening) – The whole game is so mysterious and has a very bittersweet ending. The entire tone of the game can be summed up into this song.
    6. "Midna's Lament" (Twilight Princess) – I'll honestly stop my game at this point and pause just to listen to this music in the background. It's a gorgeous, yet melancholy tone. I'm a sucker for the piano, and when the strings eventually come in, it just makes the entire piece a treat for the ears.
    7. "Stone Tower Temple" (Majora's Mask) – The steady percussion in the background sets the beat for this place. It sets a solemn mood, and the warm pads in the background just complete it.
    8. "Dragon Roost Island" (The Wind Waker) – I love this piece. It fits so well into the light, airy mood of Wind Waker, and sounds great on the guitar. The ocarina in the background is a nice touch to link it to its past (pun very much intended).
    9. "Gerudo Valley" (Ocarina of Time) – This theme just fits the Gerudo Valley so well. It has an almost middle eastern feel to it and it's just so darn catchy.
    10. "Blizetta Theme" (Twilight Princess) – Ahhhh, cue the epic choir in the background! This song just sets such an epic mood for this icy boss battle.
    11. "Dark World Overworld" (A Link to the Past) – Even the classics have some great music. This overworld theme also has such an adventurous melody that really sets Link up to go and conquer the dungeons of the Dark World.
    12. "The Indigo-Go's" (Majora's Mask) – I've got to have some jazz on my list. It's a nice little treat after completing Majora's Mask to finally listen to this Zora Band play. They've got this jazzy, blues-ish sound that is just so relaxing.
    13. "Title Theme" (Twilight Princess) – Opening themes are just the best. They set the whole tone for the game, and this one is perfect. The choir in the background adds a great touch to a haunting song that is topped perfectly with a wolf's howl.
    14. "Gannondorf Sword Fight" (Twilight Princess) – Again, the epicness of this piece is just so amazing. I absolutely love the steady drums in the background that almost remind me of war drums. It honestly gave me chills the first time I played through Twilight Princess because it was so good.
    15. "Deku Palace" (Majora's Mask) – The deku are a very strange race. Their palace deserves a theme as noble and and somewhat haunting as they can be.

    I WANTS AN OCARINA!! ;____;

  • maxwei1125

    1. Outset Island
    2. Zelda's Theme
    3. Final Train exam
    4. Lon Lon Ranch (epona's song)
    5. Title screen (OOT)
    6. Lost woods
    7. Song of storms
    8. Ballad of the windfish
    9. Pirate's Gigue
    10. Midna in distress
    11. Great sea
    12. Kakariko village (OoT)
    13. Dragon roost island
    14. Credits (windwaker)
    15. Ending (original)

    Can I haz ocarina?

  • don

    1. Overworld Theme (LoZ)
    2. Zelda's Lullaby (OoT)
    3. Ilia's Theme (TP)
    4. Song of Healing (MM)
    5. Hyrule Field (TP)
    6. Termina Field (MM)
    7. Hyrule Field (OoT)
    8. Surrounded by Flames (TP)
    9. Great Sea (WW)
    10. Song of Storms (OoT/MM)
    11. Tatl & Tael (MM)
    12. Chase Theme (MM)
    13. Bremen March (MM)
    14. Tal Tal Heights (ALttP)
    15. Light Spirit (TP)

  • Iambubbaq

    1. Gerudo Valley
    2. Song of Storms
    3. Epona's theme
    4. The Legendary Hero
    5. Zelda's Lullaby
    6. Temple of Time
    7. WW Title Theme
    8. Kakariko Village
    9. Ganondorf's theme
    10. Prelude of Light
    11. Saria's theme
    12. Midna's Lament
    13. Title Theme (LTTP)
    14. Song of healing
    15. End Credits (TP)

  • dabongo

    1.bolereo of fire
    2.serenade of water of storms of healing.
    5. 3rd day theme from MM
    6.gerudo valley
    7.dragon roost island.
    8.minute of forest.
    9.forest temple OoT
    10.overworld OoT
    11.zoras domain theme OoT
    12.lon lon ranch theme OoT
    13.Midnas lament.
    14.goron theme OoT
    15.fairy fountain theme OoT

    man, i want to put more. theres just too much i cant choose πŸ˜›

  • Muskiok

    Oh geez, it's even harder to enter than it is to win. How am I supposed to narrow down my favorite Zelda tunes to 15? Much less put them in order?! -.-*
    Oh well, here goes…
    1. Midna's Desperation (TP)
    2. Overworld Adventure (ST)
    3. Outset Island (WW)
    4. Stone Tower (MM)
    5. Deku Palace (MM)
    6. Hyrule Field (TP)
    7. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    8. Twilight (TP)
    9. In the Fields (ST)
    10. Last End (MM)
    11. Credits (WW)
    12. Dark World (LttP)
    13. Song of Storms (Various)
    14. Hidden Village (TP)
    15. Linebeck (PH, ST) πŸ™‚
    Of course, this list is probably not accurate as to my real faves at all…

  • Merkku

    So many great ones…
    1. Gerudo Valley – OoT
    2. Deku Scrub's Palace – MM
    3. Dragon Roost Island – TWW
    4. Kotake & Koume's Theme – OoT
    5. Linebeck's Theme – PH
    6. Ocean – TWW
    7. Cloud Tops – TMC
    8. Lake Hylia – TP
    9. Hyrule Field – OoT
    10. Opening – TWW
    11. Overworld – ST
    12. Hidden Village – TP
    13. Mt. Crenel – TMC
    14. Windmill Hut – OoT
    15. Molgera – TWW

  • Alexander

    1. Title song to WW
    2. Intro music to TP
    3. Song of Healing MM
    4. Zelda Theme
    5. Hyrule Field TP
    6. Saria's Song OOT
    7. Zelda's Lullaby OOT
    8. Song of Time OOT
    9. Gerudo Valley OOT
    10. Song of Storms OOT
    11. Dark World ALTTP
    12. Dungeon LOZ
    13. Temple AOL
    14. Ocean WW
    15. Kakariko Village ALTTP

  • Pathologik

    15. Phantom Hourglass – Linebeck's theme
    14. Wind Waker – Dragon Roost Island
    13. Twilight Princess – Midna's Desperate Hour
    12. Link to the Past – Dark World
    11. Spirit Tracks – Byrne theme (the last one with Zelda's theme overlapping)
    10. Wind Waker – Helmarock King theme
    9. Adventure of Link – Temple theme
    8. Ocarina of Time – Song of Storms
    7. Majora's Mask – Clock Town (Final Day)
    6. Ocarina of Time – Hyrule Overworld
    5. Majora's Mask – Oath to Order
    4. Ocarina of Time – Gerudo Valley
    3. Wind Waker – Ending Credits
    2. Majora's Mask – Stone Temple Tower
    1. Majora's Mask – Song of Healing

    Wow.. that sure was a toughie! So many good songs! πŸ™‚

  • KingMudkip

    1. Song of Time (OoT/MM)
    2. Bolero of Fire (OoT)
    3. Last Battle (OoT)
    4. The Last Day (MM)
    5. Oath to Order (MM)
    6. Midna’s Lament (TP)
    7. Temple of Time (OoT)
    8. Zora’s Domain (OoT)
    9. OoT Title Screen
    10. Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    11. Kakariko Village, either version (OoT)
    12. Song of Storms (OoT)
    13. Hyrule Castle Courtyard (OoT)
    14. Inside the Deku Tree (OoT)
    15. Inside Ganon’s Castle (OoT)

    I’m not really sure these are in their proper order, but what the hey, it’s close enough.

  • yacs32

    1. Song of Storms (OOT)
    2. Song of Healing (MM)
    3. Astral Observatory (MM)
    4. Zora’s Domain (OOT)
    5. Zelda's Lullaby (OOT)
    6. Tal Tal Heights (LA)
    7. Ballad of the Wind Fish (LA)
    8. Bolero Of Fire (OOT)
    9. Hyrule Field (TP)
    10. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    11. Tarm Ruins (OoS)
    12. Secrets of the Oracles (OoS)
    13.Sheik's Theme (OOT)
    14. Kakariko Village (OOT)
    15. The Great Sea (WW)

  • KingMudkip

    This doesn't seem to have registered, so I'm going to re-post it. Many apologies if it's really up and my browser's playing truant. I'm not trying to cheat or anything, I'm really not.

    1. Song of Time (OoT/MM)
    2. Bolero of Fire (OoT)
    3. Last Battle (OoT)
    4. The Last Day (MM)
    5. Oath to Order (MM)
    6. Midna's Lament (TP)
    7. Temple of Time (OoT)
    8. Zora's Domain (OoT)
    9. OoT Title Screen
    10. Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    11. Kakariko Village, either version (OoT)
    12. Song of Storms (OoT)
    13. Hyrule Castle Courtyard (OoT)
    14. Inside the Deku Tree (OoT)
    15. Inside Ganon's Castle (OoT)

    I'm not really sure these are in their proper order, but what the hey, it's close enough.

  • Rawbeard

    1. Hyrule Field (OoT)
    2. Forest (ALttP)
    3. Face Shrine (LA)
    4. Song of Storms (OoT)
    5. Dream Shrine Lower Level (LA)
    6. Forest Temple (OoT)
    7. Clock Town Day 2 (MM)
    8. Mt. Tamaranch (LA)
    9. Shadow Temple (OoT)
    10. Fire Temple (OoT)
    11. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    12. Link's Awakening Staff Roll (LA)
    13. Final Hours (MM)
    14. Water Temple (OoT)
    15. Pirate's Fortress (MM)

    Very hard choice to make. I'd put most of the songs on 1st place. The variety of music in Zelda games is so overwhelming, it really depends on which mood you're in at the moment.

  • ayan

    1. Windmill theme 2. Oot title theme 3. Midnas lament 4. Song of healing demo 5. Kokori forest 6. Sacred grove. 7. Dragon roost island 8. Hyrule field theme 9. Dark overworld 10. gerudo valley 11. Queen rutela 12. calm and hope 13. Marine research laboratory 14. Clock town day two 15. Stone tower upside down.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    1. Dark World ALttP
    2. Main Theme (Train Field) ST
    3. Lost Woods ALttP
    4. Death Mountain/Skull Woods ALttP
    5. Time of Falling Rain ALttP
    6. Palace Theme AoL
    7. Stone Tower Temple MM
    8. Dragon Roost Island TWW
    9. Molgera Battle TWW
    10. Gerudo Valley OoT
    11. Deku Palace
    12. Ballad of the Wind Fish LA
    13. Mabe Village LA
    14. Clocktown Day 1 MM
    15. Midna's Lament TP

    email: Oni_Link514(at)

  • Josh

    15. Kokiri Forest (OoT, It sounds fun and light-hearted).
    14. Gohdan's Theme (TWW, It makes for great boss music).
    13. Clock town, Day Three (MM, I enjoy the general clock town theme but I like it better in a minor key.
    12. Training (TP, It inspires an amazing sense of adventure and accomplishment at the end of the Hero's Shade session).
    11. Zelda's Lullaby (Heaps of Games, This is a beautiful calming piece).
    10. Pirate Ship (TWW, This piece has the exact feel of a pirate ship. And sounds amazing).
    9. Hyrule Castle COurtyard (OoT, It almosts acts as a bit of musical comic relief after all the serious adventure/depressing music at the beginning of the game).
    8. Dragon Roost Island (TWW, It just sounds nice).
    7. Hyrule Castle, Approaching throne room (TP, I've always enjoyed Hyrule Castle's classic theme and the crescendo of Ganons theme keeps the suspense up.
    6. Overworld Theme (AoL, I don't know why, I've just always liked this piece).
    5. The long version of the Song of Healing (MM, It sounds kind of creepy but with a hint of hope).
    4. Ocean Theme (TWW, Brings across a sense of adventure).
    3. Gerudo Valley (OoT, Who doesn't like this? And it's a Spanish-like piece: one of my favourite types of music.
    2. Molgera's Theme (TWW, It's exciting and is composed absolutely awesomely).
    1. Link and Zelda's Duet (ST, Hard decision, but I absolutely love this piece).

  • Frank

    1. Kakariko village OoT
    2. Hyrule field theme OoT
    3. song of storms/windmill theme OoT
    4. Original dungeon theme first Legend of Zelda
    5. Song of Healing MM
    6. opening theme OoT
    7. Opening theme WW
    8. file select (every version)
    9. Hyrule field (First LoZ)
    10. Hyrule field TP
    11. Midna's Lament TP
    12. Deku's Palace MM
    13. Epona's song OoT
    14. Hyrule's castle ALTTP
    15. House theme OoT

    Hopefully I stand a righteous chance in this random choice :p

  • LoZyMugglegater

    #1 Main Theme(TWW) #2 Clock Town Day 1(MM) #3 Field Theme(ST) #4 Zora's Domain(OoT) #5 Chancellor Cole's Theme(ST) #6 Final Ganondorf Battle Theme(TP) #7 Zelda's Lullaby(various) #8 Credits(TWW) #9 Credit's(TP) #10 Ciela's Theme(PH) #11 Great Sea(TWW) #12 Lost Woods(OoT) #13 Windfall Island(TWW) #14 The Final Hour(MM) #15 Linebeck's Theme(PH)

  • Ganonscreature

    1: Dragon Roost Island WW
    2: Midna's Desperate Hour TP
    3: Kotake and Koume's Theme OOT & MM
    4: Hidden Villiage Theme TP
    5: Gerudo Valley OOT
    6: Ballad of the Wind Fish LA
    7: Dark Overworld LttP
    8: Mercay Island PH
    9: Original Zelda Theme : TloZ
    9: Spirit Tracks Theme: ST
    10: Linebecks Theme: PH
    11: Malo Mart Castle Branch: TP
    12: Song of Healing: MM
    13: Makar's Prayer: WW
    14: Stone Temple Theme: MM
    15: Hyrule Field: OOT

  • former fro

    1. Gerudo Valley OoT
    2. Dragon Roost Island WW
    3. Farewell Hyrule King WW
    4. Hidden Village TP
    5. Windfall Island WW
    6. Windmill Hut OoT
    7. Molgera WW
    8. Title Theme WW
    9. Kakariko Village OoT
    10. Ocean WW
    11. The Legendary Hero WW
    12. The Final Hour MM
    13. Zora's Domain OoT
    14. Goron Village OoT
    15. Byrne

  • zman friman

    I know it was only TOP 15, but I couldn't resist as I love all Zelda music! =(

    1.Zelda's Theme (OoT)
    2.Hyrule Field (TP)
    3.Hyrule Field (OoT)
    4.Zelda's Lullaby (OoT)
    5.Song of Healing (MM)
    6.Song of Storms (OoT & MM)
    7.Lost Woods (OoT)
    8.Surrounded by Flames (TP)
    9.Termina Field (MM)
    10.Dark Overworld (ALttP)
    11.Lost Woods (OoT)
    12.Chase Theme (MM)
    13.Milk Bar theme (MM)
    14.Deku Palace
    15.Overworld Theme (LoZ)
    16. Ilia's Theme (TP)
    17. Gerudo Valley
    18. Tatl & Tael (MM)
    19. Bremen March (MM)
    20. Light Spirit (TP)
    21.Shop theme (OoT)
    22.Great Sea (WW)
    23.Dragon Roost Island
    24.The Great Sea (WW)

  • Lish

    1. Farewell Hyrule King [WW]
    2. Ballad of the Wind Fish [LA]
    3. Dark World [ALttP]
    4. Legendary Hero [WW]
    5. Trailer Theme (2nd) [TP]
    6. Opening Title [OoT]
    7. Gerudo Valley [OoT]
    8. Koume and Kotake's Theme[OoT]
    9. Song of Healing [MM]
    10. Falbi's House [TP]
    11. Shadow Temple Theme [OoT]
    12. Battle [WW]
    13. Song of Storms [OoT]
    14. Midna's Lament[TP]
    15. Fire Temple Theme[OoT]

    gimme ocarina

  • Blizzeta93

    1. Clock Town (MM)
    2. Dragon Roost Island(WW)
    3. Outset Island(WW)
    4. Bremen's March(MM)
    5. New Wave Bossa Nova (MM)
    6. Ending Credits/You Died(LoZ)
    7. Lon Lon Ranch / Romani Ranch (OoT, MM)
    8. Malo Mart City Branch (TP)
    9. Saria's Song (TP)
    10. Midna's Lament (TP)
    11. Hyrule Castle Town (OoT)
    12. Hyrule Castle Courtyard(OoT)
    13. Wind Fall Island(WW)
    14. Main Title(WW)
    15. Link and Zelda Duet(ST)

  • zay

    1.) Plumm's theme-TP
    2.) Gerudo valley- OOT
    3.) Song of storms- OOT/MM
    4.) bolero of fire- OOT
    5.) Hyrule field theme- OOT
    6.) hyrule field theme-TP
    7.) Termina field theme- MM
    8.) Boss theme- OOT/MM
    9.) Dragon roost island theme-TWW
    10.) overworld theme- ST
    11.) sacred grove theme- TP
    12.) Gerudo desert theme- TP
    13.) Great bay theme- MM
    14.) Clock town theme- MM
    15.) title screen theme- TWW

  • NebulaOrange

    Now, in no particular order:

    1. Midna's Desperate Hour (TP)
    2. Hyrule Field (the Brawl Remix, though) (OoT)
    3. Kakariko Village (TP)
    4. Hyrule Field (Orchestral Version) (TP)
    5. Ballad of the Wind Fish (LA)
    6. Sailing Theme (TWW)
    7. Song of Healing (MM)
    8. Song of Storms (especially Brawl Remix) (OoT/MM)
    9. Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    10. Overworld Adventure (ST)
    11. Tower of Spirits (ST)
    12. Sacred Grove (TP)
    13. Prelude of Light (OoT)
    14. Queen Rutela (TP)
    15. Dark World (ALtTP)

    and many more!!!

  • Luis Felip

    1. Saria's Song OoT
    2. Song of healing MM
    3. Gerudo Valley OoT
    4. Great Sea WW
    5. Outset Island WW
    6. Deku Palace MM
    7. Midna's Lament TP
    8. Windfall Island WW
    9. Song of time/Temple of Time OoT
    10. Molgera WW
    11. Ordon TP
    12. Hidden Village TP
    13. Astral Observatory MM
    14. Dragon Roost Island WW
    15. Clock Town MM

  • Hero of Winds2

    From Least to Greatest

    15 – Temple of Time
    14 – Requiem of Spirit
    13 – Blizetta
    12 – Title Theme (Ocarina of Time)
    11 – Dark World
    10 – Molgera
    9 – Zelda's Theme
    8 – Saria's Song/Lost Woods
    7 – Gerudo Valley
    6 – Dragon Roost Island
    5 – Hyrule Field (Twilight Princess)
    4 – Song of Healing
    3 – Sacred Grove
    2 – Theme (The Legend of Zelda)
    1 – Theme/Staff Credits (Wind Waker)

  • Silver-Hero

    Guess I'll enter :]

    1) Main Theme (LoZ)
    2) Hidden Village (TP)
    3) Stone Tower Temple (MM)
    4) Elegy of Emptiness (MM)
    5) Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    6) Legendary Hero Intro (WW)
    7) Rito Island (WW)
    8) Requiem of Spirit (OoT)
    9) Byrne Main Theme (ST)
    10) Chancellor Cole (ST)
    11) Song of Storms (OoT)
    12) Song of Healing (MM)
    13) Lost Woods (OoT)
    14) Ocean Theme (WW)
    15) Wind Waker Title Theme (WW)

    If I'd have the option to add more, I would'ave added more from Wind Waker since it had an amazing and catchy soundtrack, and also my first Zelda game. Became a fan of the series because of it's music.

  • Keith

    1. Ballad of the Wind Fish
    2. Epona's Song
    3. Song of Storms
    4. Dark World
    5. Zora's Domain (Ocarina of Time)
    6. Horse Race (Majora's Mask)
    7. Dancer (Majora's Mask)
    8. Song of Passing (WindWaker)
    9. Windfall Island
    10. Forest Haven (WindWaker)
    11. Boss Morpheel – Final Form (Twilight Princess)
    12. Zant
    13. Hyrule Field (Ocarina of Time)
    14. Overworld (The Legend of Zelda)
    15. Vaati's Theme (Minish Cap)

  • shaamanbeenjamin

    1. Forest Temple OOT
    2. Lon Lon Ranch OOT
    3. Temple Of Time OOT
    4. Wind's Requiem WW
    5. House OOT
    6. Theme of Giant MM
    7. Nocturne of Shadow OOT
    8. To Hyrule WW
    9. Zora's Domain OOT
    10. Clock Town MM
    11. Horse Race OOT
    12. Dragon Roost Theme WW
    13. Prelude of Light OOT
    14. Windfall Island WW
    15. Ice Cavern OOT

  • Astarael

    My top fifteen favourite songs, eh? Lessee…it's going to be difficult to list them in any particular order, since they seem to change even on a day-to-day basis, haha:

    1. Hyrule Field Main Theme (from Ocarina of Time)
    2. Wind Waker Title Theme (from Wind Waker)
    3. Gerudo Valley (from Ocarina of Time)
    4. Stone Tower Temple (from Majora's Mask)
    5. Stone Tower Temple – upside down (from Majora's Mask)
    6. Dragon Roost Island (from Wind Waker)
    7. Zelda Series Main Theme (from the introduction in Wind Waker)
    8. Ballad of the Wind Fish (Link's Awakening)
    9. Lost Woods (from Ocarina of Time)
    10. Outset Island (from Wind Waker)
    11. Zelda's Lullaby (from Ocarina of Time)
    12. Opening Theme (from Ocarina of Time)
    13. Tal-Tal Heights (Link's Awakening)
    14. Earth Temple (Wind Waker)
    15. Medli's Awakening (Wind Waker)

  • shaymin1

    1. Song of Storms
    2. WW main theme
    3. Outset Island
    4. Molgera Battle
    5. Original Zelda theme
    6. Oot Main theme
    7. Song of Time
    8. Serenade of Water
    9. Dragon Roost Island
    10. Item Get!
    11. Kakariko Village
    12. Saria's Song
    13. Lost Woods
    14. Spirit Tracks !Main theme
    15. Song of healing
    Note:they might not be in that order
    Also I love all Zelda songs/themes!

  • Hyruliant

    1 Song of storms
    2 Molgera battle
    3 The lost woods
    4 Song of time
    5 Song of soaring
    6 Hyrule field
    7 Bolero of Fire
    8 Ballad of the windfish
    9 Clocktown day 1
    10 Kakariko Village
    11 Windmill Song
    12 Zelda's Lullaby
    13 Epona's song
    14 Sun's song
    15 nocturne of shadow

  • Sam

    uhrm not in any particular order because that would be far too dificult but in my top 15 woiuld have to be…:

    1) Hyrule Castle Theme – Spirit Tracks
    2) Picori Festival Theme – Minish Cap
    3) Outset Island Theme – Wind Waker
    4) Dragon Roost Island Theme – Wind Waker
    5) Sages of Hyrule – Spirit Tracks
    6) Epona's Song – Ocarina of Time
    7) Great Sea – Wind Waker
    8) Song of Storms – Ocarina of Time
    9) Overworld Theme – From the original LoZ ofcourse ;D
    10) Darkworld theme – A Link to the Past
    11) Zelda's Lullaby – Ocarina of Time
    12) Midna's Lament – Twilight Princess
    13) Molgera Battle – Wind Waker
    14) Great Fairy Theme – Ocarina of time
    15) Lost Woods Theme – Twilight Princess

    All right thanks for the opportunity to win this guys =D

  • hyugaheiress

    1)song of healing
    2)song of storms
    3)Zelda's lullaby
    4)Gerudo valley
    5)midna's lament
    6)ending credits for windwaker
    7)minute of forest
    8)serenade of water
    9)nocturne of shadow
    10)link and zelda's duet in spirit tracks
    11) lillia's theme
    12)forest haven
    13)dragon roost island
    14)oath to order
    15)Aryll's kidnapping

  • TnzSki

    1. Gerudo Valley (OOT)
    2. Title Theme (WW)
    3. Outset Island (WW)
    4. Ocean Theme (WW)
    5. Ending Theme (LOZ)
    6. Hyrule Field Theme (TP)
    7. Kakariko Village (OOT)
    8. Kakariko Village (TP)
    9. Lost Woods (OOT)
    10. Death Mountain (TP)
    11. Midna's Lament (TP)
    12. Zora's Domain (OOT)
    13. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    14. Ganon's Message (LTTP)
    15. Windfall Island (WW)

  • kaepora21

    1. Final Hour- Majora's Mask
    2. Stone Tower Temple- Majora's Mask
    3. Gerudo Valley- Ocarina of Time
    4. Dark World Theme- Link to the Past
    5.Bolero Of Fire- Ocarina Of Time
    6. Mini Boss- Wind Waker
    7. Nocturne Of Shadow- Ocarina Of Time
    8. Last Battle- Ocarina of Time
    9. Song Of Healing- Majora's Mask
    10. Clock Tower- Majora's Mask
    11. Song Of Storms- Ocarina Of Time
    12. Farewell Hyrule King- Wind Waker
    13. Windfall Island- Wind Waker
    14. The Legendary Hero- Wind Waker
    15. Last End- Majora's Mask

  • LinkForeverAwakened

    1.Song of Healing
    2.Song of Time
    3.Dragon Roost Island
    4.Clock Town Theme
    5.Final Hour
    6.Forest Temple
    7.Hyrule Field
    8.Zelda's Lullaby
    9.Astral Observatory
    10.Termina Field
    11.Original Theme
    12.Kakariko Village
    13.Song of Storms
    14.Lost Woods/Saria's Song
    15.Great Sea

  • Swa4life

    No particular order:

    1. Ocarina of Time (Theme)
    2. Legend of Zelda (Theme)
    3. The Adventure of Link (Theme)
    4. The Legend of Zelda (Death Mountain)
    5. A Link to the Past (Dark World [turns into a rabbit])
    6. A Link to the Past (Kakariko Village)
    7. A Link to the Past (Hyrule Castle)
    8. A Link to the Past (Forest)
    9. A Link to the Past (Dark World)
    10. A Link to the Past (Dark Mountain Forest)
    11. The Adventure of Link (Dungeon)
    12. The Adventure of Link (Town Theme)
    13. Wind Waker (Farewell Hyrule King)
    14. The Legend of Zelda (Dungeon)
    15. Ocarina of Time (Lost Woods)

  • Nayrugoddessofwisdom

    1. Gerudo Valley
    2. Clock Town Day Two
    3. Zora's Domain
    4. Dragon Roost Island
    5. Deku Palace
    6. Stone Tower Temple
    7. Kotake and Koume's Theme
    8. Serenade of Water
    9. Song of Storms
    10. Sheik's Theme
    11. Sprit Tracks Overworld Theme
    12. Requiem of Spirit
    13. Midna's Theme
    14. Wind waker Ocean theme
    15. Grandmaaaaaaa!

  • sithlordcole

    1:Clock Town Day 2 MM
    2: Deku Palace MM
    3: Saria's SongOot
    4:Gerudo Valley Oot
    5: Palace Theme Z2:AOL
    6: Hyrule Field Oot
    7: Lon Lon Ranch Oot
    8: Song of Storms Oot
    9:Linebeck's Theme PH
    10: Ocean Theme WW
    11:Spirit Tracks Main Theme ST
    12:Grandma's Theme WW
    13:Market Theme Oot
    14:Abodna Village ST
    15: Train Training ST

  • marvin

    1. Lost Woods (OOT)
    2. Zelda's Lullaby (OOT)
    3. Song of Healing (MM)
    4. Song of Storms (OOT)
    5. kakariko village OOT
    6. Title Theme (WW)
    7. Ganon's Theme (WW)
    8. Zelda Theme (LoZ)
    9. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    10. Termina Field Theme (MM)
    11. Ballad of the Wind Fish (LA)
    12. Great Fairy Theme (OOT)
    13. Overworld Theme (TP)
    14. Oath to Order (MM)
    15. astral observatory MM

  • Betolink

    1. Chase theme MM
    2. Forest Temple OoT
    3. Ikana Castle MM
    4. Shop OoT
    5. Dinosaur Boss Theme OoT
    6. Gerudo Valley OoT
    7. Chamber fo the Sages OoT
    8. Orchestra pince 2 (used in Trailers)
    9. The lamentation of the Spirit TP
    10. Twilight in Hyrule TP
    11. Twilight Princess Main Theme TP
    12. Dark Beast Ganon TP
    13. Fishing hole TP
    14. Calm and Hope TP
    15. Wise People TP

  • arianmask

    1. Forest Temple (ocarina of time)
    2. Ghost Attack (majora's mask)
    3. Sacred Grove (Twilight Princess)
    4. Minuet of Forest
    5. Snowpeak
    6. Opening theme of Twilight Princess
    7. Song of Storms
    8. Ilia's Theme
    9. Song of Healing
    10. Stone Tower Temple Inverted
    11. Majoras Mask Skull Kid Theme
    12. The credits to Twilight Princess
    13. Lakebed Temple (Twilight Princess)
    14. Twinrova's Theme Song
    15. Oath to Order

  • Mattanderson776

    1 Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    2 Kakariko Village (aLttP)
    3 Hyrule Castle (aLttP)
    4 Midna's Desperate Hour (TP)
    5 Opening Demo (aLttP)
    6 The Legendary Hero (WW)
    7 title screen (WW)
    8 Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    9 Bremen March (MM)
    10 Song of Healing (MM)
    11 Milk Bar (MM)
    12 Song of Storms (OoT)
    13 Hidden Village (TP)
    14 Demo (TP)
    15 Shooting Gallery (OoT)

  • Elijah

    1.Sacred Grove-TP
    2.Midna’s Lament-TP
    3.Wind God’s Aria-WW
    4.Song of Storms-OoT
    5.Dragon Roost Island-WW
    6.Outset Island-WW
    7.Kakariko Village-TP
    8.Prelude of Light-OoT
    9.Nocturne of Shadow-OoT
    10.Twilight Palace-TP
    11.Earth God’s Song-WW
    12.Lake Hylia-TP
    13.Requiem of Spirit-OoT
    15.Temple of Time-TP

  • Zettobi

    1. Saria's Song (OoT)
    2. Epona's Song (OoT)
    3. Song of Time (OoT)
    4. Zelda's Lullaby (OoT)
    5. Vaati's Wrath (TMC)
    6. Song of Storms (OoT)
    7. Bolero of Fire (OoT)
    8. Serenade of Water (OoT)
    9. Temple of Time (TP)
    10. Midna's Desperation (TP)
    11. Hyrule Field (TP)
    12. Milk Bar (MM)
    13. S.T.A.R. Game (TP)
    14. Kotake and Koumes Theme (OoT)
    15. Horse Race (MM/OoT)

  • jfoo

    1. Song of Healing
    2. Gerudo Valley
    3. Clock Town
    4. Giant's Theme
    5. Saria's Song
    6. Bolero of Fire
    7. Serenade of Water
    8. Song of Time
    9. Full Orchestrated Zelda Theme
    10. OoT Title Screen
    11. Zelda's Lullaby
    12. Epona's Song
    13. Boss Defeat from WW
    14. Dragon Roost Island
    15. OoT Ending Credits*

    *I do realize its basically just a medley of some of the songs I listed.

    • jfoo

      I forgot Oath to Order, Shoot!

  • Hyrule Field Main Theme (OoT)
    Kakariko Village
    Lost Woods
    Gerudo Valley
    Windmill Hut
    Zelda’s Theme
    Lon Lon Ranch
    Sheik’s Theme
    Horse Race
    Bremen March
    New Wave Bossa Nova
    Hyrule Overworld Theme
    The Legendary Hero
    Hyrule Field Main Theme (TP)
    Item Catch

  • Adrian

    1.Parapa Palace AOL
    2. Opening OOT
    3. Deku Palace MM
    4. Spirit Temple OOT
    5.Ordon Village TP
    6. Ending OOT
    7. Horon Village OOS
    8. Clocktown (Day 1) MM
    9. Hyrule Town MC
    10. Windfall Island MM
    11. Mercay Island PH
    12.Goron City OOT
    13. Opening ALTTP
    14. Faron Woods TP
    15. Crescent Island OOA

  • Ma´goria

    1. Song Of Healing (MM)
    2. Teal and Tatl reunite (MM)
    3. Calling the giants (MM)
    4. Kakariko village (Oot)
    5. Astral observatory (MM)
    6. Clock town (MM)
    7. Gerudo valley (Oot)
    8. Spirit temple (Oot)
    9. Deku palace (MM)
    10. Linebeck´s theme (PH)
    11. Dark wold (Alttp)
    12. Death mountain (TP)
    13. Hyrule field (TP)
    14. Hyrule castle (Alttp)
    15. Pirate´s hideout (MM)

  • Chukazurikyri

    1.Song of storms-oot
    2.Song of healing-MM
    3.Dragon Roost Island-WW
    4.Sailing music-WW
    5.Hyrule Field-OOT
    6.Eponas Song-OOT
    7.Lost Woods-OOT
    8.Majora fight-MM
    9.Zeldas Lullaby-OOT
    10.The Requiem of Spirit-OOT
    11.The Serenade of Water-OOT
    12.The nocturne of Shadow-OOT
    13.Medlys Harp-WW
    14.Makaars Song-WW
    15.The kokiri Forest-OOT

  • Freedom G

    1. Gerudo Valley
    2. stone tower
    3. dragon roost
    4. Clock Town
    5. song of storms
    6. song of time
    7. sarias song
    8. spirit tracks title theme
    9. spirit tracks town theme
    10. song of healing
    11. ballad of the windfish
    12. OoT title theme
    13. MM field theme
    14. TP title theme
    15. serenade of water

  • Kaylachu

    1. Gerudo Valley
    2. Lost Woods
    3. Epona's Song
    4. Kakariko Village
    5. Clock Town πŸ™‚
    6. Song of Storms
    7. Zelda's Lullaby
    8. Termina Field πŸ™‚
    9. Shop theme (Wind Waker)
    10. Minuet of Forest
    11. Dragon Roost island
    12. Song of Time
    13. Kokiri Village πŸ™‚
    14. Great Fairy Fountain
    15.Goron's Lullaby :))

  • Fatepawn

    Bolero Of Fire (Oot)
    Song Of healing (Oot)
    Zeldas Lullaby (Oot)
    The Spirit Flute (ST)
    Makar's Prayer (ww)
    Treasure Catch Fanfare
    Main Theme (tittle) πŸ˜‰ -Boston Sympthony does a greta version
    Don't Want You no More (TP)
    Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    Midna's Lament
    Battle Theme
    Serenade of Water (OoT)
    Windmill (OOT/Majora's Mask)
    Hyrule Caste (ALTTP)
    Hyrule Field
    I Fight Ganon -By I Fight Dragons (not true zelda but its a fun version of the theme)

    Zelda music is always so fantastic!


    1. Gerudo Valley (OoT )
    2. Song of Storms (OoT)
    3. Saria's Song (OoT )
    4 Orchestra Piece 1 (TP)
    5. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    6. Dark World ( LttP)
    7. Midna's Lament (TP)
    8. Great Bay Shrine (MM)
    9. Last Battle – Phantom Bellum (PH)
    10. Hyrule Field (TP)
    11. Hyrule Field (OoT)
    12. Spirit Tracks Main Theme (ST)
    13. Hyrule Town Theme (MC)
    14. Great Fairy Fountain (LttP)
    15. Mt. Crenel (MC)

  • Juan m.

    1.The main theme oot
    2.Song of storm of healing
    4.Zeldas lullaby
    5.Calling the giants
    6.Spirit temple
    7.lost woods
    8.Song of time
    9.hyrule filds rase
    11.the legendary hero
    12.Clock town
    13.milk bar
    14.ending credits oot
    15.Sailing music

  • Danny1234

    Heres my top 10……

    1) Dark world theme- ALTTP
    2) Hyrule field theme – OOT
    3) Gerudo Valley Theme- OOT
    4) Midnas lament – TP
    5) Dragon Roost island theme -WW
    6) Ballad of the wind fish -LA
    7) Sarias song – OOT
    8) Ocean theme -WW
    9) Song of healing -MM
    10) Clock town (day 3) – MM
    11) Song of time – OOT/MM
    12) Hyrule Castle town Theme- TP
    13) Kakariko Village theme – OOT
    14) Main theme – LOZ
    15) Outset island theme-WW

    Not sure if were supposed to give a reasons so I'll just give my reason for number 1. To me the dark world theme from a link to the past defines what it is to be a zelda song, it not only sets the scene of link being in the dark world it also gives a feeling of exploration and adventure that makes me never want to stop playing! it also has huge nostalgic appeal, to me, the dark world theme is not only the best zelda song it is the best song in video game history!

  • Templus of Timus

    1.1)Ballad of the WindFish
    2) Dragon Roost Island
    3)Farewell Hyrule king
    4)Song of Healing
    5)Midna’s lament
    6)Bolero of Fire
    7)Oath of Order
    8)Gerudo Valley Theme
    9)Byrne To the Rescue (Byrne’s theme?)
    10) Milk Bar theme (Majora’s mask)
    11)Song of Storms
    12)Aryll’s Theme
    13)Malladus Boss Battle Finale
    14) The indigo-go’s theme
    15)The WindWaker Title Theme

    Thats my awesome list of musical awesomeness… With a lot of spelling mistakes πŸ˜›

  • Rishabh

    1 Gerudo Valley OOT
    2 Dragon Roost Island WW
    3 Midna's Lament TP
    4 Song of Storms OOT
    5 Molgera battle WW
    6 Opening OOT
    7 Opening WW
    8 Opening ALTTP
    9 Ballad of The Windfish LA
    10 Byrne's Theme ST
    11 Gohdan Battle theme WW
    12 Kakariko Village OOT
    13 Windfall Island WW
    14 Song of Healing MM
    15 Kokiri Forest OOT

    It was hard, since Zelda has so many good soundtracks.

  • Cristian Lopina

    1.Song of double time
    2.Song of time
    3.Kakarioko village OOT
    4.Hyrule field OOT
    5.Greudo valley OOT
    6.Lost woods OOT
    7.Dragon roost island
    8.Goron village OOT
    9.Zora band MM
    10. Bolero of fire
    11.Clock Town day 1
    12.Song of storms
    13.Great Sea WW
    14.Title music PH
    15.Title music TWP

  • Elfwae237

    1: LA Ballad of the Wind Fish
    2: LA Mabe Village theme
    3: TP "Midna's Lament"
    4: TP E3 trailer theme (does that count?)
    5: OoT Hyrule Field theme
    6: Kakariko Village Theme
    7: MC Credits
    8: MC "Ezlo's Past"
    9: LoZ Credits
    10: LA Tal Tal Heights theme
    11: OoT Zelda's Lullaby
    12: WW Great Sea
    13: LttP Drak World Theme
    14: OoT Saria's Song
    15: All gameboy color games: Title theme (interpretation of main theme)

  • Link

    1 Gerudo Valley OOT
    2 Song of Storms OOT
    3 Dragon Roost Island WW
    4 Ocean WW
    5 Lost Woods OOT
    6 End Credits OOT
    7 Zelda's Lullaby OOT
    8 Hidden Village TP
    9 Midna's Theme TP
    10 Zelda E3 Trailer Theme TP
    11 Hyrule Field OOT
    12 Title Theme WW
    13 Fairy's Fountain (Any Game)
    14 The Story in the Beginning of WW
    15 Song of Healing MM

  • Snaitycake

    1. Song of healing MM
    2.Midna's lament TP
    3.Stone tower temple MM
    4. Deku Nut Palace theme MM
    5. Dragon Roost Island theme WW
    6. Molgera Battle theme WW
    7. Song of storms OOT
    8. Requiem of Spirit OOT
    9. Death Mountian theme TP
    10. Queen Rutella's theme TP
    12. Sacred Grove TP
    13. Dark World Theme ( ALttP)
    14. Gerudo Valley OOT
    15.Gerudo Valley TP

    I really like most pieces in Zelda…..These are just my top ones ;D

  • Kelan

    15: byrnes battle theme (Spirit tracks)
    14: Midna's desperation (Twilight Princess)
    13: Spirit Tracks theme (Spirit tracks)
    12: Kotake and Koume's theme (Ocarina of time)
    11: Great fairy fountain (Ocarina of time/Majora's mask/Twilight princess etc.)
    10: Wind Waker opening (Wind waker)
    9: Clock town (Majora's mask)
    8: Song of healing (Majora's mask
    7: Main theme (Legend of zelda)
    6: Dark world theme (A link to the past)
    5: Hidden village theme (Twlight Princess)
    4: Molgera battle (Wind waker)
    3: Song of storms (Ocarina of time)
    2: Dragon roost island (Wind waker)
    1: Gerudo valley (Ocarina of time)

  • K-man

    1.Bolero of fire
    2.Minute to the forest
    3.The Zelda theme song
    4.Songs of storms
    5.Nocturne of shadows
    6.Seranade of water
    7.Song of Time
    8.Dragon Roost Island Theme
    9.Epona's song
    10.Wind Fish Theme
    11.Saria's song
    12.Song of Healing
    13.Song of Time ( reversed)
    14.Twilight theme music
    15.Wind Waker Miniboss Theme

  • FierceDeityMomo

    1. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    2. Termina Field Theme (MM)
    3. Ballad of the Wind Fish (LA)
    4. Great Fairy Theme (OOT)
    5. Overworld Theme (TP)
    6. Oath to Order (MM)
    7. Gerudo Valley (OOT)
    8. Dungeon Theme (LOZ)
    9. Saria's Song (OOT)
    10. Wind's Requiem (WW)
    11. Song of Time (OOT)
    12. Hyrule Field (OOT)
    13. Windfall Island (WW)
    14. Zelda's Lullaby
    15. Clock Town Theme (MM)

    So hard to pick! I love my Zelda Soundtracks!!!

  • wayofthesheikah

    1. Song of Healing (MM)
    2. Serenade of Water (Queen Rutela) (TP)
    3. Hyrule Field Main Theme (OOT)
    4. Midna's Desperation (TP)
    5. The Great Sea (WW)
    6. The Dark World (ALTTP)
    7. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    8. Saria's Song (Lost Woods) (OOT)
    9. Stone Tower Temple (MM)
    10. Hyrule Castle (ALTTP)
    11. Ocarina of Time Title Theme (OOT)
    12. Gerudo Valley (OOT)
    13. Kakariko Village (ALTTP)
    14. Lon Lon Ranch (OOT)
    15. Light World/Main Zelda Theme (ALTTP)

    Like everyone else, so hard for me to choose! But these are the ones that had the most impact on me throughout my life. Each song brings me back to a different stage of it, all back from the first time I played ALTTP all those years ago. You could say these songs ARE my life! Haha.

  • ngreenway

    1. End Credits Part 1- "Twilight Princess"
    2. Entrance to the Temple of Time- "Twilight Princess"
    3. Main Legend of Zelda theme
    4. Kotake and Koume's Theme- "Ocarina of Time"
    5. Requiem of Spirit- "Ocarina of Time"
    aka Wolf Song 2- "Twilight Princess"
    6. Oath of Order- "Majora's Mask"
    7. Staff Roll (End Credits)- "Wind Waker"
    8. Gerudo Dessert- "Twilight Princess"
    9. Sacred Grove- "Twilight Princess"
    10. Rockvale Temple (Inside)- "Majora's Mask"
    11. The Sages- "Twilight Princess"
    12. Zelda's Lullaby- "Ocarina of Time"
    13. Great Fairy's Theme (Fairy Spring)- any Zelda
    14. Hidden Village- "Twilight Princess"
    15. Final End- "Majora's Mask"

    ([email protected])
    May the fortune of Din, Nayru, and Farore smile down upon me.

  • VideoGamerYoshi

    1. Sheik's Theme OOT
    2. Clock Tower MM
    3. Song of Time OOT/MM
    4. Zora's Domaine OOT
    5. Song of Storms OOT
    6. Princess Zelda TP
    7. Zelda's Theme OOT
    8. Lost Woods
    9. Zelda's Llulluby
    10. Last Battle
    Sorry, can't really think of five more.

    • Loser!

      Well then you shoud start plaing more video games Yosh No wonfer you cant thinj >:p

  • pimpst1ck

    1. Song of Healing MM
    2. Oath to Order (Calling the Four Giants) MM
    3. Gerudo Valley OoT
    4. Overworld Theme aLttP
    5. Title Theme OoT
    6. Last End (Final Hour) MM
    7. Serenade of Water OoT
    8.Ganon's Tower Oot
    9. Fairy Fountain MC
    10. Shadow Temple/Bottom of the Well OoT (creepiest music)
    11. Boss Battle aLttP
    12. Pirate Fortress MM
    13. Hyrule Field OoT
    14. Fire Temple (with original chanting) OoT
    15. Majora's Wrath MM

  • Gerudo Prince

    In order of the game soundtrack's I'm looking at…

    1- Song Of Healing (MM)
    2- Majora's Theme (MM)
    3- Clock Town Themes (MM)
    4- Dairy's Fountain (Multiple Games)
    5- Kamaro's Dance (MM)
    6- Cremia's Wagon (MM)
    7- Title Theme (To MM, OOT, and TP)
    8- Legend Of Hyrule (OOT)
    9- Market (OOT)
    10- Potion Shop (OOT)
    11- Temple Of Time (OOT)
    12- Gerudo Valley (OOT)
    13- Kotake And Koume's Theme (OOT)
    14- Spirit Temple (OOT)
    15- I Don't Want You No More (Bonus track from TP)

    I couldn't even get through half of my zelda music, humph.

  • Lukar

    1) Theme of The Legend of Zelda (Super Smash Bros. Brawl Version)
    2) Dragon Roost Island (The Wind Waker)
    3) Lost Woods (Ocarina of Time)
    4) Hyrule Field (Ocarina of Time)
    5) Orchestra Piece #2 (Twilight Princess)
    6) The Legendary Hero (The Wind Waker)
    7) Overworld (A Link to the Past)
    8) Vaati's Theme (Four Swords)
    9) Ganon Battle Theme (Ocarina of Time – ZREO Version)
    10) Theme of The Legend of Zelda (SoulCalibur II Version)
    11) Title Screen (Ocarina of Time)
    12) File Select Screen (A Link to the Past)
    13) Title Screen (Twilight Princess)
    14) Temple of Time (Twilight Princess)
    15) Gerudo Valley (Ocarina of Time)

  • VVesley9

    1. Gerudo Valley – OOT
    2. Dark World – ALTTP
    3. Overworld – LOZ
    4. Forest Temple – OOT
    5. Dragon Roost Island – TWW
    6. Song of Storms/Windmill Hut – OOT
    7. Hyrule Castle – ALTTP
    8. Title Theme – OOT
    9. Lake Hylia – TP
    10. Song of Time/Temple of Time – OOT
    11. Spirit Temple – OOT
    12. Potion Shop – OOT
    13. Tal Tal Heights – LA
    14. Overworld – ST
    15. Title Theme – TWW

  • SolarRay

    1,Gerudo Valley
    2.Stone Tower
    3.Molgera Battle
    4.Dark World
    5.Deku Palace
    6.Clock Town (Day 2)
    7.Lost Woods
    8.Termina Field
    9.The Great Sea
    10.Hyrule Field (Ocrina of Time)
    11.Dragon Roost Island
    12.Hidden Village
    13.Linebeck's Theme
    14.Hyrule Field (Twilight Princess)
    15.Minish Village
    Can't wait to see who wins.

  • Corson

    just gonna list some songs. too hard to pick favourites.
    Song of Healing, Gerudo Desert, Sariahs Song, Gerudo Pirate Theme, Song of Storms, Main Theme of Course, Final Hour from MM, Ganon Battle from oot, Koume and Kotakes Theme, Ikana castle theme, stone castle, temple of time, Oath to Order (full version) majoras wrath, and deku palace theme.

    I really like the N64 music

  • Espi

    15. Last Battle (OoT)
    14. Hyrule Field (OoT)
    13.Saria's Song/ Lost Woods (OoT)
    12. Last Day (MM)
    11. Skull Woods/Death Mountain (ALttP)
    10. Song of Healing (MM)
    9. Midna's Lament (TP)
    8. Zelda's Lullaby (OoT)
    7. Stone Tower Temple/Inverted (MM)
    6. Main Theme (LoZ)
    5. Dark World (ALttP)
    4. Dragon Roost Island (TWW)
    3. Song of Storms (OoT)
    2. Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    1. Calling the Four Giants/Oath to Order (MM)

  • Shima

    1.Giant's Theme MM
    2.Temple of Droplets TMC
    3.Cloud Tops TMC
    4.Link and Zelda's Duet ST
    5.Zora's Domain MM
    6.Dragon Roost Island TWW
    7.Dungeon Theme TLOZ
    8.Dancing Dragon Dungeon Oracle Series
    9.Palace Theme AoL
    10.Hidden Village TP
    11.Lake Hylia TP
    12.Tower of Gods appears TWW
    13.Darkworld ALTTP
    14.Opening/Title LCT
    15.Mabe Village LA

    So I tried to be creative and choose at least one track of every Zelda game, because they all have some kind of awesome music. Well, I obviously failed, but there is just to much of awesome music in some Zelda games XD

  • Epicness10

    1. Dark World (AlttP)
    2. Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    3. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    4. Termina Field (MM)
    5. Oot Opening Theme (Oot)
    6. Song of Storms (Oot)
    7. Hyrule Field (TP)
    8. Opening Theme (ST)
    9. Zelda's Lullaby (Oot)
    10. Wind Waker Theme Song (WW)
    11. Gerudo Desert (TP)
    12. Final battle (Oot)
    13. Molgera Battle Theme (WW)
    14. Ballad of the Wind Fish (LA)
    15. Linebeck's Theme (PH)

  • FilipeJMonteiro

    You guys should be giving away Songbird's much better ocarinas but, oh well…

    • FilipeJMonteiro

      I wasn't being negative, by the way, it genuinely is a customer's pick and I have stories I could tell about both STLs bad customer service and SongBird's incredible customer service (+ product quality STL lacks – again, I can talk about it).

      But I am sorry if I offended anyone, it truly wasn't my intention.


    1.Song of Healing
    2. Song of Storms
    3.Saria's Song/Lost woods
    4.Stone Towwer Temple
    5.Dragon Roost Island
    6.Gerudo Valley
    7.Clock Town(Day 1, 2, and 3.)
    8.Epona's Song/ LonLon Ranch
    9. Linebeck's Theme
    10.Spirit Tracks Overworld Theme
    11.Windfall Island
    12.Outset Island
    13.Mayor Counsel House
    14.Nocturne of Shadow
    15. Bolero of Fire

  • Oni-Link

    1. Sheik's Theme – OOT
    2. Song Of Time – OOT
    3. Llia's Theme – TP
    4. Song Of Healing – MM
    5. Saria's Song – OOT
    6. Forest Temple Theme – OOT
    7. Dragon Roost Island – WW
    8. Legendary Hero – WW
    9. Song of Storms – OOT
    10. Gerudo Valley – OOT
    11. Zelda's Lullaby – OOT
    12. Sacred Grove – TP
    13. Goron Village – OOT
    14. Oath To Order – MM
    15. Temple Of Time – TP

  • LOL knight

    1: OOT title theme
    2: Midna's lament (TP)
    3: Song of healing (MM)
    4: Dark world (ALTTP)
    5: Zelda's lullaby (from every game featuring zelda)
    6: Overworld theme (TLOZ)
    7: Temple/Palace (Zelda 2)
    8: Train/Overworld (Sp)
    9: Lineback's theme (Ph)
    10: Dragon roost island (wind waker)
    11: Minish woods (MC)
    12: Ballad of the wind fish (LA)
    13: ending theme 1 din and nyaru rescued! (OOS)
    14: ending theme 2 Princess zelda rescued! (OOA)
    15: Main theme (four swords adventures)

  • linksliltri4ce

    1. Gerudo Valley (OoT) (all the way!!!)
    2. Link and Marin's Song (LA)
    3. Title (WW)
    4. Kokiri Forest (OoT)
    5. Zelda's Theme (OoT)
    6. Lost Woods (OoT)
    7. Temple of Time (OoT)
    8. The Indigo-Go's (MM)
    9. The Ballad of the Wind Fish (MM)
    10. Going Down the Rapids (TP)
    11. Return of Calmness (TP)
    12. Title Theme (OoT)
    13. Fairy Flying (OoT)
    14. Hyrule Field Main Theme (OoT)
    15. Market (OoT)

  • Omo

    Not in any particular order:
    1. Song of Time
    2. Kotake and Koume's theme
    3. Gerudo Valley
    4. Ordon Village
    5. Hidden Village
    6. Astral Observitory
    7. Song of Healing
    8. Mayor's Office
    9. Majora's Wrath
    10. Fairy's Fountain
    11. Linebeck's theme
    12. Main theme
    13. Song of Storms
    14. Labrynna Village
    15. Parapa Palace

    I REALLY hope I win this. I've been wanting an ocarina for so long =D

  • waiatto92

    1. Nocturne Of Shadow OOT
    2. Gerudo Desert TP
    3. Gerudo Valley OOT
    4. Hyrule Field TP
    5. Midna’s Desperation TP
    6. Song Of Storms OOT
    7. Hyrule Field Main Theme OOT
    8. Twilight Realm TP
    9. New Wave Bossa Nova MM
    10. Sheik’s Theme OOT
    11. Pirates’ Theme PH
    12. Majora’s Wrath Battle MM
    13. Bolero Of Fire OOT
    14. Earth God’s Lyric WW
    15. Wind God’s Aria WW

  • Twilight King

    1. Song of Healing (MM)
    2. Clocktown Day 1 (MM)
    3. Zora Hall (MM)
    4. Ocarina of Time Opening Theme (OoT)
    5. Spirit Tracks Theme (ST)
    6. Stone Tower Temple (MM)
    7. Astral Observatory (MM)
    8. Indigo-Go's Theme (MM)
    9. Zelda's Lullaby (OoT)
    10. Credits Theme (MM)
    11. Music Box House (MM)
    12. Deku Palace (MM)
    13. Lost Woods (MM)
    14. Termina Field (MM)
    15. Zora's Domain (OoT) (It's different from Zora Hall)

  • PiggyBlackWhite

    . Gerudo Desert (TP) " OOOiii itsss burning out there!!! "
    7. Arbiter's Groung ( TP) "I want my mommy!! " >;
    8. Phantom Zant/Death Sword (TP) " Dios MIos!!!" O:!!
    9. Zelda's Lullaby(OOT) :3
    10. Dark Beast Ganon (TP) *DUNDUNDUN DDDUUN!!!"
    11. Song of Time (OOT) "I dun wanna age!! "
    12. Song of Storms(OOT) "CroooaAaakk~"
    13. Illia's Theme(TP) 8DDDDDDDD
    14. Mini-Boss(MM) *Okay..this reminds me of Naruto!!…….0___0""*
    15. Blizzeta's Theme (TP) "NOOT TAKE MIRROR!! "
    me: Imm not taking that! Gimmmiie that heart container! O imam kiiilll uu!!!

    • PiggyBlackWhite

      SRYYYY The top got cut off 1. Song of Healing (OOT)
      2. Midna's Lament(TP)
      3. Hidden Village (TP)
      4. Sacred Grove (TP)
      5. Spirit Flute (TP)
      immm not tryin to cheat cause my retarded iPad screwed it up >:

  • The Great Deku Frog

    1 Ocean Theme WW
    2 Staff Credits WW
    3 Death Mountain TP
    4 Gerudo Valley OoT
    5 Stone Tower Temple MM
    6 Tal Tal Mountain Range LA
    7 Final Battle: Protecting Zelda ST
    8 Hyrule Field on Horse TP
    9 Song of Storms OoT
    10 Puppet Ganon (all forms) WW
    11 Ganondorf Battle OoT
    12 Final Hour MM
    13 Calling the Four Giants MM
    14 Overworld Theme ST
    15 Dragon Roost Island WW

  • araleith

    1. Song of Time
    2. Song of Storms
    3. Epona's Song
    4. Zelda's Lullaby
    5. Astral Observatory
    6. Gerudo Valley
    7. Nocturne of Shadow
    8. Forest Temple
    9. Title Theme
    10. Saria's Song
    11.Dragon Roost Island
    12. Linebeck's Theme
    13. Sun Song
    14. Bolero of Fire
    15. Song of Healing

  • 1 Stone Tower Temple MM
    2 Clock Town Day 1 MM
    3 Inside Ganon's Castle OOT
    4 Ganondorf Battle WW
    5 Hyrule Castle TP
    6 Dungeon (Light World) Alttp
    7 Ikana Valley MM
    8 Song of Healing MM
    9 Ballad of the Windfish LA
    10 Title Theme Aol
    11 Rain Scene Alttp
    12 Spirit Temple OOT
    13 Woodfall Temple MM
    14 Midna's Theme TP
    15…oh what the heck i love all of them AND their ZREO versions haha but if i had to pick one (which is impossible) then i would pick
    15 (for reals this time) King Boblin TP

  • kirby_freak

    1. Windmill Hut (Song of Storms) – Ocarina of Time
    2. Serenade of Water – Ocarina of Time
    3. Song of Time – Ocarina of Time
    4. Kotake + Koume's Theme – Ocarina of Time
    5. Epona's Song – Ocarina of Time
    6. Title Theme – Spirit Tracks
    7. Title Theme – Majora's Mask
    8. Gerudo Valley – Ocarina of Time
    9. Dragon Roost Island – Wind Waker
    10. Main Zelda Theme (Overworld)! – The Legend of Zelda
    11. Dark World Overworld – Link to the Past
    12. Clock Town Day 2 – Majora's Mask
    13. The Legendary Hero (Wind Waker Opening) – Wind Waker
    14. Cloud Tops – Minish Cap
    15. Linebeck's Theme – Phantom Hourglass

  • Epona500h

    1. Song of Time – OOT
    2. Rutela's Theme (aka Serenade of Water) – TP
    3. Epona's song – OOT
    4. Spirit Temple – OOT
    5. Shadow Temple – OOT
    6. Bolero Of Fire – OOT
    7. Kakariko Village – TP
    8. Gerudo Valley – OOT
    9. Snowpeak Ruins – TP
    10. Lon Lon Ranch – OOT
    11. The Final Hour – MM
    12. The Scarecrow Song – OOT πŸ˜›
    13. Romani Ranch Theme – MM
    14. Minuet of Forest – OOT
    15. Saria's Song – OOT

  • 1) Main Theme
    2) Song of Storms
    3) "Don't Want You No More" TP Trailer Theme
    4) Lon Lon Ranch
    5) Queen Rutela/ Serenade of Water
    6) TP ending credits
    7) Hidden Village TP
    8) Outset Island WW
    9) Ancient Hero WW
    10) Milk Bar
    11) Midna's Lament
    12) Hyrule Field OOT
    13) Overworld AOL
    14) OOT ending credits
    15) Lost Woods

  • Jonathan S

    1.Termina Field(MM)
    2.Dragon Roost Island(WW)
    3.Guru Guru's Song/Song of Storm(MM/OoT)
    4.Deku Nuts palace(MM)
    5.Gerudo Valley(OoT)
    6.Zora Hall(MM)
    7.Sage Fodo(WW)
    8.Dark World(Lttp)
    12.kepora geboras theme/Fukurowa(OoT/MM)
    13.Outset island(WW)
    14.Select Screen(Lttp)
    wasnt easy.. but something lite that.

  • Indignant

    To the douches who don't have an IntenseDebate account:

    Listen, everytime one with an ID profile posts a comment, they automatically get a +1 added to their ratings. It's not that someone favors them and rates them all up; it's just what I told you. And why am I telling you this? Because, you lowlifes are voting them down since they already–AUTOMATICALLY–have a positive. And whoever keeps going around and voting them down just can't take the fact that he/she seems *lower* than them, when they really have to merely get over that fact, as this is the internet and what happens on the internet won't affect your stature in real life, will it, ya pissy snake?

  • HeroofTime79

    01 – Ocarina of Time: Hyrule Field
    02 – Twilight Princess: Hyrule Field
    03 – Ocarina of Time: Zelda's Lullaby
    04 – Wind Waker: Ocean
    05 – Wind Waker: To Hyrule
    06 – Ocarina of Time: Ganondorf Battle
    07 – Ocarina of Time: Chamber Of The Sages
    08 – Ocarina of Time: Temple of Time
    09 – Wind Waker: The Legendary Hero
    10 – Twilight Princess: Faron Woods
    11 – A Link To The Past: Overworld
    12 – Majora's Mask: Title Demo
    13 – Ocarina Of Time: Spirit Temple
    14 – Majora's Mask: Clock Town Day 3
    15 – Ocarina of Time: Forest Temple

  • slammusaranian

    1 Song of Storms–OoT
    2 Dragon Roost Island–WW
    3 Song of Healing–MM
    4 Overworld Theme–LttP
    5 Saria's Song–OoT
    6 Epona's Song–OoT
    7 Overworld Theme–MM
    8 Dark World Theme–LttP
    9 Gerudo Valley Theme–OoT
    10 Hidden Village Theme–TP
    11 Giant's Theme–MM
    12 Midna's Lament–TP
    13 Oath to Order–MM
    14 Ilia's Theme–TP
    15 Minuet of Forest–OoT

  • Trilyan

    All OoT SONGS

  • Laerenna

    1: Song of Storms.
    2: Rutela's theme. (TP)
    3: Song of Healing (MM)
    4: Temple of Time dungeon theme (TP)
    5: Lost Woods (ALttP)
    6: Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    7: Boss Beast Ganon (TP)
    8: Minish Village (MC)
    9: Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    10: Helmaroc King theme (WW)
    11: Hyrule Castle Theme (ALttP)
    12: Astral Observatory (MM)
    13: Midna's theme (TP)
    14: Ballad of the Wind Fish (LA)
    15: Sheik's theme (OoT)

  • Cory

    1. Midna's Lament TP
    2. Gerudo Desert OoT
    3. Serenade of Water OoT
    4. Nocturne of Shadow OoT
    5. Song of Healing MM
    6. Clock Town (Day 1 &2) MM
    7. Hidden Village TP
    8. Forest Temple OOT
    9. Temple AoL
    10. Kakariko Village TP
    11. Kakariko Village OoT
    12. Title Theme ALttP
    13. Astral Observatory MM
    14. Song of Storms OoT
    15. Temple of Time Theme OoT

  • malcolm

    1.Dragon roost island WW of storms OOT
    3.linebacks theme PH of time OOT
    5.gerudo valley OOT
    6.clock town (third day) MM of healing MM
    8.hyrule field TP
    9.dark world ALTTP
    10.zeldas lullaby OOT
    11.prelude of light OOT
    12.woodfall island WW
    13.lake hylia OOT
    14.stone tower temple MM
    15. termina field MM

  • MajinBangFlash

    1) Great Ocean WW
    2) Outset Island WW
    3) Wind Waker title theme WW
    4) Wind Waker mini-boss music WW

    5) Hyrule Field music TP
    6) Arbiters ground theme TP
    7) Lake Hylia theme TP
    8) Snowpeak theme TP

    9) Deku Palace theme MM
    10) Song of healing MM

    11) Saria's song OoT
    12) Fire temple theme (Original Japanese Gold edition) OoT

    13)Vaati Attacks MC

    14) Hyrule Field LoZ

    15) Skyward Sword ttheme (Music from trailer) SS

  • Shaelyn

    1. Hyrule Castle Theme/Farewell Hyrule King (ALttP/TWW)
    2. Intro Theme (LoZ)
    3. Underworld Theme (LoZ)
    4. Temple Theme (AoL)
    5. Song of Awakening/Ballad of the Windfish (LA)
    6. Clocktown Day 3 (MM)
    7. Dark World Dungeon (ALttP)
    8. Credits roll (ALttP)
    9. Southern Shrine / Level 6 – Face Shrine (LA)
    10. Intro Theme/Earth God's Lyric/Wind God's Aria (TWW)
    11. Giant's Theme/Oath to Order/Calling the Four Giants (MM)
    12. Kotake & Koume's Theme/Magic Hags' Potion Shop (OoT/MM)
    13. Song of Storms/Windmill Hut (OoT/MM)
    14. Majora's Mask Battle (MM)
    15. Gerudo Valley (OoT)

    these aren't necessarily in order, but they are my top 15.

  • SFsniper

    1 end credits WW
    2 hyrule field orchestral TP
    3 Spirit Tracks Main Theme ST
    4 Clock Town Theme MM
    5 Gerudo Valley OoT
    6 Gerudo Desert TP
    7 End Credits OoT
    8 Dragon Roost Island WW
    9 Dark World ALTTP
    10 Forest Temple OoT
    11 Kakariko village TP
    12 The Great Sea WW
    13 Outset Island Theme WW
    14 Windmill Hut OoT
    15 Midna's Lament TP

  • Edgar A

    1. The legend of Zelda main theme
    2. Great Temple (AoL)
    3. Dark World (ALTTP)
    4. Ballad of The Windfish (LA)
    5. Song of Storms (OoT)
    6. Oath of Order (MM)
    7. Skull Pirates (OoS)
    8. Mermaids Cave (OoA)
    9. Frozen Hyrule (FSA)
    10.Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    11.Talus Cave (ALTTP-FS GBA)
    12.Vaati’s 1st Battle (TMC)
    13. Hidden Village (TP)
    14. Linebeck’s Theme (PH)
    15. Overworld Realm (ST)

  • gsfanatic

    1. Temple of Time (OOT)
    2. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    3. Gerudo Valley (OOT)
    4. Song of Storms (OOT)
    5. Bolero of Fire (OOT)
    6. Dark World Theme (ALTTP)
    7. Farewell Hyrule King (WW)
    8. Windfall Island (WW)
    9. Temple Theme (AOL)
    10. Serenade of Water (OOT)
    11. Lost Woods (ALTTP)
    12. The Great Sea (WW)
    13. Secret Maze on the Sea of No Return (OoA)
    14. Mid-boss Theme (WW)
    15. Title theme (LoZ)

  • neoman17

    1.Dragon Roost Island WW
    2.Song of Storms OoT
    3.The Great Sea WW
    4.Hidden Village TP
    5.Bolero of Fire OoT
    6.Song of Time OoT
    7.Inverted Song of Time MM
    8.Gerudo Valley OoT
    9.Horse Race OoT
    10.Lost Woods Oot
    11.Beedle’s Shop WW
    12.Shop OoT
    13.Fairy Ocarina Get Oot
    14.Item Catch OoT
    15.Overworld LoZ

  • mrtoken03

    1) Ocarina of time: Scarecrow (who wouldn't want to make up their own song)
    2) Link to the Past: Overworld
    3) Kokiri Forest
    4) Song of Time
    5) Zelda's Lullaby
    6) Original Zelda overworld
    7) Song of time
    8) Termina Field
    9) Saria's song
    10) Water Temple (spent a lot of time here)
    11) Inside the Pirate ship
    12) Song of Passing
    13) Dragon Roost Island
    14) Spirit tracks opening
    15) Spirit tracks in the field

  • Kokiri Leaf

    1. Gerudo Valley OoT
    2. Title Theme OoT
    3. Deku Palace MM
    4. Song of Healing MM
    5. Dragon Roost Island WW
    6. Pirates' Fortress MM
    7. Stone Tower MM
    8. Ancient Castle of Ikana MM
    9. Zoras' Domain OoT
    10. Lake Hylia TP
    11. Mount Crenel MC
    12. Minish Woods MC
    13. Overworld Theme ST
    14. Castle Town Theme ST
    15. Kakariko Village LttP

    Wow, hard to decide! πŸ™‚
    Just realised I have 1073 Zelda tracks, without counting remixes and such πŸ™‚

  • D.Loc

    1. Song of healing (MM)
    2. Linebeck's theme (PH)
    3. OoT opening (OoT)
    4. Minish Village theme (MC)
    5. Fairy Fountain (basically all Zelda's)
    6. Midna's Lament (TP)
    7. Tal Tal heights (LA)
    8. Intro to link to the past (LttP)
    9. Zora's Domain (prefer TP's updated version)
    10. That spirit tracks duet that leads into the Malladus fight (SP)
    11. Oath to Order (MM)
    12. Majora's Incarnation (MM)
    13. The labyrinth theme from original (LoZ)
    14. Ganondorf's theme that evolves as you progress through Hyrule Castle (TP)
    15. And of course, over world theme from LoZ
    = )

  • Topaz Mutiny

    A top 15 songs list, huh. For me, having a favorites list for anything is rather difficult, as my feelings change frequently with the ebb and flow of time. But, I shall try.

    1. Opening Title Theme (OoT) – Has an enormous amount of nostalgia for me, and the melody is very sweet.
    2. Link versus Ganondorf (OoT) – This song still makes my hair stand on end.
    3. Dark World (ALttP) – This song opened up to the part of my play-through where **** just got real.
    4. Select Screen (ALttP) – This is a very soothing melody, more than any other versions.
    5. Dark Lord Ganondorf (TP) – Like with OoT's Ganondorf, this song gets me riled up.
    6. Tal Tal Mountain Range (LA) – Very epic song, even for a Gameboy.
    7. Deku Scrub's Palace (MM) – This song endeared itself to me when I played MM.
    8. Horse Race (OoT) – As much as I like boss music, I also like lulzy tunes like this one.
    9. Bremen March (MM) – It's so happy! And again, I like lulzy tunes.
    10. Boss Battle (MM) – For just normal boss music, this is really good.
    11. Pirate's Fortress (MM) – The tension in this song is wonderful, and fit the mood well.
    12. Gerudo Valley (OoT) – Some people may try to avoid listing this one because of its overuse, but I'm not. It is still an excellent song to this day.
    13. Windmill Hut (OoT) – In a similar vein to the above; I like the song sped up as well.
    14. Ikana Castle (MM) – This song is very epic, and it's not even the fourth temple! This song alone actually made me think Ikana Castle was the fourth temple.
    15. Turned Into A Rabbit (ALttP) – For such a small tune, it speaks quantities about the situation. Panic was the key.

    But don't get me wrong, there are plenty of songs I love that didn't make it into the list.

  • Bottle Maker

    1 Ocarina Of Time
    2 Twilight
    3 Ocarina “Song Of Time
    4 Ocarina “Epona’s Song”
    5 Lake Hylia
    6 Fishing Hole
    7 Secrets Of The Oracles (first song of zelda I ever heard)
    8 Legend Of Hyrule
    9 Taming Epona
    10 Ocarina “Zelda’s Lullaby”
    11 Ocarina “Song Of Time” Wolf Song 1 – Song of Healing
    12 Master Sword
    13 Link’s House
    14 Din’s Dance
    15 Nocturne Of Shadow

  • 10n3r

    OOh, I like the idea of a Hylian shield ocarina!

    My favorite Zelda songs are (In no particular order):
    1. South Clocktown (MM)
    2. Song of Time (OOT/MM)
    3. Inverted Stone Tower Temple (MM)
    4. Stone Tower Temple (MM)
    5. Wind Waker theme [WW(Duh!)]
    6. Midna's Theme (TP)
    7. Dark World (ALLTP)
    8. Romani Ranch Invasion (MM)
    9. Hyrule Field (OOT)
    10. Great Sea (WW)
    11. Termina Field (MM)
    12. Final Hour(MM)
    13. Ballad of the Wind Fish (MM)
    14. Mayor's Office (MM)
    15. Saria's Song (OOT)

    I know most were Majora's Mask, but that's my all time favorite game, so… yeah! Good luck to everyone here, and Merry Christmas!

  • blackraven5400

    1 OoT song of storms
    2 OoT serenade of water
    3 OoT bolero of fire
    4 OoT minuet of forest
    5 hyrule castle in windwaker
    6 spirit tracks overworld adventure
    7 a link to the past church
    8 a link to the past dark world
    9 a link to the past dark world dungeon
    10 nes zelda dungeon
    11 a link to the past boss
    12 a link to the past light world dungeon
    13 a link to the past fortune teller
    14 four swords adventures gamecube map select
    15 four swords adventures gamecube frozen hyrule

  • jordan

    1.grandma's house (ww) 2. midna's lament (tp) 3. zelda theme (tloz) 4. majora's mask title theme 5. kakariko village(tp) 6. windfall island (ww) 7. dragon roost island (ww) 8. twilight theme(tp) 9. catfish's maw (la)

  • jordan

    1.grandma's house (ww) 2. midna's lament (tp) 3. zelda theme (tloz) 4. majora's mask title theme 5. kakariko village(tp) 6. windfall island (ww) 7. dragon roost island (ww) 8. twilight theme(tp) 9. catfish's maw (la) 10. volvaga (oot) 11. subrosia (oracle of seasons) 12. linebeks theme (ph) 13. outset island (ww) 14. stone tower (mm) 15. obsevatory (mm) *i have no e-mail , i just wanted to see my comment in here.

  • slither

    1: Song of Time
    2: Zelda's Lullaby (the long version)
    3: Bolero of Fire
    4: Eagle Song (Twilight Princess)
    5: Hyrule Field Theme (OOT)
    6: Hyrule Field Theme (TP
    7: Main Zelda Theme
    8: Kakariko Village (OOT)
    9: Observatory (MM)
    10: Cat's Song (TP)
    11: Get Item (any of the games)
    12: Temple of Time
    13: Song of Storms
    14: Midna's Lament
    15: Dark World (ALTTP)

  • Greenwind

    15.- Overworld Realm (Spirit Tracks)
    14.- Linebeck's Theme (Phantom Hourglass)
    13.-Hidden Village (Twilight Princess)
    12.- Vaati's Reincarnation (The Minish Cap)
    11.-Talus Cave (Four Swords)
    10.- Frozen Hyrule (Four Swords Adventures)
    9.- Dragon Roost Island (Wind Waker)
    8.-Skull Pirates (Oracle of Seasons)
    7.- Mermaid Cave (Oracle of Ages
    6.- Oath to Order (Majoras Mask)
    5.-Song of Storms (Ocarina of Time)
    4.- Ballad of the Windfish (Link's Awakening)
    3.- Dark World (A Link To The Past)
    2.- Great Temple Shrine (Adventures of Link)
    1.- The Legend of Zelda Main Theme (Hyrule Overture)

  • Aaron Reynolds

    1: Medi's Prayer (Wind Waker)
    2. Midna's Lament (Twilight Princess)
    3. Serenade of Water (Ocarina of Time)
    4. Song of healing (Majoras Mask)
    5. Koume and Kotake's Theme (Ocarina of Time)
    6. Princess Zelda's theme (Link to the Past)
    7. Blizzeta Boss fight Part 2 (Twilight Princess)
    8. Ballad of the windfish (Links awakening)
    9. Song of Fire's Restoration (Spirit Tracks)
    10. Song of The Lokomos (Spirit Tracks)

  • Aaron Reynolds

    OOPS Wait!!!!! I forget the other 5!

    11. Linebeck's theme (Phantom Hourglass)
    12. Goron Lullaby (Majora's Mask)
    13. Clock Town Day 1 (Majora's Mask)
    14. Evan's room (Majoras Mask)
    15. The Legend of Zelda Theme 8-bit (The Legend of Zelda)

    "Hope you can forgive my simple mistake :D. Have a very Merry Christmas and I will be back by midnight.

    ~aw9000 from the ZU forums.

  • Fuwuzzle

    1 Linebeck's theme
    2 Zelda's Lullaby
    3 Deku's palace
    4 Song of storms
    5 Bolero of fire
    6 Stone tower temple
    7 Winf Waker Title
    8 Gerudo Valley
    9 Dragon Roost Island
    10 Earth god's Lyric
    11 Wind God's Aria
    12 MM's Clock town Day 2
    13 MM's Clock town Day3
    14 MM's Clock town Day1
    15 Kokiri Forest

  • zeldafan314

    1.The Legend of Zelda Main Theme
    2.Lost Woods
    3.Oath to Order
    4.Windfall island
    5.Grandma's House
    6.Tal Tal Heights
    7.Ballad of the Wind Fish
    8.Molgera Battle
    9.Hidden Village
    10.Minuet of Woods
    11.Gerudo Valley
    12.Dragon Roost Island
    13.Farewell Hyrule King
    14.Song of Healing
    15.Midna's Lament

  • Rukariol

    Here we go:
    15: Lon Lon Ranch (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)
    14: Overworld (Oracle of Ages/Seasons)
    13: Dark Hyrule Castle (The Minish Cap)
    12: Great Palace (Zelda II)
    11: Midna's Lament (Twilight Princess)
    10: Dragon Roost Island (Wind Waker)
    9: Gerudo Valley (Ocarina of Time)
    8: Tal Tal Heights (Link's Awakening)
    7: Lost Woods (Link to the Past)
    6: Fairy Fountain: (Majora's Mask)
    5: Realm Overworld: (Spirit Tracks)
    4: Linebeck's Theme: (Phantom Hourglass)
    3: Great Sea (Wind Waker)
    2: Nayru's Theme (Oracle of Ages)
    1: Calling the Four Giants (Majora's Mask)

    As soon as I saw the words "Top fifteen" I knew that Calling the Four Giants would be labeled number 1. It's the climax, bonechilling song that made me shiver back then: What if they wouldn't appear? What if the world would end? To this day, Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda because of things like that, which make you think about all kinds of stuff.

  • hellofriend

    1.OoT: End Credits
    2.OoT; Zelda’s Lullaby
    3.OoT: Title Theme
    4.OoT: Sheik’s Theme
    5.WW: Outset Island
    6.OoT: Ocarina of Time
    7.WW: Medli’s Prayer
    8.WW: The Legendary Hero
    9.WW: Title Theme
    10.TP: Ilia
    11.OoT: Kakariko Village
    12.WW: Windfall Island
    13.OoT: Market
    14.WW: Aryll’s Theme
    15.OoT: Kokiri Forest

  • Randy

    Song of healing
    bolero of fire
    nocturne of shadows
    lost woods
    ordon village
    skullkid's theme
    koume kotake theme
    great ocean cursed theme
    music box theme
    stone tower temple
    shadow temple
    staff roll MM
    end credits WW
    end credits OoT
    kamero's dance

  • Headphoneguy

    15. Overworld – AoL
    14. Song of Storms – OoT
    13. Mini Boss Battle – WW
    12. Fraaz Master of Icy Fire – ST
    11. Frozen Hyrule – FSA
    10. Tal Tal Heights – LA
    9. Title Screen – OoA/ OoS
    8. Song of Healing – MM
    7. Linebeck's Theme – PH
    6. Temple of Droplets – MC
    5. Trailer music – SS ( XD)
    4. Overworld – ALttP
    3. Last Day – MM
    2. Faron Woods – TP
    1. Game Over Screen – LoZ

    I think I like the game over screen because I've seen it so many times…..

    • Headphoneguy

      Dammit! I forgot ballad of the wind fish…

  • 1. Bolero of Fire
    2. Gerudo Valley
    3. Dragon Roost Island
    4. Spirit Tracks Field
    5. Lon Lon Ranch Theme
    6. Molgera
    7. Spirit Tracks Overworld
    8. Temple Theme (The Adventure of Link)
    9. Hyrule Castle Courtyard
    10. Death Mountain
    11. Bremen March
    12. The Legendary Hero
    13. Gohdan
    14. Kaepora Gaebora
    15. Deku Nut's Palace

  • Saiberion

    1. Ocean Theme WW
    2. Hyrule Field OoT
    3. End Credits MM
    4. Gerudo Valley OoT
    5. Milk Bar Theme MM
    6. Ilia Theme TP
    7. Midna Theme TP
    8. Song of Storms OoT
    9. Overworld Theme ST
    10. Lokomo Song – Gage ST
    11. Kokiri Forest OoT
    12. Queen Rutela (Serenade of Water) TP
    13. Requiem of Spirit OoT
    14. Ballad of the Windfish LA
    15. Fairy Spring WW

  • sprocket07

    1. Molgera's Theme WW
    2. Outset Island WW
    3. Song of Storms OoT
    4. Wind Waker Title Theme WW
    5. Clocktown MM
    6. Saria's Song/Lost Woods OoT
    7. Twilight Princess Trailer TP
    8. Link and Zelda's Duette ST
    9. The Theme Song from the Dark World aLttP
    10. Link to the Past Title Theme aLttP
    11. The Legend of Zelda Theme TLoZ
    12. Deku Palace Theme MM
    13. Gerudo Valley OoT
    14. Lon Lon Ranch OoT
    15. Dragon Roost Island WW

  • 1.Ballad of the Windfish (LA)
    2.Saria's Song( OoT)
    3.Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    4.Song of Storms( OoT)
    5.Zelda's Theme (ST)
    6. Zelda's Lullaby (OoT)
    7. Clock Town Day 2 (MM)
    8. Realm Overworld (ST)
    9.Song of Healing (MM)
    10.Deku Palace( MM)
    11. Stone Tower(right side up) (MM)
    12.Kakariko Village (ALTtP)
    13.Hyrule Field (OoT)
    14.Molgera( WW)
    15.Palace theme (AoL)

  • Richard

    1. Dragon Roost Island Theme (WW)
    2. OoT Title Theme (OoT)
    3. WW Title Theme (WW)
    4. Song of Storms (OoT)
    5. Song of Time (OoT/MM)
    6. Dungeon Theme (LoZ)
    7. ST Title Theme (ST)
    8. Midna's Lament (TP)
    9. Hyrule Castle Theme (LttP)
    10. WW Prologue (WW)
    11. Saria's Song (OoT)
    12. AoL Dungeon Theme (AoL)
    13. Ciela's Theme (PH)
    14. Nayru's Theme (OoA)
    15. Outset Island Theme (WW)

  • Bolero of Fire

    This was really hard. There were so many songs I love that I had to leave out.

    15. Forest Temple (OoT)
    14. Bolero of Fire (OoT)
    13. Armogohma (TP)
    12. Lost Woods (OoT)/ Sacred Groove (TP)
    11. New Wave Bossa Nova (MM)
    10.Nayru's Song (OoA)
    9. Kokiri Forest (OoT)
    8. Clock Town Day 3 (MM)
    7. Dudgeon Theme (LoZ) / Royal Crypt (MC)
    6. Hyrule Field (OoT)
    5. Dark World (ALTTP)/ Frozen Hyrule (FSA)
    4. Windmill Hut/Song of Storms (OoT)
    3. Ocean (tWW)
    2. Song of Healing (MM)
    1. Lake Hylia (TP)

  • Megan

    1 Gerudo Valley OoT
    2 Dragon Roost Island WW
    3 Queen Rutela TP
    4 Dark World Overworld ALTTP
    5 Lost Woods OoT
    6 Zora's Domain Oot
    7 Sheik's Theme OoT
    8 Forest Temple OoT
    9 Sacred Grove TP
    10 The Legendary Hero WW
    11 Ocean WW
    12 Inside Forest Haven WW
    13 Midna's Desperation TP
    14 Fairy Spring OoT
    15 New Wave Bossa Nova MM

  • itwontaccept

    1. Song of Storms OOT
    2. Saria's song OOT
    3. Dragon Roost WW
    4. Zelda Theme
    5.Molgera battle WW
    6. Linebeck's Theme PH
    7. Song of Healing MM
    8. Song of Time OOT
    9. Zelda's Lullaby OOT
    10. Minuet of Forest OOT
    11. Belero of Fire OOT
    12. Gerudo Theme OOT
    13. Oath to Order MM
    14. Opening theme to Wind Waker
    15. Clock Town MM

  • OoTfanatic

    1 Gerudo Valley OoT
    2 Zelda's Lullaby OoT
    3 Molgera Battle WW
    4 Astral Observatory MM
    5 Heroic Return OoA
    6 Wind God's Aria WW
    7 Hyrule Castle WW
    8 Castle Courtyard OoT
    9 Gohdan Battle WW
    10 Saria's Song (Lost Woods) OoT
    11 Dragon Roost Island WW
    12 Hyrule Castle aLttP
    13 Dark World aLttP
    14 Midna's Lament TP
    15 Phantom Ganon WW

    Note: These are not in order and I wish I could put more πŸ˜‰

  • 1. Title Theme from OOT
    2. Title Theme from WW
    3. Dragon Roost Island from WW
    4. Hyrule Field from TP
    5. Back to the spring from TP
    6. Mabe Village from LA
    7. Song of Storms/Windmill hut from OOT
    8. Outset Island from WW
    9. Pirate Ship from WW
    10. Gerudo Valley from OOT
    11. Overworld them from LOZ
    12. Linebeck's Theme from PH
    13. Opening Theme from ST
    14. Dark world from ALttP
    15. Dark Mountain from ALttP

  • Oppoco

    1.WW: Dragon Roost Island
    2.OoT: Song of Storms
    3.OoT: Lost Woods
    4.OoT: Song of Healing
    5.aLTtP: Dark World
    6.OoT: Gerudo Valley
    7.OoT: Zelda Main Theme
    8.WW: Title Theme
    9.OoT: Bolero of Fire
    10.ST: Underwater theme
    11.ST: Hyrule Castle
    12.MM: Stone Tower Temple
    13.OoT: Nocturne of Shadows
    14.ST: The Final Exam
    15.ST:Forest/Snow/Ocean Temple

  • Luciano92

    1. Lost Woods-OoT
    2. Zelda's Lullaby-OoT
    3. Song of Healing-MM
    4. Title Theme-OoT
    5. Farewell Hyrule King-WW
    6. Serenade of Water-OoT
    7. Lon Lon Ranch- OoT
    8. Dark World Theme- ALttP
    9. Palace Theme-AoL
    10. Gerudo Valley-OoT
    11. Oath to Order-MM
    12. Hidden Village-TP
    13. Deku Palace-MM
    14. Astral Observatory- MM
    15. Linebeck's Theme-PH

  • LinkFX

    In no specific order:

    Song of Time from OoT
    Song of Healing from MM
    Song of Storms from OoT
    Gerudo Valley from OoT
    Dragon Roost Island from TWW
    Dark World from ALttP
    Zelda Lullaby from ALttP
    Zelda Main Theme from LoZ
    Tal Tal Heights from LA
    Death Mountain from ALttP
    Oath to Order from MM
    Midna's Lament from TP
    Credits from ALttP
    Hyrule Field from TP
    Sheik's Theme from OoT

  • 1.Zelda’s Lullaby (Ocarina of Time)
    2.Song of Storms (Ocarina of Time)
    3.Shop Theme (Ocarina of Time)
    4.Credits (Wind Waker)
    5.The Final Hour (Majora’s Mask)
    6.Song of Time (Ocarina of Time)
    7.Kakariko Village (A Link to the Past)
    8.Overworld Theme (The Legend of Zelda)
    9.Last Battle (Ocarina of Time)
    10. Link & Zelda’s Duet (Spirit Tracks)
    11.Queen Rutela (Twilight Princess)
    12.Song of Healing (Majora’s Mask)
    13. Astral Observatory (Majora’s Mask)
    14. Calling the Four Giants (Majora’s Mask)
    15. To the Moon (Majora’s Mask)


    1.The Legendary Hero-WW
    2.Title Theme-OoT
    3.Earth God's Lyric-WW
    4.Song of Storms-OoT
    5.Bolero of Fire-OoT
    6.Hyrlue Field Theme-OoT
    7.Dungeon Theme-Loz
    8.Lon-Lon Ranch-OoT
    9.Minuet of The Forest-OoT
    10.Great Fairy Fountain Theme-MM
    11.Requim of Spirit-OoT
    12.Overworld Theme-LoZ
    13.Ice Cavern-OoT
    14.Hyrule Castle Courtyard-OoT
    15.Shooting Gallery-OoT

  • thenewlink

    1. Milk Bar (MM)
    2. Kakariko Village (OoT)
    3. Ordon Village (TP)
    4. Fencing Instruction (WW)
    5. Mabe Village (LA)
    6. End Credits (LOZ)
    7. Legendary Hero (WW)
    8. Kokiri Forest (OoT)
    9. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    10. Bolero of Fire (OoT)
    11. Song of Healing (MM)
    12. Light World (ALttP)
    13. Kaepora Gaebora's Theme (OoT)
    14. Windfall Island (WW)
    15. Dark World (ALttP)

  • troydenite

    1. Main Theme
    2. Zelda's Lullaby
    3. Serenade of Water
    4. Windmill Hut
    5.Title Theme
    6. Gerudo Valley
    7. Epona's Song
    8. Lon Lon Ranch

    9. Song of Healing
    10. Oath to Order
    11.Termina Field

    12. The Great Sea
    13. Dragon Roost Island

    14: Ballad of the WIndfish

    15. Title Theme

  • Melissa

    1. Spirit Tracks Theme (ST)
    2. Lost Woods (OOT)
    3. Linebeck's Theme (PH/ST)
    4. Wind Waker Theme (WW)
    5. Field Theme (OOT)
    6. Field Theme (TP)
    7. Midna's Lament (TP)
    8. Zelda Theme (TLOZ)
    9. Hyrule Castle (ALTTP)
    10. Tal Tal Heights (LA)
    11. Ballad of Windfish (LA)
    12. Molgera Battle Theme (WW)
    13. Temple of Time (OOT)
    14. Ganondorf's Theme (OOT)
    15 .Song of Storms (OOT)

  • Jordan

    1. The Final Hour MM
    2. Hyrule Field OOT
    3. Zora Domain OOT
    4. Forest Temple OOT
    5. Gerudo Valley OOT
    6. Lost Woods OOT
    7. Zelda's Lullaby OOT
    8. Song of Storms OOT
    9. Termina Field Theme MM
    10. Oath to Order MM
    11. Boss Battle MM
    12. Ganon Battle OOT
    13. Song of Storms OOT
    14. Majora Battle MM
    15. Astral Observatory MM

  • Armos

    I have added my most favourited song from every canon The Legend of Zelda game to date. It was quite difficult, I must address. This list below is formed in chronological order to accommodate the aforementioned. Without further ado, I present to you the list:

    #1: Dungeon (The Legend of Zelda).
    #2: Thunderbird Palace (The Adventure of Link).
    #3: Triforce Chamber (A Link to the Past).
    #4: Link's Awake (Link's Awakening).
    #5: Spirit Temple (Ocarina of Time).
    #6: Last End (Majora's Mask).
    #7: Fairies Fountain & Impa's Odd Arrival (Oracle of Ages).
    #8: Secrets of the Oracles (Oracle of Seasons).
    #9: Crystal Room (Four Swords).
    #10: Earth God's Lyric (The Wind Waker).
    #11: Temple (Four Swords Adventures).
    #12: Minish Village (The Minish Cap).
    #13: After Boss Fight (Twilight Princess).
    #14: The Phantom Hourglass (Phantom Hourglass).
    #15: The Spirit Flute (Spirit Tracks).

  • Ness

    Not sure if I'm late for this or not, Midnight Dec 26th means when Dec 26 starts or just when it ends?… Either way I REALLY want one of these!! >A<;;

    1) Song of Storms – OoT
    2) Song of Healing – MM
    3) Lost Woods – OoT
    4) Song of Time – OoT
    5) Main Theme – TP
    6) Midna's Desperate Hour – TP
    7) Hyrule Castle – AlttP
    8) Vaati's Wrath – MC
    10) Gerudo Valley – OoT
    11) Windfall Islant – WW
    12) Final Hour – MM

  • Ness

    Argh! Posted 12 instead of 15!!! I hope this one counts rather than my previous post!! It's not like I'm posting twice to get more I just made an error >.<;;;

    1) Song of Storms – OoT
    2) Song of Healing – MM
    3) Lost Woods – OoT
    4) Song of Time – OoT
    5) Main Theme – TP
    6) Midna's Desperate Hour – TP
    7) Hyrule Castle – AlttP
    8) Vaati's Wrath – MC
    10) Gerudo Valley – OoT
    11) Windfall Islant – WW
    12) Final Hour – MM
    13) Temple of Time – OoT
    14) Hyrule Field – TP
    15) Bolero of Fire – OoT

  • zeldaboy123

    1. Lon Lon Ranch (oot)
    2. Gerudo Valley (oot)
    3. Zelda's theme (tp)
    4. dragon roost island (ww)
    5. ingo's theme (oot)
    6. battle (oot)
    7. market (oot)
    8. lost woods (oot)
    9. day1 (mm)
    10. midna's theme (tp)
    11. forest temple (oot)
    12. stone tower temple (mm)
    13. clock town theme (mm)
    14. deku palace (mm)
    15. hyrule field (oot)

  • miforever

    1. Spirit Temple OOT
    2. Stone Tower Temple Upside Down MM
    3. Last End MM
    4. Midna's Desperation TP
    5. Queen Rutela TP
    6. Title Theme WW
    7. Calm and Hope TP
    8. Title Theme OOT
    9. Forest Temple OOT
    10. Zelda's Theme OOT
    11. Forest Haven WW
    12. Nocturne of Shadow OOT
    13. Last Battle OOT
    14. Giant's Theme MM
    15. Lost Woods OOT

    It was so hard to narrow down a top 15. I love a lot of the music from the games. It was very easy to pick "Spirit Temple" as my favourite though. I just love how it sounds so traditional and old. Really sets the mood for trawling through a sand based temple and makes me think of Ancient Egyptian temples and the like.

  • Sarianae

    1) Song of Storms/Windmill Hut (OoT)
    2) Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    3) Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    4) Requiem of Spirit (OoT)
    5) Forest Temple (OoT)
    6) Hyrule Castle (ALttP)
    7) Deku Palace (MM)
    8) The Legendary Hero (WW)
    9) Bolero of Fire (OoT)
    10) Overworld Theme (LoZ)
    11) Palace Theme (Zelda II)
    12) Hyrule Field Main Theme (TP)
    13) Hidden Skill Training (TP)
    14) Sacred Grove (TP)
    15) WW Title (WW)

    It's incredibly hard to put them in any order since each song evokes a different kind of feeling, thus making it difficult to place them on equal grounds for comparison. That and choosing only 15 is tough, as there're too many good tracks to name!

  • Oscar

    1 Dark World ALTTP
    2 Ballad of the Wind Fish LA
    3 Molgera WW
    4 Puppet Ganon Snake WW
    5 Midna's Lament TP
    6 Fishing Hole TP
    7 Fairy's Fountain ALTTP
    8 Menu WW
    9 Dragon Roost Island WW
    10 Farewell Hyrule King WW
    11 Temple AOL
    12 Blizzeta phase 2 TP
    13 Stallord TP
    15 Lost Woods OOT

  • HexLuminae

    1 Astral Observetory MM
    2 Clock Town MM
    3 Overworld LoZ
    4 Dark World Death Mountain ALttP
    5 Hyrule Castle ALttP
    6 Title Theme WW
    7 The Great Sea WW
    8 Gerudo Camp Theme OoT
    9 Spirit Temple Theme OoT
    10 Forest Temple OoT
    11 Dragon Roost Theme WW
    12 Puppet Ganon Spider Form WW
    13 Ganondorf Battle WW
    14 Final Battle OoT
    15 Ikana Castle MM

  • Jose

    1. Song of Healing (MM)
    2. Lost Woods (OoT)
    3. Palace Theme (Zelda 2)
    4. Fairy Fountain (OoT)
    5. Serenade of Water (OoT)
    6. Midna's Lament (Twilight Princess)
    7. Day 3 of Clock Town (MM)
    8. Song of Storms (OoT)
    9. Stone Tower Inverted (MM)
    10. Molgera Battle (WW)
    11. Dragon Roost Island (WW)
    12. Final Hours (MM)
    13. Majora's Incarnation (MM)
    14. Overworld theme (Zelda 1)
    15. Ikana Castle (MM)

  • Maelstrom

    1. Song of Storms (OoT)
    2. Song of Healing (MM)
    3. Ballad of the Windfish (MM <– Yes, that version of it)
    4. Oath to Order (MM)
    5. Commanding Vow (Majora's Mask Orchestrations – MM)
    6. Tattered Slippers OC ReMix (Midna's Desperation – TP)
    7. Pirates of Dragon Roost Isle OC ReMix (Dragon Roost Isle – WW)
    8. Staff Credits Redux ZREO (Staff Credits – WW)
    9. Seaside Lullaby OC ReMix (Windfish Ballade – LA)
    10. Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    11. Bonus Track – Daru Blue (Majora's Mask Orchestrations – MM)
    12. Nocturne of Shadow (OoT)
    13. Requiem of Spirit (OoT)
    14. Kotake and Koume's Theme (OoT)
    15. Oath to Order (Metallic Pixels cover – MM)

  • Off the top of my head and in no particular order:

    Main Theme – Legend of Zelda
    Dark World – Link to the Past
    Castle Hyrule – Link to the Past
    Gerudo Valley – Ocarina of Time
    Kaepora Gaebora – Ocarina of Time
    Clock Town – Majora's Mask
    Milk Bar – Majora's Mask
    Lon Lon Ranch – Ocarina of Time
    Astral Observatory – Majora's Mask
    Kakariko Village – Ocarina of Time
    Prologue – Wind Waker
    Hyrule Market – Ocarina of Time
    Castle Courtyard – Ocarina of Time
    Fairy Flying – Ocarina of Time
    Twilight Princess trailer #2

  • FishieeTaco

    1. Here Comes Maple!
    2. Queen Ambi’s Palace
    3. Kamaro’s Dance
    4. Magic Hag’s House
    5. The Ghost’s House
    6. The Flying Rooster is Alive!
    7. Theme from Majora’s Mask
    8. Saria’s Song
    9. The Legend of the Hero
    10. Minish Village
    11. Quest Begins
    12. Link and Marin’s Song
    13. Link Dies
    14. Enter Zelda
    15. Hyrule Field Morning Theme

  • iluvuchihasasuke

    1. Link’s House
    2. Hunting The Monkey
    3. Dark Grotto
    4. Hyrule Castle Jingle
    5. Adventurer’s Spring
    6. Vaati’s Theme
    7. The Legendary Hero
    8. Outset Island
    9. Grandpa’s House
    10. The Great Sea
    11. Hyrule Castle
    12. Battle Against the Bosses
    13. The Ghost Ship
    14. Oshus
    15. Linebeck

  • Peter

    15. Dragon Roost Island WW
    14. Midna's Lament TP
    13. Great Sea WW
    12. Hyrule Field TP
    11. Song of Storms OOT
    10. Blizzeta 2 TP
    9. Chase Epona MM
    8. Oath to Order MM
    7. Hyrule Field OOT
    6. Gerudo Valley OOT
    5. Termina Field MM
    4. Astral Observatory MM
    3. Saria's Song OOT
    2. Song of Healing MM
    1. Dark World ALTTP

  • doodpoopdood

    1. A Wolf in Ordon
    2. Faron Woods
    3. Resurging of Kakariko Village
    4. Climbing a Beanstalk
    5. Syrup’s Shop
    6. Boss
    7. Beedle’s Shop
    8. Bokoblin Migration
    9. Aryll’s Kidnapping
    10. Hyrule Overworld Theme
    11. Termina Field
    12. At Sea
    13. Enemy
    14. Fortune Teller
    15. Pirates’ Theme

  • Adelade

    1. Serenade of Water/Queen Rutela (OoT/TP)
    2. Gerudo Valley (OoT)
    3. Midna in Distress (TP)
    4. Song of Healing (MM)
    5. Dungeon theme (AoL)
    6. Blizzeta Battle Second Half (TP)
    7. Last Battle (OoT)
    8. Song of Time (OoT)
    9. Inside Ganon's Castle (OoT)
    10. Hyrule Castle Tower (TP)
    11. Song of Storms (OoT)
    12. Overworld theme (AoL)
    13. Overworld Theme (WW)
    14. Lost Woods (OoT)
    15. Ballad of the Wind Fish (LA)

    Hope its not too late D,:

  • NooMoo

    1. Zelda Main Theme πŸ™‚
    2. Zelda's lullaby
    3. Song of Healing
    4. Hyrule Field
    5. Hyrule castle
    6. Zelda's Theme
    7. Ocarina Sand of time
    8. Windfall Island
    9. Ocarina Saria's Song
    10. Ocarina End Credits
    11. Song of Healing
    12. Wind Waker theme
    13. Midna's Lament
    14. Termina Field
    15. Twilight Princess Melody

  • Miguel

    sup and its my first time here so I'm hoping to win

  • Miguel

    1.Oath to order
    2.Zelda's lulubuy( sorry if my spelling's wrong)
    3.Sarias song (sorry again)
    4.Boss fight Windwaker
    5.Oath to order

  • Excellent article, I can’t wait for more! I will check back regularly πŸ™‚