You’re probably thinking, “How is anybody good enough to pull that off?” But, despite your thoughts, a YouTuber named Sp0ntanius has, indeed, performed the Song of Healing on nothing but wine glasses, and the results are pretty darned impressed.

He has two channels; one is a real channel for videos of all sorts, but a second channel is dedicated solely to Zelda videos – that’s some dedication to the series! We’ve picked out another one of his videos you should watch; check it out after the jump.

  • MoronOfTime

    Wow 0.o I just sat there in awe for 2:05 thinking how long that must have taken him….This dude is epic đŸ˜€

  • Headphoneguy

    Not only was it wonderful to listen to, but it was funny to watch too!

  • He must have been really careful not to break any of the wine glasses…unintentionally. Or he drank the wine before he started playing and that's why he knocked the glass over. Hmmm…

    And does he even know how many trees he's killed?!?

    • Twilight King

      Trees for wineglasses?

      • mockingbird8

        I think Thareous is refering to the second video

  • twilight_princess13

    zomg. this guy is the epic of epic epicness O_o

  • Shadow-sama

    Omg, this is awesome shiz.

  • Blitz

    Why does he have a hair cut like that little Justin Biebeibeber kid?

  • yanoit15

    …completely and purely and epicly awsome…