As part of his LoZ: Metal album, ArtificialFear has put out another good video & song.  This time it’s a cover of Dragon Roost Island.  I’ll give you a quick run-down.  Starts out exactly like the original.  Drums and guitar start, drums drop out, drums pop back in, and then it’s a pure, honest-to-goodness metal cover the rest of the song.  There’s some sweet harmonies in there too, so give it a listen.  You can download (or buy) the rest of ArtificialFear’s album, here.

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  • bobbby

    cool that's like heavy metal zelda. i like it. Oh wait am I first? hmmm cool.

  • Moriquendi

    That's actually kind of awesome xD

  • gilbert

    less meaningless information, more skyward sword news!

    • Well, if there isn't any SS news, how can we give it? Exactly. See those thumbs down on the right? Here's a third.

      • QueenxLink

        And a fourth ^^ Nice one.

    • Less meaningless complaints, more on-topic comments!

  • The One

    Ugh… I hate metal.

    • manga ninja

      you listen to pop lemme guess

  • QueenxLink

    Sounds awesome! I love metal :3

  • I've always had this idea of how awesome game songs would be with medal or electric, and this proves that idea worthy. The one I'd love most of all to see done in medal or electric is the Super Smash Bros Brawl Menu. But I'm mainly looking out for guitar versions of the Zelda games, like the one above, and this gave me a good headstart, so thanks Caleb!

  • ChainofTermina

    … this really metal? my brother listens to metal all the time and this is far more enjoyable. maybe because it's zelda I guess, and not 30 chords and 50 drum beats all condensed into one millisecond. but this song just sounds like Rock'n Roll. and it's awesome.

    • Royug

      There are different kinds of metal music. Your brother probably listens to black or death metal.

      The song is very well covered, but like most of the zelda metal covers, i think it lacks the spirit of the original song. Guitars sound good, but it feels empty…

    • 777frog

      this is more of your like metalica metal or (new) avenged sevenfold. im asuming your bro listens to the "metal" with screaming if so this would sound fairly different

  • Linktomyass

    Another “guitar” cover of a song that was better off left alone. Just sounds like someone strangling a cat. It’s not that the guitar work isn’t decent, just not a good song for electric guitar… most Zelda songs.

    Umm but my phsychologist says i need to be more positive sooo….. ….. .. 🙂

  • Oppoco

    Man…. this stuff is awesome! i just got the whole album to hear the rest of the songs and there all just as good.