I know everyone has seen covers and remixes of Nintendo songs, but this 21 year old instrumentalist has brought some light to what someone who puts their mind to something can do to an already great song.

Casper Smit, or CSGuitar89 (as he’s called on YouTube and his website), grew up in the Netherlands, and didn’t lay his hands on an instrument at all until he was fourteen, where he played the bass guitar for an assignment in his music class.  He immediately took up an interest in guitar, and asked his music teacher for lessons. The teacher taught Casper for about a year and a half, until the teacher moved to Brazil.  Since then, he’s taught himself.  You can check out the rest of his bio here at his site.

Find out why that’s so impressive after the jump.

In the past year, he’s caught an interest in video game music, and he thought he could use his talents in that field.  He was right.

He has 33 songs published on his site as of now.  Some are video game covers, some are not (he even did the Family Guy theme!), but they’re all equally as good. And he has more Legend of Zelda songs than any other game. Go figure.

Here are a couple of youtube videos he’s put out, but you should go to his site for high quality mp3’s and even more tracks!

Hyrule Field

Gusty Garden Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)