We’ve all heard hard critics’ opinions on the impressionistic graphics of Skyward Sword. There’s one issue that most people seem to have with it: just how bright and happy everything looks. A youtuber named SUPERMARIOBROTHERS13 found a way to fix that and show us using some simple photo manipulation what a darker, more ominous Skyward Sword might look like.

We hope that Nintendo actually decides to do something like this with the graphics, because if they don’t, the terrifying dungeons will seem more like a flower garden than a volcanic crater. We’ve already seen evidence in the latest batch of Skyward Sword screenshots that this could be happening, as the color palette seemed dulled down from the E3 2010 batch. Could they take it further? Let us know what you think in the comments!

  • Darth Goron

    hmmm… not quite sure what to think of this… i still prefer TP graphics over this, but i guess its ok…

    • Shadow

      I agree – when depicting an 'epic' adventure, darker and more textured is always more emersive. These edits are definitely better than their original counterparts.

    • jopasety

      yeah i think that too but this graphics that he showed us are better than the gay crap before

  • Ftimis

    Hmmm, dunno about this one. Kinda have mixed feelings about this. They should either make it colorful or dark, not smething in the middle…

  • linkylova

    I really really really would be soo happy if they decide to take this route. The graphics remain artistic and stylized but they look dark so both critics can have their share. πŸ™‚

  • Anomynous

    I like all of the pictures Except for the last one its a bit to dark

    • mcdude910

      agreed. It didn't match the others

  • SkallaML

    Zelda is fantasy. Fantasy allows for a lot of variations in color, and that includes bright and whimsical. I don't see where "flower garden" is coming from at all. I see whimsy, not cutesy.

    So… I'm not a fan of these manipulations. They remove all the interest in favor of a "dark" feeling. Which is cool for future Zelda titles, but we just passed a "dark" feeling console Zelda with TP. It's time for a bright, cheery, traditional Nintendo console game.

  • ShadowofLight

    Awful, it doesn't fit the nature of the graphics at all IMO.

    As shown in the trailer and told by the man himself, it's a mixture of graphics and probably more.
    I'm sure there will be plenty of dark scenes and moments in the game ( like in Twilight Princess )

    How on earth can you tell the Graphics sucks when it's not even completed yet. Just wait until it is released and play the game and THEN critisize if you must.

    • I'm sure that there will be plenty of dark scenes in SS. These manipulations can show how they could be changed to fit whatever mood the current area is supposed to give off.

      We never said the graphics suck. We only said that the graphics have been criticized. For instance–trees inside an impressionistic painting tend to be either blobs or triangle shaped things. The way they have it in SS so far is probably the best way to emulate that kind of tree in 3D.

      So, at least give it a chance.

  • Victor George

    They could go for the look of Disney's Tangled in a future Zelda game.

  • strongfan

    I sure hope they don't do this. I liked how Skyward Sword felt bright and happy…at least in the overworld, anyway. I think it would be fitting to make the dungeons dark and scary, but keep the overworld bright and happy πŸ™‚

  • Dewi

    When is Nintendo going to release some news about Skyward Sword? πŸ™

    • ShadowofLight

      Probably before the end of this year πŸ™‚
      Would be a great christmas gift.

      • Dewi

        Yeah it would! πŸ˜€ Let's hope so πŸ™‚

  • HeavyWeaponsFan

    I can't believe that my video would be featured on a top Zelda site. I am most honored. But more importantly for those who don't understand, the point of this video was to show that even impressionistic artwork can be dark and moody. At the time, people were complaining about the artstyle of Skyward Sword and I was getting sick of it. I was getting tired of people saying "Oh, it's too kiddy." So, in hopes to stop their complains, I tweaked the E3 pictures of Skyward Sword to make it seem darker and more moody. I went all out with it to show those whiners that just because Nintendo wanted to go with a cel-shaded route again, doesn't mean it will be kiddy. Hell, it might be even darker than Twilight Princess…

    • Was this your video? If so, I think it's great what you did!

      • HeavyWeaponsFan

        Yep! If you go look at the video's description on Youtube, you'll see the evidence that this is my work. And, I'm glad that you liked it.

    • MoronOfTime

      I really liked this ^^ great play on the colours~

    • ShadowofLight

      I agree πŸ™‚
      Besides, if they want it to be less bright and colorful, they should mess with the color and brightness settings on their TV sets πŸ˜›

    • Linksoer

      I guess I'm to blame, since Im the one who provided the link in ''submit news'' and in the forums =P

      • HeavyWeaponsFan

        As I said on Youtube: We are a brotherhood, like the mighty gorons. No worries, my friend.

  • This, in my opinion, is perfect. I'd rather have it right between Twilight Princess and Wind Waker than more in one. But I was never displeased about the graphics before; for me the gameplay and story continuity makes a game what it is.

    • MoronOfTime

      I agree ^^ I love both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess graphics for different reasons, so a hybrid of the two is perfect.

      • Gorons4Sale0814

        lol its already a mix between those two graphics…models and looks of twilight princess and graphics and palletes of windwaker

        • Yes, but I meant a perfect mix of graphics, where one color doesn't exceed the other–a hybrid, as MoronofTime put it. Where the darker and lighter tones conincided to form the exact atmosphere we see in the video.

  • Bobby Emerald

    The third altered pic in the video looks fantastic, I love it. It reminds me of the Lost Woods in Twilight Princess, during sunset.

  • Anon

    Yes because that's what the Zelda franchise was missing: dark gritty realism! Anyone who thinks this is good is clearly out of their minds.

  • So that is what it would look like if it had Twilight Princess Graphics (with a little altered change to it). It looks really cool. If Nintendo would make another Zelda game like Twilight Princess (hopefully for the 3ds or with Wii motion plus, But! Nintendo did say that they would use Skywards Swords Graphics a lot more as a result of Skyward Sword's profit *sigh*) Not that I don't like SS graphics I just prefer TP graphics.

  • Gerododude

    I wish people would stop comparing these graphics to past games. We have no idea what the final outcome will be. I trust the people at nintendo and know they will do an amazing job. I remember when people were hating on WW, and it is one of the biggest fan favourites. It was dark when it needed to be and vice versa. I have no doubt that these graphics are meant to be the way they are.

    • HeavyWeaponsFan

      Well don't look at me. I didn't make that video for the sake to make Skyward Sword look like Twilight Princess. I did it to prove that the impressionistic graphic can still be dark and grim when it needs to be. In the descrption of that video, I wrote and I quote "I am in complete support of the impressionistic graphics of Skyward Sword. I find it artistic and creative. And I hope to see the people who judged this game too quickly because of the graphics, playing it and giving it a chance when it comes out."

      "Using the simplest of tools, I was able to turn some shots of the Skyward Sword more darker and sharper. This video is to prove that the graphic choice of Skyward Sword can still bring out dark themes."

      I also wrote in the comments in that video a response to someone who wrote about how a lot of people compare SS with TP. I quote, "… And if people complain about the art-style, say "Suck it up. No Zelda game carries the same art-style unless it is a direct sequel."

      • Gerudodue

        I wasn't looking at you, and I never said that you made the video to look like TP…My comment was for the nay sayers…I'm glad you did what you did…Hopefuly those people who are ignorant enough to think that these graphics can't be darkened without being shown will finaly see that they can be.

    • Jack-o-Lantern

      I completely agree wih you! People assume that the game can't be dark or have a dark scary place, due to it's lighter color pallette. I think that the room with the scorpion in the demo shows a medium to darker place. I feel that like WW, this game can be dark when it should be and I fully support Nintendo in heir color decisions.

  • Google Says

    If only we got another trailer thingy which shows us some parts that are further in the game, perhaps we'll see a difference then *hinthint* =P

  • Saria

    Wind Waker had some moments where the setting was dark, like in the caverns, the Ghost Ship, and the Earth Temple. There were also other areas with muted palettes like the Wind Temple and the Submarines. Those designs were pulled off pretty well, so I think Skyward Sword can do the same.

    Wind Waker had its share of bright cheerful areas too. Those design elements can co-exist, like Strongfan said. I think there will be a good mix between the two in Skyward Sword.

  • SkallaML

    Yeah, I was at that marathon. ^_^ I definitely remember seeing you there. Under ncocs?

    I see what you mean. One dark dungeon or field wouldn't be awful, no. But I certainly wouldn't want to see the whole game like this.

    • I wouldn't want to see the whole game like this, either.

      (And, it's nice to see you again.)

  • Headphoneguy

    Hmm… I don't know about this. I think for this to work SS would have to change the artstyle a bit, but that would suck because, IMO, SS's artstyle is awesome.

  • ChainofTermina

    Alright, I admit; that color change made things a lot easier to see, and made the backgrounds much more distinguishable.

  • Topaz Mutiny

    So… more ominous equals desaturation (looks like all they did was dial down the Blue) and leave only red, yellow, and a tiny bit of green? I'm sorry, but that just doesn't feel right at all. This game isn't TP, nor any other Zelda, nor do we know the mood or the setting (Demo areas tend to be bright, cheerful, and inviting, to hook the audience ya know).

    Picture 1: It's alright, but the lack of blue is bothering me. The flower down there looks like a freaking diamond. The lighting is fine.
    Picture 2: I like this one the most, because the alterations add a lot of contrast to the clouds, and the small sprinkling of Bloom is a nice touch. It really looks like a storm is brewing.
    Picture 3: This is UGLY. It is WAY too gray, and not ominous at all. It just… lacks A LOT of blue. The bright yellows and the cliff in the BG are completely unaffected as well, which makes it worse.
    Picture 4: Same as picture 3 but EVEN WORSE because the desaturated blue is way more noticeable. The alteration also made the atmospheric presence in the BG disappear, which lessens the detail. By far the LEAST ominous and least liked.
    Picture 5: On par with picture 1; same compliments and complaints. The iridescent shell of the Deku Baba is barely noticeable now. Loss of atmosphere in BG.
    Picture 6: FINALLY, something other than lowering the blue saturation! Now this one looks awesome, although the BG and floor seem a little too dark; there's also the loss of atmosphere again – everything is too sharp and has the same focus. If the BG and Stalfos was obscured a little by some fog, it'd be more ominous.

    Final Analysis: Of all the images, I only approve of photos 2 and 6; pictures 1 and 5 need work; and 3 and 4 are hideous abominations.

    • Jonathan

      Haha. I love how Gray = ugly. I think gray can look good, there's no reason why one color or shade is better than another. You were right when you said "nor do we know the mood or the setting," so maybe we shouldn't condemn gray until we know?

  • DiexFlamme

    They darkened versions look terrible. Everything blends in with everything else, and there's no real definition to the character. I don't understand what the fascination with the whole "everything must be bland, dark, and grey" idea.

    This is the same problem Diablo III had a while back with their art controversy — that color is a "bad" thing. It isn't. In fact, if you wanted to make something "dark" what better way to do it is there then at first starting out bright and colorful, only to lose all the colors when things take a turn for the worse?

    • DDA

      I agree with you. I dont like the darker pictures. The one with the scorpion is more like black and white.

    • Escarpment

      I liked the scorpion photo the best! everything being gray made the areas WITH color stand out much more. it's contrast that matters. Like the red markings on his claws were much more intense. Your suggestion to start out colorful and then lose the color later also follows this idea.

  • MajoraMan

    LOL the last one looks like instead of nightime its darktime. like its way darker. lol

  • ????????

    I don't care if some Zelda fans are pissed by the graphics. Not giving a rat's bottom about graphics and console power is everything that Nintendo stands for.

    …. Oh yeah and the title is very misleading : )

  • Phantom7

    So THIS is considered as Zelda News? Seriously? All I see here is a mediocre Photoshop job done on a few SS screenshots compiled into a video. Seriously, post something worth looking at because this is just unnecessary.

    Btw, that is surely not the artstyle direction I expect to see from SS, and there's no evidence other than the recent screenshots Nintendo revealed that featured slightly dimmed down color that the game will look anything like that. It's wishful thinking, and it's not going to happen. Yet, it's considered news.

    • Okay, yes, THIS is considered news, as it has SOMETHING to do with SS. Yes, it is wishful thinking. Yes, there is no evidence. You may think it's not gonna happen, but yes, it could. It is news because of this. It's a way to show people how SS COULD be.

      And this video isn't saying that the demo area should be like that, the only reason it's the demo area changed up is because there are no screenshots or anything from any of the other areas. The video is saying that an area COULD be like this.

      Give it a chance before you call the entire thing mediocre, because when you do, you insult the man who made the video, and me, and you don't want to insult me.

      • Phantom7

        All right, I apologize for "insulting" you.

        And I gave it a chance; I watched the video from beginning to end. I'm sorry, but this is not news. I honestly don't even know what I would call this other than a Photoshop filter on a few SS screenshots that support an unlikely theory. I could use Photoshop to edit some images from OoT 3D to replicate the cel-shaded art style of the Wind Waker and compile the images into a Youtube video, but would other Zelda sites use it in a news update? Probably not.

        As a long time ZU fan, I believe I wasted my time checking for an update yesterday.

        • MoronOfTime

          That's lovely. What do you expect? Zelda Universe to fork you tuns of Zelda news everyday? There isn't 'new' news every bloody second you know, it is a hard job finding it in the first place and not just making up a load of crap like most websites do.

          The people that run ZU are entitled to post what they think you may find interesting, so stop complaining.

  • RydAma

    Im in favour of the dark aspect, but I dont mind the graphics being a little "cartoony", instead my concern is the whole athmosphere of the environments. WW was far too cheerful for my taste, but the graphics wasnt the cause. What bothered me was for example how little NPCs recognized the fact that the world was at stake and instead asked you to go arrange flowers for them or play games with them or whatever. It was clearly MEANT for the younger audience, so thats excused for I guess. TP though had mature graphics and a sort of dark story, but still felt like it was made for kids… Now I for one am worried SS will be a party time game, but I really dont think blaming the graphics is the way to go.

    • I wasn't blaming anything…

  • I like the idea, but I hope Nintendo just sticks with the apparently toned-down style from the most recent images. Removing the color is a little too much.

  • LinksZelda11

    Its pretty badass what this guy did there, But to be honest, i kinda like the colorful art style a little better. I would definitely like to see some of this in the game, no doubt, I just cant wait for the freakin game to come out already!

    • You're the only one that really thinks EXACTLY what I was trying to say in the post.

  • TheMaverickk

    Wow … reading some of the comments leave me floored. Simply on the basis that people actually prefer the re-done screens simply because some darker toning was done.

    Gamers need to get over the whole "colourful=kiddy" thing. Appreciate an art style for what it is and stop trying to change it. It's the theme and mood of a game that really determines if it's adult or not.

    People reference Majora's Mask all the time for being one of the darkest Zelda games. Yet it was hardly dark at all graphically. Originally actually most people found Majora's Mask cartoony by comparison to Ocarina of Time at the point of it's release. There was bright fluorescent colours, the character designs featured goofy glowing eyes, and there was a lot of goofy moments.

    What really made it a masterpiece though was the mood and themes in the game. The struggle with friendship and loss, impending doom, hopelessness in all. That was what really made it great, and it took almost 6 to 7 years for people to start appreciating that since it was constantly over shadowed by OoT.

    Wind Waker is actually a lot darker and moodier then people give it credit for. Play the game and pay attention to events that happen… from kidnapped sisters and villagers… to an ancient King struggling to redeem his kingdom. Ever sit on an island for a while and just take notice of how sad it is. Completely isolated, no music plays, all you hear is the wind. Any time I came across and stopped on one of these islands I couldn't help but feel something sad about it… a sense of loneliness. Even worse was discovering a lone person living there, and wondering how they make due without any companionship.

    Anyways I could go on. What I'm getting at though is that regardless of the graphical style, it's about the tone set in a game. Not the immediate visual look. Skyward Sword is vivid and engaging… I don't need it to be over saturated with bloom effects and toned down in colour. Also for the record I still don't know why people think that the colours have been toned down… I really think it's simply how the screens were captured, or maybe it was just the TV screen it was taken from.

  • MadCartooner

    I actually don't mind this style. I'm pretty sure they want to make some areas look great and happy-go-lucky but others like the dungeons would probably want to make it look more mysterious and dangerous looking. They even said they wanted it to look like a live painting, so there could be both bright and dark sides to a "painting" if you know what I mean. Love the dark graphics though!

  • Ashmic

    I like the darker one more, if the game mentions " a dark force" everything can't be bright right? symbolism is everything

  • Zeldalover93

    Wow, neat! I think that would be cool if the did that with the dungeons; the game is very bright and cheery and that's a good thing most of the time but you NEED darker and creepier times in the game. So nice job, dude!! By the way, LOVE the track in the background. That song kicks butt!! <3 =)

    • Eddy

      It's the ZREO (Zelda ReOrchestrated) version of the Wind Temple from Minish Cap. You can find it at http://www.zreomusic.com

  • Chuggaafan

    I don't like the idea of darker graphics. I mean, the original bright, vibrant graphics similar to Wind Waker combined with the type of models and scenery you'd see in Twilight Princess is what "wowed" me in the first place. The exagerated, bright atmosphere is what makes this game's graphics special. You want darker graphics? Turn it down on your TV settings, but don't screw with whats already perfect.

    • If they did anything like this, it would probably be in a dark, evil area or dungeon, not in the happy, bright overworld/other areas.

  • Hálfdanarson

    I think the graphics will become really good in the final game, they would have had time to tweek it immensively in the time before the game hits the shelves.

    I'm getting more and more optimistic the closer the releasedate approaches us, and I'm one of many that was disappointed after the first few showings at E3.

  • Hálfdanarson

    And I agree with the ones, that this was maybe perhaps a bit to dark, especially in the dungeons. But I guess Nintendo will surprise us when the games finally comes out.

    • Hálfdanarson

      This Youtube video, it actually looks like it has been tweeked in the same way as you've would have done on your HDTV, adjusting the display-setting on color, light and contrast dramatically down.

      In that sense and purpose it would be easy. :-p

      • HeavyWeaponsFan

        I used to most simplist of tools to make this. That way people could do the same… As many had said to me; If you want SS to look like this, adjust your tv settings. Simple, no?

        • Hálfdanarson

          Yes indeed πŸ˜‰

  • Alexander

    Being a zelda fan since 1998 i undertand how people feel about the SS graphics, but personaly i love it, reminds me of those fantasy books for kids all colorfull but with stronger and deeper story and characters. Another thing it doesnt bother is that WW graphics are worst in comparison, and it is …ing awesome,. of course that game is in a different context. Those graphics arent even finish and a think why they didnt like this before. Although they look like Link To The Past graphics but in 3d with all the mushrooms and stuff.

  • Drfeelgood666

    certain parts of this look good, like :36. but the rest looks silly. like, it looks like it's constantly raining in Hyrule/Skyloft. and I really hope the last conversion was just a joke.

    one spot I can see this working for is maybe inside a tree or under ground in a boss battle or something. or like in a graveyard.

    • HeavyWeaponsFan

      I wanted it to be gloomy. What is most depressing? Rain! Rain has always been a symbol of sadness. That's why I made it look like a storm is coming. Last I recalled, in rains at random sometimes in 3D Zelda games.

  • SuzetteRGreinwich

    I dunno… As cool and pretty as the graphics from Twilight Princess were… I didn't like them that much because I couldn't see stuff very well.

    I like the graphics of Skyward Sword to be all bright and colorful– it gives contrast. My eyes need stimulation, they do.

  • ThatOneGuy

    You know, this game is probably going to have a day/night feature like all the other 3D console Zelda games. Since all he did was basically make it darker and turn down the saturation a bit, the games graphics WILL be like this at around the game's sunset (and if not you can probably fix that by tinkering with you TV's settings a bit if you want the graphics to look like that), while atill keeping the regular color scheme during the day-time. See, we get the best of both worlds, and everybody becomes happy!

    • HeavyWeaponsFan

      Right on the money, my friend. Your right on the money. Messing around with your TV settings will give you a similar result. I tried it out with screenshots of SS in my laptop and connected it to my HDTV. It's not 100% but it's still similar.

  • partyboy3543

    some looked ok but, the the boss and a couple others looked as if they were black and white with a coupple colour patched areas

  • Great White North

    Better than it was before a least.

  • partyboy3543

    some looked ok but, the boss and a couple others looked as if they were black and white with patches of colour in certain areas.

  • Ben

    I think they should have an option in the game to have the graphics brighter or darker. πŸ™‚

  • threadover

    Anyone who likes this darker washed out gritty look can just adjust their tv to look like this. I personally im hoping SS is completely different than TP. Not because i dont like TP, its actually because i loved TP. Let it be its own thing. Let SS be a new thing of its own merits and style.

  • bradley

    That actually looks really cool, but I'm sure I will love the graphics no matter what.

    • dejavu

      You've suffered a terrible fate, haven't you?

      How about we remove that Mask now?

      • dejavu

        All right, that means do you want to end this?

        I wanted to have you lower yourself, not run you off.

  • Primus

    I really like those revised graphics in the video, but i find it difficult to indentify enemy features since whatever bright there is stands out and grabs the eye's attention, and one of the reasons to take this graphical directions was to easil identify enemy cues.

  • xx0dd0n3xx

    This is a tad left field, but I wouldn't have known Caleb was a fourteen year old based on the articles he's written so far. Kudos to him and this youtuber!

  • Kiante

    Wow, for the most part, I DO think I like his versions better. I liked the original showing of Skyward Sword's graphics, but I think I might like this better, for the most part. Some of the shots looked a LITTLE too much like Twilight Princess, which I don't think would be good. But it doesn't need to be just a taller Wind Waker either.

    I wonder if it would be possible for Nintendo to allow you to have a switch between slightly different sets. It would just be different coloring and lighting a little bit, so I would think it would be feasible (my TV can do it to some extent). That might please more people.

  • Hyruliant

    I don't like the idea of this.
    I want a new zelda game, not a new Twilight Princess.
    I doubt the cel shading made Windwaker any less awesome.

  • Skorpious

    Hit and miss, leaning more towards "hit".

  • CorvosKK

    What's the problem with the saturated colors? Personally I think the original graphics were a bold, beautiful direction for the game.

    As far as this particular video goes, I think this makes it try too hard to look like Twilight Princess, which it's not.

  • Ulises

    mmm… no, I dont like it, feels just weird.

  • Aeolus

    I disagree about the current color of Skyward Sword prohibiting dark and ominous tones or whatever, Wind Waker did it just fine with some of its temples like the Dragon Roost temple, the Earth Temple, the Ghost Ship, etc… And Ocarina of Time was almost as bright and it had some REALLY creepy stuff…

  • OniLink99999

    Sorry, doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. The graphics in Skyward Sword aren't even remotely cutesy and nothing I've seen looks like a 'flower garden'. Quite opposed to that, they look whimsical, fantastical, and really capture the impressionistic style. And I agree with Phantom7 – this isn't news, it's a bad Photoshop.

  • wordsy

    Im fine with considering this news. Anything except legend of neil or a zelda rap is news worthy. Not this i think these shots are better than nintendos version, but at least with these shots we can really confirm that nintendo chose correctly to make the game different than TP.

    The problem with these darker tones on SS graphics is that the original art design is tailored for a brighter more colorful game. If you try to put washed out colors on cartoony graphics you just end up with a sheep in wolfs clothing or a fat guy in a little coat. Its just not natural. Youve got the art style going one way and the color palette going the other way and that makes a disconnect in vibe.

    There is no doubt in my mind that nintendo will make SS the best zelda it needs to be. Because nintendo only puts dedicated artists on the job of creating its big franchises. Anyone doubting this should go read the bios and interviews with the artists and design team for TP. Their insight and ability to feel their way through the creation process and make intelligent decisions is second to none. They always look within themselves for what they personally would like to feel and experience, then work on adding that genuine experience into the game. The zelda team are a group of professional artists and designers building off of a cant miss set of gameplay elements that we know are great because we already played and loved every zelda that came out. They always strive to take what worked best and improve it while making it seem new. Nintendo doesnt hire morons to work on their zelda games. Japanese culture is fiercely competitive and only the best most hardworking creative people are working on this game. I have full faith in nintendo when it comes to their console Zelda games.

    My only hope is that we get 2 games using the same engine just like we got Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, with the second game having a Majoras Mask-like weirdness and a twist to the plot-line and gameplay.

  • ríomhaire

    Wow, it looks so bland now!

  • Emerie

    Jesus, there might be more controversy over this game than Wind Waker! Come on though, I'm pretty sure we might see some offiicial Nintendo updates in the next month or so.

    However, the optimistic part of the fanbase is not making it any better by trying to point out anything to the negative "fans", because despite all the logic you've given, they're still trolling. (And will buy the game apparently) But all we've had is a TEASER TRAILER so far.

    For Zelda's sake guys, just stop. And wait.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I really like what those images turned out to be, if the game ended up looking like that I would be very happy, it has none of that disgusting kids cartoon feel to it, it would certainly restore my hype a bit

    I still much prefer the overall look of Twilight Princess, but this would be the next best thing I suppose if they actually go for this kind of look, here's to hoping they do

  • EvergreenTerrace420

    Wow, I personally think SS looks amazing the way it already does. The darker versions just look awful and don't really fit the game.

  • Ashmic

    i love how, everyones opinion on here has -1 lol, guys just let them have their opinion,

  • Teengamer

    ON THE CONTRARY!!!! The dulled colors don’t look very splendid at all. Skyward Sword looks marvelous in its current state. What they’re doing with the graphics is great because they’re showing how good the Wii can look.

    If they were to change the colors and the graphical art style, the game wouldn’t exactly stand out as well in the future. For example, the Wind Waker has stood out throughout the years MUCH better than Twilight Princess simply because it’s graphics aren’t exactly “outdated”. And were the dungeons in Wind Waker like a “flower garden?” NO.

    And BY THE WAY have we seen ANY dungeons at all so far? NO. We shouldn’t make assumptions this early, guys.

    Sorry for ranting……and yelling……but yeah, there’s my opinion. Hope at least some of you agree.

  • kokiri star

    well the game is split into two halves anyway…remember nintendo were talking about the land beneath the clouds thats being overrun by dark forces…i think these graphics would work for that (although maybe not to such an extreme)
    i do think skywards swords graphics ( the normal cheery ones) would benifit from being a tad higher contrast to emphasise the painterly "dabs" in the textures. Games that are dark and gloomy throughout just annoy me.

    and just for the record…i liked twilight princesses graphics but i think realism is overrated in games. And i didnt think OOT graphics were THAT realistic , or ever intended to be.

  • JSKT

    I prefer the original 110% more than the pic editing the user did!

  • Chris

    As if we didn't have enough brown and gray games out there…

    • CorvosKK

      Cannot up-rate you enough

  • TTL

    There are some hit and misses going on with those changes, but I like the first screen change and here's why.

    The big issue I have with some of the original screen is a lack of contrast. Bright colors are great, but when they're placed next to other bright colors they wash out and lose definition. There have to be some darker colors to give the brights something to work off of.

    But PLEASE, don't remove color and neutralize everything. Twilight Princess nearly did that to a fault and many "modern" games want to abuse the "mud bloom" effect that's happening in some of the latter changes to these screens.

    • TTL

      My bad, it's the second screen change that I felt was moving in the right direction. The first just tries to change Link back to his Twilight Princess colors, which is ironic with Link being a modified Twilight Princess model . . .

  • Artimus-Maora

    Yeah….I'd have to say I like it darker. =) Still like Twilight Princess's graphics better, but this is still pretty cool. Darker!

  • Richard

    I would definitely like to see Nintendo make Skyward Sword a darker game, but at the same time, I didn't like the way the guy made it darker. It looked a bit too much like the twilight realm of Twilight Princess. I'm not by any means saying that he did a bad job or that this wasn't worth my time watching… I'm just saying that this isn't exactly the type of thing I would enjoy seeing in the final product.

  • Zelda777

    I think if Nintendo did this it would make the game interesting ONLY if it was in some parts. If everything was like this then the game would be ugly. Some of the scenes showed should not look this way.

  • QueenxLink

    Awww Link looks so cute in this game! ♥ Well either way, I think the game looks good. The darker colors changed the colors a bit though.

  • TrustMe101

    I thought the skeleton and the scorpion shots looked cool darker because they looked like they were glowing, but I don't like the darker colors in the outside pictures. It just doesn't fit. Everything looked….dead. The darker colors just don't make the game as fascinating.

  • arcticlizard

    This is pure easy photo manipulation, which gives me a good idea for this Zelda or any future one. Instead of focusing on one art direction and graphics style, why not have everything together. People say that Skyward Sword is a mixture of TP and WW but that is not my idea. My idea is for the art is that it could variably change at any time, from bright to dark; from cartoony to "realistic". Imagine, instead of what Nintendo had suggested using the vitality sensor to make enemies harder as heart rate increased, why not make the game's atmosphere and art change?

  • Jared!

    Now all they have to do is make Link a lefty.

  • tmbg13

    You can have color in a dungeon and not make it look like fucking Wackyland.

    Do you really think bright colors are a bad thing? Like did you see Wind Waker and shit yourself in anger?

    • Dude, relax. The maker of this vid just did this to try it out and get our opinions. Whether you like it or not isn't my concern, but you don't have to curse it halfway to Hades. And no, bright colors aren't bad at all. In truth, you assumed he did this just to bang on the graphics, but he did it as an experiment.

  • MYK1217

    I don't know how to describe it, but every time it transitioned to the darkened version of each picture, I felt more relaxed looking at it. It's like they're easier to look at. I like it. I hope Nintendo makes this adjustment.

  • Eddy

    i like the contrasts SUPERMARIOBROTHERS13 makes

  • Merkku

    Sure, take all the colour out of it, that'll make it better. What the frak?! Christ I hope Nintendo doesn't listen to people like this. Sorry, good work on the pics and all, but I don't want to play a grey and brown game. Is there anything duller? Why not take the music out too, Zelda has way too cheery tunes everywhere. Let's be careful, we don't want people to be happy when they play!

  • Blitz

    What is everyone’s obsession with things having to be DARKER to make it better? Darker does not always mean better artistically. You ever notice, and you may be guilty of it yourself, when ever someone wants to try poetry the first thing they do is write some depressing type of poem as if they think they are being clever and moody and people will take the poem more seriously. Turns out they are just doing what a ton of people do, it’s over used and over done. Stop crying about the graphics being brighter and give it a chance. Darker does not always mean better.

  • LoZyMugglegater

    Holy cow,you just turn down the darkness setting and it looks just like Twilight Princess!

  • Alex

    Wow is there a way or something that you can contact miyamoto or that other guy's name that are creating this game and tell them that the graphics that they are trying to do are bad they should do them like TP

  • Guil.

    The darker images seem more demonic and possessed at some point. Like the added scary-factor in them and to think that just adjusting the light can do that. Although I don't actually mind the way the game looks now.

  • i think this guy darkened the graphics way too much. i do think the graphics are a bit too "happy", but i don't like how they look in this video. i prefer how the graphics currently are.

  • Zelda-Kazooie

    This would be a great version. It's like twilight princess except it's still has that cartoonish graphic like wind waker which makes it just right.

    If this style was in the game, it would definitely make it a lot more enjoyable

  • Joe Smoe

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Don't do it! That was the exact problem I had with TP. It was too dark in terms of lighting. It will ruin the entire game for me.

  • Tino

    This looks kinda good… but i still like thye TP graphics better… πŸ™‚

  • “Hi! Your article rocks and is really a very good understand!”

  • Eddy

    I keep coming back to this video because I really find it so appealing. I'm surprised by all of the negative reaction! Not that I dislike Skyward Sword, but I think that what I've seen so far in trying to find a happy medium between Wind Waker's bright cel shading and Twilight Princess' dark realism has come across as mediocre. The only image of Skyward Sword that I've liked as far as the impressionism that Miyamoto was aiming for is the shot of Skyloft from a distance (the second image in this video). To me, Skyward Sword's visual style doesn't have the same impact that Wind Waker or Twilight Princess had.

    • Eddy

      I think the musical choice was nice for this vid, too. Oh, and to clarify, I loved BOTH Wind Waker and Twilight Princess' visual style

  • Link to the game

    games are fun paces of art and have infint posibitys is looks amgentif and i thack the grafics look good!

  • Link to the game

    grafics dont matter game play dos and who sayed zleda has to be Dark it can be any thang netedo wants it to be! πŸ™‚ i thank the this game looks fine πŸ™‚ it looks good to me

  • Link to the game

    art is pont of vuve

  • Link to the game

    i dont want the game to be dark! πŸ™‚ but this video is good any way! πŸ™‚