The Nintendo 3DS is right around the corner, and most Nintendo fans are looking forward to it. But, let’s be honest, who hasn’t been challenged playing a video game – especially Zelda or Mario? Well, on the 3DS, you might have a slightly “easier” time, but not for reasons you might expect.

Mario and Zelda on the 3DS.

On November 1st, Shigeru Miyamoto was speaking with some of the 3DS’s investors about the coming experience of Ocarina of Time 3DS and whatever 3D Mario title will be put on the market:

“In the past 3D Mario games, and 3D Zelda games for that matter, if there were several floors at the same height, it was hard for the players to tell if each one of them was located with the same distance between them, or if just one was further away and higher than the other floors. On Nintendo 3DS, you can readily understand the height and distance of the next floor in front of you. You can feel the difference by switching between the 2D and 3D modes. You might have had a hard time trying to jump on a stump or to hit a floating question-mark block in 3D Mario [games] until now, but you will be able to do so easily on Nintendo 3DS.”

This means that games won’t necessarily be easier in the traditional sense, but that sensing depth of 3D visuals will make navigation of the game environments easier to understand. Which we’re all for – now just give us a US release date for all this goodness, okay Nintendo?

  • Alexander

    I've never had any problem jumping from one platform to another. Don't know what are they talking about?, but if it's better for the gameplay i'm in.

    • Nintenfan81

      Same here, I'm just a bit anxious about it, though. Damnit this better work for people who can't see well out of one eye or i'm gonna be pissed!

  • sj67

    I dont think it will be to bad, a little easier can't hurt. But it seems like most of the games are remakes. But there is some new ones. Like Paper Mario 3Ds.

    Do you think the 3Ds will be a fail just like the Virtual Boy. I don't think so, but if it is, that would sad. 🙁

    • I think that with all of the hype about this console, where there wasn't as much about the Virtual Boy, so this is at least going to be better than that epic fail.

    • ThatOneGuy

      No way this thing is going to end up like the Virtual boy. You don't have strap it to your face or look through it like goggles to play it, It doesn't cause an eyesore more than any other video game or TV, it actually IS portable unlike the virtual boy, you can turn the 3D off if you want to, and most of all, it already has TONS of amazing games (including one of the greatest games ever Ocarina of Time) right from the start. The only thing that could probably bring it down is that huge price tag, but the good outweighs the bad way too much for that to cause it to fail.

      • sj67

        You never know, this whole thing could be a scam. What does Nintendo want? Money. Maybe this is just a new feature (3d) and with a new button.

        But I think this will actually turn out good, I am just saying there is a possibility it could fail.

        And I hope they have the same features as the DSi. (Camera,Speaker,Internet,That stuff) If it only had the normal DS features, no one would buy this thing.

        Also, I bet they would get an XL thing to make more money

        • ThatOneGuy

          It is already announced to have all the features of the DSi and more, which is definetly good. I actually hope that they do make an XL version of it. The one thing that I personally don't like about the 3DS is that it's screen is pretty small, but I'm sure I'll be able to get over it.

  • HPK

    So Far I am Not even close on getting the money for the 3DS

  • @sj67: Of course it’s just a couple of new features, bring the 3D and a new button (or a few). Isn’t that what all new systems are though—a new feature that makes it better than its predecessor?

    3DS has a host of new features that make it better than DSi. Better CPU and GPU. More internal memory. Better Wi-Fi and online services (including downloadable GB, GBC, and *fingers crossed* GBA games—in upgraded 3D!). Motion sensors. Home button. Analog controller. And of course, 3D technologies!

    So I guess you could say, the 3DS really is just a DSi with a new feature and another button.

  • yanoit15

    i just hope they dont redo everythng in OOT i hope its as close the the actual n 64 version/time line thing. if they do mess with it then nintendo made a big fail…

  • Hopefully Nintendo will keep everything in the game pretty much the same, but add the Light Temple and the secret Unicorn Fountain room. I'd love to see what those would be like.

  • Smiley

    This exact same thing has been said since E3?
    Doesn´t matter much: I'm goddamn READY for a huge price tag for when the thing arrives in Europe.
    Been saving like crap, missing out on some very good titles, but it WILL be worth it.

  • ChainofTermina

    I politely agree with this friendly advice.

  • shadownin

    Three remakes and people complain Star Fox, Zelda, Metal Gear and no other remakes.It would also be the first time I could play a metal gear game and it is always good to have another excuse to replay ocarina of time

  • Their you guys go misinterpreting things again just like with skyward sword on wii !with "Easier playability" OUNCE AGAIN! they mean easier to understand, not saying that the game will be super easy just the way to play it will.So in skyward sword you dont hurt your arms or your head doing hard to understand moves and with the 3DS a better view of near and far!

  • Siaarn

    I kinda know what they're talking about, depth can be a problem to some people, especially if for some reason the characters don't have shadows, it can make it hard to jump on things accurately. I think they were having a hard time explaining it with words, because it really is hard to explain if you haven't experienced it before.

  • Wow, that's a relief. Don't think we, in the rest of the world, are wimps, OK, Nintendo? 😉

  • Milla the Icecarl

    I’m going to wait for the 3DS Lite, besides Skyward Sword and the Last Story will probably be keeping me busy around that time.

  • QueenxLink

    When you put it that way, it makes absolutely no sense lol