ZUBC is very dedicated. So dedicated we often get a little ahead of ourselves. In order to keep up with the constant content we want to put out, we are looking for an assistant editor to work alongside Aniday! If you’ve ever been interested in helping out ZUCast, this is your chance to give back – we’re looking for anyone competent enough with audio editing to work underneath Aniday to help make the podcast sound even better.

Sound like you? Hit the jump to find out job qualifications and how to apply.

Here’s how this works. Before you get too excited, we’re not looking for just anyone. Here are some requirements:

  • Good headphones: We’re not talking ipod earbuds here, we mean actual clear-sounding headphones.
  • Decent Software: Audacity is is a nono. Don’t even try. It’s not powerful enough to do what we do.
  • Good experience with audio editing: Aniday doesn’t want to train someone who’s never done audio editing before. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert, either. He learned as he went along when he started editing, and so will you.
  • Can communicate well: This includes diligently following up to PM’s and other messages, checking the ZUBC production threads in the staff board every day, and adding input generously. We like it when everyone gives their opinion, not only in their small area of responsibility.
  • Take direction and critique with patience and understanding: We all just want a great quality product in the end.
  • Most importantly, the time available to edit, and time management skills: It takes a lot of time to edit our stuff and we don’t like flakey people.

If you have all the above requirements and want the rewarding experience of working with the best team and content producers on ZU (if we do say so ourselves…), here’s the next step.

Take these mock segments and edit them how you see fit in the same style as you hear in the podcast. Improve the vocals, add music, ect. If you really do know what you’re doing and have listened to our casts before we shouldn’t have to tell you exactly what to do. It’s a test. Impress us. If applicants can get all that stuff to us in a week that would be awesome.

After you’ve done that go ahead and send it to us in an email to ZUBC [at] zeldauniverse [dot] net. Along with the email, you should tell us a little about yourself, your previous editing experience, the software and hardware you have, including headphones, and how much you love us.

Once we get some submissions we’ll go from there.

Any questions? Visit this thread in the ZU Forums, or email zubc [at] zeldauniverse.net.

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  • mubarak al sabah

    what if ur in another country can i still do the job

    • Margar

      Absolutely. as long as you can dowload and upload mp3's you can do the job from anywhere in the world.

  • I just want to say, Margar, that I knew of Aniday's help-seeking when I commented. In truth, I'm just looking for a mention on the next podcast. I'm sorry if CoT and I, and anyone else, frustrated you guys.

    • Liah

      At least you're honest about the mention-in-the-next-'cast xD. Naw, no one was frustrated with you guys (:

      • Margar

        I don't even know what you're talking baout so, um.. yeah! It's all good I guess.

    • ChainofTermina

      I did what now? huh? Okay, if I pissed somebody off, I'm sincerely sorry for what ever I did…………………….what did I do?

      • Margar's insistence that Aniday wasn't really being replaced made me think that she was a little flustered since we heard that they were "letting him go," when they afterward said that he was actually searching for an assistant editor. But we were merely confused by that statement, and I figured that I could apologize for everyone, and now nobody's getting what I'm talking about. Guess I'm just making a big deal out of a triviality. B)

  • Joko tree

    I know this is off topic but I'm sorry for the comment I put in the last Podcast's comments box, I was in a lot of pain, but that is no excuse for the not so happy comment. So what I'm trying to say is I'm very sorry for my bad comment and the all of ZUBC members are fantastic, awesome and perfect. Also I hope you find a great assistant editor.
    yours faithfully Joko tree

  • Bolero of Fire

    I'm already editing the mock segments. I thought I was the only one at first, but it looks like there is somebody else doing it too :).

    (For those of you who don't know, though I'm really young, I've been editing for three years now.)

  • Blizz

    I just might try out once again to make the team!

  • Muskiok

    Too bad for me; I don't seem to fit the 'having time' requirement. Which is a shame, because I would have actually had a shot at breaking into the business. Oh well, I'll just have to wait until the next opportunity (sigh)…

    • Aniday

      Having time is relevant. Work on the segments anyway, email them to me and we can talk.