In Majora’s Mask, Link is searching for a friend whom he had to part with after his heroic destiny was fulfilled. Many people consider Navi to be this friend. I disagree fully. I believe the game itself implies that Link was searching for Skull Kid.

Why do I say Skull Kid? The answer can be found by examining Majora’s Mask on its own, and ONLY Majora’s Mask. While some people may examine Ocarina of Time, the Zelda mangas, and Nintendo of America’s statements, examining Majora’s Mask itself makes sense. Other sources have questionable authority, while the game stands as its own authority. If you’re going to study a form of entertainment, study the product itself instead of relying on other studies to make your point.

Skull Kid, in fact, previously knew Link from the forest, and this is proven in this quote from the end of the game:

“Could you be my friend, too?
Eh-hee-hee…You have the same
smell as the fairy kid who taught
me that song in the woods…”

This is the same Skull Kid from Ocarina of Time. Ocarina of Time contains a side quest in which Link must play a song to Skull Kid, and in return Link gains a token of friendship from Skull Kid. This means they were friends before Majora’s Mask.

Two simple facts can lead to a surprisingly useful conclusion. (1.) In the beginning, Link was searching for a friend. (2.) In the end, Link finds and helps a friend he knew from before, which is Skull Kid.

No other friends are mentioned, so why would you believe anything other than what the two previous facts implied? Simple deduction just gave us a good lead!

If Skull Kid is taken to be Link’s friend, the story and its morals are not only clearly apparent, but are also paralleled through a sub-plot. Notice the story surrounding the Four Giants. Tatl tells this to Link:

“Tael and I drew this with the
Skull Kid when we first met him…
He told us that he had been
fighting with his friends and that
they had left him all alone…
I’m sure it was because he was
always playing tricks, so nobody
wanted to play with him.”

His friends turn out to be the Four Giants, which is proven in the ending cinema:

“You guys…
You hadn’t forgotten about me?
You still thought of me as a
Did you…
Did you save me?
I thought they didn’t want to be
friends with me…
They hadn’t forgotten about me…
Friends are a nice thing to have…”

Of course, we learn that the Four Giants do not leave Skull Kid because they were offended, but because they had a duty to stand guard at the four corners of Termina. Skull Kid, misunderstanding the motives of the giants, gains evil powers from Majora’s Mask and proceeds to imprison the Giants within the masks of evil deities (the bosses in Majora’s Mask are the transformed versions of the four Giants, which explains why all the bosses are gigantic in size).

Does this sound familiar? The same thing happens to Link. Link parted with Skull Kid because of his “heroic destiny,” and Skull Kid perhaps takes this the wrong way, so he imprisons Link in the Deku Child form. A nice parallel occurs in the story here, as the Four Giants and Link had similar, unintentional motives to leave the poor Skull Kid, and were dealt vengeance as a result by becoming imprisoned within masks that have the power to transform bodies.

Another parallel with Link and the Giants is how they deal with the evil force which possesses Skull Kid. Link nor the Giants forget about Skull Kid, and despite all the tricks and evil deeds, they don’t go for Skull Kid’s throat; instead, they free their friend from the evil force, and hence, they save Skull Kid. Link does not try and defeat Skull Kid, but instead calls the Giants. The Giants don’t try to slay Skull Kid, but instead just prevent the moon from falling. Neither of them want harm to come to their friend, even though they were dealt injustices earlier in the story.

In addition to plot parallels, Majora’s Mask contains morals which are clearly apparent if Skull Kid is taken to be the friend Link was searching for. First off, as Skull Kid says, “Friends are a nice thing to have…” In fact, friendship is important, and this is repeated time and time again through all the side-quests of Majora’s Mask. Friendship was so important to
Link that,

“he embarked
on a journey. A secret and
personal journey…

A journey in search of a
beloved and invaluable friend…

A friend with whom he parted
ways when he finally fulfilled his
heroic destiny and took his place
among legends…”

Link had to part with Skull Kid, but the Happy Mask salesman says it best when he states:

“I must bid you farewell.
Shouldn’t you be returning home
as well?
Whenever there is a meeting, a
parting is sure to follow.

However, that parting need not
last forever…

Whether a parting be forever or
merely for a short time…
That is up to you.”

In fact, the choice WAS up to Link, and he chose not to let his parting last forever, so he looked for his friend.

But wait, there’s more! If Skull Kid was Link’s friend, the player unfamiliar with Ocarina of Time would be hit with another cool story element: the “Fooled You!” ending. I’m talking about an ending which completely blindsides the audience and forces it to re-evaluate the entire story with the ending’s facts on the table. When you first play Majora’s Mask, you read that Link was looking for a friend. You come across an evil imp wearing a mask who imprisons Link and Four Giants in masks with evil powers. This imp is completely ruthless, and even appears to be behind Termina’s crushing fate. Near the end, the imp turns out to be Majora’s Mask’s puppet. The imp was innocent all along, and was actually a friend of the giants’. This is somewhat surprising, but aggravated ex-friends sometimes go to extremes to get revenge. Although the audience may be surprised when the Giants aren’t angry with their imp-like buddy, the real twist occurs when the player discovers that Link was friends with this imp all along! A good “Fooled You!” ending has you re-evaluate the whole story, and beckons a second gander. Upon reading the opening dialogue, the player thinks, “That’s right, he found his friend in the end. This must be the friend he was searching for!” The story is also re-evaluated when Link meets up with Skull Kid for the first time; this imp really isn’t evil, but through a combination of Majora’s Mask’s power and Skull Kid’s need for revenge thanks to a misunderstood absence by Link, the player really was fooled the whole game.

However, one question remains: Couldn’t Link have been searching for Navi or Saria? A video game story should make sense on its own, and this has been proven with all the other Zelda titles. Navi nor Saria are ever mentioned in Majora’s Mask, yet Skull Kid is a main character of the game. Why would Navi be the sought after friend when she is not even mentioned once, while Skull Kid is part of the major plot and is said to have had ties with Link in the past? If you look at the big picture of the story, it wouldn’t make sense for Link to have been searching for a different friend all along.

The following quote which can be used to suggest Navi to be the friend also contains a degree of ambiguity:

“A friend with whom he parted
ways when he finally fulfilled his
heroic destiny and took his place
among legends…”

Many people think it’s Navi because she left him at the end of Ocarina of Time, after Link “fulfilled his heroic destiny.” Think about the quote this way: Link’s destiny was to go on his adventure to retrieve the Spiritual Stones and awaken the Sages. Fulfilling this destiny would mean to begin the journey. Interpret the quote this second way, and it says that he left a friend when he had to accomplish a journey. This points to Skull Kid, and also allows the parallel sub-plot about the Giants’ and Link’s duties to make sense. This quote is the only in-game evidence that suggests Navi to be Link’s friend, and this evidence is ambiguous.

When I first played Majora’s Mask, the plot parallel, morals, and “Fooled You!” ending came to me naturally. If Skull Kid was Link’s friend, then the whole story fits together perfectly and ends on a nice note. If someone else was the friend, then the story elements would have various holes and wouldn’t end on the tone that it does. The only conclusion to believe is that Skull Kid was searched out by Link from the beginning.

***Special Thanks to OldBeane for giving me the quotes from Majora’s Mask, which he found by searching through text-dumps tediously.***


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This retro article was originally posted July 25th, 2004.
  • Excerion

    “A friend with whom he parted
    ways when he FINALLY fulfilled his
    heroic destiny and took his place
    among legends…”

    He didn’t part with the skull kid when he finally finished.

  • not cody

    in the instruction booklet when it is giving a brief outline of the story doesn't it imply that link is looking for a friend that he parted way with after he beat ganondorf that helped him along his travels……last time i played the game skull kid wasn't assisting link and wasn't present while he was fighting ganondorf :p

    • peachyioigi

      or was he…?

      • Chad

        yeah he was on the side cheering you on always looking. Following you.

    • Mitton

      Yea, I always assumed that Navi was who Link was after in MM. And after reading the theory of how MM shows the 5 stages of grief, the fact that he was looking for Navi is the only thing that makes sense to me….

    • mmm

      true. true. however, saria and navi both assisted link, and they were dear and beloved friends.

    • Nintendomoon

      This reply is going to hid you with cold water. And you're gonna be frozen stiff for three days. Do you know what happened to skull kid a short time after link went seven years into the future? Do you know where he is at the time link was fighting Ganon? Here's the answer, Skull kid died when link went into the future. Now tell me what happened. No, that won't work, I just shove it in your face, Skull Kid is DEAD while you're fighting Ganondorf, he died in Termina while your body was imprisoned in the temple of time (or light) because nobody could stop him from crashing the Moon into Termina, as a likewise aftereffect, Ganon is destroying Hyrule, so as to match the Parallel Universe. So guess what? Your comment isn't worth two cents, now shut the fuck up, because I have 16 pages of terrible handwriting from about 10 years ago that has all of the reasons why every character can be this and can't be that. Oh yeah, assist, Skull Kid gave you something, it's called a Heart Piece. It's like, equal to one fourth of a heart container and cannot be used until you like, have four of them. He was poor, that's like, all he could give you. By the way, I have the instruction booklet, and if you were smart, you would not have said what you said. Look at it again, you may notice something, it's called, a period. Having waged his battles across time to defeat the evil Ganon and restore peace to Hyrule, Link departed from the land that made him a legend. PERIOD, NEXT SENTENCE. On a personal journey in search of….. I told you this comment would hit you with cold water. And now Skull kid is dieing because your frozen and can't help him, say goodbye to your beloved friend, jerk.

      • Kissarai

        Holy crap that got real emotional really fast. Seriously. What's with the name calling?

  • lozfan101

    doesn't it tell you at the end that skullkid was friends with the giants and then at the end becomes friends with link for saving termina not prior (OOT)

  • Twilit_Dragon

    Does it really matter who he's looking for? This has been the age old question forever. But nothing is as wacky as one little kid on here saying that Skyward Sword is gonna be about Malons mother how she came up with Epona's Song. I died laughing for days.

    • The 12 year old

      You were the kid, weren't you?

    • peachyioigi

      OMG. Guys it is about Malons Mom. And Zelda's. I heard they were sistas together and were infact seperated by the glass of time. Thats why both zelda and malon have a song each to themselves! guys believe me!!! its true factual.

    • Twilit_Dragon

      I'm getting thumbs down for some reason on something meant for a joke that I read on the forums that someone put, but some can't take it, oh well, i'm not gonna bash anyone. But all stuff aside, I think it's meant for both of them, first turned out to be Navi as the lost friend he began looking for, then Link put his sights on the Skull Kid to help free him.

  • Masky

    It makes the Navi fairy sounds when it talks about the "friend" in the intro…

    • NOOOO!!!

      Miyamoto himself said that those sounds belonged to Tatl and Tael when they were waiting to attack Link. Then the Skull Kid told them to "Shush!" and went ahead and flipped Epona off…I mean Link off Epona.

      • SnowLeopard48

        Ahhh and that's why the sound got changed for the rest of the game, because skull kid didn't like it. LOL

  • EBOO5

    For the sake of the game I hope link was searching for Navi… I don't think the creators of Zelda would base an entire game around a character who had such a small part in OOT. I could see why one would think the skull kid was the friend because it is very unlike nintendo to have a game that had really no closure for the fans who wanted link to find Navi, but then again the whole premise of Majora's mask is very unlike Nintendo.

  • Byron

    Excuse me, and I don’t mean to sound rude but…. But do you really think of the skull kid as link’s “beloved and invaluable friend?” I mean… They shared two sentences in the forest…. And besides that I think Navi mote hits the bill because she helped him throughout his entire adventure and (even though we didn’t) Lunk may gave gained a great friendship with her. Sorry, your allowed to have your own opinion but if you want people to believe you have to gave netter evidence supporting your statement.

  • Byron

    Sorry for the spelling errors in my last statement I was in a rush.

  • Gorons4Sale0814

    What if you never taught Skull Kid the song, or never gave him the mask in OoT. Then he was never your friend. Navi was there all along.

    • Hydra

      But oddly enough, as quoted in this article, Skull Kid DOES seem to remember you teaching him Saria's Song, regardless of whether you actually did.

      • Deku_Scrub

        Actually, it was Saria who taught that song to skull kid.

        • Darktoonlink88

          No, it wasn't… When have you ever seen Saria and a Skull Kid together?

          • Deku_Scrub

            Okay, but it wasn't Link, just to clear that up. I just found Saria the most likely one.

          • Have you played Ocarina of Time? It actually was Link. At the entry of the Lost Woods, you go left into the left threshold and see the lone Skull Kid. When you talk to him, he asks you to play a certain song. You need to play Saria's Song, or else he'll start shooting needles at you through his pipe. If you do it right, though, he'll claim that he and Link will be friends from then on.

          • Deku_Scrub

            Skull kid says: "You know Sarias song? Let's be friends"
            It's pretty clear that he knew about the song from before, and what it was called.

          • Gorons4Sale814

            yeah he is right, plus; every character in MM are alternate characters to their OoT counterparts, so theres no way that skull kid is the same skull kid as OoT, it doesnt seem like that'd make sense.

          • Dave

            Yes, but you start of somewhere in the lost wods then fall through the tree into termina, skull kid steals your horse in hyrule and leads you into termina so he could easily be the OoT Skull Kid since he can easily go wherever he likes.

          • CorvosKK

            It's known that Miyamoto has stated before that out of all the "duplicates" in Majora's Mask, Link, The Salesman, and The Skull Kid are all actually the same from Ocarina of Time.

    • Nintendomoon

      Keep in mind that Navi is link's Guardian Fairy. She can't have that relationship with Link.

  • Isn't Link going to be looking for a lost friend in Skyward Sword, though? It could be someone else that he has known for a longer time.

    • Joko tree

      SS is before OOT.

    • Jabun The Wanderer

      dude, what if skyward sword is a sequal to twilight princess? then it would raise the same debate that MM apparently rose (I was a deprived child, I didn't have a game console until gamecube.) this article could be about midna versus Jovani.

  • ShadowofLight

    I think you should believe what you think is right.

    • Joe-man

      Or you could believe what actually is right, regardless of what you or anybody else thinks. πŸ˜€

      • Shadowknight1

        Sorry, but that's a conceited approach to have. I don't completely agree with what this guy wrote, but he does make some good points. It could be either way…or even both are right. There's no point in saying "Well, what you think is wrong, here's what you should believe."

  • I won't say that I agree, or disagree either. As of yet, it hasn't been confirmed. But something had to happen for Navi to become missing. I believe that she and Link were sent into the Lost Woods for some reason, where they got separated. Then, possibly, while Link was trying to find her, the Skull Kid ambushed him, blind to his identity because of the Mask. And on from there they went through the Clock Tower basement and into the Town.

    And this brings me to the Skull Kid. Apparently, he knew about the Terminan portal in the middle of the Lost Woods, as did the Happy Mask Salesman (who he stole Majora's Mask from). In this case, I believe Link was seeking the Skull Kid, who knew the Woods and could be his guide, to help him find Navi. Of the two, I think that everything revolves around Navi since she wasn't present at the beginning of Majora's Mask, but he'd need a reason to track down the Skull Kid also.

    • Blizzeta93

      "I believe that she and Link were sent into the Lost Woods for some reason, where they got separated."
      Did you play OoT?

      • Yes, about a month ago when I finished it as part of a Zelda playthrough, but I just split my comment between Navi and the Skull Kid in respect to the article, in case that's why you asked.

      • Aleksandar

        Yeah but what he meant was after the Link hat beaten Ganon in Ocarina of Time don´t you think?

    • a smart guy

      shut up, nobody likes you.

      • Is that so? Well, I have eight thumbs up to prove you wrong, nine if we were to include the one you took away. But I have made a few enemies over my time here due to my bullheadedness, so I deserve this.

    • Nintendomoon

      Ah, but the point is this, Navi was never a part of the game Majora's Mask, yes, it is a direct sequel to OOT, but Navi is a Guardian Fairy, she isn't responsible for anything that occurs outside the realm of Hyrule. No it hasn't been confirmed, but the more we leave these people hanging, the more it's gonna build up.

    • Nintendomoon

      oh, plus, Navi cannot exist in Termina because of how the parallel universe works. That is, if you know how it works, which of course you do, so I won't have to explain it, at least, I hope… I don't exactly know how to put it it words, it's on the tip of my tongue, or in this case, typing ability. If I go into a really long comment explaining how it works, it's going to be so complex that I don't think many people will be able to understand.

  • HeikkiV

    Good article. Me likes.

    • QueenxLink

      Same πŸ™‚

  • Deku_Scrub

    I can't help but disagree strongly with this theory. First of all, he says we should only look at MM for evidence, and then takes a completely optional event and use it as proof that skull kid is links friend. If we're allowed to use OoT, then Navi makes MUCH more sense, considering she accompanied him his whole adventure, and left him without here before Majoras mask. Also, "You smell like that kid who taught me that song in the woods", doesn't really imply that skull kid was a "beloved and invaluable friend". He doesn't exactly act like an old friend.

    • Yeah, I also thought it was terribly ironic how he was like 'Let's look at JUST Majora's Mask for evidence', and even while that is an awful way to go about honest investigation, he proceeds to point out Ocarina of Time as his immediate reference point.


      • Aeffles

        Your opinion's rusty, just like your name, you coy Dick!

        • Well, at least I have a legitimate reason to have that opinion and have expressed it logically.

          You, however, are just trolling.

          • Sanity's_Theif

            I agree with Deku_Scrub, and who says the fairy kid Skull Kid was talking about is Link? Wouldn't he recognize him? And on top of that, wasn't Saria the only one with an ocarina in the forest? Who says Link still had the OOT?

            I thought he gave that to Zelda before he was transported back and wasn't he transported back before opening the Door of Time? Ah it's pretty confusing

          • Blizzeta93

            he gave zelda the ocarina. then she sent him back in time to before he got the ocarina of time or the spiritual stones. She then gives link the ocarina of time and he goes on his quest for navi.

          • Dark Link

            That's why time travel is bad. It woud cause nothing but an annoying parodox.

          • mcdude910

            Wel, obviously Link stil had the Ocarina of Time, because Skull Kid steals it, and Link uses it throughout M

    • Aleksandar

      Well, your explanation makes a lot more sense than the one in the article I think!

  • Defender of Hyrule

    Weren’t there multiple skull kids? Who’s to say that this skull kid is the one that Link was friends with?

  • Sariano


  • Majora maniac

    I can see your point of view and understand why you think the way you do, BUT
    skull kid is only mentioned once in OoT so, could we really look at him as a 'friend'? Also, there are some people who reffer to Navi as a 'friend'. I take that by knowing navi you played OoT

  • Majora maniac

    (had to split it in 2 lol)
    Did you ever saw a scene showing an actual bond between link and navi? I think the friend Link is looking for is Saria, who DID had a good relationship with Link. think about it, she is the first character Link sees in the whole game, the only person who accepted Link for being different from other Kokiri and even gave Link his Ocarina. The area Link is riding enpona is clearly reffering to the lost woods. I even think it was officially stated. I think Friendship and caring for eachother is just the theme of the game, every side quest is about love/caring. The goron mask you get is from a goron that protected his village and still wanted to. the zora mask is from a zora who wanted to protect his girlfriend. Tatl stays with Link to help his brother. I think that's all obvious to you. And for the plot wholes, you did know majora's mask production time wasn't that long right? Maybe they tried to cover up eventual mistakes by the mysterious plot.
    We'll never be for sure though.
    Ah well, it was an awesome game to play and that's what counts. πŸ™‚

    • Paffe

      I've never thought of it that way! It's touching! πŸ™‚

    • mcdude910

      It;s a good theory, but after Link got sent back, Saria was no longer a sage, she was still a Kokiri and therefore was not allowed to leave the Kokiri Forest or enter the Lost Woods, so why would Link be loking for her there?

    • CorvosKK

      A lot of it's implied relationships. Same as with the old school Zelda's and putting Link and Zelda together. It was easier to show implied relations on the N64. Navi and Link had such a strong relationship because they traveled together the entire time, and she was there with him even when Saria wasn't. While it seems Saria could be a option as well, it's my personal opinion that Navi would be more likely than Saria.

    • turambar

      actually, Navi is the first characters Link comes in contact with… when the Great Deku Tree send her to find the child without a fairy (Link)…
      and Saria is never lost n the Young Link timeline, since you can find her in the Sacred Forest Meadow…

  • 10n3r

    that's funny… good one…

    I think he brings up a lot of good points. I don't know which one to believe any more, but frankly, it's a game, so honestly there really is no "friend" for "Link" to search for… I'm gonna just enjoy the game at face value lol

  • erikSD21

    maybe his friends from oot, left him since he says his friend left him. and then he got to Termina?

    • SnowLeopard48

      mmm… you have a point!

  • Darktoonlink88

    I disagree strongly with this article…
    It annoys me when people try to make simple things which we already know the answer of, complicated. Even if Skull Kid isn't the friend Link was looking for, the story would still make sense. It's not important if Link found his friend or not, that was just an excuse for Link being in the woods at that time, so that he could get into Termina. And like many people already said, Skull Kid wasn't really a dear friend to Link. Link thought him a song, and gave him a mask, that's all they did together. Like not cody already said, in the instruction booklet of MM, it says Link was looking for a friend that he parted ways with, after he defeated Ganondorf, and who helped him on his journey. Link didn't part ways with Skull Kid after he deafeated Ganondorf, and Skull Kid didn't help him on his journey either. And also, Nintendo practicly threw the answer in our face, by putting in that fairy sound at the end of the introduction! Why would they do that if Navi didn't have anything to do with it?

  • He would never look for Navi because she can be so annoying πŸ˜‰

    • benhaddix

      hey man, they al;ready had an article on that πŸ˜› 'sides, i lieked navi lol just wished they had depicted her as more of a fairy than a ball πŸ˜›

  • Darktoonlink88

    Also, I don't think this friend would be Saria, because Link knew where she was, and he could have visited her any time. This also applies for Skull Kid, which is another argument for Skull Kid not being the lost friend. Navi is the only friend that helped Link troughout his journey, left him after he killed Ganondorf and was completely lost after that. It's Navi, let's not make things so difficult in the future, by saying things like 'was the horse from MM actually Epona?'.

  • Ashmic

    I read a similar article to this one and many others for that reason, many believe navi died because her task was over, or that she went to the great Deku tree sprout, but the "send link to lost woods" is very possible. Majoras mask is such a bizaare, wonderful game with so many mysteries in and around it, i do with Nintendo helped decode some of this, then again that takes away the magic, anyways

    I heard that navi leaves in the window that is the same window in Skyward sword (the entrance or something)

    but, this is all forum talk

    I do not think the skull kid was even in OoT, he knew the giants for a loooong time before then, (using canon manga and MM facts)

    I don't think he could even go into hyrule, that whole parallel universe and such, well he COULD with the mask but i doubt it, how would he even know its there.

    The only ties that bind MM and OoT together is Link and epona, and posssibly the lost woods (was it confirmed thos are THE lost woods, or a lost woods)

    And, don't freak out this is a possible subject

    We aren't clear on one subject, was Navi really links friend, or more of a appointed helper?
    She was loyal to the deku tree and did as he told, until she was finished her task. Yes, i know you could say that they spent all that time together, but not everyone has to be links friend XD.
    Anyways it will always be up for debate, all of this

    • Peter

      Zelda is in Majora's Mask too…sorta

    • jack

      'I do not think the skull kid was even in OoT, he knew the giants for a loooong time before then, (using canon manga and MM facts)

      I don't think he could even go into hyrule, that whole parallel universe and such, well he COULD with the mask but i doubt it, how would he even know its there.

      The only ties that bind MM and OoT together is Link and epona, and posssibly the lost woods (was it confirmed thos are THE lost woods, or a lost woods) '

      you obviously haven't played to the end of the game. Skull kid says link smells like 'that fairy kid who taught me a song in the woods', thus confirming that he WAS in Ocarina. Whats to say he couldn't travel back and forth? The lost woods is a mysterious place, and the happy mask salesman managed it.

  • itsame-mario

    OMG. its Navi. Who are these idiots who think its skull kid??!! He wasn't that important. Navi was an integral part of OOT!! COme on you fools. And that's why she wasnt in MM. That's why there was another Fairy helping Link. He was looking for her because she was lost in time when he was transported back to being a kid…Come on u fools!!

    • PAHB

      actually she wasnt lost in time, when link puts the master sword back into the pedestal right after Zelda sending him back to the temple of time, you can see that Navy fly to the window in the chamber of time, but then again, maybe she wasnt leaving? maybe she just wanted to see if everything returned back to normal?

      • peachyoigio

        you my friend are silly!!!!!

    • Querulous

      Well, there are parts in your tirade–however trivial–that just screw it all up, man. Besides that, I see you're a Mario fan, so just cool your Rocket Attachment and go bellyslide on the water your spray in front of yourself with FLUDD. Your message is broken like glass, and impossible to piec back together. Be careful; I saw a shard slide under that low-based cabintet. We wouldn't want you to prick yourself.

      • Z-Guider

        @Querulous…wow, broken like glass, and impossible to piece back together. How poetic…Looks like you are the one playing with your FLUDD and felt it necessarily to spray your water over everyone on this site including your self indulgent self. People have opinions, and that's all they are. SO back off and leave the kid alone!! Pathetic, self indulgence…go write about your adventures somewhere else!

        • Querulous

          Okay, well I'm not the only self-indulgent one around here. This "kid" hopped and jumped and skipped about us, labeling those who didn't get his point before "fools!" And I've never actually played SMS…I just watched a friend when it first came out, and that little detail about FLUDD stuck in my mind. So you'll excuse my "self-indulgent self" for just being my "querulous" self when I put my own viewpoint down.

          • "LISTEN"

            U sure live up to your name. Querulous.

    • Joko tree

      Thats why Skull kid stole MM.

  • S'okay, Ash; you're just eager like the rest of us.

    • Ashmic

      ^^ ur one of the nice ones Thareous

  • Peachyoigio

    OMG. Guys it is about Malons Mom. And Zelda's. I heard they were sistas together and were infact seperated by the glass of time. Thats why both zelda and malon have a song each to themselves! guys believe me!!! its true factual.

    • Joko tree

      Wow you know what else Wario advertises for a company known as or a Wario lookalike.

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          • Joko tree

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  • Querulous

    What are you doing here?


  • Headphoneguy

    If Navi is the friend Link is looking for, then the fact why she is the one Link is looking for isn't as interesting as why he have to look for her. Where did she go? And why?

  • This is a very interesting thought but I'll shoot it down. In the opening sequence of Majora's Mask it shows these quotes.

    "A journey in search of a beloved and invaluable friend…"

    "A friend with whom he parted ways when he finally fulfilled his heroic destiny and took his place among legends…"

    After the quotes it has the sound of a fairy flying away. Skull kid never played a big part in Ocarina of Time. You probably wouldn't even know about him if you never did side quests so he wasn't this beloved and invaluable friend of Link's.

  • I can see the friend being a number of people, and I respect everyone who feels Link is searching for Skull Kid or Saria. I feel the person in question was left ambiguous enough to leave doubt. Reading various opinions is entertaining.

    However, I tend to believe Link was searching for Navi. I also feel that his searching for Navi parallels the Skull Kid's journey in a way. The Skull Kid felt that he had been abandoned by close friends. He reacted to this by acting out, and ended up being possessed by MM. In the end he learns that even though his friends left to accomplish other things, they still loved and cared for him.

    Link on the other hand went searching for an "invaluable friend" who he missed and thought had abandoned him. In the end he sees the Skull Kid and the Giants reunited and realizes that Navi, wherever she is, still loves and respects him. He is able to live in peace with the friends he can still be close to, including the Skull Kid.

    I thought this article was really well written though. You made strong arguments for the friend being the Skull Kid.

  • fox

    This is an interesting theory. I think Link's intention could've been to originally find navi again, but the skull kid theme seems to take priority. So, since Navi is never mentioned in the game or seen again throughout the game, it could've been a motive of making you think it's about Navi, but in all truth it was actually the skull kid. It's just an element of the game that keeps it in a mysterious light, and that's why I enjoy it so much..It leaves it up to your imagination. πŸ™‚

  • What it is, is that

    Well hey there, guys! I'm Axle the Beast and your listening to the next episode of Truth Shop, where point out all your faults.

    The things is is that it doesn't matter who Stink is looking, whether it's some naked blue human off of some moon called Pandora or not. But, Hey, Listen to what I got! You'll Llllllloooooovvvvvvveeeeee Iiiiiiiiiiittttttt! OK. All Right. Here it goes. You ready for it? Here it goes. All right? Okay. Link is actually looking for the Happy Lost Salesman, 'cause after Ganonford fell he and him became good friends, you know, and they both formed a business proposition to where Link could get free masks. And in Termina Mr. Smiley Maskman handed out all the free masks Link bargained for as a little game and cheated Link out into finding them "cause Link was hunting him down for cheating him out. So, What Do You Think?

    • Your theory on the Happy Mask Salesman being Link's friend has no basis whatsoever. No evidence from either OoT or MM could support this malarkey, and it is likely just made up, regardless that most theories are conceived. Unless you can give proof that supports this, there's no way to believe this.

      • Jack

        hes trolling, you simpleton. or just making a joke, and you fell into it.

        • No, he was stating his opinion, you simpleton, and I was showing him that there is no way that this can be connected in either game. Trust me, I've been around long enough to determine a troll by how they speak, and this guy just wanted to get our thoughts. He expressed his view just like every other commenter on this post who theorized that Link's friend was actually "Saria," for example, or someone else. I can see at points where he makes no sense in presentation, and where you'd consider him a troll. But, no, he's just mistaken.

          • Jack

            I'm pretty sure he was just messing around dude. Anyhow, sorry for being a dick before.

          • Apology accepted.

  • Ericka

    Fisrt of all, when Link was turned into a Deku Scrub, he was not leaving Skull Kid. He was chasing after him. Skull Kid stole the Ocarina and Eponia. And seing as it is a "series" and the prologue contains the scene of navi leaving Link, it is obvious that the friend is navi.

  • Hero_of_Pie

    Does it really matter? O.o MM and OoT were both great games and people can think what they'd like πŸ˜€

    • Gamer Xtreme

      Get the F*CK OFF here, DARK MASTER! We've no need for YOUR IMBICILIC TROLLING!

      • Joko tree

        Hey listen, thats his opinion also they are great games.

  • strongfan

    I'm pretty sure Tatl and Tael make different sound than Navi.

    • Pete359

      You're right, they all make different sounds.

      It's Navi.

  • Rose

    Nah, I don't know… but I like the article :]

  • Link-182

    You said to examine the game by itself and not to include other games of the series, yet one of your main points is the sidequest of the skull kid in Ocarina of Time.

  • What it is, is that

    ^READ MY STUFF!^ >:(

  • Foh

    Oh, goodness, you're being ridiculously closed minded people. "It's Navi, it's Navi!" Where's your proof? "Skullkid was such a small, unimportant character." Exactly why skullkid would be the friend. You're proving the opposite point. Majora's Mask was built with the intention of making every single NPC important, there were no small roles. They were showing that Link is a loyal friend to everyone, even a little imp he met in the forest for only a moment. That's what Majora's Mask is all about. Now, he brought up really good points, put a lot of effort into making this, so if you're going to rival this post, you'd better put at least the same amount of effort in there. Also, there's no point in being stubborn and closed minded. A paradigm shift is a good thing every once and a while. πŸ™‚

    • Darktoonlink88

      You're being closed minded. There are so many arguments that would suggest Navi is the friend, and about none at all that would indicate Skull Kid is the friend. It's been said this friend was really close to Link, which the Skull Kid, even though Link is so awesome, just isn't. They spoke a few lines, that's it. In that case, this friend could also be a random Goron, Zora or Hylian. And Skull Kid also didn't help Link. Even though MM was suposed to make NPC's more important, Nintendo still wouldn't lie to us by saying that this friend was really close to Link, helped him, and put in that fairy sound, and all that is referring to the Skull Kid! That doesn't make any sense. And there is almost nothing that suggest Skull Kid is the friend.
      I really hate people like you who think they're so much smarter then everyone else, because they make everything so difficult.

      • Foh

        Hey, I never said I was smarter than anybody, I was putting my word in, just like you. Besides, saying I was closed minded was a little strange, since I never actually stated what my personal opinion on the issue was. I'm just trying to get people to think, that's all, so don't release your venom on me.

        • Darktoonlink88

          Well, you did act as if people where being dumb, by saying they are closed minded, but I think the people who believe it's Skull Kid are closed minded, because there are so many obvious hints that they don't see, because they want to make everything difficult. So I got annoyed, because you're calling people what I believe YOU actually are. At least in this comment. I don't hate you or anything, I just reacted a bit agresive.

          • Foh

            Yeah, no hard feelings here. It's kinda hard to see how a person's saying something through text. I wasn't trying to down people, I was just saying that it is very possible it could be either or. I personally have no preference, as much as it seemed like I believed Skull Kid was the friend in question. I used the term "closed minded" for the people who aren't even considering the other side and the work that was put into the argument, as the term should be used for, not to tell people their opinion was wrong.

  • Chozo Knight

    That's an interesting thought. I never thought about it that way. I thought the ending was like it was just to say that Skull Kid wasn't a bad guy. I never thought that skull kid could have been the one from OoT. And now that you put it that way, Link looking for Navi doesn't make much sense anymore. Why would Nintendo have Link looking for Navi in the beginning if they never address this ever again?

    good article, there should be more of these, It is cool to see other people's "well thought out" theories.

    • Darktoonlink88

      There are two reasons why Navi being the friend does make sense:
      1. It was just an excuse for Link being in the woods, so he could enter Termina.
      2. Majoras Mask is all about friendship. Link was searching for Navi, a friend who he already lost, and wasted his time, which he could spend with his other friends. But at the end of the game, he learns that he has to forget about Navi, and just have fun with his other friends.
      So it does make sense.

  • ZoraMikau

    Amazing article. I hope you re-release more old articles in the future.

  • Hunter

    How can this guy say we can only use majoras mask as a source then directly go to OOT for a reference!!this guy spent soooo long making this extremely contrived point pulling out a flimsy resource like an optional very very small sub game in OOT. This article is FLIMSY with Flimsy points .take this pollution off the website this person is reading waayyy to much into it. He probably wrote it all night long and came up with points as he was going along.stop trying to be a devil's advocate just to go against the crowd.i have never said this but your opinion is dumb.and Flimsy.

    • Flimsy is our face

      Wake up, dud. This article was written in June '04, so there's bound to be mistakes. You is a opinionated person who's opinions is flimsy. You is just making assumptions when you really shouldnot assume.

      • Darktoonlink88

        Even if it's an old article, that is still no excuse for making a mistake like that. Back in 2004, people weren't any dumber as they are now…

    • Guest

      It's totally ok to reference if OOT if MM explicitly references that particaular part of OOT b/c that then makes it a given circumstance completely valid to use in an arguement. If MM hadn't referenced the song playing, then no, he wouldn't be able to use it.

  • Chozo Knight

    oh and I know about the Zelda Theorizing thread, that's why I said it would be cool to see "well thought out" theories. πŸ˜€

  • tsubasa_z

    I read about half teh artical and it looks like a troll article. He said: 'ONLY look at MM ' not OoT', but he keeps looking at at ocaina the whole time. If you only look at MM, you don't know what the friend was. One more thing is that he thinks MM is a follow up from a SIDE-QUEST from OoT, that's really far fetched. I believe he is totally wrong and Skull Kid is not 'the friend'.

    • Guest

      The idea behind the article's thinking is that, no, you don't know who the friend is…until the end. (By only looking at MM)

  • Darktoonlink88

    I believe that is indeed true, because the whole message of MM is about friendship. But that still doesn't take away that Link was originally looking for Navi and instead learned to forget about Navi and live with his other friends, like sageofmudora already said.


    If you read the quote A friend with whom he parted ways when he finally fulfilled his heroic destiny and took his place among legends…” I'm looking at the last part where its says he took his place among the legends. This would imply that it was after he defeated ganondorf.I don't think he would be a legend before the battle. Also after Link grows up you don't see skull kid. I think that in OoT Skull Kid was merely part of a sidequest. No importance whatsoever.

  • ClaudioIphigenia

    Beyond the fact that you use OoT to justify your answer, you can't really take MM's storyline on its own. It is a direct continuation of the events of OoT. Sure MM has no real bearing on what happens in OoT, but OoT has a lot of bearing on MM. The idea that Link was looking for Skull Kid certainly is a nice one but signs point to Navi.

  • Zelda1000

    It states in the Official Player's Guide for Collector's Edition that Link is looking for Navi. Check the first couple pages of the Majora's Mask Section.

    • Aleksandar

      You´re right!
      In the game manual for the collector´s edition it´s stated that he was "in pursuit of the villain that stole the Ocarina from him" and that was obviously Skull Kid!

      -Question answered, no problem-!

      • Zelda1000

        To clarify for everyone else, the Player's Guide makes it very clear.

        The game manual however, as Aleksandar is referencing, states the following:

        "Having waged his battles across time to defeat the evil Ganon and restore peace to Hyrule, Link departed from the land that made him a legend. On a personal journey in search of a beloved and invaluable friend, Link was waylaid while traveling through the Lost Woods, and his horse and precious Ocarina were stolen from him. His pursuit of the villain led him into the strange, parallel world of Termina, where he found his fate tied to its impending doom…"

        The Skull kid stole the Ocarina. So unless this "villain" somehow is also referenced as the "beloved and invaluable friend" in the same paragraph, it's definitely not the Skull kid.

        Again, check the Official Player's Guide.

  • yanoit15

    hmmm…. i kinda agree and disagree. majoras mask…the entire plot is based on skull kid so why wouldnt he be the friend? and like he said navi isnt AT ALL mentioned in mm.skull kid makes the most sence and i get how ppl would think its navi but the entire thing is about skull kid so its only logical hes the friend.

    • TheMaverickk

      The truth is that Nintendo made the game accessible to everyone by cutting out too many direct references to events from Ocarina of Time.

      They don't say Navi because if someone hadn't played OoT mentioning the name Navi wouldn't have the same significance. They kept it simple and without a lot of background details.

      Also the term "invaluable" is used usually to describe something that is incredibly useful and helpful. The descriptors used to describe the friend Link is looking for are more directly associated with Navi then Skull Kid.

      I mean the Skull Kid might have become Link's friend at some point during his journey in OoT, he certainly wasn't an invaluable or beloved friend. Especially when you consider that the players interaction with Skull Kid in OoT is purely optional. Some people might have bypassed those side quests entirely. Navi on the other hand is their from the beginning, and is actually useful and aids Link in many ways in his quest… from Z targeting, to giving useful hints in dungeons… of the two characters, who was invaluable in his quest to fulfill his destiny.

      To me this isn't even debatable.

    • Darktoonlink88

      Read one of my other comments:
      There are two reasons why Navi being the friend does make sense:
      1. It was just an excuse for Link being in the woods, so he could enter Termina.
      2. Majoras Mask is all about friendship. Link was searching for Navi, a friend who he already lost, and wasted his time, which he could spend with his other friends. But at the end of the game, he learns that he has to forget about Navi, and just have fun with his other friends.
      So that's why they put Navi in. In the middle of the game, Navi is indeed not important at all, but at the beginning, before the whole adventure in Termina started, she was. Because Link and Navi became such good friends, and Link barely saw Skull Kid, so in that part of the game, Navi is much more important than Skull Kid.

  • Aleksandar

    This is so easy, :P! After the credits the last thing that you see is Link´s and Skull Kid´s image carved into a tree stump hmm so I guess that REALLY does hint as to who the lost (and found) friend might be, right?

    • Darktoonlink88

      No it doesn't. Like I already said a million times, this is because the message of MM is about friendship. Link was spending all his time searching for Navi, instead of having fun with the friends he still had. And at the end of the game, he learns that he has to let go of the past. He has to forget about Navi and have fun with his other friends. And Skull Kid wasn't really a friend of him before. They just played a song together and Skull Kid bought a mask from Link, which he didn't even pay enough rupees for! But after Link saved him from Majoras Mask, Skull Kid loved Link, because he saved him and also showed him that his friends, even though they abandoned him, still cared for Skull Kid. So then they became friends, that's why Skull Kid carved that image in the treestump.

    • Darktoonlink88

      And this would also help bringing the message of the game, because the same thing happens with Link and Skull Kid: Link is wasting his time, searching for an old friend, instead of having fun with his other friends, and Skull Kid is wasting his time on revenge, instead of having fun with other people. And then the same thing happens to them. They both see they have to let go of it and just have fun, instead of living in the past.
      So yeah, it was probably Navi.

  • LadyBastet

    The whole "Looking for a friend" deal could very well simply have been Nintendo's public excuse to make another Zelda game.

    Lets face it, while the entire game was about friendship and loyalty the story doesn't go back to the "looking for a friend" concept present in the very brief intro. The game goes strait into the conflict with the skull kid.

    Since MM was released so soon after OoT, odds are that the entire "saving the world from the moon" story was already developed, but Nintendo threw the friend concept at the last minute to amuse the fans. After OoT, fans would be looking for a sequel anyway.

    Its also possible that Nintendo used the skull kid because they already had the skull kid graphics and character from OoT, and decided to just recycle it, like they did with several other MM characters.

  • Pete359

    I disagree with this completely.

    You made two giant assumptions and formed a conclusion around them, which is fine for your own personal opinion but that's hardly what's presented in the game. And trying to convince us to conform our opinion to yours is misguided.

    Leaving out all other statements by Nintendo, references in the instruction booklet, the mangas, fanfiction etc the fact that when the text says Link is searching for his friend the sound effect is of Navi's trademark flutter, not the Skull Kid's SFX.

    That's immediately the conclusion I made when I first played the game, as did my mates who played it as well.

    This is of course still my personal opinion but one that's backed up by more than your loosely defined, "simple deduction" and twisting quotes from the game to suit your arguments.

    This is the sort of biased article I'd expect to read on ZeldaInformer, not here.

  • Over9000Gingers

    I think this is pretty much common sense. If it was Navi, why would they not explain if he finds her or not. That's all you had to put really…

    • Darktoonlink88

      Because it wasn't that important!!!!
      I said this a million times, and I guess I have to say it again:
      Searching for Navi was
      1. An excuse for Link being in the woods, so he could enter Termina.
      2. It's about the message of the game. The whole game is about friendship and as you can see the same thing happens with Link and Skull Kid: Link is wasting his time, searching for an old friend, instead of having fun with his other friends, and Skull Kid is wasting his time on revenge, instead of having fun with other people. And then the same thing happens to them. They both see they have to let go of it and just have fun, instead of living in the past.
      So it wasn't important if Link found Navi or not. This is a typical poem-like technique often used in deep stories like Majoras Mask.

  • Aleksandar

    He foumd Tatl in the game so she basically "replaced" Navi as Link´s new fairy and Link knows that Saria is "dead" (like all the sages in OoT) and remains in the sacred realm for all eternity, hence he couldn´t have looked for them and of course because of tha engraving in the tree stump at the end of the game´s credits.

    • Darktoonlink88

      But he foudn Tatl AFTER he started searching for Navi…

  • Blizzeta93

    The game ends the way it begins. In the beginning, Link is searching for a friend. Those of us that played OoT think its Navi. When we hear a bell ding we get estatic because this means Link found Navi. or does it? In searching for one friend, Link finds another. After he re-establishes his friendship with Skull Kid, you see him in the lost woods again. heading back toward Hyrule. Maybe he thinks that navi is in hyrule or he is giving up and going home to start a normal life.

  • matt17

    I always thought it was Saria.
    link didn't know skull kid (isn't there more than one skull kid?)
    he sang saria's song to a skull kid in oot, and followed tunes with his ocarina with them, but thats about it. he never really knew a skull kid.

    • Darktoonlink88

      But Saria was in the forest in the child timeline and in the adult timeline, she was in the chamber of sages, so searching for her wouldn't make any sense. Also, Link didn't part ways with Saria after he killed Ganondorf, but he did so he could go on his quest to kill Ganondorf.

  • spacedogboi101

    i say they should clarify this in a remake on the 3DS =)………… just sayin' lol

  • ILiekZelda

    Ok here are my reasons why Saria nor Skull Kid were the lost friend…..Saria was a sage! A sage I tell you! So first when Link was sent back in time, in the child time line it was like OoT never happened!!! Wait……….Never mind the sage thing, but anyways, Saria was still in Kokiri Forest, she was fine, nothing happened to her. Link probably went out to the Lost Woods not knowing everything didn't happen looking for Navi since she has helped him through thick and thin. Also the fact that in MM after it says "Looking for a lost and VALUABLE friend……." Valuable……What does that mean? Helpful! And what did Navi do? (Bad pun here) Tatl on enemies! (Rim shot) To discover their weakness! Also the fact that there is a twinkle at the end. So concludes my statement that it wasn't obviously Saria or Skull…….Kid……..I need to explain his reason don't I….Ok well Skull Kid had barely anything to do with OoT besides the fact you needed him to get a Heart Piece and to give the mask to.So at the end of MM know that he met you in OoT was simply a surprise! Also there is the fact that Termia may possibly be a dream but I'm not getting into that, so Termia doesn't have to make any sense whatsoever! And so concludes my statement on why Navi was the lost friend!

  • ZoraLink

    It says that he parted with his friend when he took his place among legends. navi was there the whole time, not the skull kid. navi and link separated after he became a hero. But there was no mention of the skull kid. navi and Link were best friends. And link probably would have at least shown some emotion if he were looking for the skullkid.. like a hug or something… i think he was lookin for navi.

  • QueenxLink

    If I said I liked this article, people would insult me. If I said I didnt, people would rate me down… *Shrugs* I liked the article.

    • Foh

      Thank you for stating that.

  • kidtechboy

    i always found that to be the point of the game. Skull kid is the friend he was looking for. Its in the last cut scene that speaks it all. It tells me that link never really needed a friend because skull kid was always there for him. It was like the relationship of two brothers

    • Darktoonlink88

      That last cutscene didn't mean anything. That was just because Link and Skull Kid became REAL friends AFTER the adventure, they weren't really friends before. A lot of people seem to forget that.

  • suzettergreinwich

    This article caused so much controversy, lol. This is just a theory. Which I kinda like, and makes some sense. And this article was written to try to convince people that Skull Kid was that "friend." Did it succeed? Partially for me. I never even thought of this possibility.

    Go through the world with an open mind.

  • kidtechboy

    oh and by the way navi isnt a friend he was looking for. Navi was sent to help him since he was raised as a kokiri and needed a fairy. Of course they became friends but link was searching for something more. And then there was skull kid

    • Darktoonlink88

      Do you seriously think Skull Kid was a better friend then Navi?! Have you even played OoT? Link only teached Skull Kid ONE SONG, and he sold ONE MASK TO HIM, WHICH SKULL KID DIDN'T EVEN PAY ENOUGH RUPESS FOR!! And Navi was on his side the whole time! She helped him with puzzles, telling the weaknesses of the monsters, and telling him where to go, and she was right next to him when Link killed Ganondorf!!!!
      And you think Skull Kid is a better friend?!

  • He was clearly looking for Navi.

  • Emilie

    I understand what you mean, but Link is adult in SS, so the Link in OoT can only be a later reincarnation, like Link in TP is a reincarnation after OoT.

  • Travis

    To those saying it’s navi need to rewatch oot’s ending she flew up to a closed window and sat on top of it so which means link knew where she was as for the manga that’s not canon and miyamoto stating it was navi was only because people insinsted it was her if miyamoto saw then ending of oot again he would notice she was there likely her being there was intentional at the time as mm hadn’t been planed yet.

  • Tuf Pic

    I believe that the reason Navi left Link was at least partially to lead him to Termina, & he could still be part-Kokiri, despite the fact that she left him, & he finds 2 fairies in Termina anyways…

    So I'd probably have to say "no" to this theory… πŸ˜›

  • "LISTEN"

    This article, while very well written is, in my opinion completely wrong. Skull kid being the friend is far to illogical.
    The freind Link was looking for is absolutley Navi and here are my reasons in no particular order;

    1. MM is a sequel to OOT, skull kid was a minor part of that game where as Navi was Links greatest and, only companion in OOT.

    2. Who played OOT and didn't immediately think NAVI when they read this quote in MM?

    "A friend with whom he parted
    ways when he finally fulfilled his
    heroic destiny and took his place
    among legends…"

    I'm sure they didn't jump to Skull Kid first.

    2. Skull Kids friends are the Four Giants, he never mentions Link as being his friend, he doesn't even no Link.
    Link ended up in Termina by chance, he followed Skull kid down the rabbit hole becuase he was going after his Ocarina and Epona…not because he was looking for him.
    3. The idea that Link is looking for a friend and then finds a friend in Skull kid by the end does not mean that he was looking for Skull kid, it just means that he was looking for and old one, but ended up finding a new one. The whole MM theme of one door closes and another opens.
    4. It may not even be the same skull kid, it was said that Skull kid is what becomes of children who wander into the lost woods.

    Another Other point in this article also don't add up. eg. Link and the four gods didnt "slit skull kids throat" because they knew that he was just a Majora's pawn.

  • Ariel

    Has anyone checked in the prologue of the game how Link reacts to the Skull Kid's ambush? If he was looking for the Skull Kid, I'd think you'd be able to tell by Link's reaction when he does finally encounter him. in the beginning. Upon memory, he doesn't look too thrilled.

  • Squiggy

    Uh, there is ONE other reference to Navi early on in the game that the author of this article missed, however I do admit its another kind of ambiguous one.

    Early on, right after Link is transformed into a Deku and Tatl gets locked behind with him, Link stares at her, and she says "Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?"

    He's dumbstruck because Tatl looks JUST like Navi.

    So yeah I believe he was searching for Navi.

    Perhaps you could even say he was looking for Navi at first, but his quest led him to find a different friend in the end.

  • Aeolus

    The intro to the game says he was looking for a friend he parted ways with when he finally fulfilled his destiny, and the ONLY person that fits that is Navi… When he arrives back in the Temple of Time, Navi flies away.

  • Hoeloe

    Navi makes the most sense when considering this quote:

    “he embarked
    on a journey. A secret and
    personal journey…
    A journey in search of a
    beloved and invaluable friend…
    A friend with whom he parted
    ways when he finally fulfilled his
    heroic destiny and took his place
    among legends…”

    Consider this section: "A friend with whom he parted
    ways when he finally fulfilled his
    heroic destiny "

    The word "fulfilled" implies that the friend he is searching for left Link immediately AFTER he defeated Ganondorf.

    Skull Kid left Link very early on in the game, so that doesn't fit this statement.

    Saria also left Link to become a sage after the Forest Temple, so she doesn't fit either.

    In fact, Navi is the only character that fits this.

  • Hálfdanarson

    I'm going to stick with the ones that say he was looking for Navi. Good article though! πŸ˜‰

  • AgentLym

    I hardly consider Skull Kid to be a "beloved friend"… Also, there is a fairy sound effect after the end of all the intro text… Hm?

  • Manga ninja

    it has to be navi!

  • Loaf

    Remember the end of MM? Link saves the day and ditches skull kid. HMS tells him he can continue his quest. His quest for what? The way I see MM is Link is looking for navi and gets into this alternate universe, or whatever you believe it is, by mistake and the whole game is a distraction from his quest. At the end, he continues what he was doing at the beginning.

  • Loaf

    I just had an idea: maybe the friend is Zelda? Link goes back in time at the end of OOT to right before the first time he met her. Maybe the beginning of MM happens right after Impa takes her away? And instead of becoming adult, he looks for her.

  • Super-Cassio

    Don't hate on me but i have yet to finish MM. But thinking about it and seeing everyone's opinions i think that it could be Saria. It's said "after Link “fulfilled his heroic destiny.” Think about the quote this way: Link’s destiny was to go on his adventure to retrieve the Spiritual Stones and awaken the Sages. Fulfilling this destiny would mean to begin the journey. Interpret the quote this second way, and it says that he left a friend when he had to accomplish a journey. This points to Skull Kid…" But couldn't that also point to Saria, which we know from OoT was Links only friend in the forest. Plus she saw him off and gave him the ocarina before he ran off to fulfill his destiny.

    • Darktoonlink88

      But Link always knew where Saria was, so he didn't have to look for her.

  • Guil.

    Just because Skull Kid happened to be the one you befriended in Lost Woods and wants to be your friend now doesn't make him the one Link was searching. Not to mention that throughout the entire game Link doesn't seem to even know or remember the Skull Kid.

  • Lunafloon

    I don't know if he is looking for Navi or Skull Kid, I like both ideas but, one thing that does fit with this theory is maybe Skull Kid remembered Link gave him a mask and when he saw the mask salemen though he might have a clue as to wear Link is but half way through steals the mask and after putting it on as a joke with Tatl and Tael gets taken over by the Majoras Mask?

    I don;t know, both stories are adorable :3

  • Hero of Winds1

    I am 100% sure that the friend Link is searching for is Navi, period.

  • oohlookashiny

    I would like to point out that in the manga it plainly states he is in fact looking for navi

    • The manga is non-canonical, meaning that if Nintendo itself hasn't confirmed it then it's not actually correct. The manga author likely made his/her own take in the story. I'm not saying you're wrong, but a great deal of the time when writers are permitted to develop someone else's ideas they tend to sway from the main theme by putting in their own stuff.

  • Joko tree

    Why don't we ask Nintendo. PS Ok what have I done to annoy some people around here because I keep geting rated down.

  • TenaciousTwitch

    Here is a scary thought.

    So according to Mystic, Link left the skull kid in order to fulfill his heroic destiny, just like the 4 Giants.

    So what happened when Link first pulled out the sword from the Pedestal of time? 7 years passed and Ganondorf took over all of Hyrule.

    What else happened during those 7 years? If skull kid really does go into a rampage because he thinks that Child Link abandonded him that must mean that the events in Termina still happened. When Aduly Link finally awoke from him seven year slumber, this must mean that Termina had already been obliterated by the Moon.

    That's not even the worst, Link was constantly going back and forward in time. This means that the residents of Termina probably died more than 6 or 7 times before link finally saved the day.

    Sucks for them.

  • Cody Gee

    Yes! Finnaly someone agrees with me :D! The first time I played Majora's Mask and I read that Link was looking for a friend I immediately thought that it was Skull Kid. All my friends disagreed though, but I stuck to my theory. You are the only one I have seen who shares my theory.

  • Lancelot-sama!

    Didn't the introduction of the article say to look at the elements of ONLY Majora's Mask? I understand if you guys feel if it is Navi, MM IS a sequel to OOT. It's ok if you think otherwise, but people who disagree with this theory are looking at facts from OOT & the manga when in the article it clearly says to focus on just MM. I like t see at both ways. It could be either Navi or the Skull Kid. I doubt it is Saria though, even though she was Link's best friend in childhood Link knew her duties as the Sage & knew where she would & what she would be doing. I feel a bit more towards the Skull Kid than Navi though, I'm fine if anyone or everyone else says otherwise.

    As for Navi's departure…. no one knows. Nintendo often leave the players to try the fill in the holes ourselves with their imagination or something.

    • "Didn't the introduction of the article say to look at the elements of ONLY Majora's Mask?"

      That's a question you should aim at the article writer as well, not just the commenters.

      Further, only looking at one of the two games for answers is foolhardy and dishonest. You can't hope to reach the real conclusion that way. It's purposely ignoring evidence.

    • TheMaverickk

      I need to add that you can't just look at this game as being a stand alone title.

      The very premise is based on the fact that it is post OoT. When the game was being first developed it was titled as Zelda Gaiden… literally meaning Zelda Sequel… the follow up to Ocarina of Time.

      You can't simply disregard the events of a game directly linked to Majora's Mask. The fact that the intro references Link's past destiny and quest basically forces you to acknowledge the fact that the game is so directly connected to OoT.

      I think the funniest thing though is that for a "close" and "invaluable" friend… apparently Skull Kid doesn't feel the same way back. At the end of the game all he says is "you remind me of that fairy kid"…. he doesn't even call the fairy kid by name, or say that the fairy kid was his friend. It doesn't seem as though he remembers Link or was ever friends with him prior.

      This article presents an interesting take and angle, but it's far from fact, and it's also a considerable stretch in terms of making a solid argument.

    • Zelda fans0652

      “he embarked on a journey. A secret and personal journey…A journey in search of a beloved and invaluable friend…A friend with whom he parted ways when he finally fulfilled his heroic destiny and took his place among legends…” notice it says he parted ways with the "friend" when he FINALLY fulfilled his duties.. Navi stayed with Link till the end which is what this implies.. he was with the skull kid for about a minute during his childhood.. also let's not forget after this prologue you hear the sound Navi makes.. I don't know why they'd just throw that in there if the friend wasn't Navi…

  • deej

    wow, that actually made alot of sense =O

  • Chuck

    “he embarked on a journey. A secret and personal journey…A journey in search of a beloved and invaluable friend…A friend with whom he parted ways when he finally fulfilled his heroic destiny and took his place among legends…” notice it says he parted ways with the "friend" when he FINALLY fulfilled his duties.. Navi stayed with Link till the end which is what this implies.. he was with the skull kid for about a minute during his childhood.. also let's not forget after this prologue you hear the sound Navi makes.. I don't know why they'd just throw that in there if the friend wasn't Navi…

  • Ed.

    No offense, but I think you misunderstood things a bit. The game has an overall theme of friendship. At the end, they show a video of all the friends that link made, even though he was only looking for his ONE friend. Which is kind of poetic in a way if you think about it: he was looking for one friend but instead he made a bunch of new ones. The setting of the game is apocalyptic with a very dark tone, which only amplifies the significance of friendship and staying together through harsh times. With that said, just because link was looking for a friend, it doesn't mean that everything revolves solely around him. This story was also Skull Kid's story. Just because a character has a back story which happens to be within someone else's story, it doesn't mean that they're necessarily connected. In spiderman, Peter Parker's father dies just like Harry Osborn's. Does that mean they had the same father? Lol nope. There's just a theme of loss there.

  • Hyrule Weirdo

    This should be in Theorising on the forums, not on the main site…

    Plus, why would Link be looking for a Skull Kid? They /ItDON'T PLAY A SUBSTANTIAL ROLE IN OCARINA OF TIME!!!

  • Linktomyass


    So much effort on such a stupid idea…..

    The beauty of Majora’s ending is that the search for the friend remains unresolved. It ties into the dark tone of the game and leaves us with questions still to answer as any good entertainment medium that wishes to have sequels should.

  • Navi

    HEY!WHAT DID YOU SAID? I am not as important as a stupid skull kid that LInk won't come and find me!? besides Link knows skull kid is in the lost woods he ain't gone to anywhere,he just stand on that stupid log thing and play his stupid flute.

    • Joko tree

      Navi Why did you leave Link.

  • Cesar

    G I'm sure that Link was looking for Navi, navi was there ever since the beginning from ooT and left in the end, btw Link made allot of friends in his journey why should he be looking for the skull kid? LOL im sure he even forgot about him, however there are more skull kids in those lost woods you can't see the difference at least i don't (-.-)

  • Fae

    Nice theory, entertaining to read. I suppose it is a possibility, however how much does it matter? One way or another the game still makes sense, but reading this makes me want to go play MM again, just to see if playing with that in mind makes it seem any different than without.
    On a side note, this would have been interesting to read up in the forums, why put it here and not in theorizing? (And if it was…meh, details)


    Honestly i’m not saying it’s skull kid but navi is imposible if you look at the evidence in my first post. even if you ignore that navi would have gone to the deku tree and had absolutely no reason to go through the lost woods and may i ask if he was looking for navi how come he never finds her?

  • Anon

    Interesting in whole, and makes good use of the materials the game (I.E canon source). Nicely done.

    Im pretty much convinced for now this is correct. Until/unless one of the other ideas is suddenly backed by the same quality of evidence :p

  • Icy

    I haven't played either game through yet, but I always assumed it was Zelda.

    Since he "parted ways" with her when he fulfilled his journey and took his place among legends, etc, etc…

    • Jack

      why bother forming an opinion then?

  • Jack

    The fairy sound that followed directly after the game mentioned link was searching for his lost friend. Its just like…why bother writing all of that rubbish? Nintendo made it painfully obvious, the only way they could make it less ambiguos is if they had actually said her name. Like, theres no argument. The real question is why navi buggered off in the first place. Btw, I'm not sure articles of such little worth should go up on the main feed like this, it's just getting everyone with common sense riled up and exposing all of the the bloody idiots ¬¬

    • Aeffles

      I wish you'd bugger off and or let go of a thing called "ego."

      Oh, btw wanker, stop using British cusswords to cover up the real ones. If you have something to say, then say it in American English.

      • Darktoonlink88

        Birtish IS the real English smartass. No offense, but the Americans just took over the Brithish language. They're both real languages, but if one of them would be 'fake' and contain cusswords we shouldn't use, it's American English.

      • Jack

        I AM Britsh, you dick.

        • Joko tree

          Don't mess with Jack he has a union. I can make that joke because I'm also British.

          • jabun the wanderer

            honestly, couldn't it have been NAVI telling the whole story to her friends/children/any stranger stupid enough to look at the moron shouting "HEY, LISTEN" at the walls of the insane asylum?

  • le0jay

    This article is illogical and condescending and, frankly, not up to the quality standard usually set by ZU. Or maybe I've just failed to be enlightened by it since none of these points "came to me naturally…"

  • Jack

    To aeffles – I am british, you knob. And I’m not being egotistic, it just irritates me when people are being stupid.

  • jabun the wanderer

    …or maybe it's navi telling the story.

  • bob

    I think he WAS, in fact, looking for Navi. 'A friend he parted with after his heroic destiny was done.' HELLO! Did you any of you see the part when Navi left threw the window in OoT? I sur did!

  • Turambar

    really fun article, but completely wrong, at least that's what i think
    so there would be 3 possible friends Link would look for: Saria, Skull Kid and Navi
    it cannot be Saria… why??
    Saria is a Kokiri, she lives in Kokiri Forest like every other kokiri
    Saria is also one of the Sages, so she has to stay in Hyrule
    also, as you use Young Link in MM, we can assume that you left Hyrule being Young Link, and as Young Link you can find Saria in the Sacred Forest Meadow
    as for the Skull Kid… there really is no interaction between him and Link to call them friends… you can pass the game without speaking to him
    also, if they were close friends, why doesn't the Skull Kid recognize him?
    and, i dont think its makes sense to say you will only analize MM to disregard the fact that Link is looking for Navi, but pull up a lot of "evidence" from OoT to support your theory that he is looking for the Skull Kid
    so, yeah… i support 100% that Link is looking for Navi
    she is the only friend that he lost from Hyrule
    and Link got lost while looking for her in the Lost Woods, ended in some wacky world known as Termina, had to save, and once he saved it, he went back to Hyrule, to continue his search or not…

  • ALinkToTheFuture

    Its Zelda you fools

  • daniel

    wow this article got more comments than who should link fall in love with…

  • bobby

    hi im crazybobby14 on when you play ocarina of time the deku tree sends navi to help him on the quest. so it means that navi was asigned to help him until link finishes his quest. thats why she left him. she wasnt following link beacause she was her friend but to help him. am i right? you can see it on the beginig of OoT. ^v^

  • ct12345

    For those who say that skull kid wasn't your friend after the song play in OOT,
    think about it that way, you play with him, it's already more than anybody that see him, For Link, it's clearly just a little somebody that he remember, but for the Skull Kid, he was like a friend,

    Somebody play with me today, it was fun, I learn a new song because of him, I want to see him again soon…

  • MachEx

    I always thought that it was skull kid he was searching for. However after playing through ocarina of time and seeing the ending and then hearing the fairy tone after the talk about he friend in majora’s mask i though of navi. Then i thought it could easliy be either. Then after that i thought it makes very little difference to the game itself. I assume that anyone that who has not played OoT or does not understand the link between the games would think it was skull kid he was searching for. But really, it makes no differnce. People will believe what they beleive. I beleive it could be either.

  • Zeldafan1989

    No offense but its not zelda he is looking for because he left zelda to find his friend who was no doubt skull kid

  • suckit


  • anon

    Didn’t you hear the fairy sound after the beginning story? It clearly leads to navi, just my opinion

  • JayGunn

    hyrule historia ftw?

  • HomoSabien

    i like panus

  • tnelson

    It says in the intro that Link is searching for a beloved and invaluable friend. How could the Skull Kid be that good of friends with Link when all they did in Ocarina of Time was play a song together.



  • Rochu

    I personally think this is a good theory, and it is well written. That being said, I find Navi or Saria more believable.

    Another thing to consider, Link and Skull Kid were both outcasts, thus allowing for a connection.

  • After the jump you’ll find more new gameplay footage, comparisons of the animations and the sailing speeds of both GameCube and Wii U versions of the game

  • Ok im with you

  • Tobias N.

    I would love to agree with you and I like your theory. But it is officially stated in the Hyrule Historia (written by the lead-writer of Majoras Mask) that Link is looking for Navi. Anyway, great read!

    • Clemmont Alura Meates

      May i ask you if you know anything about link and malon i cant find anything good about it

      • Tobias N.

        I don’t know anything special about them except that she is featured in many zelda-games and I think there could possibly be a deeper friendship between these two. I’m probably as far as you in this matter.

        • dova

          In TP Link is a farmer, and his ancestor is the Hero’s shade. So if OOT Link got settled down with Malon to become a farmer that would explain alot. Considering that she’s the only female who plays a part in the story that does not turn into a sage:)

          • Tobias N.

            Maybe a little far fetched but I like that idea πŸ˜€ Im not sure if Link even goes back to Hyrule after his adventures in Termina but it is totally possible, I think

  • legend of zelda

    i think his theory is right it did say in ocarina of time scull kids are what happens to kids lost in the forest maybe saria went to termina and then got lost and became the scull kid who then wanted revenge thats my theory but i like his a lot more!

  • Josh Hiebert

    You missed one very important fact… Link continues on his search at the end of the game. If skull kid was the friend he was looking for, why wouldnt link stop and enjoy the festival with him at the very least? These are not the friends you are looking for.