"You found a Piece of Braaaaaaaaaains!"

What’s more terrifying than Tingle, Skull Kid, a Re-Dead, and Paranormal Activity 2 combined?

Right on the heels of Halloween, artist Josh Mirman released his depictions of various Nintendo characters zombie-fied.

Hit the jump for more terrifying images!


Visit their site for even more depictions of your beloved Nintendo characters as zombies here!

Source: 4 color rebellion
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  • What? First Link and then Yoshi? How could he?

    Just kidding. These are awesome in a strange, non-morbid way. But I've got to say, Mario got the worst of it.

    • bradley

      Poor Mario got his arm cut off.

      • QueenxLink

        HA! THATS FOR PLACING 1ST PLACE WHILE LINK HAD TO BE 2ND! >.< Well either way, Link wins my vote for 1!!! :3

        • Joko tree

          Poor Mario he was just 25.

          • QueenxLink

            I thought he was over 30…

          • Weegee

            if your talking about when he was created he is 25 if your not then 20-50

  • Wise_Keaton

    I got a huge kick out of teh ring lodged in Sonic's head. xD

    • ChainofTermina

      yeah, me too.

  • Zeldo


  • Headphoneguy

    That worm in Yoshi's nose makes me wanna sneeze!
    And the Kirby is awesome!

  • Joko tree

    Well I quess Davros wasn't bluffing when he said he would create a flesh eating virus and use it (Doctor Who joke).Link noooooooooooo; poor Charmander.

    • yournamehere

      Davros šŸ˜€ He would totally do this.

  • suzettergreinwich

    The Zombies are taking over!!!!!

    Even though zombies scare the crud outta me, these are so cute! In a zombie-brain-like way.

  • ChainofTermina

    if that Charmander is now dead, wouldn't it's flame be out?

    Sonic with a ring stabbed into his skull, I love it.

    does Kirby have a band-aid on his shoe?

  • lolol

    why is there sonic?

    • QueenxLink

      cuz he wanted to put Sonic in it.

  • Z-MAN7

    zombie Kirby scares me…..

  • Ashmic

    they're seriously scary!
    ugh *shudder* tingle

    FUN FACT, tingles voice from windwaker is done by the same guy who does Twilight princesses Ganondorf

    ……..I know i died a little inside too…

    • NobleRath


      Anyway, epic pics. Kirby made me twitch… pretty awesome stuff.

    • gvan

      Whoa! where did you find that out?

      • Ashmic

        always pulls thru

        and some other sites

  • Phantom LInk

    EPIC..and yet very scary and disturbing…nice job! šŸ™‚

  • gvan

    The link to the rest of the pictures isn't working.

  • ILiekZelda

    Ummm Charmander looks like it's happy! O.o

  • QueenxLink

    Coooool pics! Gotta say, Charmander is the cutest! ^^ Ik, they're not meant to be "cute", but hey, I have some pretty deep tastes. BLOODY CHARMANDER >:)

  • lamer

    retarded filth.

    • Joko tree

      Dude that's your opinion.

    • twilian

      Okay, go make your own šŸ™‚

  • ThatOneGuy

    Come on! Yoshi is a freaking dinosaur! They could have made a zombie dinosaur much scarier! Not to say that it doesn't look good though, I still think that these are really good for Halloween.

    • noob

      andrew lee ann norman?

  • TriforceLegends

    I don't think Link would have the Master Sword if he was a Zombie, since It's the sword of evil's bane.

    • Joko tree

      Maybe its the zombie sword but it looks like the master sword.

    • Xcalib00r

      As we all should know that when Link first got the sword in Wind Waker, it wasn't anything more than a normal sword, he had to power it back up with the help of the sages, maybe this is before it actually was repowered, equaling not evil's bane.

    • Weegee

      or maybe he cursed the master sword with greater magic than the godesses (but that is a 1.5% chance)

  • twilian

    Am I the only one who finds the Charmander kinda cute? ^_-

  • mikey_puff

    i just died a little inside. link scared me O_O thats how pro your artwork is.

    as my art teacher says, "GREAT WORK!! A+++++++" šŸ˜€

  • QueenxLink

    Y'know, if that ever happened to Link in a game, I'd either scream or laugh…

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  • Zelda fan0652

    they make the cute Toon Link scary

    • Joko tree

      If you find that scary I can make my back click the song of soaring. Other than that I hate scoliosis.

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  • David

    so kirby has bones… who knew?

    • LinkFan

      i sure didnt

  • mstree


    That’s right about Charmander’s tail. I was obsessed w/ pokemon in 5th grade and a book said ”Once Charmander’s flame goes out on it’s tail, it dies”