Have you started to wonder what kinds of challenges will appear in the upcoming Legend of Zelda title, Skyward Sword? If so, you definitely don’t want to miss the chance to design your own boss!

This is a great opportunity to jump into the Zelda community to share your challenging boss ideas for the new and exciting round of Design a Boss. Based on what is currently known of Skyward Sword, participants will be tasked with designing a wintery or icy boss that would fit in a Skyward Sword setting.

The best design will receive a copy of the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as soon as it launches. The second and third best boss designs will be awarded with Wii downloadable content. Make sure to visit the contest thread to go over the rules and submit your boss.

The epic Design a Boss promotional video was made by ZU forum member [email protected], AKA Royal Studio. You can explore more of his intriguing animations by visiting his YouTube channel.

  • I know this has nothing to do with this post but what ever happened to Paris game week?

    • Deku_Scrub

      The same demo as before. Nothing new.

      Am I the only one who think Links eyes are really creepy?

      • Joko tree


      • Mugen Kagemaru

        'Ell naw, those are some fugged up eyes.

  • Death Killington

    I could report this video for copyright, but I forgot what song this is. I'm pretty sure it's by Epic Score, though. Might be Two Steps from Hell, though, or possibly E. S. Posthumus or X-Ray Dog. Fucking Youtube deleting every video because of copyright infringement.

    And I won't because I'm nice.

  • The way Link's eyes look in the video makes me think that is Dark Link in diguise–and that would make for one epic battle.

    • Joko tree

      It looks like Link's soul has been riped out of his body.

  • LegendOfHyrule31

    I wish this is how Link looked in SS, but without those eyes or SS eyes either!

  • Ashmic

    hmm design a boss, nah… not in the mood, besides id just drew ganon in SS form
    and death killington can you go away pls ktnx
    im not being an A**, ur just a troll anyways, that or ur emo and has the worst opinion ever
    honestly y would u even put that as a comment here, exactly, to get off
    im sorry ZU community, but damn,

    • Death Killington

      1. The design a boss contest has nothing to do with drawing, it's all about coming up with the best and most unique design for a boss and presenting it in the best way.
      2. You are being an ass. And there's no need to censor yourself and capitalize that one word in your entire response.
      3. Better spelling and grammar would be nice.
      4. Not a troll, just someone with an opinion who doesn't care about how people on the internet feel because, hey, it's the motherfucking internet.
      5. Not emo. Last time I checked, I'm pretty happy with life and myself, and not some spoiled whiny faggot.
      6. "Worst opinion"? That's quite an oxymoron. No one can have a wrong opinion, dumbass.
      7. Why? Because what he's doing is copyright infringement. He's not giving credit to the owners of that song (which I really can't recall who it's by, for some reason). And I'm being nice by not flagging it.
      8. "exactly, to get off im sorry ZU community, but damn, " Are you from some foreign country and you just put everything you wrote into Babel Fish and copied and pasted it here?
      9. That kind of attitude isn't going to win you too many friends. Try being nicer to others.
      10. Have a nice day.

      • Death Killington

        Never mind, I just remembered the song is Heart of Courage by Two Steps from Hell.

      • Ashmic

        oh my god u are such a hypocrite "that kinda of attitude"
        how many times did u call me something in UR comment
        "foreigner because of the way i typed"
        "whiny faggot" and yes that was directed in some for towards me
        dissing my vocab because its probably typos smart one
        what is this and english paper,

        oh and btw Ur censoring urself as well
        Im being the ass?, when ur insulting me, i was stating the truth
        not going to extra lengths to piss people off

        most of the time u piss off everyone with ur comments,im done im going now because im gonna be th bigger person
        call me whatever u want but i know whos right
        and who has the better attitude

        oh and BTW i don't know what i capitalize alright
        thats how i type, ask anyone

        honestly insulting every little thing in what i typed, and IM the ass?

        • Death Killington

          This site autocensors several words. The one it censored was fcuk (switch the c and the u around so it spells fuck). This site doesn't censor ass.

          I'm not trying to piss people off, I'm just saying it's illegal unless he gives credit to the original owners. For example, Amanda, a noteworthy member of the GFX community, like how Cody and such are important in the Zelda community, was recently caught breaking the copyright rules and decided to ban herself on VFX (she was an admin there), and I think the other places she was on, and said that she was quitting GFX on her DeviantArt, presumably because of the fiasco. The evidence can be found here: http://vibrantfx.net/index.php?/topic/11395-hi-am

          I wasn't insulting you or trying to make you angry, and I feel sorry if you felt that way. I was simply pointing out the flaws in your logic. I'm not trying to troll anyone, I never do, I just point out my opinion. Many times, it is different than other members' ideas. And by the way, "whiny faggot" had nothing to do with you, I was stating that emos are whiny faggots. And last time I checked, being a foreigner isn't bad, so I'm sorry if you felt that was an insult.

          And how could you be "right"? I am right, that is copyright infringement. There's no opinion or anything like that involved.

          I'll be sure to ask everyone I know if Ashmic types in all lowercase and with poor grammar and punctuation. It's now the first thing on my to-do list.

          • Death Killington

            And apparently, this site censors kucf when it's spelled backwards.

      • noob

        "prety happy with life and myself"

        yah that sounds like how yu'd say tat, narcisist

        • Death Killington

          How is saying I'm happy narcissistic? I'm a pretty happy guy.

      • Ashmic

        thanks thareous

      • Death Killington

        I'm not a jerk. Reread what Ashmic said and tell me that's not insulting. Now reread my original comment and tell me how that is. I'm generally a nice person, but I don't like being insulted when I didn't do anything wrong. And I didn't know that following the law made you a jerk.

        I'm not a troubled person, life is going pretty well for me. I'm sorry if you feel like I'm being a jerk, I get no joy from acting like some "internet-tough-guy", but I just don't like the fact that people such as yourself constantly insult me and my values, ideas, and personality. Seriously, he (she?) insults me, calling me an ass, a troll, an emo, a person who has "the worst opinion ever", and wants me to get off the ZU community just for saying that it's copyright infringement.

        I try to be nice, but it's a little hard if people are mean to you when you did nothing but express your opinion. For example, when I said that those people who got those Zelda tattoos were losers, I got nothing but insults. 50 bucks says if you polled people out on the street, most people would probably say that they're losers, too. Or ask some people about those drawings of Link, most teens and stuff would probably say that they're gay as well.

        Again, I apologize if you found my comments rude, but I just call it how I see it. I'm not some sort of misanthrope, I'm just just expressing my ideas.

        And can we get back the topic back to the contest, not on some silly debate on my opinions?

        • I saw where you were coming from with all the past comments that I've literally "dumped on," and I suppose I also was a jerk-off just for doing that. You are entitled the right to point out things–call on them, as it were. But that's where I found fault in your comments, because I noticed they were all negative. And during such times, I took it upon myself to call you out on such things.

          This is an admission of my own, not criticism toward you. You've proven above you can be open to our, to be frank, intolerance. We found your pessimism dampened our spirits of wanting to come on here and comment, so we reacted by trying to suppress you, (this is still an explanation) because we wanted to comment more than put up with this.

          So now I apologize, and forgive you, 'cause I simply assumed you were stating what you said out of malice–and assumptions are based off how well you *think* to know something, and off pride, which is our greatest downfall. I'm sorry for starting this whole "you're-a-troll" business; I should have been the wiser; and for the other times I judged you.

          So, yes, let's get past these trivial debates and for once focus on the subject at hand.

        • Mugen Kagemaru

          Update: I looked at the description and he credits the song and the artist. Whoever flagged it (Takes a keen eye to notice that) clearly failed to read it.

  • ChainofTermina

    yeah, Link's eyes kinda looked……really pissed off. that was scary.

    • SongRemainsTheSame

      Awesome, I wasn't the only one that got freaked by the way he looked. Seeing the still-shoot before clicking play for the vid I coulda sworn it was Link that was supposed to be the villain… That or he's possessed.

    • QueenxLink

      Nah, that was HOOOOOT.

  • Mugen Kagemaru

    I got an idea, but I know they won't take it.

    Black Cloak Swordsman (not an official name) appears out of nowhere, requesting a duel. Win or lose, Link will in-story get his ass handed to him, and then is told what the Hero's Shade told Link's later successor in TP:

    "A sword wields no strength unless the hand that wields it has courage."

    Then he'll pretty much say that he (Link) is the first of a long line of heroes who will dress in similar garb to him.

    BTW, this guy should be a quasi-example of That One Boss (1) he should be a true challenge for even master players who can destroy a ReDead at close range without the ReDead screaming once. Using TWW's light trick invalidates the counter-argument.

    (1) Only a quasi-example since Link loses either way and losing in-game also advances the story, like the first Golem you fight in Chrono Trigger.

  • QueenxLink

    I love the way Link's eyes are so blue X3 He's so cute! I love you Link!!! ♥♥♥

    • Joko tree

      Cute I found Link very eyes scary.

  • LinkmeetsYoshi

    Let's hope it's just a small error or something.

  • ZeldaFanatic

    Same with me :I

  • Chuggaafan

    I thought that the demented -looking Link was an example of a boss lol.