Forget OoT 3DS, you know you want OoT Special Edition!

For those of you who sprechen the Deutsch, the German special edition of Ocarina of Time is now up for sale on eBay, currently listed at a measly $1,300.30.

If you’re appalled at that price tag, perhaps you are unaware of just how extremely rare this special edition is. Exactly how many were created is unknown, but four have been confirmed to exist. They were only released in Germany, and were released at the time of Ocarina of Time‘s European release in 1998.

The seller on eBay is the second owner of this item, having paid $1,390 in 2005 from a German seller who had purchased it first hand in Berlin. The item is in “Good” condition.

So far there have been 30 bids – will yours be next? Bidding ends in five days.

Visit the listing here to have a look and keep tabs on this extremely rare item.

Source: eBay
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  • Shaelyn

    I know I've put a lot into my Zelda collection…but that's just insane. it's wayyyyyyyyyy beyond what money I can muster for this.

    for that kind of money, I could go VISIT Germany. I think I'd rather do that.

  • Well, at least we know the text in the game would be in English, so someone in an English-speaking country could buy this.

    Sorry if I sound "linguist" (e.g. racist, sexist…).

  • Hero of Winds

    And me with a working N64 to play it on… Now if I could only get $1300. Maybe if I win McDonald's Monnopoly?

  • Christian

    Whats so special about this edition of OOT? Just some stupid red ugly box?

    • Hellfire

      I'd buy it if I had the money just because it is EXTREMELY rare. But I see your point in the 'just the box' argument.

    • Aaron

      are u retarted just a red box u must not be a zelda fan u don't belong here the power of christ compels you

  • nintend06

    While I wouldn't turn it down as a gift, what makes it different than any other version? I agree with Christian, being packaged in a velco and cardboard chest doesn't make it very special(not $1300 special, anyway).

  • ChainofTermina

    Das ist viel zu viel Geld für ein videospiel, die ich bereits so viele verschiedene Versionen von!

    • Hey, cool, everytime we use Zelda Universe's initials we say something in German! Now if only we knew what it meant…

      • ChainofTermina


        • Sorry, I meant all of it; I should have clarified.

          My bad… 🙁

          • ChainofTermina

            It means "That is far too much money for a video game that I have so many different versions of!" I just used an online translator.

          • it's meh

            haha it must have been a crummy translator. the second part of that sentence doesn't even have a verb in it lol

          • ChainofTermina

            maybe it was. it was just some random one I found with google.

          • SkyDragon

            Google translator isn't very reliable. My German teacher hates it. 🙂

          • J.C

            im form Denmark and learn german in school, and that translation is 100 % correct

          • ChainofTermina

            really? cool.

          • And I'm from Germany and German is my mother tongue and this translation is guaranteed wrong.

          • ChainofTermina

            i don't think it was THE Google translator, I just typed "English to German translator" and picked like the first link

          • SixMultipliedByNine

            "Das ist viel zu viel Geld für ein Videospiel, die ich schon so viele verschiedene Versionen habe."

            I disagree with J.C. "Bereit" means "ready" like "I'm ready to go". "Already" is a different word. Meh was right, it needed a verb.

            (now it's time for someone who's actually German to come and correct ME)

          • Actually you're right. „Bereit“ means the same as "ready" but „bereit“ isn't the word we're talking about. In The translation is the word „bereits“ used, with a S. And these are totally different word. While „bereit“ is an adjective and means something like "ready", „bereits“ is an adverb and means something like "already".
            And I don't know what exactly is meant with the sentence due to the missing verb. A right translation could either be „Das ist viel zu viel Geld für ein Videospiel, von dem ich bereits so viele Versionen habe“ or „Das ist viel zu viel Geld für ein videospiel, von dem es bereits so viele Versionen gibt.“
            The first translation means that it's far too much money for a video game that the person already owns so many versions of and the second would that it's far too much money for a video game from which are already so many versions existing.
            So, just to clarify this. But anyway, both translations suck because both are very formal and no one would say it this way.

          • SixMultipliedByNine

            So how the heck are we supposed to talk?

  • Ashmic

    What I really want for merchandise, and I saw it, (on here too) is mikau's guitar, only 3 in the world!!, I don't/can't play, but have you seen that thing, its freakin awesome! (lol im such a noob i saved the image onto my computer ;]. say what you want, fishbone guitar, thats sick (cool) ))


    • Yeah, you're talking about the Jackson Zoraxe. But I think there were some more models than three. But anyway, I know a guitar shop that sells very rare guitar models and they have also the Jackson Zoraxe in stock right now but it costs like $14,000 so don't even imagine buying it 😉

  • matt17

    so only the box is special edition and not the game? no new things in-game?

  • the jac

    Das ist zu teuer!! Ich liebe OoT, aber $1300 für ein unterschiedlich farbige Patrone ist verrückt. Ich stimme mit Shaelyn. Mit $1300, Ich würde eher zu Deutschland GEHEN.

    lol I love German.

    • Shaelyn

      Je ne comprends pas. 分かりません。 I just see my name in there XD I'd like to visit Germany some day, since it's where my ancestors are from and I have a penpal that lives there, but I've never studied the language.

      I'm extremely rusty on what languages I *have* studied, too…

      • the jac

        lol, yeah. It just means, "That's too expensive! I love OoT, but $1300 for a different-colored cartridge is crazy. I agree with Shaelyn. With $1300, I'd rather GO to Germany."

        I took German in high school. The wording may not be perfect but it's close I think.

        Yeah, definitely do visit Germany someday. I went to Berlin last year for a 3-week foreign exchange trip and it was AWESOME.

        • Shaelyn

          LOL! ^_^

          wow…that sounds fantastic! I'm jealous.

  • Ios

    eEll, you all fail at writing german, though…

    What is so special about this Version? Is it th one with the red blood and the muslim chantings in the fire temple?

    • bastian

      It certainly does have the "Muslim" chanting and the red blood, along with all other first editions. But what makes this a special edition? It would seem just the art work and that only four of them are known to exist.

  • Jimes

    So, except the chest-style box there is nothing special about it really.

    • Joko tree

      Basicly but its still OOT.And thats a special game in the Zelda series.

      • Joko tree

        OOT is a great game.

  • dave

    free shipping!

    • Joko tree

      OH YEAH.

  • Adam

    Maybe if I was where I wanted to be in life, I would drop that much money (up my bid to like 2000 or something) But give me a few more years.

  • Hellfire

    Why sell for less than you bought it for or maybe: WHY SELL IT AT ALL! If you need money then go donate sperm or something cuz that is at least a much smaller loss!

  • J.C

    cheap cheap cheap, why aint im older :'(

    • Joko tree

      What was that I didn't understand a word ?

  • Ashmic

    Wow, I never knew about the whole muslim chanting thing, is it really muslim, and why the fire temple? thats the gorons, it'd be more appropriate in the Spirit temple..?

    idk thats werid, but UI learned something knew about the best game ever, thanks ZU XD

  • Is there any difference in the actual game play? Or is it just the box.

    • Joko tree

      Ganondorf pukes red blood in the special one.

  • Zelda fan456

    what's the differences?

  • mario_master

    a “The Exorcist” joke in a zelda site wow

  • Alex

    So it's OOT but more rare?

    Meh. I bet whoever gets it will be a lucky-ducky but I'd rather get a beta cart.

  • seacher99

    @ChainofTermina and the jac

    Euer Deutsch ist gar nicht so schlecht ;-). Habt ihr das in der Schule gelernt? Ich höre sehr oft wie schwer das zu lernen sein soll. Ich bin Deutscher, aber ich habe noch nie von einer solchen Specialedition gehört.. gabs die im Laden, oder wurde es zufällig verschickt?

    • SixMultipliedByNine

      Drei Jahre plus zwei Monate von Deutsch habe ich in meinem Kopf. Es ist anscheinend nicht nah so schwer als Spanisch oder Französisch zu lernen. Meine Freunde die in andere Sprache Klassen sind sagen dass das so ist. Um deine (Ihre? <– Ist das nötig?) andere Frage zu beantworten, müsste ich die Wörter "Laden" und "zufällig" kennen.

      • Joko tree

        Could you please put this in english.

        • SixMultipliedByNine

          What I think Searcher99 said: You guys' German is really not that bad. Did you learn it at school? I hear a lot about how hard that should be to do. I'm german, and I have still not heard of any special edition… Was it ever in the store, or was it accidentally received?

          What I said: I've got three years and 2 months of German in my head. It's apparently not as hard to learn as French or Spanish, according to my friends who are in those other language classes. In order to answer your (formal "you're" <– is that necessary?) other question, I'd need to know exactly what "Laden" and "zufaellig" mean.

          When I wrote that, I was obviously unsure of those definitions and have since obtained such knowledge.

          Jetzt sage ich zu diese andere Frage- Keine Ahnung. Ich wohne in Amerika!

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