Forget OoT 3DS, you know you want OoT Special Edition!

For those of you who sprechen the Deutsch, the German special edition of Ocarina of Time is now up for sale on eBay, currently listed at a measly $1,300.30.

If you’re appalled at that price tag, perhaps you are unaware of just how extremely rare this special edition is. Exactly how many were created is unknown, but four have been confirmed to exist. They were only released in Germany, and were released at the time of Ocarina of Time‘s European release in 1998.

The seller on eBay is the second owner of this item, having paid $1,390 in 2005 from a German seller who had purchased it first hand in Berlin. The item is in “Good” condition.

So far there have been 30 bids – will yours be next? Bidding ends in five days.

Visit the listing here to have a look and keep tabs on this extremely rare item.

Source: eBay
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