Who will die in this episode?!

If you’ve been aching for a new Legend of Neil episode, alas, you’ll have to continue to ache. The last (and final) episode debuts on October 27th.

But fear not: we have collected the two newest Legend of Neil minisodes for your viewing pleasure! The first is the extended version of the Old Man and Link’s training montage; specifically the dancing sequence. The second (and possibly my favorite bit of the whole series) is entitled “Glary Botter and the Orphan/Teacher Conference” which, as you’ve guessed, is more hilarious Harry Potter parody staring the Legend of Neil series creator/writer/director (and of The Guild fame) Sandeep Parikh.

View the videos after the jump!

Warning: Mature content; discretion advised for children and those easily offended.

Source: Legend of Neil
  • Darktoonlink88

    When they finish they should continue making these shows of other Zelda games!

  • Two great TV thrillers ended this year: Lost and 24.

    Now another series is about to discontinue until they pick up some other time. How sad. Nevertheless, I wish I controlled time so that the 27th was today!

    • Darkwargreymon

      Meh Lost had no plot line

      • Scrivs

        It did, but it's so confusing that you have to watch every episode. Plus I think the creators made some of it up as they went

        • Besides, it didn't need a plot to make the great story it turned out to be. The separate pasts of the characters could make the feeling of each episode any way they wanted it to be, such as poignant, joyous, suspenseful, and any and every other adjective out there, basically. It's the only show I've ever seen that can match up to how thrilling or moving 24 was. I wish it's ending could have been different, but it's still acceptable on how things turned out.

  • ChainofTermina

    this guy makes fun of HP too? why are all my favorite stories getting bashed all the time….

    • Triforce of the Gods

      So you can't make fun of anything without it being bashing now? :/

  • Ashmic

    I hope they make a TP or ocarina or time one, kinda take it up a notch, And a series of the gloffice, thats funny as hell

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