Evolution at its finest.

Pointing to the famous Miyamoto quote, “Twilight Princess will be, without a doubt, the last Zelda game as you know it in its present form,” the gaming site Player Affinity put together an article asking if Skyward Sword can evolve the series beyond what they call the “ultimately staling Zelda formula.”

Whether you agree with them on that point or not, they do bring up some interesting points in their article on the topic.

Hit the jump for more on this article.

Looking into the origins of the series for clues as to what we might expect from a revolutionized Zelda, they reference another quote, from Eiji Aonuma this time: “I’ve been talking about this with Miyamoto-san, and we’ve been throwing around the phrase ‘back to basics’ as we were asking each other what core elements made The Legend of Zelda games fun.”

Taking this to indicate a return to the origins of the Zelda series, the author of the article looks to the oft-maligned Zelda II: The Adventure of Link for potential reintroductions of long-absent early Zelda.

Alas, this article offers more questions than answers and leaves one contemplating the possibilities, which is certainly the purpose, but this news correspondent would have preferred something a bit more solid – at least some guesses.

But that’s where you come in. Let us know in the comments below how you think Nintendo could revolutionize Zelda.

You can read the article at their site here.

Source: Player Affinity
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  • Nitemares

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  • joey


    make more free roaming

  • Blizz


    I would very much love to see future Zelda games to draw inspiration from the 2nd installment.

    • nooooo way man zelda 2 is pure evil i hate that game sooo much because of how difficult it is plus it doesn't feel like a zelda game to me side scrolling and the overworld reminds me of final fantasy with the random annoying fights soo no way any future zelda should draw inspiration from zelda 2.

  • Missing Link

    more side quests and free roaming, and a return of the gerudos, they were pretty epic in OoT

  • Phantom Link

    I don't see what's wrong with how Zelda is now…

  • Flare

    Nothing's wrong with Zelda as it is now, necessarily, but in order for any series to maintain it's appeal, it needs to grow, evolve, and change.

  • limpkorn420

    Yeah yeah, everybody knows the past is just BS right? Every time something is changed it is better simply because its new right guys? Its a fact that even if something is changed and its worse its still better just because its new. Everything from the past is old and boring and only new things are worth paying attention to. Right guys? Am i right? Lets give link a bazooka and ride a motorcycle in SS. And he can live in a steampunk world and princess zelda will look just like every single female Final Fantasy character since 10 but it will make Zelda better. Because change is never ever ever a bad thing ever. Right guys?

  • Ezlo

    I'm hoping for a more expansive and lush overworld. In fact, I'm fairly certain that they will include it. One of the appeals to the first game was the large map and the freedom of exploration.

    The other thing I look forward to is mysterious storyline and some intense gameplay. I don't want every boss to be the same (find the weak point and slash it a bunch of times until it's dead). I want some real EPIC battles.

    • Ashmic

      I definitely agree with you, a lush overworld, maybe more than one city/towns too?

      • Yes! I'd love to see more habitations, filled with other diversely cultured people, sort of like Dragon Fable (an internet RPG game), if anyone has played that. Of course, there are the Goron/ Zora villages, but I like to have more Hylians around. I feel like we haven't seen enough of them.

        • Ashmic

          exactly XD we need to make a zelda game XD

          • Yeah, I know! We'd make a great team! =]

          • Ashmic

            ;] <3

          • Joko tree

            If you made a Zelda Game it would be awesome.

  • Dan

    Sorry to make this a long post, but when I started writing this, I just kept going =P

    As we all know, Link is a “different Link” in almost every Zelda game. So, maybe we should have a choice in his battle style. While not a new idea completely, maybe the player can make use of a point system allowing Link to fight by combining different styles. Putting points into a specific combat style wouldn’t mean giving up your shield entirely for two-handed combat for example, it would just, open the option to use that style.
    Different styles for example could be:
    Knight: traditional sword and shield
    Warrior: two-handed approach to the Master Sword delivering more damage
    Mystic: access to more magical attacks and a larger magic meter
    Ranger: higher proficiencies with utility items; for example being able to fire more arrows in a quicker succession or maybe up to two or three arrows at a time
    Hunter: ability to hide in surrounding environments and utilize surprise and disarming attacks
    The big thing here would be the ability to gain the points through finding heart pieces and hidden rooms, and through the completion of side-quests. These points (which would be available in limited number) could be spent however you want to on specific abilities in a preferred style of combat, or mix and match to make up your own combination. To keep things interesting though, points would carry over from one play-through to the next so that eventually, after you’ve played through the game two or three times, you’d end up with a Link who would be proficient in all combat styles which would then give you a hidden ability, but would also unlock a higher level of difficulty for the game.

    Of course, that’s just the game-play. Then of course you need a different style of adventure. Taking a page out of Majora’s Mask, turning right out of the starting area could lead you toward saving someone’s life. However, having turned left instead you’ll eventually hear that someone has died. Each scenario would lead to a different side-quest as a result, making replay value that much higher.

    Perhaps a “storm the castle” style dungeon where some volunteers help Link organize a more tactical assault on Ganon’s (or whoever the last boss is) castle. You can choose which groups go through different ways into the castle, while Link goes in through a different path on his own. The first time you play, you may have Link go right through the front door. The second time he may scale the side wall. Actions from each group would affect the other groups’ encounters (though, the groups would be pre-scripted while Link’s involvement is in your own hands of course). Puzzle solving during this particular section would be largely subdued to keep the action/narrative of this scene moving quickly.

    The ways to spice up the Legend of Zelda are limitless, while still finding a way to keep it feeling like a Legend of Zelda game. The way Link interacts with people doesn’t need to change. Puzzle solving has to remain tactfully in place. The lore behind the world needs to be respected. However, the actions (or lack of actions) you take as a player, need to feel as though they’ve made an impact in the world in which you’re adventuring. I’m sure not everyone is going to like these ideas, but they’re coming from a place of love and respect for gaming in general, and more specifically for the Zelda franchise.

    • Darkstar

      I like your idea of having different tactics of ambushing the castle, those would be really fun to execute. Having different combat styles would be good too and it could also create new boss fighting styles (and how to kill a boss/enemy).

    • cdx75xmx

      I think turning Zelda into a straight RPG would be a bad idea, but
      i'm not opposed to the series borrowing some elements of RPG games. Increasing attack strength, accuracy,speed, and health would be an interesting move. Lets not pretend they haven't done it in the past: heart pieces, great fairy visits, gauntlets, all of these things have increased links abilities much like experience points in an RPG. The key difference however is that Link acquires all of these "upgrades" in fun and exciting adventures or secret caves. instead of just "earning points that can be applied however the player chooses". I think EXP points is a bad move, but allowing Link to find more items or upgrades that aren't necessary for completing the game should remain and be elaborated on.

      • Dan

        I agree. The points wouldn't be so much about leveling up as much as they would be about unlocking new ways to play the same game. Some of the combat styles might be better suited for some boss fights than others for example, but each style could still defeat each boss. It's more about open gameplay and personalization.
        I love stealth games. I think it'd be awesome to go through a forest ducking in and out of shadows, quietly sniping off hordes of Bokoblins, knowing that being caught in the act could send all of them running toward my position. Then what? Do I stick it out with my bow and arrow, picking them off as quick as I can to thin the heard before the real battle begins? Do I ready my sword and shield and prepare to take them all on at once? Do I unleash a barrage of magical attacks possibly wiping them out before they reach me? Do I throw my shield at the first once in line, two-hand my Master Sword and cleave them all down in berserker style fury? I love Zelda, but that's the open-styled gameplay I'm looking for.

    • Peter

      Hmm sounds interesting, I think that Skyward Sword will have more difficult puzzles and more intense combat.

  • You really want to keep Zelda fresh and intriguing? Stay in the main roots of gameplay and exploration; go back to the way Twilight Princess–and its prodecessors–was. The Legend of Zelda is not stagnant–not unless Pokemon is also too much the same. This franchise is second place as far as ranking in the video game world goes. It does not need technology polluting its continuous novelty. Some magical innovations, like the Dominion Rod and Din's Fire, would be fine. But we do not need to wander from the main foundations, or else the great majority of fans will be turned.

  • Hálfdanarson

    Like Anouma-san said; back to basics! For me that is looking to the Ocarina of Time and the Majoras Mask games.

    Characters and hyrulian geoghrapy
    1. The kokiri forest need's to get back, with the kokiris and the great deku tree.
    2. The sheikas and the village of Kakariko should be brought back with a more sense of civilization that it had on TP. Hyrule in TP felt somewhat deserted.
    3. In OoT and MM the characters came and went as they wanted, that AI made the game more satisfying and was a huge contribution in the creation of sidequests, it should be implemented in the SS game. It would make the game more lively.

    • Hálfdanarson

      The music:
      The music in Zelda games has always been very important to the overall feel of the so called Zelda feeling. When we hear the music from OoT, we relate to the music and remember to certain areas and characters in the game, I think it was weakened in TP.

      And another thing is to controll the music, I think it worked out perfectly having link play an instrument like the Ocarina, I think the Zelda-team of creators should bring the musicianship back to the games because many of the great memories of the OoT and MM where created when playing an instrument. It gave Link a mysterious and lonely persona, and personally I could relate to that Link as I am a Musician myself and have a somewhat mysterious and lone-wolf persona.

      • cdx75xmx

        I think its been confirmed that TP's soundtrack wil be entirely orchestral, something I'm very excited about.

        • Hálfdanarson

          Yeah, that is a plus and something I'm looking forward to as well. 🙂

          In about 4-5 agonizing long months we'll find out what the outcome will be.

          • I also can't wait for this, but, Halfdanarson, I just have to agree and disagree with you on one point. The music in TP brought both a fresh and commonplace aspect to the game. I agree that most of the music is stuff we've heard in past games, yet disagree that all of it weakened the feeling. There were some tracks that allowed us to remember certain places, such as the times we see Ilia and when we explore Hyrule Field. Admittedly, though, I felt in some areas that I was playing Ocarina of Time again, but that took no limits on the experience I had while traveling that version of Hyrule.

          • Hálfdanarson

            Well I quite liked that they used tracks from Ocarina of Time, with that in mind especially when you we're in the sacred grove you got a sense of nostalgic feel that was somewhat familiar and even better when you first enter the Tempel of Time that for me reproduced "the Zelda feeling".

            What I meant that the music in TP was presented in a somewhat lesser epic way than in previous games in some areas.

            But the main thing that weakened TP for me was that it felt deserted, big empty areas without civilizations. Would be nicer if there we're more towns and people to discover and therefore more sidequests.

  • cdx75xmx

    Nah, you weren't speaking to def ears, I appreciated this post.

    • Ashmic

      ^^ thanks <3

  • Victor George

    It's too bad the Resistance in TP offered little more than a brief walk-on appearance to help Link get through Hyrule Castle to reach Ganondorf. I was rather expecting them joining Link in a sort of Dragon Age: Origins style party system to help him get through hordes of creatures standing between him and his main enemy.

  • Bupsy

    I wouldn't mind some changes to the series but there are two things i definitely don't want; free roam or the option of different combat styles (different classes). The lack of those two things are what i love about zelda and what puts it apart from some other similar games. There is already enough free roam as it is in the zelda series and we really don't need anymore. The simple combat system in zelda makes it great and it doesn't need anymore frills or customization.

  • Linkfreak

    Who cant wait until the game is out!!! Its going to be an awsome game, probably one of the best Zelda games so far.

  • QueenxLink

    Well. SEVENTEENTH POST. I think Zelda is just fine as it is. And I don't want Link to change! He's PERFECT ♥

    • DreamerJ

      I totally agree about Link.

      • Joko tree

        Yeah me to.

  • DreamerJ

    I like Zelda just the way it is. Though it would be nice if it wasn't just go to a dungeon and then to Hyrule field over and over again. It would also be cool if Link could use magic or if characters from previous series made appearences.
    But I still don't get what they mean about TP being the last Zelda game in it's present form. Could someone explain that?

    • I think they're somehow going to put the dungeons in the field, I mean, literally. They might frame it where you can enter a dungeon in no particular order. You can just grab the item and move on to another dungeon if you wanted. I'm not sure how PH or ST were layed-out since I haven't played those…yet…anyhow, I bet that if my first theory wasn't right, then it may be them adding more technology to the future games. But, people, one thing we do not need is innovative pollution in the Legend of Zelda.

      • James Widdowson

        They mean that thye are changing the formula for the series. Each Zelda game from the start of the series has folloowed the same basic structure of field-dungeon, fierld-dungeon. Now don't get me wrong, that works brilliantly, but they do need to change it a little, and that's what they are trying to do with Skyward Sword.

  • Tony

    Zelda games are amazing by themselves but if they want an idea about where they were at their best, I would have to say that Wind Waker was the best there was.

  • majoras mask fan

    33rd post I just want to play as a zora or a goran and even a deku again majoras mask is my favrite game of all time and that was mostly due to the game play of a zora and its difficulty

  • majoras mask fan

    Another thing is maybe we could have downloudable dungeons for skyward sword

  • bob

    Well I don’t really want them to change the classic dungeon and exploration formula of zelda, but I’d like to see a much bigger world, more towns, epic but hard boss battles, an excellent story and classic zelda music. Oh and that class system idea wasn’t half bad. From what I’ve seen, the game boasts the most intense combat yet.

  • Violet

    I think the 3D games need to look at the best of the 2D games to improve, unless they're really going to try something very unique like Majora's Mask again. We have yet to see a 3D game really pull off the dual world mechanic that made games like A Link to the Past and the Oracle games so intricate and full of secrets. I think a system of warps from one world to the other (as opposed to one single warp location like in Ocarina) or an item like the Magic Mirror that allowed you to transport directly from one world to another would lead to some very interesting puzzles.

    It would take a lot of work to impliment in a 3D game though so sadly I don't see it happening.

  • Javier Sabillon

    the moment they hand link a rifle, i will stop playing the legend of zelda.

    • Ashmic

      well i wouldn't go that far, I would still play that game because I appreciate any Zelda game, because its Zelda XD

      • Commander Link

        because we're all brainwashed :DDDD XD zelda is awesome

    • nessa

      lol your awesome

  • James Widdowson

    I thought that was a great article. I love Zelda how it is because it works, but I do think the series needs a change. I think Nintendo can change the series for sure, but it'll be hard to change it but keep the traditional Zelda feel. But I trust them.

  • Spustatu

    I've heard that before Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time were individually released, Nintendo showed a beta of sorts where Link was walking around in an open forest. It wasn't segmented into "rooms" as we know Zelda, but just one, open forest without a whole lot of direction. It apparently brought to mind the Zelda games of yore. I think, personally, that would be pretty cool.

  • MrSandman624

    tony, or post 30, i completely disagree with you, i think that mojora’s mask was the best, it gave a foreign feel to the zelda franchise and i really liked the way it was heading. though i do like the idea of a combat system, somewhat like in TES4: Oblivion. it would be awesome to be able to upgrade links abilities in any we you wish, let alone possibly imagine. i do really enjoy the limitless possibilities with skyward sword, and knowing Nintendo, they will do fantastic, and that game will impress and satisfy all of our hopes and dreams for the new Legend Of Zelda: skyward Sword game.

  • TriAuz64

    I think they should give Link the chance to use his powers! He always just walks around slicing enemies with his sword and blocking stuff with his shield. I think it would be cool if the player could get some kind of magic attacks or powers like the puppet Zelda in TP uses the glowing triangle thing. I also think he should be able to “upgrade” his sword and/or get new swords like on MM.

  • onilink

    oocoo look diffrent

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