The beginning of Link's obsession with holding stuff over his head.

In the beginning there was a golden artifact which many in the land fought tooth and nail for. And all these years later, the legend of that golden artifact lives on.

No, we are not talking about the creation of the Triforce, we’re talking about the NES The Legend of Zelda cartridge!

Luke Osterritter at GameSprite penned a nostalgia piece on that first entry in the nearly 25 year running franchise that is The Legend of Zelda series. In it, he covers why Zelda is so important to the construct of action adventure gaming and why exactly we should laud the old relic for all it has brought the genre. In addition to this, he also describes just what it felt like to be a kid back then with this revolutionary game in his hands.

More amusing, to us at least, are the explanations for some of the peculiar quirks regarding that first game. For instance, did you know that the instruction manual explicitly states that Pols Voice enemies should be defeated by sound, yet the Whistle does nothing to them? The reason: the original Japanese disk version had mics built into their controllers, and making a loud sound at them while the Pols Voice was on the screen would destroy the enemy. Of course, the American Nintendo Entertainment System had no such microphone ability, yet our instruction manuals still contained that “helpful” tidbit of information, causing no end of frustrated Whistle blowing.

But we digress.

Check out GameSprite’s article here to read it in its entirety.

Source: GameSprite
  • LegendOfHyrule31

    Heh. The beginning of Link's obseesion of holding stuff over his head. Golden. Oh, First!

  • Joko tree

    I still play this game even though I'm in the middle of completing OOT;and even after I beat LOZ and OOT I would still play LOZ all over again because I think it is the best game on the NES.

  • This article (the one by Gamesprite) marks exactly what made the Legend of Zelda so unique from all other titles. We're able to explore a myriad of worlds, diverse realms and climates, while saving the land from nefarious forces aiming to enslave and oppress the people. Along the way, we help these people with their respective problems and they give us items as a reward–the best being a <3 piece :D.

    But the most gratifying of all is getting to see the land and residents change as we restore order to Hyrule (or wherever we are situated). This is about half of what attracts me so much to Twilight Princess–seeing the darkness recede from the domains blanketed by it. Once the land is purged of the shadow, or whatever circumstances beset them this time, we must face the greatest danger in the end. Good and evil vie for control in this battle to culminate peace or eternal subjugation. And it's always well worth, however much the final battle might lack.

    LoZ is a summary of life: we take up a task, set to defeating the obstacles between its fulfillment, and strive to topple the biggest threat before we can attain it. It's why this franchise is so well-known, and we may also learn lessons from it as well.

  • Mynameisyou

    I love zelda to death, but i cant ever get into the original game. I've tried to play it a couple of times but just find myself bored to death with it. My Zelda love begins at A Link to the Past and beyond!

  • TLoZmastr

    haha I've just obtained a nes and this golden cartridge =p