Who won best dressed? Not This guy...

You hear about all of those award shows that are broadcast throughout the year- the Grammys, the Golden Globes and the Oscars are just a few.  Does anyone ever stop to award someone other than all of those actors and musicians?  Those hard-working video game characters deserve some credit for their work, too!  However, we’re not talking about the goody-goody heroes like Link or Zelda.  We at Zelda Universe think that those bosses deserve credit for their work in attempting to foil the plans of the main hero.  I have “nominated” bosses from throughout the Zelda games for various categories of awards.

Be warned- the following article does not represent the opinions of Zelda Universe as a whole, but merely the opinions of one crazed writer.

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Most Entertaining Boss

The nominees for the most entertaining boss in a Zelda title are:

  • Majora’s Incarnation, Majora’s Mask
  • Jalhalla, The Wind Waker
  • Genie, Link’s Awakening


And the award goes to… Majora’s Incarnation from Majora’s Mask!

Majora’s Incarnation is the second stage that the evil mask of Majora takes.  The mask generates long, slender arms and legs and one strange eyeball from the top of the mask.  At once, the creature begins to chant and to dance.  I can’t take this boss seriously- the high-pitched, childish chants from the mask combined with the dancing, and even crying when it takes a hit, make this boss one that is entertaining until the very last cry when it transforms into its final stage.

Most Bizarre Boss

The nominees for the most bizarre boss in a Zelda title are:

  • Blind the Thief, A Link to the Past
  • Bongo Bongo, Ocarina of Time
  • Medusa Head, Oracle of Seasons

Drum your heart out!

And the award goes to… Bongo Bongo from Ocarina of Time!

All that I have to say is – what IS it?  When you drop onto the boss stage from above, you find yourself on a strange, round platform surrounded by… acid or something.  All of a sudden, the stage begins to thud, and you begin to bounce.  When you use the lens of truth, you find it – Bongo Bongo is a tall, plant-like thing with ghostly, severed hands and one giant eye (can you guess its weak point?).   It’s just so… random.  Regardless, that doesn’t make this boss easy to defeat.  Hit those hands and the giant eye with a few arrows, and you’ll take down this… plant thing.

Most Fun-to-Kill Boss

The nominees for most fun-to-kill boss in a Zelda title are:

  • – Stallord, Twilight Princess
  • – Goht, Majora’s Mask
  • – Eox, Phantom Hourglass


And the award goes to… Stallord from Twilight Princess!

The battle with Stallord is one of those boss battles to which I look forward in every run-through of Twilight Princess.  The fact that you remain on the spinner for almost the entire duration of the fight is what makes it so incredibly fun.  Granted, Stallord himself is a creepy bloke who summons lots of other smaller creepy blokes from the ground below him, yet the fashion by which you take him down is a thrill.  Don’t get me wrong- I hate that the spinner has no real use outside of the dungeon in which it’s found, but the spinner makes this battle more like a roller coaster than a fight to the death.

Most Difficult Boss

  • Puppet Ganon, The Wind Waker
  • Barinade, Ocarina of Time
  • Moldorm, A Link to the Past

Fall off the platform? Too bad!

And the award goes to… Moldorm from A Link to the Past!

A Link to the Past was the first Zelda game that I played.  I was around six years old when I first ran through the dungeons, fighting monsters and collecting pendants.  I loved it!  However, there was one particular point that I always feared.  To this day (many years later) I still dread facing this boss.  Moldorm is… well, I have a lot of words to describe Moldorm, but none are appropriate for younger audiences.  You drop onto the stage  to face this creature, and your instinct is to swing away at the scurrying beast while avoiding the edges and the hole in the platform.  You soon realize, however, that its shell is rock hard, and hitting it sends you flying halfway across the platform.  Once you discover its weak point as the end of its tail, you hit it numerous times, until the creature finally gets angry and FAST.  You know this is the last swing- you aim true, but your sword hits the shell instead!  You fly backward, but this time, you don’t end up on the platform- you fall to the floor below.  You think, “I’ll get back up there and get the last hit!”  However, once you get back into Moldorm’s lair, you realize that he has regained all of his health.  The sheer amounts of frustration at this boss are why Moldorm takes the award for most difficult boss.

Least Difficult Boss

The nominees for least difficult boss in a Zelda title are:

  • Facade, Link’s Awakening
  • King Dodongo, Ocarina of Time
  • Kholdstare, A Link to the Past

Ooh yeah, so scary...

And the award goes to… King Dodongo from Ocarina of Time!

This boss presents little to no challenge, whatsoever.  When you fall into the room (this is a recurring theme with bosses, isn’t it?), this colossal beast clambers over to you and belts out a very intimidating roar.  Yes, he’s scary, but when you get into the battle, you realize it’s nothing to fear.  When he opens his mouth to breathe some fire, pop a bomb in, watch it explode, slash away and (if you have the hylian shield equipped) simply defend.  That’s it.  You don’t even have to move as he curls up and rolls around- if you just defend with the hylian shield, you’re protected.  This simple method of bomb, slash, defend makes for one very easy boss.  When you deliver the final slash, he cries and rolls to his death in the central lava pit (you would think they would be immune to lava or something…).

Most Epic Boss Battle

  • Gannondorf, The Wind Waker
  • Gannondorf, Twilight Princess
  • Blizzeta, Twilight Princess

And the award goes to… Gannondorf from The Wind Waker!

Aaaaaand, stab in the face.

This last award was a tough choice.  Most ending boss battles are very epic, and Blizzeta from Twilight Princess, despite being a normal boss, was quite formidable and that background music just made it a very chilling (no pun intended) battle.  However, this award has been earned by Gannondorf.  Take a look at this battle in retrospect – you have two kids (they can’t be more than ten years old) fighting an extremely powerful man whose two swords are twice as big as Link, and who is as tall as at least four Links.  On top of this, the world around these two kids is literally ending and falling apart.  Honestly, how much more epic can a battle get?

  • Darkus Triforce

    … GANNON BANNED!!! Its Ganondorf.
    other than that, pretty good list!

    • Jarmihi

      His name can be spelled Gannondorf.

      What? We can't be traditionalists? What if we LIKE calling him Gannondorf?

  • poo

    according to smash bros brawl, WW link is 12

    • phantommajora

      Well, he must have grown by then 😛

      • ChainofTermina

        no….no, the strategy guide to WW also said he's 12. so he's 12.

    • Zelda fans0652

      Link is 12 at the start

      • LinebeckTheLemonhead

        Exactly.On the Trophy explanation it says "Link got the Hero's Clothes on his 12th birthday" or something like that.

        • X x7

          Wait, that makes no sense. He became the age of the hero of old, and the hero of old was Adult Link in Ocarina of Time. Adult Link wasn't 12 was he? That would make Young Link 5! That's WAY off!

  • Scrivs

    some of the pictures aren't loading for me.. anyone else have that problem?

    • I also had that problem, but I just went back to the homepage a couple of times and came back here, and found they appeared. Or it might be that you have to hit the More After the Jump Button. That's how I entered the third time, so it might have to do with that.

  • Wow, just about all my choices made it on. Pretty much the only one who didn't make it was Ganondorf from TP, but the reasons Phantommajora gave for his pick alleviated that.

  • freedom410

    The Ganondorf from OoT has got to be the most epic battle. I love how the pig-form of Ganondorf rises from the ruins of Gannon's Tower. And what an ugly pig. I would have at least put him up there as an honorable mention over TP Gannon.

    Also, for easiest boss ever… it's got to be the ape from TP. Just roll, knock him off his pedestal, and give him a good spanking.

    • DarkValoo909

      yeah but the monkey in TP was just a mid boss. I think this poll was just for the big shots.

    • Actually, the Monkey King was the miniboss, and Diababa was the main boss of TP's Forest Temple. Nonetheless, I think Diababa should have been mentioned as a Less Difficult Boss nominee. I thought that he was even easier than King Dodongo, but that's because it took me a while to figure out you had to chuck a bomb in the great lizard's mouth. 🙂

  • DarkValoo909

    I think that Majora's Mask final battle was the easiest battle i have ever fought as link. If you had fierce deities mask, it was to easy. A total joke, if you will.

    • phantommajora

      However, it didn't make the easiest list because if you don't get the Fierce Deity's mask, it's actually kind of pain in the butt.

      • DarkValoo909

        true. Cuz getting the fierce deity's mask was a major pain. but all aside, if you had the mask it was too easy, especially for the final battle in the game.

        • Dave

          Mabey if we get a Majora's Mask 3DS remake they could make the final fight completely different with the Fierce Deity mask on and leave it normal without it, just for the extra chalenge.

  • beokugon10

    True, WW's Gannondorf was pretty epic, but you have to put in that killing stroke in that battle. A sword to the forehead is the best way to end a final battle.

  • Goro

    There is a trick that makes him extremely easy to defeat. I forgot what it was, but I believe that you have to be on the side of the screen, duck, and stab repeatedly.

    • Crikkle

      Technically, dark link isn't a boss. He's a mini boss but I agree he was very difficult if you didn't use any tricks.

      • Zaros

        no, he was the final boss of his game zelda 2, in later games he shows up more as a reference than anything else

    • Violet

      Even if you don't count Dark Link because of that trick (which I don't think counts), virtually every other boss in Zelda II is harder than any other Zelda boss.

      Dark Link from Ocarina of Time was really difficult as well.

  • Shiekahboss

    Those bosses were not hard at all, they were like cutting through butter. The real deal is Thunderbird from Zelda 2!

    • Hydra

      You know, I have to agree with you. Thunderbird kills you in about the same amount of time that it takes Moldorm to knock you off. And when you fail against Thunderbird, it's definitely not a simple matter of climbing some stairs to get back to him…

      • Joko tree

        Sadly I havn't got that far in Zelda 2 it is very difficult.

  • Yareyous

    haha stallord is my fav of all time mainly becasue the reason it won the award!

  • LoZymugglegater

    Yes,for once I actually agree with somebodie's list!Good job,phantommajora!

    • phantommajora

      Thank you! ^^

  • OneHungryHippo

    How did King Dodongo get it? Nobody has played the original Zelda, Aquamentus or Digdogger probably should have won for easiest boss.

    • N. Greenway

      Or Queen Ghoma, perhaps?

      • Gohma was actually hard enough to stay out of that category.

        • TheMaverickk

          I second Digdogger…. hands down the easiest boss in the history of all Zelda titles. I mean all it takes is a flute to weaken it and then two sword swipes to kill it.

          I would've thrown in Blind as one of the toughest bosses … or Mothula from Link to the Past. Mothula is honestly a cruel battle. I mean you have a small spike lined room where the blade traps travel back and forth across, all the while the floor is moving and Mothula sprays bouncing laser beam rings around.

          It takes some skill to defeat Mothula without any weapons… if you want to survive well and healthy, the Cane of Byrnna or Magic Cape are essential. The flame rod does quick work, but then again lining up shots that aren't blocked by the blade traps can be tricky.

          • Violet

            Have you guys all forgotten the original Gohma? ONE ARROW. One.

  • sprocket07

    i think…Zant.

    • Celesteon

      But TP Ganon went through all the trouble to curl his hair…:/

  • TheMaverickk

    I'm glad that Ganondorf Wind Waker battle won. That honestly is as epic as it gets in terms of final battles, and it does it all without being so stereotypical "Final Battle". I mean it's a one sided battle… and lets face it, you can't kill him on your own.

    Instead of a wall of flames simply surrounding you (or weird electric magical fence) you have a barrage of water pouring down threatening to drown you with the rest of Hyrule. It would be a tricky battle to fight… water is pouring over down all over, our hero and villain trying to hold their stance amongst the water covered surface.

    That sense of urgency, to complete the battle before it is too late… that's what makes it so epic. I was sad to see that Ocarina of Time didn't make it in this category… it was more epic then Twilight Princess. Between the final show down in the organ room, the collapsing tower, and the firey birth of beast Ganon coming out of the rubble. Not to mention you lose your Master Sword… that easily makes for the second most epic battle.

    • phantommajora

      I suppose that was very epic. Perhaps the battle slipped my mind when writing this. I was thinking about Twilight Princess when you finally had this epic sword-to-sword showdown with the King of Evil with a lightning storm in the background and not knowing of Midna's fate as your sword clashes with his.

  • eliot

    it's obvious that bongo bongo its a mutilated giant, he has no head, his weak point its his neck and not his eye, just look at him closely, this is not a "plant thing"

  • Monkeys

    Easiest boss was Odolwa, Majoras Mask. Shoot arrow when he is distracted, then hack away.

  • Akuzo911

    I kinda liked Goht over Stallord, but whatever. They're both really fun.

    • zoraluigi

      I agree. Goht was really fun. Stallord is fun too, but Goht was REALLY fun. Chasing a bull around a circular room at high speeds whilst trying to avoid bombs and electricity and stuff… doesn't get better then that.

  • guest

    I think that the easiest boss ever was that ghoma from the temple of time in TP, it took maybe 2 minutes on my first try. I didnt lose any health at all and was like wtf? its over?

    • phantommajora

      Well, the reason it didn't make the list was due to the fact that Queen Gohma actually put up a decent fight if you didn't get enough hits on her. If you let her get away, she crawls up to the ceiling, releases some baby eggs and has her babies fight you simultaneously while she does.

      • ILiekZelda

        Are all the Ghomas easy to kill, or is it just me?

  • ganondox the frog

    I'm surprised a few bosses weren't nominated: Zant and Armogohma for entertaining and bizarre, and dark dragon for most difficult. Barinade was not that hard. And TP Ganon was the most epic because it had 4 different forms, some of which were quite long.

    • phantommajora

      I actually considered Armogohma for most entertaining, but I weighed its battle as a whole compared to the others. The only entertaining part was at the very end (and it was very entertaining), whereas the others were for the duration of the battle.

  • GenoKID

    …I think Zelda II bosses surpass in difficulty all the others, and Onox a close one, too. But the easiest I'd say is Gohma from Zelda I. The first time, I walked in, thought, ph, wow, it's gohma! And one arrow, 0.35 seconds later… dead.

    • Violet

      Not only Onox, but what about Vaati from The Minish Cap?

      This list failed completely when it comes to judging hardest and easiest bosses. Their list of hardest bosses is just laughable, and the easiest bosses are just puzzle bosses that are only easy IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. There are easier bosses than King Dodongo in the series. Heck, the regular Dodongo from the NES game is easier.

  • Armos

    Why wasn't Queen Gohma from Ocarina of Time a nominee of the Least Difficult Boss?

    • phantommajora

      My reasoning was this- compare her in complexity to the others, and she does a little more in comparison, actually. She has the ability to reproduce and have her spawn fight Link as she does.

    • Blade of Evil's Bane

      because there is a chance of getting hit but king dodongo can be killed without losing any health and hes slow and doesn't spawn miniature versions of himself

    • Missing Link

      She is easily the easiest

  • Mynameisyou

    i do believe queen gohma is the easiest boss ever

  • Sanity's_Theif

    In all honesty, I didn't find the Ganondorf fight from WW epic at all, seemed pretty bland with the whole background being water, music wasn't that great, and the battle had one phase

    • Sanity's_Theif

      I found TP Ganondorf's fight very epic, you beat his ass over and over but he keeps getting back up and he manages to kill Midna, and that music when finally fight this monstrously tall demon in a swordfight during a thunderstorm just completes the epicness

      But let's be honest pretty much all Ganondorf fights are epic in one way or another

      • Sanity's_Theif

        Wow geez I guess opinions aren't kindly received around here, sure shows how tolerant you guys are >_>

        • ChainofTermina

          we're tolerant of opinions. We are not tolerant of you're constant bitching about you despise WW's and SS's graphics.

          and WW's Ganon fight did have more than one phase. There was Puppet Ganon, which is WW's equivalent to Beast Ganon from TP, or GANON from OoT. and then there was Ganon's Human, which also had more than on stage; one where Zelda helps Link by shooting the arrows, and one where Zelda is unconscious. and the there is the Final Blow, which Zelda helps you with.

          we know you absolutely hate WW. you don't have to keep constantly reminding us.

          • Sanity's_Theif

            WTF this had nothing to do with graphics, get over yourself

            Puppet Ganon is not Ganon, two different people smartass

            Nothing about how you fight Ganon changes IIRC when Zelda decides to help out, you fight him and she shoots him with arrows, how's that another phase?

            Don't act like you know me, WW was a pretty good game, but a bad Zelda game, there's very few things I liked about it relating to the Zelda series, it's my opinion, when I feel like I'll never play a game again then I know it's not the right one for me

            And just because I don't like WW doesn't mean all my complaints about it are irrational, like the sailing, that's a legitimate complaint but oh if it comes from me, nah he's just a WW hater, you people need to grow up, don't want to see me write about it, just skip it I don't care

            Everyone else is reposting opinions they've posted before but oh because I don't like something you like that means I shouldn't say it again, stupid hypocrites

          • ChainofTermina

            you're the only person who ever complains about WW and the only person who ever says WW was bad. and your the only person who is STILL complaining about SS's graphics. everyone else has gotten used to them. on this site anyway.

            Puppet Ganon is a different person? okay, then I guess Beast Ganon is a different "person" too, huh? and Zelda as Ganon's puppet? and Ganon on the horse? those all count as one Boss battle, right? yeah, in WW you have to climb the rope in between battles, but you do something similar in OoT. you have to run down the castle. if your talking about the one on one fights with Human Ganon, those are ALL one stages.

            I didn't say the stages are long. but at one point Zelda gets knocked out and Link has to fight Ganon alone for a few minutes.

            you are a WW hater, and it's getting old.

  • matt17

    haha I never noticed that i still fear moldorm. getting knocked off and having to start over sucks.

    btw the bongo bongo pic is gone

    • ganondox the frog

      Its back

  • Jacob Morin

    your most difficult bosses are my some of my easiest bosses

  • Foh

    Okay, I think that Twinmold should go as the most bizzare. I mean, fighting them just feels awkward and sloppy. And, if you didn't take the time to get the extended magic bar, you're screwed, because the only sure way of killing them is the Giant's Mask. So you knock down a pillar right? WHERE THE HECK IS THE MAGIC? Oh, it's that TINY little bottle? Okay! *shrinks* That's when you realize that what was right next to you as a giant is forever away as your normal size and by the time you get there, it's gone. *sigh* Super annoying and just an awkward battle.

  • lemon_jelly

    Diababa from TP's Forest Temple should have been the easiest boss…. You could just stand in the very corner without it attacking you (because it can't reach you), and do all the actions with the bombs from there! And then do hit and run attacks when it's down :b

    • phantommajora

      Well, it's not as easy (for myself, at least) in terms of actually landing hits. If you don't target the bomb creatures and the Diababa heads correctly (especially when the ape is swinging across the stage) it can get pretty frustrating pretty quickly. That's probably why I left it off of the list.

  • Commander Link

    i think too many people overlook the Argorok dragon battle from TP, that was one of the most epic boss fights ever, but i agree with the winner 😀

    • nintend06

      YES. The Argorok battle was more epic than any other in the game, as far as I'm concerned. TP Ganondorf's final blow-inflicted death was pretty epic though. 😉

  • Zelda fans0652

    I think Puppet Zelda in Twilight Princess is pretty cool

  • Dee

    The longest (not hardest) boss battle has to be Skeldritch ancient demon off st coz its a giant skeleton u have 2 get every bone off while its shooting lasers and throwing giant balls at u. BUT the longest AND hardest is the 3rd level of the 3 boss towers in st. Theres like a million floors and u have 2 kill all 5 bosses while extra floors of other enemies with only the health u started with. And when u think u finished the last boss and u go downstairs instead of a portal theres an arena with dark link in it and after all that u only get a treasure (not even rare) bow thats a waste of time!

    • SweetLie

      Not if you like a challenge.

  • Dee

    oh and its not even in the guide!

  • Joko tree

    The Gannondorf fight in the WW is in my opinion the most epic boss fight.But the fight against him in TP is also cool and the ending was realy sad.But after that in SSBB when Link and Zelda brought him back to life;I was confused when they brought him back to life because of the evil he brought to Hyrule in TP.

  • Joko tree

    Zelda should have won,but it was rigged and Tingle won.So thats all for….Hey Link stop kicking Tingle in the fruit basket,he's a cheater and thats the guards job;oh your the Link from ALTTP proceed.(Sorry I couldn't think of a better joke)

  • Hero of Winds

    Yay for Ganondorf from Wind Waker winning. I loved that boss fight… I mean the whole world was crashing down upon you… O_o

  • MoreFanThanThou

    Aside that, pretty good list. 😀

    • SHUT UP.

      and play nice. 😀

    • Joko tree

      Ok MoreFanThanThou you know people make slight mistakes now and then and it's not their fault;it's the keybords.

    • Joko tree

      Don't you mean for Nayru's sake because Nayru's the goddess of wisdom.Dude Din is the goddess of power.

  • Chosen_ Hero

    You had to do that in WW when you versed puppet Ganon

  • Joko tree

    Tabuu from SSBB was a hard Boss to beat but he's from SSB so it won't count even though you can beat him as Link,Zelda and Ganondorf.

  • The next time I read a blog, Hopefully it won’t fail me just as much as this one. After all, I know it was my choice to read through, but I really believed you’d have something useful to talk about. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something you can fix if you were not too busy seeking attention.