Who won best dressed? Not This guy...

You hear about all of those award shows that are broadcast throughout the year- the Grammys, the Golden Globes and the Oscars are just a few.  Does anyone ever stop to award someone other than all of those actors and musicians?  Those hard-working video game characters deserve some credit for their work, too!  However, we’re not talking about the goody-goody heroes like Link or Zelda.  We at Zelda Universe think that those bosses deserve credit for their work in attempting to foil the plans of the main hero.  I have “nominated” bosses from throughout the Zelda games for various categories of awards.

Be warned- the following article does not represent the opinions of Zelda Universe as a whole, but merely the opinions of one crazed writer.

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Most Entertaining Boss

The nominees for the most entertaining boss in a Zelda title are:

  • Majora’s Incarnation, Majora’s Mask
  • Jalhalla, The Wind Waker
  • Genie, Link’s Awakening


And the award goes to… Majora’s Incarnation from Majora’s Mask!

Majora’s Incarnation is the second stage that the evil mask of Majora takes.  The mask generates long, slender arms and legs and one strange eyeball from the top of the mask.  At once, the creature begins to chant and to dance.  I can’t take this boss seriously- the high-pitched, childish chants from the mask combined with the dancing, and even crying when it takes a hit, make this boss one that is entertaining until the very last cry when it transforms into its final stage.

Most Bizarre Boss

The nominees for the most bizarre boss in a Zelda title are:

  • Blind the Thief, A Link to the Past
  • Bongo Bongo, Ocarina of Time
  • Medusa Head, Oracle of Seasons

Drum your heart out!

And the award goes to… Bongo Bongo from Ocarina of Time!

All that I have to say is – what IS it?  When you drop onto the boss stage from above, you find yourself on a strange, round platform surrounded by… acid or something.  All of a sudden, the stage begins to thud, and you begin to bounce.  When you use the lens of truth, you find it – Bongo Bongo is a tall, plant-like thing with ghostly, severed hands and one giant eye (can you guess its weak point?).   It’s just so… random.  Regardless, that doesn’t make this boss easy to defeat.  Hit those hands and the giant eye with a few arrows, and you’ll take down this… plant thing.

Most Fun-to-Kill Boss

The nominees for most fun-to-kill boss in a Zelda title are:

  • – Stallord, Twilight Princess
  • – Goht, Majora’s Mask
  • – Eox, Phantom Hourglass


And the award goes to… Stallord from Twilight Princess!

The battle with Stallord is one of those boss battles to which I look forward in every run-through of Twilight Princess.  The fact that you remain on the spinner for almost the entire duration of the fight is what makes it so incredibly fun.  Granted, Stallord himself is a creepy bloke who summons lots of other smaller creepy blokes from the ground below him, yet the fashion by which you take him down is a thrill.  Don’t get me wrong- I hate that the spinner has no real use outside of the dungeon in which it’s found, but the spinner makes this battle more like a roller coaster than a fight to the death.

Most Difficult Boss

  • Puppet Ganon, The Wind Waker
  • Barinade, Ocarina of Time
  • Moldorm, A Link to the Past

Fall off the platform? Too bad!

And the award goes to… Moldorm from A Link to the Past!

A Link to the Past was the first Zelda game that I played.  I was around six years old when I first ran through the dungeons, fighting monsters and collecting pendants.  I loved it!  However, there was one particular point that I always feared.  To this day (many years later) I still dread facing this boss.  Moldorm is… well, I have a lot of words to describe Moldorm, but none are appropriate for younger audiences.  You drop onto the stage  to face this creature, and your instinct is to swing away at the scurrying beast while avoiding the edges and the hole in the platform.  You soon realize, however, that its shell is rock hard, and hitting it sends you flying halfway across the platform.  Once you discover its weak point as the end of its tail, you hit it numerous times, until the creature finally gets angry and FAST.  You know this is the last swing- you aim true, but your sword hits the shell instead!  You fly backward, but this time, you don’t end up on the platform- you fall to the floor below.  You think, “I’ll get back up there and get the last hit!”  However, once you get back into Moldorm’s lair, you realize that he has regained all of his health.  The sheer amounts of frustration at this boss are why Moldorm takes the award for most difficult boss.

Least Difficult Boss

The nominees for least difficult boss in a Zelda title are:

  • Facade, Link’s Awakening
  • King Dodongo, Ocarina of Time
  • Kholdstare, A Link to the Past

Ooh yeah, so scary...

And the award goes to… King Dodongo from Ocarina of Time!

This boss presents little to no challenge, whatsoever.  When you fall into the room (this is a recurring theme with bosses, isn’t it?), this colossal beast clambers over to you and belts out a very intimidating roar.  Yes, he’s scary, but when you get into the battle, you realize it’s nothing to fear.  When he opens his mouth to breathe some fire, pop a bomb in, watch it explode, slash away and (if you have the hylian shield equipped) simply defend.  That’s it.  You don’t even have to move as he curls up and rolls around- if you just defend with the hylian shield, you’re protected.  This simple method of bomb, slash, defend makes for one very easy boss.  When you deliver the final slash, he cries and rolls to his death in the central lava pit (you would think they would be immune to lava or something…).

Most Epic Boss Battle

  • Gannondorf, The Wind Waker
  • Gannondorf, Twilight Princess
  • Blizzeta, Twilight Princess

And the award goes to… Gannondorf from The Wind Waker!

Aaaaaand, stab in the face.

This last award was a tough choice.  Most ending boss battles are very epic, and Blizzeta from Twilight Princess, despite being a normal boss, was quite formidable and that background music just made it a very chilling (no pun intended) battle.  However, this award has been earned by Gannondorf.  Take a look at this battle in retrospect – you have two kids (they can’t be more than ten years old) fighting an extremely powerful man whose two swords are twice as big as Link, and who is as tall as at least four Links.  On top of this, the world around these two kids is literally ending and falling apart.  Honestly, how much more epic can a battle get?