Some of you may recognize forum member Awakening as one of our previously featured Fan Art Spotlight artists, but it seems that his talent spans across multiple mediums! He recently completed an animated video featuring our favorite hero in a variety of familiar places and situations. The video serves as a visual accompaniment to The Legend of Zelda Overture, a song remixed byΒ OCReMix artist Evan Arnett.

I personally believe that the pacing and imagery of the animation fit the remixed track beautifully, never distracting from the remixed track and only serving to enhance the meaning behind the music. The video is also full of references, both obvious and subtle, to various Zelda titles. If you enjoy the video, let us know in the comments, and tell us what classic references you find!

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  • STUFF2o

    It's an overture, it's meant to encompass the feeling of the Zelda series as a whole. This is basically a "this is the Zelda experience" video, not a chronology. The timeline and canon doesn't matter at all in this.

    • Joko tree

      Yeah I quess you'r right.

  • ninja

    this made me feel nostalgic

  • YES! This was absolutely, irrefutably incredible! I caught just about every insinuation woven into this awesome tale, but the ending was the best! I also felt that the music went along immaculately with it. Starting from today, I'm going to play every N-64 Zelda game and on (OoT, MM, WW, and TP) and hopefully beat them before Skyward Sword's release. That is how much this vid fed my fervor!

    • Joko tree

      I hope you beat them all.

      • Thanks! I've been working hard at OoT, but I've gotten stuck on the dang Fire Temple. I have the original game so I have to go up that winding staircase to the the Megaton Hammer…it makes me consider getting the Master Quest, but I bested it once so I can probably best it again.

  • The Fiercest Deity

    This was awesome! I laughed my ass off at the horse though when I saw its eyes were parted. But good work anyway!

  • Hylian99

    Lol, SS ending.
    The ending, starting when he sword-beamed the Moblin, was pretty darn epic! Great video, even if a couple of shots were a little slow.

  • Scrivs

    the horse was licking him for a bit too long…

  • ibrahim

    Here's wat I noticed from the video scene by scene:
    1st scene it shows classic Legend of Zelda when Link get's the sword for the 1st time.

    2nd scene it shows The Wind Waker in the great ocean on his boat
    3rd scene shows: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (with the Wind Fish flyin' in da sky)

    4. when he's on the island (LA, TMC, OoT)
    5. Link on Epona (either OoT, MM, TP)
    6. Hyrule Castle (again either OoT, MM, TP, OoA/OoS)
    7. Gannon's look is dat of OoT, AlttP

    • Assssssssssci

      wind waker he gets stabbed in the brain

  • O wow! I was hoping for some criticism on this video at some point on the forums, but this is really amazing πŸ™‚

    Thanks ZU for hosting it :D, so very kind of you

    Sugar’s comments are spot-on in that I was trying to accompany the music, rather then overtake it. Which is why I made some scenes quite slow nor does it run in the order of the time line.

    @Ibrahim, you got many of them, but not all πŸ˜‰

  • rik209

    I got a question about the music.
    the part from 3:12 – 3:51 sounds a lot like a part in the Skyward Sword trailer about 1 minute and four seconds after it begins (when you see the bow for the first time):

    . Also, in the TP trailer Phil mentioned, the first music that plays sound a lot like a darker, calmer version of it. Finally in the OoT Hyrule field theme, between 0:40 – 0:52 it also sounds a bit like it:

    can anyone tell me where the original music from this video came from please. (don't say OC Remix because that's remixed from another song)

  • ‘Hyrule Field Main Theme’, ‘Overworld’ are the sources listed on the OCRemix site. But if you already knew that, I’m not sure. It’s my favorite part of the music though!

  • Joko tree

    When the wind fish was flying over link I thought for just one second that the fish was going to kill Link,because it reminded me of the flying mantas from TMC.

  • Darkus Triforce


    this is an amazing animation!

  • @joko hahaha, no, I am an Link’s Awakening Fan, so I spammed you all with LA references there. But The Minish Cap is amazing too.

    Also, no one has noticed the blatant mistake at one point during the video. It’s something hardcore fans will notice instantly – a neat test for those who want 100% mega bonus achievement if they guess that and all the references πŸ˜€

    I might submit a video with the answers at some point too, hehehe

  • Joko tree

    If only somebody will make an animation of La Radio Novela De Los Zelda.It would be great if Awakening made it.