On the heels of our previous article where we compared Skyward Sword‘s new screenshots to those from a few months ago, we will shift focus to Ocarina of Time and compare the 3DS screenshots to those from more than a decade ago in the original version.

Thanks to IGN, we have a series of four sets of comparable screenshots. While the differences are not always immediately obvious, with a closer look the improvements become apparent. Hyrule Field has more of a “rolling hills” look with the newly improved staggered hills, hosting new yellow flowers and more detailed grass.

Hit the jump for the comparisons.

So what differences do you notice? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: IGN
  • Nitemares

    more detail

    • Nitemares

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      • Nitemares

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          • Nitemares

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  • Just cleaned up, brighter, slightly better graphics.

  • MasterBlade

    Why do all the N64 screenshots have Link facing AWAY?

    • Jen

      Probably because the person playing had to stop to take the picture, and the camera angle always moves around behind Link after just a few moments of inactivity.

      • bradley

        Then take a video and take a screenie of the video.

    • Mallos31

      So that his nose won't poke any of our eyes out.

  • It's interesting. I see Navi emitting more light than in the original. Gohma's colour balance has changed (might be the shadow though). Cute little daisies in Hyrule Field <3. The Deku Shield seems redesigned of sorts, making it thicker (?), wider edges. The minimap triangles have shading. Torches redesigned. Link got his Majora's Mask crossbelt on for the sword, unlike in the original. Sky is more blue.. Mhh yeah.. That's about it for what I see. Nice though. Can't wait to get this jewel. 🙂

    • bradley

      If you look at the backgrounds in Hyrule Field and Kokiri Forest, they make Hyrule seem bigger than what you will encounter in-game, which was also shown in TP, There is also the obvious extra detail, and the fact that everything was moved to the bottom screen except the minimap, which was moved to the left, and the button dialog. Hopefully they will keep the option to switch off the minimap, especially if there is one on the bottom screen like the Great Deku Tree screenshots. That way, I can experience the wonderful game in 3D without an HUD getting in the way.
      Just a side note: I also think they should make the story fit better with more recent games and make Ganondorf look like he has in more recent appearances.

      • keimori

        anyone else find it funny that the toches are still perfectlt square? XD

        • Mallos31

          It looks to me like that's the ONLY thing not changed at all XD

  • LegendOfHyrule31

    the new version is brighterm, more detailed, and has greater textures.

  • LadyBastet

    It would be nice if the screenshots were of the exact same time, place, and pose in the game; right now I can't really tell the difference between the pictures if I didn't know better.

    But for what I have seen, the 3DS version is a more cleaned up, brighter picture than the N64, which I think is good for the game.

  • Graphics look great as usual. Definitely more defined than the old ones.

  • As I had said in the previous one, the character model looks better but the background still seems blocky, just with improved textures. Makes me think they didn't go as all out as they could which puts my hopes for extra dungeons or content down the gutter somewhat… but I am still hopeful.

    I am just wondering if they didn't want to change much because of fans who get all erk when it comes to too much changing which I mean… if a remake was just better graphics then it is not worth remaking. Those who are not happy with this remake still have the original they can play then.

    A remake needs some extra content, some changes here and there and improvements and fixes. Super Castlevania IV is a perfect example of what a remake can do… it was remade so much that most would feel unaware it was a remake, I know I was unaware because it was just so different.

    But yes I look forward to this game of course, as do we all.

    • bradley

      Earth and Wind Temple plz? You could do them to give power to the Master Sword, just like in WW.
      Fado could be another Koiri that you know and Laruto could be related to Ruto, like her sister or something

      • Sabbo

        …Or not. To add in those would drastically change the storyline, thus angering many fans of the original.

  • Mynameisyou

    i dunno the original link looked alot cooler to me. the new design seems to have huuuuuge ears. Ive always wanted an OOT remake but i wish they would have done it on a console instead of a handheld 🙁

    • They might be more noticeable because of the 3D.

    • scario

      link was supposed to originally look like that look at any of the artwork for oot

      • Shadowknight1

        What this person said. Look at Smash Bros Melee too.

        • Darkstar

          and Soul Caliber 2

          • Mynameisyou

            it doesnt matter wut he was supposed to look like, im used to the way he actually looked in the game….i dont like that change personally 🙂

  • teamrocketspy621

    IGN's comparison isn't bad, but check out this YouTube video here. This guy replicated the clips shown in the lineup video using the original game and put them one after the other for comparison, and then slowed them down twice for a slower comparison. He also added a strange section for about the last third of the video that's pretty much irrelevant to the rest, so feel free to ignore that part:

  • Hylian99

    It doesn't look *that* much better to me. Star Fox, on the other hand, looks totally redesigned. This just looks bumped up a little from the original graphics.

  • asdf

    Let's get some adult link screens up in dis ho.

    • bradley

      Yeah, I think they should too. The ones at E3 didn't show any except Link on Epona. I'd like to see if the Master Sword looks better. I know I'm probably gonna get a lot of thumbs downs for this but I thought it looked like crap in the original.

  • ShadowofLight

    It is just being modernized, that's all.

  • bradley

    Hope they make MM 3D too.

    • Mallos31

      You know they will. LOL If any company's going to be money-hungry, let it be Nintendo! Re-makes are always fun. XD

      • nambinhvu

        They'd better, if they know what's good for them XP

  • lozfan#1

    Navi seems to be solid white in the 3ds pic unlike the n64 where Navi had blue on the edge

  • Mage505

    The environment looks better, more detail

  • Tayo

    That video shows the obvious difference. OoT3DS is not so blocky like the original and obviously better textures.

  • Aurikine

    The Sky really sticks out to me. Looks so vivid, Absolutely love it

  • Topaz Mutiny

    I can say for certain that there's a lot more color in OoT3DS; lots of greens everywhere – especially notable in the Deku Tree. I think the only thing missing is that atmospheric green tinge in Queen Gohma's room.

    And obviously, everything is higher res. Even the gold skulltula looks like it got a good makeover.

    As for Link, he looks 10 times cuter now than he was a decade ago! ^_^

  • X x7

    It seems as though the 3DS one is non-polygony and very colorful, along with it being in 3D. The regular one doesn't however. It seems darker, and doesn't look as good.

    • Dave

      you can still see the polygons in the 3Ds version but there is clearley a higher count making it look much smoother

  • Rayus

    looks like they redesigned the characters but left the level design the same expect for a cell shaded graphics and more background detail in the overworld.

    • There is no cell shading in this game, cell shading is like The Windwaker – in a way like a lot of flash videos.. there's no gradient (pixel work, detail…well…) it's hard to explain really but a lot of people throw that around without knowing what it is. Just like Skyward Sword, none of it is cell-shaded at all, they've based it loosely on TP's enging but have used a stroke style and more pastel colours, the one thing that does make people think that is just because of the item images and of the like which allude to the Toon style but it really isn't at all.

  • Moony

    Definitely higher resolution – though it's difficult to see on the smaller images. The textures are mostly improved, and ambient effects – weather and plants – look amazing, and I think they really add to the look. I'm excited to see it in an actual 3D format.

  • jgreekboy

    i like the new redesign it's much more colorful and brighter and the graphics are excellent.

  • Shadowknight1

    What's wrong with his face?

    • 89ravenclaw

      so girly

      • SweetLie

        10 year old boys usually look girly.

        • 89ravenclaw

          good point

          • Shadowknight1

            Plus he's designed by the Japanese, and Link is what is traditionally referred to as a bishounen, or "beautiful boy". They typically have a rather girly look to them. Other famous bishounen: Marth from Fire Emblem.

  • NettoSaito

    Link looks happy

  • Princess

    Looks like MM Link. I 'm loving it!

  • dark_link121

    very detailed, of course the daisies are new but a nice touch

  • dark_link121

    and also, link looks like his is really 10 years old

  • le0jay

    Hyrule field has the shadows of clouds on it, like TP. I think that does a lot for the “rolling hills” look. 3DS Link most closely resembles Young Link from SSBM.

  • Quill

    They look brighter and a little more detailed to me… very nice graphics.


    The video shows that the 3DS version looks fantastic. The inside of the Deku tree looks so much richer and colourful, as opposed to the original version which now looks bland and way too bright, colour wise.

  • Gman1012

    I LOVE the new 3ds graphics for it. The face is so clear and the game looks less polygonal. It's pretty much what i expected, but I wish they would have made the fire look better in it, not much improvement there. Otherwise looks really good, wonder what the temples are gonna look like.

  • Muskiok

    I think a lot of the change we see in Young Link's face is in the eyes; in the original (if I remember properly), his eyes were essentially circular with the iris and pupil being pretty small- almost to the proportions of an adult face, which is why some would say that he looks too mature in the original. Now, his eyes have a better, larger shape, and the iris and pupil are a little more prominent, which is why he seems younger now (which is a good thing). The Japanese use eyes all the time in their entertainment for all sorts of things; don't ever overlook them! (har har)

  • Zelda4ever

    He had pink hair once

  • I think people need to look up some videos about graphics and art styles… The background is proper 3D(Graphical Form) instead of flat images covering the 3D map all over Hyrule. Look closely at Hyrule Castle in the distance and you will se the polygonal brick effect, not just drawn images put onto a model. Also the trees have more detail. The colour palette for Gohma is red which would mostly be to separate it from the blue-ish tint of the room she's situated in and also as the 3D effect would not work so well if she faded into the walls. Hyrule field isn't blocky (in terms of one level going into a lower level like a hill with straight dimensions – again, polygons help them create rounded surfaces now with more grass detail and flowers – which are also not flat paper images). Kokiri Forest features proper tress in the distance too and also the shield, fences etc… are no longer flat, they have much better texture and density. I think they've based their coding on the original engine but given it a major update, which people need to understand to really see to know what is different – there's a lot more than meets the eye.

  • JonBro

    I think the new graphics look a bit more ‘organic.’ They stay pretty true to the N64 graphics so the new detail probably won’t be distracting. I like Gohma’s original lighting more (it’s just darker and creepier) but the angle may have something to do with that.

    I want this game.

  • 89ravenclaw

    yeah i miss the darker palette.

  • link

    and it wouldnt take long either cause it took them two years to make majoras mask, and they did that a decade ago which is pretty good. Now they already have the story and everything that will happen, all is needed is to make a few character models as they can transfer most from ocarina 3ds, and to create the world of termina. so i think they could make it under 2 years 🙂

    • bradley

      I'd rather them take their time, and do it as best as they can. In the meantime, we still have the original MM.

      • bradley

        Oh and make the Kokiri Sword the same as in OoT 3D. It's supposed to be the same sword, yet it looks completely different.

  • triforceguy1(Leon)

    I know this is an obvious one but I'll say it anyway, I notice everything is a bit more realistic such as the fire and terrain however it's also a bit cartoony too, if that makes sense at all

    • triforceguy1(Leon)

      Oh, I can't wait until the Master Sword cut scene on the 3DS, I bet any amount of rupees that it will be awesome 😀

  • Ryoni

    I think the lighting is what makes the 3DS-images look WAAAAY better than the original 🙂 but I'm hoping nintendo will work a little bit more for a really beutiful game 😉

  • Franklin

    I really cant wait for the opening scenes in 3D, With them being much more vivid and the part where Navi goes in search for link and bangs of the fence in 3D 🙂

  • Twiliwolf

    the view shots are way different.

  • LoneWolfTao

    I notice flowers :3

  • twilian

    Ah, this is amazing. I see that it's much more detailed and much more vibrant. That one shot with Gohma is probably my favourite, I love what they've done to her design compared the the original. I love everything they've done to this game. I can't wait to get my hands on this 😀

  • Shadowknight1


    Here's an edit I did myself, looks a little more spot on with the 3DS shots, but it's nigh impossible to get the exact same camera angles.

    • Darkstar

      Nice pics. You can see the grass looking more detailed in the 3DS version and the shadow on the web-like wall really stand out.

  • Austin Smith

    -Obvious higher graphical detail
    -Brighter, vibrant colors
    -not as much UI, so presumably on the touch screen inventory

  • LuX

    There are like 30X more polygons…….And the texture resolution is about 5X higher

  • Legender

    Talk about your dynamic angles.

    The 3DS ones have such nice detail! :]


    The background of Hyrule field looks amazing and the textures on the tree in the final pic are really impressive. First day buy for me 😀

  • Cukeman

    night and day brighter more vivid, more polys more detail

  • jacen

    thearz no harts on the 3ds virson

  • dal

    well, the brightness to the game is actually not as good, link looks to much like he's from skyward sword and is to happy, this is a darker game and he wasn't happy the world was suppose to be dark and not as cheerful to have the mood set for the game, it looks as if it's all bright when it really isn't, the game should have darker tones but lighter than twilight

  • NSProductions1432

    If the Water Temple is fixed, I'm buying it!!!

  • nathan taylor

    i have both virsions the N64 and the jap. ver, i also have a jap. 3DS.

  • Yorgos Iberoamericano


  • MLink96

    WOOO! I cant wait!

  • Mr. PWNGE

    its awesome! but you can still see its a little bulky in the kroki forest… that or i'm just so use to the original graphics, but still i'm going crazy over it! i'm gonna play this thing 24/7! I hope they make a Majora's Mask too!

  • Matt

    i like the darker n64 because it LOOKS more detailed. the 3ds is brighter and definitely cleaner and is more detailed. its a good change though because its fresh fo shizzle.

  • Mallos31

    Or even better, when the game comes out and we play it no matter how it looks because it's so awesome anyway 😀

  • THEE VERDICT…. ok, well as of now, haha… guilty until proven innocent, or innocent until proven guilty, lol.

    I've been almost emotionally and investing in and OOT remake or polish since I awaited this game back in 1998 for over 3 months giddy as hell going to bookstores to read magazine articles about the latest on this game.

    I hope from these screenshots don't do what injustice i feel MAY be there. I personally think that the polish and upgrade is great and even more so that I'm going to get this OOT 3DS and the system JUST FOR it. The game play mechanics without having to have the huge icons on the main screen is another huge plus as well. Game control and level/item/goal completion is a big factor with Zelda games and just for this it should be good.

    The 3D effect i'm skeptical cause I love Zelda so much I COULD see myself playing the whole thing with it on haha… I wonder if i'll need glasses after haha. Maybe I'll just keep the 3D on for the bosses.

    Anywho, the look is everything… and from all these pics online there's a lot of hit or miss.. more hits though so that's good… OOT could have used some more coloring and that's good they went that direction…

    HOWEVER upon glancing there's a FEW noticable original OOT elements that shouldn't have been messed with… look at the ceiling where the room you fight GHOMA in the first dungeon… The original ceiling was nice, and in the new remake they covered it all up with just webbing- which is good but you're changing the game a lot here.

    I'm sure the new OOT 3DS will look great and I'll forget about these little minor nussainces but I hope they don't change it too much- only adding structure to the land, walls, water, etc… and brightening up the rest and not changing anything else.

    The sky in the original looked better but who knows… when the game comes out and I start playing- HOPEFULLY i'll forget about this by appriciating the new look in other areas.

    I love OOT just like you reading this and if you are I appriciate your time reading this.

    OOT 3DS… will rock!

    Hopefully, lol