As part of their 2010 conference today, Nintendo offered up some “new” Skyward Sword screenshots.

While they seem to be taken from the same demo area we saw at E3 and the lava-filled cavern seen in the E3 trailer for the game, it is interesting to see new still shots from the game. And is it just us, or does the palette look slightly darker and more subdued?

More screenshots after the jump!

Well, there you have it. If you’ve noticed anything new or interesting in the above screenshots, let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo
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  • CorvosKK

    I really hope they didn't subdue the colors. Especially since it was probably because people were complaining for no reason. Personally I liked the brighter colors. And judging from the fire shot, it seems they're still paying attention to the subtle, cultural details in the game which I think's a good thing.

  • ChainofTermina

    nice quotations on the "new"
    seriously Nintendo, is it too much to ask for something from the actual game? In Video Game time, last June was eons ago. we all know about the demo and what the graphics look like.I want to see from the real game, not the specially created demo area.

    • ChainofTermina

      except yeah it does look darker. maybe that's all they wanted to show us.

      • syron

        Perhaps less cartoony-Mario like and more like Zelda? That could be the message they wanted to say… plz let that be it -_-

    • ashmic

      i agree chain nintendo is too secretive

      • TrustMe

        I love it when Nintendo is secretive. Then you get to guess at the mystery and you discover that the game is better than your guesses. ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Ashmic

          yes but this leads many to be dissapointed easily with nintnedo's risky zelda attempts i.e wind waker not saying i was, i loved the game well… i was sceptic when i saw the graphics, but,screw graphics as long as its a good game i say

  • Shadowknight1

    They do seem a little more subdued. Just a little.

  • freedom410

    It does look more subdued, and frankly it does look better. @eatmoretoast47 said it looks like a reskin of OoT, which isn't bad at all!

  • Anarchistbigred

    The colors look more dark than the bright colors shown in the demo and trailer and I think the grass looks different. I know Nintendo is doing the right thing to skyward sword because they have 23 years of good Zelda games and they wouldn’t mess it up

  • GenoKID

    Ah, only forty more years… sigh….

  • EDracon

    looks like there isn't an ultra-high contrast going on, I think it makes it look more like the style its trying to be, and honestly looks a ton better

  • Teengamer

    I can't tell anything about the palette, but have you seen the textures for the ground and the walls? They look absolutely amazing to me. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Dark pixelink

      The texture on walls and the grass is really good but I hate the floor on the lava screen

  • bradley

    Awesome. Now please make the HUD smaller.

    • Hylian99

      Yeah, they've said that that isn't the actual HUD; it was just made for the demo and isn't going to be used in the final game.

      • bradley

        How come the same HUD showed up in the trailer footage then.

    • McGuirk


      They've stated the huge HUD was entirely for demo purposes, and the actual game will have a smaller one.

  • maefreak

    I really like how it is coming along.The look is growing and growing on me, and friends of mine who don't even pkay Zelda and are more FPS buddies like ow it looks and understand the style they are going for, so they must be doing something right to please a lot of people.

  • Pete359

    They are slightly duller, but still love the style.

  • Aeolus

    hmmm… the trees are still terrible. Are these taken from the demo we've already seen? Or is this some of what they have now? I'm really worried about those trees… in fact, I'm more worried about the trees than anything else in the game… The game looks fantastic! But… those trees…..

    • CasualVader

      I hear you on those trees. They look like N64 quality. I really hope they're just quick thrown together trees for the demo.

    • Ari

      Same here. I mean seriously you'd think they'd want something so abundant like trees to look good. We need virtual reality tree huggers now!

  • Classic1981Z

    I am looking forward to the new Zelda game…but please Nintendo make Link a left handed hero again, that was one of the points to the game that was awesome, no one did a left handed hero before…I will still swing the remote with my right hand for the sword attacks

    • phantommajora

      I believe that Link's sword hand will change depending on whether you are right or left-handed, which makes sense if the game is going to utilize Wii Motion plus. They way Link moves and swings his sword will be completely different and awkward if he's holding it in his left hand, but the player is holding the remote in their right.

      • Vibed

        It's been confirmed like a month or two ago, there's no lefty mode. WAY too much work because you have to redo the entire Link model and all his animations.

  • LuX

    It does look darker, I wouldn't say duller as such, but I don't think the colour has been toned down, I think the lighting has been improved.

    this game looks even sexier than a couple of months back.

  • MajoraLon

    It looks a little darker now, and personally? I like it better this way. Now my eyes won't hurt so much if I play the game for hours on end… >_>

    And am I the only one who looks at the fire temple and think of Arabian culture? Something about it…

    • ncocs

      I do!

    • James Slater

      catch and smallville boy said on the Skyward Sword thread that it reminded them of Aztec/Mayan culture; see esp.:

    • Aquanam

      Now now now, no need to take this back to OoT….

      Nintendo: Wha-? But it's part of the-
      Arabians: WE DON'T CARE! TAKE IT OUT!
      Nintendo: Bu-
      Arabians: NO!

      Not saying all Muslims are that way, but either they made Nintendo take it out or Nintendo realized their error far to late ._.

  • Erica

    It does look darker, sadly… When I play it, I’ll change the settings on my TV to brighten everything ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Scrivs

    Agree with Aeolus… They need to fix those trees. The palette might be slightly darker, but I wouldn’t have noticed it if I weren’t told

  • danielhendrycks

    "And is it just us, or does the palette look slightly darker and more subdued?"
    It does! And it looks much better that way, IMO.

  • ^ Darker and more subdued, huh? Might mean they're almost done! XD

  • Graylock227

    This makes me so impatient! Must play!!!!!

  • The last one is the only one that seemed to be new to me and my guess is that tree is the deku tree but I could be totally wrong. Anyways the others are just shots from the demo or trailer to me.

  • Victor George

    I think it looks a bit more balanced now.

  • Etearna

    That statue head in the Fire Temple looks quite a bit like the ALTTP Zora head.

  • Commander Link

    why would they do this??? i thought we MIGHT actually have a colorful game for once! why do you people INSIST on seeing the exact same graphics as you see in real life???? no, in fact, you insist on having urban colors or something, because if you look at real life its very colorful! reality is colorful, so why is a grey coffee palette considered real??

    • Elienkae

      Agree with you completely. I always like the fantasy-ish graphics. It's part of what makes Zelda, Zelda!

      • Elijah

        I agree with you two 100%!

  • 89ravenclaw

    definitely a slight change in the palette

  • Dongo

    hmm a little bit darker
    no giant mushrooms in sight. ๐Ÿ™‚
    no leapord underweared bokoblins in site ๐Ÿ™‚
    no new Face design for link in sight. ๐Ÿ™

    Nothing i havent already seen in the past 6 months in sight ๐Ÿ™

    aww well atleast they turned down the brightness a couple notches. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Aeolus

      actually… the second and fourth photos have giant mushrooms in them, haha, or at least giant for real life… and I don't think the "oni-blins" have gone anywhere, haha

    • TrustMe

      Aww. No new face design. Link looks gross. ๐Ÿ™

  • Beer_and_Zelda

    I'm not a huge fan of the art style in this one, but if they are going to do it, they should commit to it fully and go back to the brighter palette. Making things a hair darker isn't going to satiate the critics, and the people who liked it in the first place won't like the change. If Nintendo always listened to public outcry, think what would have become of Wind Waker.

    • Commander Link

      yes, YOU ARE RIGHT!!! the fans like me who liked the brighter palette are angry and the ppeople who want this "realism" still arent impressed.
      good job nintendo -_-

  • Theowljosse

    I like it more when it is darker ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Askorak

    Why do you think there wasn't a showing of how much health or how many rupees you have in the last one?

    • AzTno

      hardcore mode ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Jani

      Cutscene, maybe?

  • Theowljosse

    But it would be darker in the caves and lighter outside.

  • It's still too damn bright. This game is not easy on the eyes at all.

    • TrustMe

      Do you live in a cave or something?

  • TZF

    TBH i don’t like the new darker colors honestly it just looks like twilight princess to me I don’t understand y people even complained about it I loved the bright colors thats what got me interested i was like omg this game looks beautiful now they changed what the made just because some people complaind I hope that nintendo sticks to there guns and goes back to the brighter colors

  • ZeldaVeteran

    A lot of people were freaking out over the demo. What a lot of people fail to realize is that the demo is an unfinished product. Unfinished. Key word there folks.

    • malesha

      yeah but the above IS the finished product, and it looks IDENTICAL to the Demo. all i hope is that they make the trees thicker and luscious and give link a more boyish face.

      • Vibed

        If it was the finished product it would be shipping right now. -.-

  • Legend_of_Bacon

    You know what I've noticed? No magic meter. In any of the pictures released so far.

    • Commander Link

      oh noooooooo..
      if theres no magic imma raaaage ever since TP i have missed magic items, especially magic arrows!!! where is the magic in Zelda nowdays??? what is it, becoming all technology??

  • Zeldo

    i can't wait to have this game i just know its going to have an amazing story line

  • TwilightLink21xx

    Looking much better with the subdued colors! My only beef is indeed the HUD, but I'm sure Nintendo will try to shrink it down a bit more for the final version.

  • chickenpoop

    the final screen shot doesn't display the heart meter etc. Maybe it comes later in the game?

  • Link-182

    I'm kinda really bummed if they took all that amazing color away. If you look at the new nintendo lineup video, some of the stuff looks so terrible in duller colors. Like the Bokoblins and Orcktoks and some of the trees look terrible now! They should at least keep the old color for brighter days or something, but the sky is the same color as before. I admit some of it looks better tuned down but someof it looks way worse.

  • AzTno

    well, it does look more darker and the keese look alot more darker too, but i liked it when it was more brighter

  • bastian

    It also appears Link's hair has been styled a bit differently.

  • Dethl

    2nd screenshot, bottom center.

    what is that? a combo counter?

  • Ferisan

    I don't know, the first screenshots and the last one are too contrasting in colors. Even the HUD display looks darker? (why would they change the hud display color?) I think those screenshots just have a bad lighting :/ the last one is the only one that looks like it's supposed to and it had nothing to do with the fact there's lava around. To be honest I dont think the finished game may have the colors depicted in the first screenshots at all, there's something very off about them and it's not a darker color palette, it's like someone grabbed a computer screen or TV and lowered the brightness and contrast, that's it.

    But we'll see.

  • Ferisan

    I considered that but if it was turning into night the sky wouldnt be a dull baby blue, it'd turn into sunset-y colors, going from yellow, to orange, red, purple, and blue.

  • Ferisan

    also, I think the HUD display is only for the demo version and wont be there in the final game. Past games using the wii motion plus havent required a HUD display in the final product, so i dont knwo why this one should. So yeah, im almost sure the HUD wont be there in the end.

  • Joko tree

    Skyward Sword looks great it will be a fantastic game and thats all I'm typing.

  • GenMathis74

    i just cant wait. I must know if Twin Rova is the enemy and we get to witness the birth of Ganondorf.

    • Joko tree

      Dude nobody wants to see the birth of Ganondof.That would be more sick than his death in TP;and that was sick.

      • Ashmic

        can u please respect someones opinion, okay, thanks

  • heresy

    These screenshots are not changed from the original showing of the game. If they are at all less bright its because they just turned down the contrast or saturation when they made the pics. Its like 3 clicks in photoshop or corel draw people. I would bet that these shots arent even new, just new to us. Also, this is not Skyloft. This is Hyrule. How insane would you have to be to think this is Skyloft when there are Hylian creatures in all the photos, as well as the creators already confirming it is Hyrule. People dont think before they post thats why like 90 percent of forum debate and forum posts are useless on the internet.

    Other than that i like the art direction for SS. Reminds me of A Link to the Past, as some have already said. We need a colorful Zelda to reset our brains after Twilight Princess gloomy realism.

    These screenshots are for the most part worthless. The game looks nothing like that in person, screenshots never do justice. Not only are they likely direct renders, they are not from the perspectives you will be seeing the game. The whole thing looks staged and makes the game seem lifeless to me. So far the best visual cues we have about what SS will really look like is the cam vids off screen taken from various events. In those footages the game looks amazing.

    • Ferisan

      I agree that these screenshots (except maybe the last) dont do it proper justice, and it definitely looks like someone set the saturation down when converting the screenshots. I dont think they made Skyward Sword darker at all, it;s only screenshot/video quality. They arent even high res, they're so small :/

  • veeronic

    the only thing I want changed is the noses on the moblins, really give them nostrils and I’d be satisfied… maybe overall head shape…

  • smbmaster99

    It's possible that they took screenshots from a video that had good HQ; I've seen these slightly darker textures already in a video on gametrailers, and the date that this particular video I'm talking about was added on June 16, so it's possible it DID come from a really good HQ video

  • ILiekZelda


  • ILiekZelda

    Jon Winn, more like Jon Faill

  • Aeolus

    You know, if you don't like it so bright, there are settings on most televisions…. lol anyway, I like that it is a bit less bright, but I also liked the brighter colors… I like it either way. Maybe they toned it down a bit so that other elements could be brought out more, like the sky, or something else in the game. It will make whatever that is pop out a lot better I think, if they even did it for that purpose

  • Sanity's_Theif

    The colors are not as blinding yes!

    But I still don't like the graphics, I can't help it and I won't lie about my opinion I do not like this look at all

  • Dark Link

    I heard there is going to be a new story line trailer released soon. I can't wait to see it.

    • Ashmic

      ifs ur lying, u are a cruel , cruel person

    • Shadow Darkman

      You had better tell ZU as soon as it's released.

  • They definately do look like its slightly darker, which makes me VERY happy. I have been saying all along that the contrast was too high. now it looks perfect. good on Nintendo for that.

  • Blizzeta93

    I want it Now!!!!

  • Vibed

    In game, just how many people would notice the difference? We noticed it mostly because it was pointed out…

  • the colors do look less saturated.

  • Scott Walker


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  • Shadow Darkman

    IDK why they did that. Only other instance he was a right-hander was in the Wii version of TP, and officially things in that game happened as they did in the GCN version.

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  • These look clearer and sharper than the 3D pics of OoT.