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While we still don’t know what the price of the 3DS will be in North America or Europe, the Japanese price has been announced – and it’s about $300. Sound like a lot for a handheld? One would think so. According to Iwata, many factors went in to the decision. Some speculate that one reason may have  been the reaction to the 3DS at E3. That is to say, gamers showed they had high demand, so Nintendo made the intelligent business choice and rose their price. That’s only one idea; for those who are little less pessimistic (and probably accurate), here is the official explanation:

“The higher price point allows Nintendo to incorporate new features such as 3D movies, camera, and game support as well as incorporating a more robust online network to aid Nintendo in evolving their product from a single-use, games only platform to supporting the plethora of media and entertainment options that consumers have become accustom to using on their handheld devices such as the PSP, Smart Phones, and Tablet Computers.”

As far as the official word is concerned, the 3DS is also guaranteed to not be released until 2011. If anybody remembers the shortage of Wii’s on the market during the holiday season of 2006, then you’ll understand Iwata’s reasoning here:

“At first we thought it would be desirable to launch the 3DS within the year, so we made our forecasts on that basis. At this point it is clear that if we launch within the year, we will not be able to supply enough units.”

What do you think? Is the arguably steep price for Nintendo’s newest handheld justified? Is Nintendo’s decision to delay the release until 2011 a wise one? And most importantly, how do these two factors affect you – the consumers – and your decision to buy a 3DS of your own? As always, let us know in the comments below!

Source: andriasang (via GoNintendo), CVG (via GoNintendo), NintendoWorldReport