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While we still don’t know what the price of the 3DS will be in North America or Europe, the Japanese price has been announced – and it’s about $300. Sound like a lot for a handheld? One would think so. According to Iwata, many factors went in to the decision. Some speculate that one reason may have  been the reaction to the 3DS at E3. That is to say, gamers showed they had high demand, so Nintendo made the intelligent business choice and rose their price. That’s only one idea; for those who are little less pessimistic (and probably accurate), here is the official explanation:

“The higher price point allows Nintendo to incorporate new features such as 3D movies, camera, and game support as well as incorporating a more robust online network to aid Nintendo in evolving their product from a single-use, games only platform to supporting the plethora of media and entertainment options that consumers have become accustom to using on their handheld devices such as the PSP, Smart Phones, and Tablet Computers.”

As far as the official word is concerned, the 3DS is also guaranteed to not be released until 2011. If anybody remembers the shortage of Wii’s on the market during the holiday season of 2006, then you’ll understand Iwata’s reasoning here:

“At first we thought it would be desirable to launch the 3DS within the year, so we made our forecasts on that basis. At this point it is clear that if we launch within the year, we will not be able to supply enough units.”

What do you think? Is the arguably steep price for Nintendo’s newest handheld justified? Is Nintendo’s decision to delay the release until 2011 a wise one? And most importantly, how do these two factors affect you – the consumers – and your decision to buy a 3DS of your own? As always, let us know in the comments below!

Source: andriasang (via GoNintendo), CVG (via GoNintendo), NintendoWorldReport
  • matt17

    So not gettin this.
    Im gonna wait for either a price drop or a lite version

    • Vino1m

      who knows how long that could take though!

      • Jeremy

        Knowing Nintendo, anywhere from six months to a year.

    • Phantom Link

      I'm with you. $300 is way to expensive, and I don't mean to sound like a jerk but don't all new systems have bugs in them. So my plan is to wait until all of the bugs are worked out and then either buy one when there is a price drop or get a pre-owned on e from Game Stop.

  • cryptocat

    Still though Japan usually has to pay quite a bit more for their electronics, so we don't know if it will be 300 here. I'm still optimistic about a lower price point in North America.

    • keimori

      Yeah, I hear its a combaination of poupulation and interest rates, combined with reather speedy development that has lead to high inflation, its why 1 yen is worth arount a cent or so.

  • I'm actually glad it's coming out next year, because maybe by then I'll have saved enough to buy a car–with enough money left over to purhase the 3DS also. But I'm actually split between getting Skyward Sword and OoT 3D (if that's what it's called). I might have to wait and see what my balance is so that I can decide at that time.

    And what's with the podcast link at the bottom?

    • ChainofTermina

      dude, I know. when I got here, the podcast was up on the site, but when I went back it was gone. ???

      • Yeah I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw it, but I thought, "Better listen to it after I comment here first." So I did, then went to check on it and, kazowa, it was repaced by Wand of Gamelon. I'm not complaining to the administration, but one can only watch WoG so many times.

        It might be on Itunes. They usually post it there for free, so I'll try it there.

  • ChainofTermina

    HEY! I like that color! who you calling an effeminate male!?

    anyway, yeah, I'm gonna have to wait a while too. I cannot afford a 300 dollar anything right now, especially with all the other games coming out.

    • Yeah, that wa2 just iincon2iiderate of them, calliing you an effemiinate male liike that. Iit'2 liike they don't even notiice that you're an effemiinate female or 2omethiing?

      Trolling aside, the price is a bit steep, but thankfully I have my very own minimum wage job at Harris Teeter with which to raise that kind of money within like a week. This could be problematic for people that need to pay for college or feed their families or something, though. Considering the thing's like a 3D portable Gamecube, though, I'm not too worried about not getting my money's worth.

      • JordanChi

        this is why we can't have nice things.

  • Chukazurkyri

    I think the price is too steep lower it to 250 atleast and i agree with not releasing it until 2011

    • Vibed

      It'll more than likely be $250 in the U.S.

  • Shut it. 8P

  • Xanaklusmos

    That’s more than the wii! I understand why it’s a higher price, but 300 is 50 more than what the wii started with. I would rather see something closer to 200, MAYBE 250. I was exited, but now I’m not sure imma get one anymore…

  • Natashia

    People relax. I doubt it going to be $300 once it's release in NA or Europe.
    The price points tend to wind up differing between Japan and North America. The DSi and DS Lite were 18,900 and 16,800 yen respectively when they were released in Japan, which converts to roughly $226 and $200 dollars US, but they both wound up being cheaper than that once they were released here.
    I'm guessing it going to cost $250.

  • Ashmic

    i don't care what you guys say, thats way too much for a hand held,
    thats a wii right there, thats a wiis prices, right there, I SAY forget the 3ds buy a wii then wait for skyward sword! ;]

  • Vibed

    Look, everybody who's saying that there will be a price drop in a year, that's not too likely. This is NINTENDO, their products are always so popular they don't need to drop the price in that amount of time.

    If anything I predict a lite version of some sort in 1 and a half to 2 years, but for some reason I find even that unlikely.

    • STUFF2o

      I don't really see how they could make the 3DS's model any better other than possibly making the touch screen bigger to match the top screen, but event hat would screw up games that need the normal proportion. If they do make a new model of the 3DS, I'm sticking with the original.

  • Hero of Winds

    Just need another $164 to get Skyward Sword, 3DS, and OoT 3D. O_O

  • Zelda4ever

    Nintendo isn't mean. They wouldn't make anything cost more than reasonabley priced, so there probably is going to be a lower price for N America and Europe. Most likely because they had to develop it in Japan, which takes months to years, and they just have to translate it in to other languages. (And for everyone complaining about it being about 300$, how much did you spend on that iphone which will be outdated in a year?)

  • Anriva

    I'd like to get one, but…I think in Mexico, the price is going to be way too high… the original DS, the fat one… was what?… 150 USD? right when it came out, and in Mexico you couldn't find one for less than 5000 pesos… or around 450 USD, if this one is going to be 300 USD, then it'll be around 10 000 pesos… that's 900 USD, you can get cars… (not good ones though) for less than that.

  • Eddy

    Price is high for a Nintendo platform (highest ever, it seems), but not surprising considering the technical aspects mentioned. Delay is surprising to me, even if they felt supplies would be short of demand. Wii stock was always kept low, right, and to their advantage, right? In any case, shortage would just mean guaranteed sell out, although I'm sure it will sell out anyways. I want one no matter when it's released, but I guess I can't expect it as a Christmas present now 🙁

  • Evilbroken

    I don’t care about price I am a dedicated zelda fan and i will do what I have to get it first plus the other games look amazing

  • Shadowknight1

    I highly doubt it'll be quite that high here. Prices in Japan are always quite a bit higher than here. You should see anime prices in Japan, they're terrible.

  • Evan Pappas

    I hope you guys know that it won't be 300 dollars when released in the US.

    the highest it will be is 279.99, possibly 250.

  • Link

    I'm pre ordering this at Gamestop when ever they have a official release date. I'm going to get it no matter what. Even If it kills me.

  • I can't buy one until after my birthday in February anyway, and it'll be really hard to get one for a while anyway. I may be camping outside Best Buy in the freezing cold for this one. The $300 is a little discouraging, I have to say, but I'm crossing my fingers for a $200-250 price in America.

  • Azh

    Well it had happen before when DS was launched it marked a great diferent on prices between DS and SP, but i have a feeling that 3 DS will not have fun games for a moment so i dont have any haste to buy as soon it comes to market, but as i said its just a feeling that if i bought as soon as its lounch to market, I will have a brand new Handheld console to play the games from the previus console.

  • Soeroah

    Hell, it's practically a portable console the way things are going.

    While I do wish it was cheaper, I'm still buying one at release.

  • Ben

    $300 is way too high. It should be lowered to at least $250.

    • Joko tree

      Well I will have to start saving up my money.

  • starwebs1

    Exactly my opinion.

  • Icy

    Well, man! $300 dollars isn't that bad! 2 weeks of a pay and you've got it, bills and everything paid. =O

    Whatever, though. I'm sure I'll be able to save $300 for it before February. =]
    I like the color! And the price could use a little lowering, but still, it isn't that bad, considering how much it must cost really.

  • LoneWolfTao

    I'll wait about 6 months and go for a used one on eBay. Then snatch up my brand new store copy of OoT with the cash I save! 😀 3D Ocarina in my book is not far from priceless.

  • Bonyy13

    im saving up all ready , ill have to save a lot to get some games too though….DX

  • dood

    There is no way this should cost more than a Wii! That's ridiculous D:

  • zeldafan206

    I don't really care when it comes out I just want it to be affordable