"How about The Legend of Minnie?"

In a recent interview with CVG (Computers and Video Games), the creator of Deus Ex and the upcoming Wii exclusive Epic Mickey revealed himself to be quite a Nintendo fanboy, specifically for the Zelda series.

Warren Spector insisted to them that he loves the Zelda (and Mario) franchises, and that it has been his dream to make a Nintendo game for a very long time now. He made sure to take time out of his busy schedule at GamesCom this past August in Germany to play the Skyward Sword demo. And he loved it, saying that it just really felt very “Zelda” to him and that the “gestural stuff” only enhanced the experience.

Hit the jump for what he had to say about if Zelda were put in his hands!

When asked by CGV about his Skyward Sword experience Warren Spector had this to say:

“The thing I love about it is that it feels just like Zelda. The gestural stuff adds to the experience in a small and significant way, but never gets in the way.”

CVG followed that up by asking what Mr. Spector would do if Ninendo asked him to head a Zelda game, he answered:

Wow! Well, they probably wouldn’t, let’s start with that! But every game I’ve done I see it very much as a progression on a specific path. Every game I’ve made, I’ve tried to find a different way or a better way for players to power their own experiences. I want players telling their story, not listening to mine.

He went on to explain the changes he’d make to the green-clad hero:

I would have to find some way to allow Link to be Link and have his personality but also allow the player to express himself, and if I couldn’t do that then I couldn’t do the project. We’d be sitting here talking about the ways in which choice and consequence play out within a Zelda game and how play style matters in a Zelda game.

And actually, as I’m sitting here talking about it I’m starting to get some ideas about how to do it, but we should probably talk about Mickey!

From this, it looks like Mr. Spector wouldn’t be too afraid to make severe changes yet would remain mindful of the truly iconic aspects of a Legend of Zelda game.

What do you think? Should Nintendo hand the reigns over to Mr. Spector at some point? Or to the likes of Ron Pardo (Warcraft) or Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy) or David Jaffe (God of War)?

Let us know who you think the keys should be handed to (or if they should never leave Miyamoto/Aonuma’s hands) in the comments below.

Source: CVG
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  • Dan

    I'd love to see where Spector would take the Zelda series. He's right in that they wouldn't let him do it though. Different is good. Majora's Mask is an excellent example of how good different can be. I think the game he'd make would probably be about as dark as MM or TP and be somewhat open ended in the story department, while still finding a way to keep it "feeling" like a Zelda game.

  • Awakening

    Hey Zelda Universe, heaps of 3DS news has been released today out of Tokyo, anyone going to post it?

  • truth only

    I would rather see my loved ones burned alive right in front of me then see a white man make a Zelda game.

    • LuX


      I mean seriously that made me lol, but dude (or dudette) that is seriously racist. Wether you think it's the truth or not.

    • I don't know your background or religion, friend, but no one should deem rascism above their loved ones. Racism is a mere aversion to one's complexion, but family members are humans. In fact, I'm going to take that a step further: those you detest are also human. So really, this tells us that you have no love for any person, except maybe your friends, since you view your family at the same level of "white men." I'm not judging you; I'm stating the facts. I've felt those same leanings before, and I merely want to advise you past them.

      • That’s a posting full of inihsgt!

  • truth only


  • DarkMajora

    The Legend of Zelda, made by Bungie. That would be awesome. Sadly Bungie is signed to Activision Blizzard for the next ten years.

    • dudr


    • LuX

      ummmmm no.

    • bungiesux

      That would be HORRIBLE!!! BY BUNGIE!!! No, i'm sorry, I believe that a change of hands to someone who is a true zelda fan and has some ideas of a plan for the game would be a welcome change, but no, i would hate if they handed the reins to a whole development group so far away from where nintendo is. You realize how f***ed up the game would be if they did it. I think if they had some young guns sort of apprenticing miyamoto and aonuma that would be fine, so when they retire we have a new guy or 2 to take the reins. Only thing i want to see really is voice acting, but not at the price of handing it to a group like fraggin bungie.

      • Joko tree

        Man two word anger management.

  • Peter

    "I would rather see my loved ones burned alive right in front of me then see a white man make a Zelda game."


    • Joko tree

      Dude NO MORE RACISM!

      • BigMan

        You do realize that not every person on the Zelda dev team is Japanese right? Just because Miyamoto is the face of Zelda doesn't mean everyone behind the curtain is. Whether you like it or not, I guarantee that there is a white man helping make Skyward Sword.

  • Dave

    Everyone deserves a chance and this guy seems to have some good ideas for the seriese, but i would probably give him a handheld title to work with first before going home console.

    • boom…headshot

      Better yet, you have someone make not a whole game but more of just part of a game, like say from the beginning, through the dungeon. That would be a good way to test out how the game would be as a whole, because then you know the language style they would go with, and so on. If it's accepted then yay, if not, well, that sux.

  • LuX

    I think Epic Mickey looks good, but I gotta say I think this guy and his team are rather arrogant, I mean confidence and blowing your own trumpet to some degree is all well and good, but in interviews when they come out with "Probably one of the best games ever made" or "It's up there with Zelda and Mario" To me, he's just gonna keep building hype for it, and the only place it can go, from it's diamond encrusted pedestal is down.

    But seriousl Epic Mickey looks awesome, and Spector has some good ideas, I just think they should tone down the trumpet blowing a dial or two.

  • If it were a partnership (not a total handover) or if Miyamoto/Aonuma stepped down, then I'd like to see it. But I don't want to see that if Miyamoto and Aonuma are still willing and able to continue the franchise.

    I do think he had a good idea though. I'd like to see a more Fable-esque Zelda game where Link physically and emotionally changes to reflect your choices. Maybe you could even become evil, although I think ultimately there would need to be a canonical ending, or have the game always go back to the same ending regardless of the player's choices. But that sort of open exploration, combining the "looseness" of the structure with the dungeons, puzzle solving, and storyline of Zelda would be an exciting and welcome twist. It would let the player truly BE Link, not just walk him through a game.

  • Goro

    You know, we really shouldn't judge it off immediatly. Last time I checked, the Oracles games, Four Swords, and Minish Cap was created by Capcom and Flagship. Not to mention that the director of Skyward Sword is also the person who directed these games(Hidemaro Fujibayashi).

    And also, that comment about white man making a Zelda game would be terrible. That's just plain racist. I mean, look that's just in bad taste. That's like saying black people can't swim or all jews are greedy. That's just in bad taste.

  • It's sometimes nice to see different directors undertake the making of Zelda, such as the aforementioned Capcom and Flagship, but they seem dwarfed in comparison to the brainchilds of Nintendo.

  • Teengamer

    Never ever EVER leave us, Miyamoto! Stay!!!!!

    • Joko tree

      Even after Miyamoto dies the legend of Zelda and Mario series will still go on (in his honour).And the torch will have to be passed.

  • Ferisan

    Im interested in his ideas (because I've always wanted Link to develop his own personality and see what happens to him as a character), BUT only if he's supervised by Miyamoto and Aonuma, just in case.

  • starwebs1

    I think Epic Mickey looks great, but I would like them to keep Miyamoto…

  • Joko tree

    Yeah Minish cap was great.So was the oracle games.

  • Vibed

    Warren Spector would be great, but one thing.

    He says he likes linear progression with different paths to take, "play style matters." When he said that about Epic Mickey, I immediately thought about how Zelda is non-linear compared to it.

    So Zelda should never be linear. I know "play style matters" allows choices and freedom, but not the kind of freedom Zelda should be.

  • Zaros

    what i would love to see is link talking, not voice acting but know that he actually talks, i understand how nintendo wants him to be, but as much as they want him not to talk, it feels more like me if he just says "yes" than if he gives the stupid nods and shakes he allways does.

    for me the option to give him my name is enough

  • Victor George

    If playing Xbox 360 fantasy-based action-adventure games like Fable 2, Two Worlds, and Risen has shown me anything, it's that the Zelda games definitely have dungeon-exploring down as an art and should be kept intact. However, that doesn't mean that other elements of the Zelda games such as character interaction and exploring the player's overworld environment can't be improved upon.

  • doooooddf

    Too good to be true, warren would take the series in completely new directions. Nintendo probably wouldn't let that happen