Nintendo of America’s executive president of sales and marketing, Cammie Dunaway, has announced that she will be leaving her position, effective October 1st.  Since joining the company in November of 2007, she’s been a famous (or infamous, depending on who you talk to) face in the company.  Dunaway is accepting a position outside of the video game industry, which as of yet remains undisclosed.

Reggie Fils-Aime, the president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America had the following to say:

“We appreciate Cammie’s contributions to Nintendo and the role she played in bringing the Wii and Nintendo DS experiences to millions of people. Her team and the rest of Nintendo of America remain focused on our goal of maintaining the incredible momentum Nintendo enjoys heading into the busy holiday season.”

Dunaway’s own words upon leaving:

“I’m thankful for my time with Nintendo and proud of our team’s accomplishments in growing the Nintendo audience. I look forward to watching the continued growth of the Nintendo brand in the years ahead.”

Source: IGN
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  • Keith

    Yay no more talks about stupid vacations during E3. 8D

  • Dan

    Her E3 presentations were terrible. She always seemed to me like a principal trying to be cool in front of her students. I never got the impression that she actually owned a game console that she played herself, rather than one she just got for her kids. Maybe I'm wrong, that's just the feeling she gave me. Either way, I hope she at least left on her own terms. Getting fired would suck.

    • Ezlo

      I agree with this comment. That's the exact same impression I got.

  • its easy

    Good riddance. Give me her job. In fact, give me all the jobs at Nintendo. Ill fix the entire company in one year. First order of business: no more shovelware. Second: all copies of Metroid Other M recalled and burned for being a disgrace. Third: begin work on on Luigi's Mansion 2 utilizing the wii motion plus. Fourth: create a Wii version of WindWaker that has the 10 extra dungeons added on that were originally planned and had to be scrapped because of time constraints. Fifth: design a Wii to the exact same grey/bacl/red color scheme as the original NES, including the wiimote, to be called the "NES Wii".

    If anyone needs me ill be in my office.

    • -Jin-

      Some coffee,boss?

    • LuX

      Wow, your awesome…


      So not only have you just outed yourself as greater than the man himself Miyamoto, but him and every other person that works for Nintendo combined aren't a patch on you? I admire your arrogance, even I'm not quite that arrogant.

      Half of your comment was complete and utter crap and the other half was either agreeable or very opinionated. Luigi's Mansion 2? I mean, why? It was a great game but a second is too much vacuuming fun for most people. And shovelware? Name one Nintendo made title that is shovelware, I challenge you to do so. I haven't yet played Other M so I'm not gonna comment on that. And Wii play Windwaker would be cool expecially with extra duingeons, but I'd prefer them too spend the time on Skyward Sword. And lets face it 'NES Wii' is a terrible name.

      And my last point, Fix Nintendo? Are you kidding me? There two consoles hold the title for 'Fastest selling console of all time' and 'Best selling console of all time', not too mention the likes of Mario still after 25 years loved, The Legend of Zelda series is collectively the highest scored game (Review wise) Ever. And you one adult/child or something in the middle can fix that?

      Then I sugest you open your own company, and just take over the world with you awesome.

      • somethingworks

        Oh, these are the kind of posts that make my day.

        What an awesome thing to wake up to on your Birthday.
        Let's just hope they get a new spokesperson who looks as if they know what they're talking about.

  • Christian

    I doubt she even played any games.

  • Ashmic

    i know she was kinda bad at her job but come on guys, its still her job, did it say whether or not shes leaving voluntarily or fired or, even so, its someones job, have some respect

  • I think she did more good than bad for Nintendo. Though she may have presented things in a bad way at E3, she still drove herself to the top where she could infuence the "big N" positively. So, I agree with Ashmic: she does deserve respect in keeping Nintendo going. I doubt she did get fired, or demoted to a lower station. Either way, at least she can still maintain the momentum, if not from this new position.

    • LuX

      I agree, to say she was bad at her job is stupid. I mean she was president of marketing and sales and correct me if I'm wrong but Nintendo are selling their products in the bucket loads.

  • ChainofTermina

    I'm just going to be out right honest: I have no idea who this woman is. :S

    • Joko tree

      You'r in deep trouble now.

      • Ashmic

        to be honest i didn't either but I got the hint from most comments

  • Herro

    NINTENDO SUCKS! get a real system like the 360, not another zelda game you nerds, no wonder she left

  • majoras mask fan

    Herro probable hasn’t played no more heros1 and 2 or red steel 2 or the conduit 1 and 2. Nor did he play metriod prime. Those kickass games are made for the quote on quote hardcore gamers I mean galaxy 2 is said to be the best game of the 7th generation. Graphic hores and fps fan boy shoul go back to there dam basement and exept others opionions and that gos for all other fantards GO ZELDA

  • Beer_and_Zelda

    Her whole "smile" thing at E3 made me vomit uncontrollably. Good riddance. Hopefully the person that replaces her will actually have some sense about what people want to see in video games.

  • MLink96

    wait what??? Why???

  • Herro

    shut up Jerry, suck my cock, NINTENDO SUCKS NOW!
    play a real game liek modern warfare 2 & suck my small balls!

  • Jerry

    P.S. I like cock 😀

  • majoras mask fan

    Calling someone gay is real orignal.

  • majoras mask fan

    You would think someone leaving a markating department of a gaming company would be a step down in your carrier

  • Matt

    Ok imma have to relook at this when home since I’m on my phone but from what I can tell there is a idiot commenting on a zelda forum saying nintendo sucks (thus implying zelda sucks). To this person are you an idiot??? … Cod is over played. Most idiots with half a brain can just point and shoot a gun but hell with zelda you have puzzles and a damn good story almost every time. Yes I play cod and zelda and i can honestly say cod sucks 99 % of the time. -_- as to the woman quiting I never heard of her honestly so yeah that is all I’m sayin till I’m on a computer and can fully rant. -_- have a nice day

  • LoZymugglegater

    Okay,despite what all of you are saying,I wanna give Cammie a special good-bye.So,good-bye Cammie!You'll be missed by me anyway!Okay,so you can give me as many thumbs down as you want,but I think that needed to be said,and I'm glad I said it.

  • Dude

    Best news of the day. She made me want to cry whenever she presented… One down, one to go. Out with Reggie.

  • majoras mask fan

    Not even zelda univere is safe from sony xbox and pc fanboys
    Well atleast no one is saying all mario games are easy(mario sunshine is a exeption). It took me 4 years to beat the 5 original mario games 7 moths for mario 64 2 weeks for sunshine galaxy was a month and I gest beet galaxy 2 today both new super mario bros took me 5 months and this one is just a hack but ill count it any way mario 64 the missing stars took me 3 days (it was the first complete hack for mario 64)
    Botem line nintendo games aren’t as easy as oposing console fan boy say go downloud the missing stars

  • mario_master

    to its easy: WHAT THE HECK WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE SAYING METROID: OTHER M SUCKS!!!!! that was a great game even though i keep getting killed by ridley in hard mode. im no metroid fanboy but even i can see how good that game was!

  • Joko tree

    We do.

  • We do! Nintendo do! The world do! And Hey, hey, Listen! For those that does care we will stand united, as one, to contend with you trolls who come on here and infest the Zelda Universe with your foul negativity and profane bias! Demons and hypocrites, now beware! I shall head a new order to dispose of this nefarious race, and we are called…DOWN WITH THE TROLLS.

    Please join by commenting below. 😛