On the heels of our last story about the revealed powerful 3DS specs, 1Up plucked this interesting tidbit from an early July IGN article on the 3DS which explains the obvious: rather than using the powerful handheld’s powers for 3D, that processing power could be allocated to create even better 2D graphics.

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

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According to IGN, developers working on the 3DS told them:

“[…] that if they were developing a 3DS game that didn’t use 3D, they could theoretically use the extra processing power for additional texture passes and more complex object and environment geometry, or even up a framerate from 30 frames per second to 60. But there’s no benefit to raise a frame rate from 60 to 120 since the LCD displays of the 3DS (as well as the DSi, DS Lite, DS classic, Game Boy Advance…even the PSP) are limited to 60Hz.”

While it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the processing power used up by the 3D rendering could have been allocated to simply doing even better 2D graphics, this does bring to the front an interesting question: after the fad of 3D games, will developers start releasing 2D games on the 3DS utilizing the hardware for the “even better graphics”? Or will some developers forgo the 3D aspect entirely and just try to present their 2D games on the platform?

Which would you prefer? 3D style games with slightly better than GameCube era graphics, or 2D style games with purported PS3 matching graphics?

Let us know in the comments below!

Source: 1Up
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  • LegendOfHyrule31

    First Comment!
    2D Graphics. All the way. For all the people who don't agree, look at the PS3's graphics. They change you.

    • TheMaverickk

      The PS3 didn't do anything to really impress me…. so I mean meh… just don't care. Style to me means a lot more then simply "graphics".

  • ncocs

    2D. All the way.

  • Rohan

    It depends on the creative use of the 3D technology. If Nintendo is able to show off some amazing ways to integrate 3D into the gameplay, and other developing companies follow, then I'd definitely take the 3D over the better graphics any day. If it's 3D just for the sake of 3D, then I'd prefer higher quality 2D games.

  • Victor George

    Why not both?

    • Hombre de Mundo

      For the same reason you can't put both 2GB file and a 3Gb file on a 4GB flash drive.

  • X x7

    My mood is what matters really. I just don't like the fact that it can only be one way, and you can't just turn the 3D off if you want better graphics. It wouldn't be called a 3DS without the 3D though right? I like the idea of having a few 2D games with amazing graphics, but not all of them, so half n' half is what I'm basically saying.

  • KingOfHeart

    What do you mean by 2D?
    Is Twilight Princess/Skyward Sword a 2D or a 3D?

    The OOT 3Ds doesn't sound very impressive to me, just a gimmick.

    • bastian

      In this context, we're saying that TP and SS are 2D. You can move in three dimensions in that style of game, but the graphics themselves are not "3D" insofar as the films Avatar and such. OoT 3D–and most all other 3DS games–will be.

  • Steven

    the first time i saw our recent attempt at 3D i was instantaneously hooked and wondered about how games could benefit. then Nintendo gives us the 3DS and i can't wait for the sense of depth i will get in the game that will be much more emersive then realistic graphics.

    • deku_link530

      and why did he get a thumbs down for this?? The world may never know.

      Oh the up side, I totally agree with you. The developers themselves have stated that it makes games like starfox come alive and easier to focus. Like you can really tell how close an enemy is to hitting you and such. That is making the games more playable in my opinion.

  • Muskiok

    Everyone really needs to wait till they experience the 3D before they pass judgement. As for me, I don't care, because the 3DS will be my first hand-held since the GBA. The happiness of just owning a hand-held and playing the games overrides all other preferences I could otherwise have if, say, I had owned every generation of the DS.

  • TheOtherSide

    I think the 3d will be good at first but i can see it getting old fast, plus if it strains your eyes thats gonna be a pain in the arse, plus i'd really love to see the OoT remake with graphics that are on par with the ps3 ! that would be awesome 😛

    • ThatOneGuy

      It has confirmed that the 3D will not cause eye strain unless you are very young. Do you get eye strain from watching 3D movies, because if you don't you will be fine with this.

  • N64 Games FTW

    As much as I am against buying a Good Graphics (Graphics being the selling point) system, it the option for a system would be GCN or PS3 graphics, I'd rather have the PS3's graphics

  • QueenxLink

    I think both… I'd like to see DS games with better graphics but also seeing 2D games on the 3Ds would be pretty cool.

  • space

    it´s best an amazing 2D than a average 3D. I hove the games don´t look like a bad animation movie with mad 3D Graphics.

  • Anon

    Whatever happend to gameplay being the main aspect of a game?

    • X x7

      That doesn't mean that graphics still matter in a sense. Would you like it if Nintendo's new main console system had amazing gameplay, but the graphics of a SNES? Of course not.

  • zmanfriman

    Ima say that Nintendo has a surprise for us. I believe we haven't heard the whole leaked info. Maybe there's an option in each game to play in 3D or 2D? or on the handheld itself? I wish both could be a possibility, but if they cant' make 3D utile enough to make an impact, then there's no strong point in going 3D and just staying at 2D simulating 3D. I'm still hoping for an "in your face" surprise from Nintendo as always.

    • Ari

      There is! They've said before and have even shown the notch on the side that changes the 3D effect! Can't you see that!? I mean how many people are gonna say that before they notice?

  • Tanosuke

    Screw 3D and screw ps3 graphics, although they are nice, I want a well written story and decent gameplay. Otherwise its just a waste of money. Though if I had to pick I’d say ps3 graphics simply because 3D usually focuses on the 3D and lacks a story worth watching, or playing I guess. Let’s just hope the 3D is better than the fail in Sly 3 for the PS2, which I’m sure it will be.

  • Awesome! If the 3d on the 3ds is supposed to par with the p3s then in 2d this will be better than the ps3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ari


  • BlueEyedBeast

    I guess it depends on the game made. If it was a game that had 3D in it as a simple gimmick just to try out the 3D then no, HECK no. But if they could implement it in a non-gimmicky way, then yes, make it in 3D. Screw graphics, if the 3D fits in with the game and makes it better, I don't care. But if it doesn't, they shouldn't waste their time or money on working with it. Just do the better 2D style.

  • Could the 3D actually be switched off of the new DS? I think that would be a favorable option if they planned on making 2D games for it also. The 3D DS would then be like its former version, but with far more improved graphics, if this PS3 rumor proves to be genuine. This just adds to the anticipation of its and OoT 3D's release. In other words, we'll have to wait to find out.

    • Raemonde

      I beleive it was mentioned at E3 that the 3D part od the 3DS could be turned off by some sort of switch on the side of the 3DS

  • lifesavers2

    I read this awhile ago and I didn't pay any attention to it.
    But now that its on ZU, I payed attention to it.

    Oh, and where did you get that cool yellow 3DS pic at?

    • bastian

      I made it, of course. 😀

  • I don't know, I think it depends on the game.

  • Matther

    Really I don't care for the 3D, I might use it to see what it is like, but I won't use it often, besides, can we really get a decent 3D image on such a small display?

  • Link1432

    I say don't use 3D unless it can really add something. Things like Kid Icarus or Star Fox, the flying aspects could be improved by the depth perception offered.

    Other than that, having 3D for the sake of 3D would be a waste.

  • DarkMajora

    I think people put way to much focus on graphics. I know they are an important part of the game but still. Remaking the CD-I games with PS3 graphics wouldn't make them any good. I still play A Link to the Past, and not for the graphics. Games should look good. But more than that they should be fun. And if 3D graphics are what it takes, so be it.

    • Black Yuri

      Here here!

  • IronCosine

    I really don't like the whole 3D thing that everybody is doing. Games (and movies) are great on 2D alone. Making 3D just raises cost, memory, and processing power for something that I'll probably be annoyed at and turn off anyway.

    But I'm not also someone who cares too much about graphics. As long as I can tell what everything is, it's good enough. I'd forgo making graphics better and 3D for something like a bigger world, or different modes. Good graphics are nice, not essential.

  • majoras mask fan

    The 3ds is a must have and on youtube there is this guy called treybrotherhood4l1fe who says the 3ds sucks with false fack and is a sony fanboy and said the portable nintendo console aways fail wath both his videos and coment on them

  • majoras mask fan

    I ment false facked
    And watch hard4games and thegoochandthedouchbag and darkness the curse on his chanel ohmygodmyfriendlived and I know I do free advertizing and I am a pisspoor speller

  • GECK-101

    As I mentioned before, I am psyched for this and I'm definately putting a preorder on this, tomorrow.

  • Cody Gee

    2D, the 3D alone messes with your eyes.

  • If the 3D actually made the game more immersive, as it most certainly will for Zelda and other starting games, then I'd prefer 3D. But if the developer can't integrate the 3D well and it's all gimmicky, like the oldschool 3D movies used to be (mostly for explosions and dinosaur heads attempting to bludgeon you) then I'd prefer an HD 2D game. But honestly, the 3D excites me. I don't care if the graphics only match GameCube if the experience is that much more immersive. To be honest, I don't like most PS3 games BECAUSE of the graphics. It is too overdone to the point where it looks less convincing.

  • Darkstar

    Either or works for me. But since this is the first time we'll actually get to see and play a videogame in 3D, might as well use it. If you want HD graphics, just buy a PS3, then you can have both kinds.

  • Flare

    On a screen that small, I'm not sure the increase in graphical power would be all that prudent. Then again, maybe it would be even more noticeable… I'm really not sure, haha.

  • Link-182

    Graphics that good on a screen that small and 3D effects if you want them, plus great games. Come on, it's not like they are releasing a system with outdated graphics. The 3DS isn't an eyesore. It looks great for what it is. Expect the Wii 2 to have graphics as good as PS3, maybe even better. Or PS3 graphics with some really cool new way to play games.

  • Oxling

    The GC graphics are good enough for me. Although it depends on the game.

  • majoras mask fan

    Now we got to get throu today tomorrow and then we will now about the price anddate the 3ds comes out hell ya

  • Gapperman6

    I read somewhere that there is a knob that sticks out where the power button would be, except it's on the top half of the screen. Couldn't you stick it halfway, giving you good graphics and a little bit of 3D? Also, the 3D only affects the top half of the game, so it may not really be that cool.. Just stick it halfway!

  • Xenithar

    I vote 2D graphics with PS3-like visuals.

  • hkhkh

    I think its just fine with 2D. The thing is too much
    3D can hurt peoples eyes

  • midnight93933

    Remember the top screen is 800 pixels. but you can only see the 400 with the 3d (400 for each eye). but if a game can utilize all eight hundred pixels, than you will get a res. of 800×240. that is a pretty big step up from 256×192 on the previous ds lite. If you compare this to the iphone 3gs screen being 320×480. I personally think if they should devote all power to better graphics than 3d. Because you know developers are going to make this the most gimmicky thing in the history of gimmicks. hight res. faster processor. Use all power to get best res available. 🙂 🙁 😉

    • midnight93933

      Think about if nintendo did something like facetime like apple. I think it could work to some degree. not sure 'bout the camra res. though (640×480) maybe.

  • Joko tree

    As long as I can play a good game on the 3ds (Ocarina of time 3ds) i'm happy.

  • alexross8

    3D , definitely.
    Nintendo , unlike Sony , aren't in for the graphics , they are in for the Gameplay.
    When I play sony playstation , I expect good graphics.
    When playing Nintendo , I expect good content.
    The 3ds will increase Gameplay quality , which is what I want most.

  • majoras mask fan

    I hope they remake cosmic carnige for the 3ds

    It is a 32x fighter game were you figt instects that chane battle armor

  • I have a headache

    when it comes to the 3D its self as long as it doesnt nearly make my eyes bleed (like the 3d levels in sly 3) I will be happy

  • Nessy

    I think this yet another case illustrating the difference between Games and Films as a medium.
    Of course both mediums attempt to employ 3D for immersion sakes, but Nintendo seems to come at it from the angle of utilizing 3D for enhancing their games. Enhancing the, from both playability and aesthetic angles… while 3D in films seem to be a ploy to get you to go to the cinema, regardless of the quality of the actual movie.

    3D in games seems more justified to me seeing as interaction is key. Yearning for better graphics is one thing, but I think using artistic styles within the limitations of the console has produced brilliant work in the past and will continue to do so in future.

    Graphics junkies may be setting themselves up for disappointment. Graphics can always be “better.”

  • link to the future

    3D because i don't realy care abouth HD an blueray i like GC/PS2 grafics you know i don't why but ps3 grafics don't impress me so much not to be offended i mean i ove the ps3 but i just don't care about HD and stuff

  • Valdek

    hmmmmmmmm. well, i think either one would be great. 3d graphics, sure. whatever. could care less. but it would be an interesting experience. 2d graphics, with better detail and ps3 graphics. epic. I’m all about better graphics, but it doesn’t necessarily make a game better. So yeah, i would be fine with either one or both.

  • ShadowStarX

    Actually, on the 3DS section of Nintendo.com, it says that the 3D effects can be scaled back or turned completely off for 2D graphics. So technically, you can play high quality games in 3D AND 2D. So I think the question posed here is pointless… even though I would take 2D high quality graphics if it was either-or.

  • theguy allover fbook

    People should remember that the 3ds has a tiny screen compared to the ps3. Because the game is put on a smaller screen, graphics will be amazing anyway. therefore there is no need to use the extra proccesing power on graphics, and may as well be used for the 3d effect, even on 2d platformers like new super mario bros or super smash bros

    • Vibed

      Yup, graphics can only get so good on a portable.

  • anon

    you can turn off 3d

  • Ari

    If they're capable of PS3 graphics on a portable device I'd gladly give up the 3D factor. But I also think it's graphics are quite a bit better than the Game Cube's. That's what I think at least.

  • Mike

    The elephant in the room:

    The REAL question is why the H*** are you teasing me with a SSBB screenshot on a 3DS?!

    Spill the beans or take that implicit thing away.