Like Like lovin'! Like? Like!

Holy Triforce, Batman! We’ve been missing pieces of Neil without even realizing it!

Apart from the regular episodes, this season they are releasing “minisodes” between each proper episode.

While they may not be essential to the plot, they provide all the hearty laughs in a smaller snack-sized portion. And we have all three that have been posted to date in one easy-to-find location – here.

So what are you waiting for? The jump? Click it!

Warning: Content inappropriate for children or the easily offended.

Source: Legend of Neil
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    So if you make a funny sound then likelikes decide to mount you and it make them want to do it more if you feed them a shield. Good to know.

  • Hah, Gloffice takes the cake for me!

  • Triforce of the Gods

    I still can't believe they got the Sklar brothers.

    Also, the Like-Like one was funny.

  • At least its better than Taco Show…

  • Luciano92

    I Love this show so much! Mini-espisode two was my favorite, though I enjoyed all of them. Lol are we ever going to find out what that one orange giant is trying to say to the other before they both freeze? It would be so great if some day all of the Legend of Neil episodes were released on dvd! :D.

  • Cam

    I actually did lol