Encounter Princess Zelda, become tasked with defeating a great evil, collect a few things, retrieve the Master Sword from some mysterious place, collect another greater number of things, break some sort of barrier, defeat Ganon.

While this formula has been used and reused in many Zelda titles, Nintendo always finds a way to make it feel fresh and fun.

But Broke My Controller disagrees. They feel that Zelda has become stale and they suggest some radical changes to liven up what they consider a stagnant series. They wish Nintendo would trade in the lush fantastical landscapes for a much grittier steampunk setting. In their article on the subject, they go on to say that they wish Link could carry a pistol, ride a motorcycle and fly an airship.

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Strangely, they write this as if the idea has never been broached before by fans. Or maybe they’re just unaware that anytime this exact notion is brought up, it is nearly unanimously rejected by long-time fans.

Curiously, they also admit that despite their condemnation of Zelda as having become stale, each title still continues to become one of the highest selling games on that platform, so clearly not everyone feels the same way they do.

But what do you think? Should some future Zelda game be set in the future? Or the present? Should the title abandon its fantasy world for a space age one?

Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Broke My Controller
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  • Phantom LInk

    As cool as a steampunk Zelda might be I don't want to see it happen. Part of what I like about the Zelda games is that it is set in the medieval times (or sometime around there). The reason I like this is because when I was younger I would play outside and the games that I would play are very much like the Zelda games (even though I didn't know what Zelda was at the time). So it is a familiar setting and I would be sad if this were to go away.

    • ben

      im with you

  • rjdthomson

    "they wish Link could carry a pistol, ride a motorcycle and fly an airship." and carry around an impossibly large sword? NO. NO. NO. BAD.

    • Link Elf

      Hey. An impossibly large sword would be cool! And it doesn't have to be a lightsaber or anything, just a medieval blade impossibly big. Link would need some kind of power bracelet or glove to wield it. No pistols, motorcycles or airships though.

  • Lunchbox*

    So, basically, they want Zelda to become Final Fantasy.


    • Link


    • bastian

      I was going to make that connection in the article, but didn't. Because old school FF isn't like that at all.

      But great point! 😀

  • Peter

    They need to change it a bit from time to time, but not like laser guns and junk. Something like Majora's Mask, Skyward Sword looks promising.

    • Cynthal

      I agree completely, Majora's Mask is my fav Zelda game. If there were more Zelda games like it I would be ecstatic (even though the original MM is enough for me 😀 ).

  • ChainofTermina

    okay, to be perfectly honest, I actually am kinda curious about how that would be done, about what Hyrule would be like in a steampunk or even a scifi like atmosphere. It would be interesting if it was done ONCE and then never again. never. never ever. ever. ever. again.

  • i say…introduce a new enemy!!! that would be nuts! Perhaps Link was in Ganons tower..then when they meet, a new force comes out of nowhere crushing Ganons skull into the floor, then after introducing him/herself it does some sort of a plot twist..that would entertain me 😀

    • agytk,rell,u

      kinda like in TP
      what 1 one the goddesses turned evil and thats how ganon got the triforce of power

    • keimori

      Sorta like Super Marior RPG?

  • Oh..and btw.. my biggest fear in S.S. is that it will not be long enough, idc if it draws itself out..i just want over 60 hours….thats just my opinion :/

    • Kevin

      Too bad then… I remember a guy at Nintendo saying Twilight Princess was too long. IMO, it was a perfect lenght tho.

      • Ezlo

        I agree. I loooove long video games. They last longer, and I don't care if it's drawn out. It will keep me entertained anyway. ^^

  • Shaelyn

    we do not need GTA Link to become a reality. no Master Guns. it just doesn't suit with the atmosphere.

    I'd be down with an airship. that's as far as it goes.

    I do think the formula has been overused. Nintendo *knows* what to do about this – they've done it before, and made great Zelda games. they just need to change things up with great titles like Link's Awakening and Majora's Mask a little more often.

    • nonagon22

      Good point, but Master Guns made me lol so hard.

  • chuck

    the thing im wondering is what the heck r they thinking

  • Looloo

    No. No no no no no.

    Bad, don't do that. It wouldn't be a Zelda game if it had laser guns…

    • Chris

      See: Beamos

  • EDracon

    Honestly, I'm surprised Twilight Princess didn't have a pistol. It appeared to take place in a more Victorian Era time period (possible slightly before), and there were pistols at that time. Now, they weren't very accurate though but they were good for personal protection if I read correctly. Also, reloading can take a while.

    • EDracon

      but… This article was crap.

  • Kwuz

    A steampunk setting would be cool, but no gun. A fencing saber would be cool though

  • GenMathis74

    I think Zelda needs to stay Zelda. millions and millions of us loyal fans like LoZ because of this formula. The dungeons are always fresh and the gameplay always has new elements. Make a new IP if you don't like Zelda.

    • zmanfriman

      Nicely said man.. agree.

  • mufosta

    I'm just sayin that picture is funny.

    • You have our very own Bastian to thank for that 😀

  • If Zelda took place in modern times, i wouldnt buy it. Its then no longer Zelda. Zelda is about magic, monsters, and fantasy. Not robots, cars, and machine guns. What is goin in their heads?

    • zmanfriman


  • Guest

    Aww, you guys are being all close-minded. Look at the possibilities!

    Just think about it: Link, with the standard blue and gold holster strapped to his side. In a dramatic cutscene – possibly a battle against Ganondorf, who will wield some equally modern badass weapon – slowly, he pulls out his ultimate weapon, the gun of evil's bane… the Master Gun! Now with a purple grip.

    Now, picture this. If the name "Master Gun", and if you could see this with complete clarity, and honestly think this would be a good idea, then I fully support your desire for a modern Zelda. I, on the other hand, shall go back to Majora's Mask, now with a 100% decrease of guns.

    • Phantom LInk

      NO GUNS!!!!! The Legend of Zelda series doesn't need guns!

    • Catalano

      lmao, that was the funniest thing ever.

    • WhySoSrs?

      I find it amusing that people took this comment seriously and thumbs downed it.

  • Zelda

    How about instead of that, lets put link carring around, lets say a knife with his sword, and instead of riding a horse, or MOTORCYCLE, it could be a wolf, (got the idea from TP lolz), and how about fly a dragon? : / it seems more Zeldaish, and more of a chance one of these things could happen, also if it isnt obvisios enough, i disagree with this post >.>

    • DreamerJ

      I like how you're making different suggestions and I totally agree! Link SHOULD ride a dragon!

      • Ezlo

        Dude, Link riding a dragon would be epic.

        • dudr

          how about a a stealth zelda and that you could do assasinations like in halo reach

  • Shadowknight1

    lol, Lazer…it's laser. 😛 And I find it amusing that instead of the typical Star Wars gun, that picture is of a Star Trek phaser pistol. One that was just used in one movie even. 😛

    • bastian

      It was just a quick google search and mash up, okay? 😛

  • Ferisan

    Sorry but no. Take all that away, you don't have Zelda, you have an entirely new franchise.

    So glad this is just an article and not really happening, such a bad idea. *phew*

  • Disembodied Loaf

    If you made it futuristic, it wouldn't be Zelda.

    My main complaint is probably that all the 3D games have some sort of gimmick.

    OoT – Time Travel
    MM – Time Limit
    WW – Sailing
    TP – Twilight Travel
    SS – Travel between sky and earth

    It's not pure or creative enough. For SS, they took the idea of OoT and TP and altered it. It's the same concept.

    • bastian

      Not just 3D. ALttP has the Dark World/Light World Magic Mirror travel. Minish Cap has the Minish Cap, etc.

      Post AoL Zelda has been built on these "gimmicks" and I honestly feel they DO bring something new and fun to Zelda.

      • Shaelyn

        I do too. I don't find it gimmicky; I find it good gameplay/storywriting. especially when there's two worlds involved, it's interesting to see how they play on one another.
        it's a part of the reason I like the water levels so much – when draining water in one world drains it in the other as well, it's just…neat.

        it's the stuff like blowing into a mic to play pipes, and standing on a treestump to swing your sword in a circle to open a door that I find gimmicky – I believe that was demonstrated at E3 for SS. not looking forward to doing something completely goofy to accomplish something in-game. it's neat in concept, but I'm not sure it works all that well to accomplish what they're trying to when applied.

  • I'd like to think the setting could be very artful and well designed, but that's as far as it goes. If Link were to ride a motorcycle, I and many other Zelda fans would probably suffer a brain hemorrhage or something. Then I would go clinically insane and start killing the creators of such a monstrosity. Also, if I wanted to shoot guns, I'd go play Halo. I like the hand to hand combat that the Zelda series offers.

  • Link

    I like Zelda the way it is because is their anyone else awesome enough to take down a an invisible demon while carrying 200 pounds of equipment, and not even getting the chance to pack a sandwich or sleep. All whilst having heavy high powered explosives who does that other than Link. Without looking like this http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://i.ytim… and not being whiny. But it could be fun as long as you don't use the guns and things like that as a primary weapon and stick with a sword. Also if it keeps the gamplay of Zelda It could be really fun or a huge mistake BUT Nintendo wouldn't do it so why get mad huh?

  • TrustMe

    Um….no. We have enough modern time games as it is, and the medieval setting is the reason why I love Zelda so much. The swords, magic, and even the people make Zelda different and exciting. In a modern setting, it wouldn't have swords or magic, and even if they still had the several races (Gerudos, etc), it wouldn't feel epic or mysterious anymore.

    And does anyone know what happened to the Gerudos and the Sheikah in Twilight Princess? They're not in there at all!

    • Muskiok

      Though this is completely off-topic, I will answer your question. 🙂
      What actually happened to either race is, of course, not mentioned by anybody in-game, but there are a few theories out there:

      Some believe that the ancient prison that is Arbiter's Grounds was used to contain the Gerudo race (them being thieves and all), the logic, I suppose, being to try and prevent another Ganondorf from rising again (not to mention protecting Hyrule from crime). Another explanation could be that they just wandered further into the desert and aren't seen in that region of Hyrule any longer.

      As far as the Sheikah go, we can look at the hidden village, which is named "Old Kakariko." If this is the same Kakariko as the one in Ocarina of Time, which was founded by the Sheikah, then we can assume that Impaz (notice the similarity to 'Impa') is the only remaining Sheikah after the attack on her village, which may have housed the rest of them. Also, there is also the possibility that the race died out, seeing as Impa, the last known in Ocarina became a sage, and could not continue the race (though it could have been possible for Zelda to, since she was taught the ways; but she is not of the Sheikah blood-line), or that the few remaining simply intermingled with the other Hylians. (For example, some believe that Telma is of Sheikah descent because of her appearance, yet she does not follow Sheikah traditions.)

      Hope this helped.

      • ashmic

        the shiekah all died out it says it in ocarina of time, the gerudo were used by ganondorf to storm the sacred realm

      • I thought it was the Gerudos who possibly intermixed with the humans. According to ZeldaWiki, "Agitha, Telma, and Madame Fanadi all wear three dots of makeup under their eyes, red, blue, and green (likely a symbol to the Goddesses, who are symbolized by these colors). Telma is thought to be a reference to the Gerudo, similarly to how Agitha is thought of be a reference to the Kokiri and Fanadi to the Sheikah." The only one that doesn't really make sense is Agatha being a Kokiri, but there is no reason the Gerudos and Sheikah couldn't have intermingled into Hylian/Human society. I have heard it suggested, and I believe this personally, that the monkeys in Twilight Princess are the Kokiris transformed, just like the Koroks were in The Wind Waker. So it is unlikely that Agatha is actually a Kokiri.

        • Angela

          I think that Agitha could be a Kokiri because of these hints here: She is a child, a tree is in the middle of her room(Deku Tree?), and she collects bugs (Earthy, nature reference). The one that doesn't make sense to me is how Madame Fanadi would be Sheika.

  • Emmeg516

    "link sould ride an airship, arry a pistol, and be exactly like cloud from ff7".
    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! and did i mention "NOOO!!!!"

  • Cam

    …I'm pretty sure the Zelda world is based on medieval fantasy… but whatever.

  • 342

    Changing the era in which it's taking place won't prevent a game to "become stagnant"

  • Mark

    The whole point of Zelda is that its a Celtic, fantasy setting. That's what Zelda is. Taking that away from it would be as ridiculous as expecting Master Chief to start using a bow or a spear. I don't understand why people keep thinking this is a good idea, when everyone agrees that Lord of the Rings with guns would be retarded.

    • Muskiok

      …Celtic? Could you explain please?

  • By_Farore

    Stupid. Give the Zelda franchise a new, fresh feeling by… making it similar to yet another obsolete thing? (Seriously, steampunk? Is that ALL people can think about?)

    Screw steampunk, it's everywhere.

    Seriously, if you want something different from Zelda, play something else. Plenty of games in the market.
    A Zelda game 'without this and that and using this instead like in that other game' would be like saying 'oh hey, I can't wait for another Harry Potter. Except without those stupid little magical wands, American accents instead of British and Greek gods all over the place.

    Reason Nintendo keeps bringing Zelda back, even when some games look a lot like each other, is because the fans like the familiarity of it all.

    I say, I'm opened to new ideas in the franchise, but STEAMPUNK? That's about the ONLY thing I hear about when people talk about change. Change my (donkey), they're just obsessed with FF7. (ok no, haven't read the article, I'm -that- tired of the word Steampunk)

    Oh, no sword, guns instead! No!!
    I'm all for a martial arts Zelda game where you have to learn some seven magical and deadly moves in order to find our demon enemy and kill him in a hand-to-hand combat where he'll try to cheat by making his minions use their crossbows on you. The setting is inspired by Antiquity, but it doesn't stop an NPC from using fireworks for some canon idea. That canon would sink a villain's ship near the third dungeon…..

    Anything but plain 'omg guns and motorcycles'.

    Before motorcycles they should get plain ole' bicycles anyway.
    The Legend of Zelda : Tour de Hyrule.

  • Big Jon

    What the heck is up with you guys? You make it sound like Sonic Team is making Zelda the way everyone is passionately opposed to steampunk in Zelda. Nintendo knows what it's doing, and if anyone can pull off a steampunk Zelda, it's them. Admittedly, the gun is pretty stupid, but in a industry that is stale and developers don't try anything new (except for indies), wouldn't it be nice to have someone like Nintendo take that risk?

  • Aeolus

    Seriously, being set in some weird fantasy "medieval/renaissance" make the series Zelda as much as anything else… actually, what else is there other than a legendary hero in green and sometimes the triforce and Master sword? Im not worried about this though since I have faith that Nintendo isn't absolutely retarded

  • No, no guns, lightsabers, Hellfire missiles, or anything of the like, even if it's Zelda-based. Nintendo should just stick to the main theme and stop adding things which move closer to modernism. Otherwise, we might soon be able to drive a steam-powered car (because in video games anything is possible, no matter how ludicrous). Oh-oh, wait, something else–steampunk planes to get from Skyloft to Hyrule! Nope, that wouldn't do… XP

    • JordanChi

      there is nothing ludicrous about steam cars, friend. The first automobiles were steam powered.

      • …I'm afraid you've got me there. 8D While I was writing that tirade, I was only thinking in Zelda terms. And in *terms* with the car, I envisioned it made of wood, just like Spirit Tracks' train. Imagine TP Link driving a car through Hyrule Field, running over Bokogoblins and Bulbins. Now that would destroy pretty much every hardcore Zelda fan's resolve to even continue in the series. That's why I think modernism shouldn't taint this franchise past the steamboat and train.

        Nonetheless, you made a very good point. ;-}

  • LoZymugglegater

    Link+any kind of gun other than a crossbow=worst thing that could ever happen to this world.Also,Zelda is anything but stale,and I think guns or motorcycles(who came up with that?!)would take away all the appeal for me.

  • BlueEyedBeast

    OH HECK NO!!! … And I only said heck because i wasn't sure if it would get censored or not… Every Zelda title no matter how different always gives off the same vibe when I play it and if ANYONE messes with that I'll kick some @ss dangit.
    I had a hard time liking Spirit Tracks because the train messed up that feeling I get as I played. It made it seem too … something. I don't know how to explain that. And besides, Nintendo has Mario and Metroid for Space-y/Shooting games. (which I love both of those too x3)

  • Rohan

    I guess not, to whoever gave me the thumb down. 🙂 or maybe he/she is just in denial.

    • I'm not the one who did it, but it might be because you double-posted.

  • Liquen

    I don't want link use a gun ………. because ……. he's cool if he use a sword !

  • McFly

    you know, everybody keeps saying that medieval is the only thing that works in zelda, but the spinoff and hand held games have nothing to do with the medieval aesthetic. Majora’s Mask had its truly unique folk-loreish vibe and Wind Waker was about sailing and pirates! And a lot of the towns and stuff from handheld games have very modern elements interspliced. The ” medieval” loz’s were the nes games, lttp, oot and tp.

    not to say I endorse a full on steampunk LoZ but certain carefully implemented things like an airship or what have you could fit right in, with a little thought.

  • enteinater

    Sounds like it would make an awesome fan game!

  • Steve

    come on. let zelda be zelda and duke nukem to be duke nukem.
    no reason to mix those things

  • Darkstar

    Zelda Reach anyone?

    We have enough FPS, modern-day/futuristic videogames around thanks to Sony and Microsoft's endless SAME OLD shitty action games (with thte exact same storylines) with the only difference being the title names. Zelda's medieval setting is what makes the games magical and very fun. If anything, I love how Nintendo is bringing us even further back in time with SS's setting (kudos nintendo!)

    Honestly, what's so "interesting" about a game that's set in the present time or in a future era? It's all the same crap to me. It's the HISTORICAL games that actually have interesting stories and settings in them.

    • Ferisan

      This. It's just the same old thing for me. Microsoft and Sony precisely abuse this genre. Besides, if they want a futuristic Nintendo game, they can play metroid or even Star Fox. Leave Zelda the way it is please.

  • ThatOneGuy

    He wants a Zelda game that doesn't use the triforce or Ganon or Kakoriko village while opperating steam-powered machinery in away that still doesn't take away from the Zelda feel…it looks like this guy forgot about Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks (I don't care what anybody else says, they were GREAT games!).

    Anyways, the only way I can think of a for a futuristic Zelda to work is that Hyrule and Link aren't technologically advanced or anything, but Link visits a city inhabited by gods, goddesses, spirits, and other magical beings that have somewhat futuristic technology. There are already robots in Zelda games, like armos (who are robots built by the Minish) and some bosses that I'm too lazy to name at the moment. So why can't you visit the land of the land of these robots' creators and maybe get one, just one futuristic item (not a gun though, maybe some kind of magical bottle that can hold four things, or a magical…flashlight, idk). A WHOLE Zelda game that takes place in a futuristic "steampunk" setting though, I don't see how that could work.

  • Asadia

    Part of Zelda's charm is the medieval type setting! Damn, that's why I started playing the games! There's so much you could do with it!

  • Epona500h


    No guns! I'm tired of all those stupid and useless shooter games. I always liked Zelda for it's old-time setting. So please don't change the classic game I grew up with!

  • I could see developing the Adult timeline a little more in regards to technology. After all, we've seen steamboats and trains already. I don't think the Toon Link design would be appropriate for such a bend though. Still, I could see a simple, shoddy musket or revolver, and possibly more Victorian-era aesthetics. Not everything should be that way, and the landscape should be expansive, with mostly medieval towns. Just one civilization should begin to modernize. Maybe it could be that Link (from Spirit Tracks or a new one) is exploring new areas of New Hyrule on his train and he discovers a lost set of tracks leading to this new land on the verge of an industrial revolution. It would be Humans with no connection to Hyrule, who had existed for centuries without any contact with the Royal Kingdom. I'm even thinking of a civilization like the humans in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, who had no knowledge of magic or non-human, sentient creatures, or the goddesses.

    Something like that. Just one game, or it could go on to more.

  • LadyBastet

    The way I look at it, Zelda is a fantasy game; there should not be anything more technologically advanced than the bombs. And the water temple of course. If something can be labeled as fantasy, aka, be right at home in the Lord of the Rings, then its allowed in the game. If not, it should not be in Zelda.

  • Liquen

    That's terrible ! n that's HORRIBLE !!!

  • Greg

    They should make a Zelda game with Morshu as the main enemy!!!

  • Liquen

    the game has fun , because link use sword ……… 😀

  • Crazymallets

    I agree, there needs to be some changes, but nothing this radical. Instead, focus on game play, like Metroid other M did. For example, give Link a new way of fighter. Link could fight in similar style from Soul Calibur Ii with a combination of hand to hand combat moves and sword attack. Or make magic a LARGE part of game and fighting. Add roll playing game features to Zelda, like leveling up, or have some enemies be weak against ice magic, and others weak against fire. maybe have Link slowly age as the game progresses. There are ALOT of small things that Nintendo can do to make the game different without adding radical changes.

    • Dave

      I agree with your comments on Zelda but Metroid other M focusing on gameplay? Play Metroid Prime then Metroid other M for about an hour each then tell yourself which is based on gameplay and which is based on story.

  • bastian

    Well, it's a good movie. 😀

  • Chris

    Haha i just thought: we think the gun would be terrible, but we dont mind the canon, salvage arm and photo camera :p

  • Ashmic

    I like The present zelda, with all these cities and cars and all that in today other games, it gives me a headache, everything is cluttered together, exhaust from every machine is pooring into the sky, it can give anyone a headache,, Zelda on the other hand, is open, you don;t really get exausted from everything going on, this is a good and bad thing, in most newer zeldas, there is about 2 places to go and the rest is temples and fields, more cities beside hyrule would be great, and more NPC and sidequests ,

    but getting onto the real subject here

    Some steampunk is cool, the simpilized yet someone advanced items are cool, but shiny gold tubing mixed with advanced weapons and technology is a no, We see technology in Hyrule advancing after Windwaker, and a train is a BIG step from, horses and buggies, still (a little bare, we need more population) EVERYTHING today in games is modern, or futeristic, this "camelot" setting, medieval and all that, is new and tasteful, which is why I say expand the technology slowly like I said, (but more steps) but not to the point to wear E.P.O.N.A is a brand of motorcycle and Navi is a technological computer app helping you, that sounds cool and I know everyone should except it because if you are a true zelda fan you should love anything, BUT that sort of game will probably be made by a different company, like someone who asks for permissions and then goes out on a limb. But as for nintendo, they're keeping it the way it is. and thats what attrached us, the magic, the faries, the fantasy, the human boy who had to thrash evil and save the princess, and I believe this will remain, nintendo develop the technology slowly, let it progress slowly for each game title,

  • Momo

    Stopped reading at "Should some future Zelda game
    be set in the future? Or the present?"
    That is a terrible idea.

  • Giantnoob

    Well, it is called The LEGEND of Zelda isn't it? So I nto sure about you, but I don't think it would make any sense have in the future, or even the present, because well, legends are supposed to have happened a long time ago right? So you put Zelda in the future, and it's not really a legend anymore, is it? I don't know, thats what I think any way. Tell me if you agree.

  • Goro

    Ah, ignorance at its peek. For people to think that a more modern Zelda would be a disaster for the gaming franchise. Tell me, do you people know what makes Zelda?

    No, that is a shame. Exploration, Dungeons, a hero on a quest to save his fellow countrymen. That is the Legend of Zelda! It is not the medieval time setting, but the journey into the mystery and fantasy world. A world of magic and beauty. And last time I check, any time setting has that same feeling. In the 1800's, the beauty and magical period known as the Industrial Revolution took place. It was quite a feat for mankind. The early 1900's was also a magical time, when radio and televisions were invented. The 50's, must I say it. It was the age of Rock & Roll and the imagination of the "World of Tomorrow" where people daydreamed of hover cars, robots doing their chores, and weird futuristic clothing. The 60's improved on that during the space race.

    I could go on and on, but my point is simple. No matter when a Zelda takes place, it is still a Zelda game. If Link has a gun, well more power to him. If he rides an airplane, a motorcycle, a car, hell even a hover board, then we as a fan-base has to show support.

    If I remember correctly, some Zelda fans thought that Spirit Tracks (which takes place during an early Industrial Revolution) was going to be a bad game. At the end, it was another Zelda classic that a lot of people loved.

  • Nessy

    To be fair, I wouldn't exactly call Zelda a medieval based title, but I know where y'all are coming from and I don't wish to split hairs. I think, and I may be wrong, that you could probably best describe Zelda's setting as a fairy/folk tale world which borrows from high fantasy settings and plot devices, but largely sticks to a style of it's own, which may or may not borrow from other historical era and fantastical places.
    Be it Hyrule, Termina, Koholint or anywhere else Link has been, technology has been present in some form that I would consider 1 part primitive, the other part fantastical.

    Think about how whilst the original Legend of Zelda was mostly your typical fantasy adventure, it did feature early cartoon style bombs and a certain item that the indigenous people of my country invented, which went on to become staples of the series, along with the expected sword, shield and bow.
    One could consider these items as conflicting with the"medieval" setting, but they are part of what makes Zelda stand out from other high fantasy games. Zelda is a game that can have swords and sorcery along with telephones, ie Link's awakening. So,arguably, we can have guns in Zelda, BUT:

    The problem is that this article suggest Zelda to take on some more mainstream ideas and styles that would simply be swapping your typical high fantasy setting with another overused one like steam punk and sci-fi just for the sake of being different. Ideas from these genres could very well be implemented into the games but not at the cost of the entire setting we have come to love, the Never-middle-Earth-Land setting we expect. Swashbuckling Pirates and Noble Knights are OK, but do not give us Storm Troopers or Leather Jacket bad asses.

    The inclusion of trains in Spirit Tracks did not require the inhabitants of Hyrule to change their fashion, architecture and political system. These ideas needn't be rejected, but they are not required. All you need to do is add a train, an antiquated steam train, to your Zelda game and you're on your way.
    With guns and motor bikes, you get a stronger contradiction to the setting as, even though they can be "de-modernized" and more fantastical, they seem to not be of the same caliber that makes up Link's character. A blood thirsty, bad ass Link would seem more at home on a high speed motor bike than the Link we know in our hearts.

    • Ferisan

      Very well said :)!

  • Brian

    i think that gun would be good replacement for the slingshot as a long range weapon. now keep the sword as short ranged weapon. as for the bike no, but a hoverbord like in back to the future 2 would be pretty cool tho. instead of the boomerang, a chakram would be cool too

  • Gerudude

    Airship in a medievel style ( like some sort of balloon) yes (skyloft might actually have those).
    Motorcycle: no
    Guns of any sort: no

  • MasterTri

    The Zelda series is its own entity which separates itself from other games that have a 'motorcycle' or a 'pistol' or any of those things. Zelda brings its own elements both new and old into every game and that is what true Zelda fans crave and is also why every game from the series sells beyond belief. Zelda is very distinct in a way where it gives true fans what they want every time while changing and keeping what is most important in each game…. and that is why, in my opinion, the series will never change.

  • I'd rather see a slightly modernized, dawn-of-the-industrial-revolution using traditional gameplay than a move to RPG and leveling up. With the exception of Pokémon, I typically hate RPGs. I love the free roaming of Zelda, and how every enemy I encounter will be the same difficulty regardless of my progression. It's more realistic than having the enemies progressively get more difficult as you play, and then returning to the beginning and having them be so pathetically weak. Leveling up just doesn't work for Zelda, and I would rather see a space-age setting than a level-based RPG. (For the record, I would hate a space-age Zelda game too.)

    I still stick with my previous idea, of a sequel to ST (would work better not cel shaded, but it still could be) where Link is exploring a lost section of tracks which leads him to a whole new realm with no connection to Hyrule, no magic, and no knowledge of the goddesses. They would be slightly more modern than Hyrule, possibly on the verge of an industrial revolution. The world would be expansive, with more towns and villages. The field would be markedly different from Hyrule field, though I'm not sure how yet. And the capital city would have the most progression, while the outlying establishments are still in the dark ages. Link's arsenal would then be Sword, Shield, Whip, Boomerang, Bomb, Crossbow, possibly a really basic handgun, and a couple other things. Other societies in Zelda have had higher technology before, although it was often magic-infused. The inhabitants of Skyloft are supposedly more advanced, for starters.

    And consider that the Chinese supposedly created the first gunpowder handgun in the early eleventh century (around 1010 AD).

  • Tayo

    I think the guns, violence, and all that other junk in today's modern FPS are because of the corruption of the world. Nintendo still has morals and I really respect that. Why ruin it with guns and motorcycles? The formula isn't stagnant. <_< It is already perfect.

  • Guest

    Giving Link a gun? That would be the worst thing ever. If they gave him a gun, then it would make having to go get the master sword completely pointless. Besides, even if he did get it, it is only absolutely necessary to defeat ganon because the master sword is the only thing that can kill him. I can see if there was only one shot and it took a while to reload or ammo for it was hard to come by, but if Link gets a pistol with every store packing ammo, then Zelda will turn into something akin to Halo. Actually, it would be more annoying than Halo because you'd probably have to use the gun like you would use the bow and arrow, switching between 1st and 3rd person gameplay. I'd prefer not to see it, but if nintendo decides to include it then i know that they will find a creative way to incorporate it into the gameplay. Just like they did with princess zelda in spirit tracks.

  • Hunter

    i thought it was kinda like star fox

  • dark_link121


  • Rayus

    The games get stale not because nintendo reuses elements from past games but that they make the games for children. The people who complain about zelda being stale are adults. Why do you think SS is cartoonish because they are making it for children, that is nintendo target group and that is the way it will always be. That is why they are so succesful in the gaming industy

  • Majin Kai

    I'm up for a cow-boy-western Zelda, but a sci-fi/Steampunk Zelda?

    Hell no.
    If I wanted guns, lazers, airships, etc, I'd go play Call of Duty or Final Fantasy.

    Zelda is unique, and will stay unique.

    • Ferisan


  • Smoore

    As far as gameplay goes, what is the real difference between a really basic gun and a bow? Both are long-range weapons that can be fired short-range too. Both require ammo of some sort. The gun makes a bugger boom and requires gunpowder, but they do practically the same thing.

    Consider this: How is a boomerang medieval? Yet it has been around in nearly every Zelda game (possibly all of them, but I haven’t gotten to the really old ones yet).

  • Nicholas

    I have to say i wouldnt be all for this idea, when you grow up you (or me anyway) always imagined yourself duelling with swords, and my immense love for lotr contributes to this, but i will never chance my opinion that sword-play is so vastly more EPIC than gun fights. Long story short, LEAVE ZELDA THE WAY IT IS. and release SS asap, i'm dying to play!

  • Goro

    Hehe. You sir, have just proven my point. Ignorance by the meaning of being closed-minded. Zelda is Zelda, no matter when it takes. But do not worry, eventually Nintendo will do such a game. Trust me, I have a great feeling that they will. And when they do, you will play it and say "I was a fool to believe this would ruin Zelda."

    And please note what opinion and ignorance means. They are two different things that are used together. Opinion means someone's own ideology and ignorance means uneducated, lack of knowledge, and/or closed-mindedness. Which this discussion is proving to be true. Hell, I'll even say you are acting like Zelda Nazis because of your ignorance. In fact, I will say it because to you a Zelda game must be in the same time period, must have the same formula, has to have the same blue eyed, blond hair, 17 year old hero. If not, then this game is a terrible Zelda game and is deemed imperfect.

    And don't bring on silly excuses like "I'm be trolling.", because I am only stating facts. If you don't believe me, think about closely, read the other comments, and tell me I'm wrong. But you know I am correct.

  • Darkstar

    I wouldn't mind seeing a Renaissance-setting (somewhere in the 1500's or 1600's) in Zelda where Link is a Muskateer instead of a knight. (kind of like wind waker's setting but with realistic graphics) and since Spirit tracks jumped straight into the industrial revolution.

    That would be an interesting Zelda game. Zelda would still be a princess living in Hyrule castle and one of Link's new items could be a muskette (as they were around in that time) The master sword would still be Link's main weapon since it would be a post-medieval setting and swords were still mainly used in those times. It's just a thought that Nintendo could possibly work into the future games.

    • Phantom Link

      maybe it could work but I don't like the idea of guns in a Zelda game. A Renaissance style Zelda would be cool though…

  • Goro

    Umm… Perhaps I went to far. I sorry, please forgive me for my last comment. My hatred for ignorance made me ignorant. I guess Albert Camus said it best when he said "The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding."

    I went to far. I just want people not to be so closed-minded to the idea of a more modern Zelda. I'm not saying make Zelda take place in the 23rd century, but more into the early periods of 20th century or even the late 1800's. But my hatred allowed me to be ignorant on other people's opinion.

    I truly am sorry for my earlier comments. Please forgive me, as I was a fool and true ass.

    • Ferisan

      I was about to say that you might have misinterpreted what I meant since all I said was that people having a preference didn't make them ignorant (unless they blatantly got a cultural/historical/geographical thing wrong) but merely they preferred to keep the medieval/high fantasy (whatever its called) setting rather than a futuristic or steampunk setting. (That's why I didn't get how I proved your point since I didn't speak of my specific preferences, and I DID say I'd play a futuristic Zelda, only that I wasn't sure If I'd like it the same with the super industrialized elements.) but it's fine Anyhow, unlike many, I do know the difference between a troll and an opinionated person, and accusing you of one never crossed my mind.

      It's fine though, apology accepted and no hard feelings 🙂 I do share in your hatred of ignorance, and sometimes even I find myself facepalming at some comments I find here from time to time, but I need to accept the fact that some people aren't as informed or educated as others and rather than label them, I'd rather explain why their opinion may be a bit flawed or not or inquire if they were aware of some things before stating what they did.

      Though yes, don't worry about it, I wasn't offended 🙂 <3 that's a very nice, true quote btw.

      • Goro

        Thanks you for your forgiveness.

  • Phantom Link

    Just a thought but what if Link started off in steampunk world and his airship was marooned in Hyrule, and when I say Hyrule I don't mean like a steampunk version of Hyrule, I mean good old Hyrule the way that we know it. Link starts out with his steam punk stuff (a cane sword, goggles, and top hat) and as he goes through the world of Hyrule he gets his normal green tunic, a real sword to replace his cane sword until he gets the Master Sword. That way it is the best of both worlds. There is some steampunk elements, Link goes through Hyrule as we remember it and there is no use of guns.

  • Victor George

    The Fable series for the Xbox and Xbox 360 systems seems to be bringing forth ideas that would make future Zelda installments more interesting, and I don't mean the technological advancements – I mean the moral choices that the player makes that would affect the player throughout the game. A primitive gun might not seem out of place if that was an option along with a crossbow, with power and range being deciding factors of which to use in a given situation.

  • zelda


  • no

  • dark_link121


  • Zeldaddict86

    I dont agree that Zelda is stale now, but i think it would be cool if the made a game where link starts out in the future and then Zelda from the past goes into the future to get him then Link goes back and forth between past and future using technology and information from the future t defeat Ganon in the past

  • MoonLitSky262

    what im finding repetitive is that in almost every released Zelda game (Excluding PH) since OoT there was some music thing in it.
    OoT/MM = Ocarina
    WW = Wind Waker
    TP = Howling as a wolf.
    ST = the flute thing that i dont remember the name of.

    Im not complaining, beause i LOVE all the games and they are all different, but, what is with Nintendo and musical instruments. okay, WW is something to conduct music, but its magical, so it plays music on its own. Like with PH you think 'oh, they finally decided to stop using instruments' but then the sequel has one? I mean, i love the games, and i could care less if its still there, but its becoming a recurring theme, that something big in the storyline happens with playing music. hmm…

    • bastian

      You're forgetting that the original Legend of Zelda had a Whistle. Sure, you merely had to press a button and the song would play, but magical musical instruments have been with Zelda since the beginning. There was a similar instrument in Adventure of Link, and then A Link to the Past had the Flute. Link's Awakening was ALL about the intstruments. . .

      It's just something that has been a part of Zelda since day one, and seems will always be in some fashion.

      • MoonLitSky262

        Hmm, i see your point, but i would rather they dont make music such a big thing in the game, like if it was something that you dont necessarily need to use to continue, more like a fun add on. it seems to be dragging on, with them being a big part of the game, and contributing to something in the story line… but, your right, that is so insignificant, it hardly matters, and it is kinda just always there in every few games, in a way it is kinda like giving link a gun, changing something that has always been there, though it a less 'the-longtime-fans-will-kill-you' kinda way, seeing as it is insignificant on either it being there or not.

  • DreamerJ

    NO NO NO NO! ABSOLUTLY 100% NO! Even though the idea has been repeated in many Zelda games, a Zelda in the future? That just doesn't seem right! Where would Hyrule be? What would Link look like without his tunic? And a PISTOL? The best part about Zelda games is that it's a medival-fantasy theme. It opens my mind and inspires me with things I would never think of. I would NOT want to see a Zelda in the future.

  • matt17

    well, they should just do what they did with metroid other M, they took metroid and made something quite the same as other metroids, but made it different.

  • Scott Walker

    Steampunk? I don't want to see Hyrule floating like Cloud City

    • EDracon


    • EDracon

      Spirit Tracks, Most of Twilight Princess. Majora's Mask. Phantom Hourglass. These all had steampunk in them,

  • ILiekZelda

    What kind of mental breakdown did ZU have when they posted this "news"?!

  • EDracon

    People who are saying it's a terrible idea. You guys are correct. But think of one thing. The Zelda games have already gone to a time period where guns exist, in all honestly a character could have a personal pistol, probably not Link, but it now makes sense in a Zelda game. A Motorcycle? No, Lazer guns, no. Machine gun, no. An early rifle (not sniper) or person pistol, yes, it can work.

  • EDracon

    Twilight princess was in Victorian Era.

  • Those people are out of their minds!

  • ashmic

    apparentyl having an opinion is a terrible thing on this site, i get B**ched at all the time for mine on this site

    • JordanChi

      because of how eloquently you choose to present it

  • TheMaverickk

    Personally my real issue with the whole Steampunk thing is that in the fantasy universe it's already over done. I mean technically Final Fantasy VI was kinf od steam punk you know. Not to mention that the Final Fantasy series has long abandoned it's traditional medieval roots in return for a more sci-fi style back drop.

    Zelda is actually doing itself a favor by not joining the fad. I mean in the few occasions that Zelda incorporates elements that are foreign they still fit the series (the steam boat and the train… devices like the spinner and claw shot).

    I think it would be cool if there was a sci-fi set dungeon though… I mean imagine you have a dungeon you stumble into and it's actually a crashed interstellar spaceship. Inside Link may find a sort of high tech item device for his inventory, but the setting of the game doesn't need to be a steam punk world. Just a circumstance which breaks with the familiar.

    In the past we've seen things like Great Bay Temple which used water power to supply the dungoen with power… or aliens as well (in the case of the cow abducting ghosts of Majora's Mask). The world of Zelda is flexible enough, and doesn't need to completely alter it's style to bring something fresh to the table.

  • Purple link

    If they do put a zelda game in the future, they need to at least give link like a lightsaber or some form of melee weapon.

  • On the source site, there were two ideas for ways to shake up the series that I love. The first was to have something big, like an all-powerful demigod, that causes Ganondorf and Link to form an alliance for a time; and the second was to introduce elements of Fable into the game, allowing Link to form his own path. You could even combine the two ideas, so that after their alliance, Link could either choose to fight Ganondorf or join him. Like in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, where Starkiller ultimately can choose the dark side or the light side, by either killing Vader or protecting his friends.

    I also think Zelda should borrow from Fable in having Link grow up and his physical characteristics change depending on how much he uses a sword compared to magic, etc. Nothing totally drastic, but if he used a sword more then maybe his physical attacks would be stronger and his magic weaker, and vice versa. Sort of a leveling-up system without assigning point values.

    • Another way to make the game more interesting is if Link had to choose between saving Zelda and saving, say, his hometown, pretty early on in the game, and either choice changes the face of the game. And maybe if he saves Zelda, something happens that then leaves him unable to fight for a time, so you play a significant portion as Zelda herself, trying to rescue Link. But adding that level of drama to a game-changing choice would make the series so much more real, and it would allow for at least two different stories within a game, so you'd have to play it twice to see both stories.

  • cuccos are after me

    NO GUNS! the train was bad enough

  • celestad

    I think that a steampunk Zelda might be cool, but you'd have to find some way for LInk to need his sword instead of a gun. I think Zelda is like Obi-Wan Kenobi: the coolest character thinks that guns are uncivilized. This must also apply to the villain, of course. This is how Star Wars (or at least, the first trilogy) seems like it could easily be made into a medieval fairy tale. If Link had to use a gun, it could easily be a modern replacement of the Bow

    I can't say that I'm for or against a modern Zelda, but aren't we already halfway there with Spirit Tracks? It's strange to imagine a world with trains but without guns, even if those trains were made by spirits called Locomo…

  • They should get away from those technics. And of course no gun. The worst thing about Zelda is that with every game it has less magic and more futuristic items and weapons. They should go back to magic, that would be really cool.

  • Nintenfan81

    I would like to see it tried once, after all if it fails then who cares Nintendo's wallet's pretty fat right now it wouldn't hurt them that much, and if it succeeds then we have an awesome new game. Point is, it would be an interesting experiment.

    Moot point anyway. Nintendo would never do it no matter how many fans told them to.

  • Guest

    Both Zelda and Final Fantasy are wonderful series, but they shouldn't be mixed. 😛

    You can smell fanboyism a mile away.

  • JordanChi

    play nice

  • Logan

    why should Zelda change i like it the way it is. Nintendo knows what they are doing don't judge them.

  • keimori

    No Legend of Zelda: the Final Fantasy please. Do Not Want.

  • Alex

    A steampunk Zelda could work if handled correctly. Look at what Microsoft did with Fable II.

    Picture a Hyrule that is experiencing its industrial revolution. A railroad crosses the land's vast expanse. Maybe there are fantastical airships floating through the skies. Castle Town is now a bustling metropolis. The fruits of industry have been many. Several parts of the city are beautiful. The military is transitioning to a flintlock muskets. The factories have nurtured the city and created a high standard of living, but they have also created a Victorian dystopia and a widening gap between races and social classes.

    Life in the villages is largely unchanged. Villagers farm and raise animals as they have done for centuries. Across the country, the horse is still the dominant form of personal travel. Swords are still a primary weapon, although the bow is a vanishing art. In this somewhat modern world, a young villager named Link becomes embroiled in an ancient, forgotten legend.

    It's almost like "steampunk lite." You get to travel the world on a train, or on grand airships. It still makes sense to have Epona for regular travel. Imagine a game mechanic where you have to chase down a runaway train on Epona! The Master Sword is still, in fact, a sword, and still works as a weapon in this world. Maybe link and some other enemies have a gun, but you only get one shot before you have to reload, they sometimes backfire, and you have to keep a supply of ammunition. Other than that, the changes are cosmetic. Heck, the clawshot, and iron boots are already right at home in this world.

    So, basically the only things that change are….
    Primitive guns
    Trains, Airships, tall ships possibly (Pirates!)
    Cosmetic changes, mechanical dungeon elements(like the spinner from TP)

    Sounds like a good, painless refresher to me.

    • theLastKingofGrenada

      This is genius. It's nice to see someone who's open to the possibilities here. I would totally play this game. And if the other posters on this site would actually read the article this whole thread is based on, they might note that this is the general idea behind it. Not laser guns and bazookas, but a subtle, nuanced update to the series.

  • Phuctifyno

    I think it'd be sweet to see a Zelda take place in a futuristic setting, then have Miyamoto say it's "the first in the timeline". Theorists everywhere would go cross-eyed forever!

    I'd be up for anything though; I think Wind Waker proved that the setting or look of the game isn't really that important as long as the core gameplay remains intact.

  • junjoweed

    If Zelda goes the steam punk route, that would be amazing in my opinion, but with some restrictions. I personally would not want to see Link in a modern, let alone future setting with metroid-inspired technology and space travel. However, a setting like Assassin's Creed II's renaissance Italy, where the main character teams up with Leo Da Vinci to test his new inventions – a primitive prototype gun, his "flying machine" (more like a hang glider) etc – would be perfect for Zelda game headed in this direction. Basically, a Zelda more grounded in reality than fantasy. These technologies would fit into the Zelda universe quite easily. We have the wind-mill in Kakariko village in Oot. It's plausible someone might use the same mechanics for a propeller plane.

  • thelovelytwili

    That idea is so unspeakably horrible, I can't even fully express my distaste for it. Link? On a MOTORCYCLE? What is THAT about? Blegggh.

    • Phantom Link

      I know!

  • jhg

    I agree with Zelda it would be cool if link carried knives also that
    riding a dragon part that seems awesome

  • person

    It would be a good game if there was no guns or motorcycles. just stuff like modern houses (Without TVs, computers, and electric lighting.) and hot air ballons to get to new places or get to places faster. More than just like three towns+zora's domain would be nice to. fill in the big empty boring spots of the feild.

  • Ballistixz

    the fuck is wrong with these ppl? they been playing so much fucking halo that they now want zelda to be a futuristic shooter?

    get the fuck out with that bull shit, how dare someone even suggest that shit in a zelda game. fucking idiots.

    • Dude…calm down. The have a commenting system on their own site which you can go and imprecate them. ZU doesn't need this; it's a family site, and going ballisticz about this won't help their cause to repel it.

  • JPlumber

    I hope this NEVER happens. Why would the hyrule world we have come to know ever have to have a futureistic time? Why couldn't the world just stay pretty much as is? If they really want to change things up, I like the skyward sword idea of bosses without dungeons and dungeons without bosses. I've always liked the idea of a game based on ganon trying to come back from being sealed away, where you would play as ganon. Just a thought.

  • Theowljosse

    yaaaay for a zelda steampunk age in the time-line 😛 XD it would be awesome.

  • Keep in mind when it said it would be shipped, in case you overlooked that. I ordered a bicycle from bikesdirect two days ago, but it doesn’t ship until November 7. So I’ll get mine in about three and a half weeks.

  • The Under Hylian

    A steampunk Legend of Zelda sounds great! In fact, Nintendo had briefly touched the Steampunk genera when they released Spirit Tracks. Of course, the idea of Link using a gun instead of a sword repels me…not to say that Link shouldn’t use a gun, just as long as the sword and shield remains his main weapons.

    Speaking of which, I know an DeviantArtist who did a small series of a steampunk version of Super Smash Brothers; I’m sure he’d agree that a steampunk Legend of Zelda would be awesome!


  • Smee

    Steampunk doesn't mean lasers and motorcycles. I would NEVER want lasers and motorcycles to Zelda games, but steampunk-style would fit just nicely! I mean, in Spirit Tracks they already had a train and it did not seem out of place. Just add a ton of weird STEAM blowing machinas a la Howl's Moving Castle and that would actually make an interesting scenario for a Zelda game. In steampunk it's possible to have like clockwork-robots and all kinds of impossible things. No electricity involved ect. I would love it! As long as Miyamoto-san is making it.

  • Russell de Jimmies

    I was just thinking about this after I finished playing twilight princess.
    They don’t have to abandon the fantasy, just look at legend of korra.
    Ok, some people don’t like it but you have to admit, it’s a clever series and they made it work. Republic City had a mix of lush green areas, bodies of water, mountains and buildings all around. I’d imagine it would be more of a neo-Tokyo type of Hyrule.
    Fantasy and steampunk can work well together.