Encounter Princess Zelda, become tasked with defeating a great evil, collect a few things, retrieve the Master Sword from some mysterious place, collect another greater number of things, break some sort of barrier, defeat Ganon.

While this formula has been used and reused in many Zelda titles, Nintendo always finds a way to make it feel fresh and fun.

But Broke My Controller disagrees. They feel that Zelda has become stale and they suggest some radical changes to liven up what they consider a stagnant series. They wish Nintendo would trade in the lush fantastical landscapes for a much grittier steampunk setting. In their article on the subject, they go on to say that they wish Link could carry a pistol, ride a motorcycle and fly an airship.

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Strangely, they write this as if the idea has never been broached before by fans. Or maybe they’re just unaware that anytime this exact notion is brought up, it is nearly unanimously rejected by long-time fans.

Curiously, they also admit that despite their condemnation of Zelda as having become stale, each title still continues to become one of the highest selling games on that platform, so clearly not everyone feels the same way they do.

But what do you think? Should some future Zelda game be set in the future? Or the present? Should the title abandon its fantasy world for a space age one?

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Source: Broke My Controller
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