Our dear Melissa might have retired from staff, but her work is continuing to pop up around Zelda Universe. The first of the fruits of her labor? A brand new Spirit Tracks guide for Items and Equipment.

What’s new? Aside from being totally rewritten and redesigned, we’re introducing a brand new type of navigation with this page revamp. When you go to the new Spirit Tracks Items and Equipment page, you’ll be brought to a page containing a grid of clickable images. You can select any image to view detailed information about that item. We call it the Image Table of Contents, and it’s the result of some ingenuity by our coder, Kyle, and myself.

We plan on making use of this functionality in many future pages to make navigation easier for everyone, including retroactively applying this to our older guides! We’ll continue to improve the look and feel of the Image Table of Contents as well, so there might be some changes down the road that make it look stunning. But for now, just read and learn about the items and equipment of Spirit Tracks – hopefully easier than ever before!

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